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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mwR9X(mwR9X)Adult (f)3,4638780
zTuiv(zTuiv)Adult (m)5,2827380
fR00p(fR00p)Adult (m)5,0597490
ajpTF(ajpTF)Adult (m)5,8077390
dDAmXToys PD335 for the HollyAdult (f)4,3728160
kIsQo(kIsQo)Adult (f)4,7957170
egYCv(egYCv)Adult (f)3,7098440
nXMDS(nXMDS)Adult (m)3,6838420
USM1OToys PD339 for the HollyAdult (m)4,4598920
iv0fwToys PD340 for the HollyAdult (m)3,3118760
r2C8t(r2C8t)Adult (f)4,0178810
OPgHO(OPgHO)Adult (f)3,9238571
R8bUQ(R8bUQ)Adult (f)3,9418560
qkNnQToys PD344 for the HollyAdult (f)4,0618530
PfpMg(PfpMg)Adult (f)4,0039440
YTZnI(YTZnI)Adult (m)4,2389720
0fW3J(0fW3J)Adult (m)5,4588430
76bmk(76bmk)Adult (m)4,6278520
JcMLYToys PD349 for the HollyAdult (m)4,5698531
RAPTj(RAPTj)Adult (f)4,8328861
GEBNS(GEBNS)Adult (m)5,1518150
MqCf8(MqCf8)Adult (f)4,1008850
MFQ2h(MFQ2h)Adult (m)4,1398211
6RoBSToys PD354 for the HollyAdult (f)4,1778140
Efvri(Efvri)Adult (f)4,1528170
khPiE(khPiE)Adult (m)4,5228180
a8h1G(a8h1G)Adult (m)4,4508300
ompZz(ompZz)Adult (m)4,2078480
3aHxWToys PD359 for the HollyAdult (f)4,1528560
3vekD(3vekD)Adult (m)4,1668490
2vZjc(2vZjc)Adult (f)4,7498010
SzNZI(SzNZI)Adult (f)4,5519460
KWc3A(KWc3A)Adult (m)4,6199320
6yu2sToys PD364 for the HollyAdult (m)4,9248560
9pDky(9pDky)Adult (m)5,4497581
7eIO0(7eIO0)Adult (f)5,5487480
Ofghw(Ofghw)Adult (f)4,3637820
dO1Xb(dO1Xb)Adult (f)3,9639090
j5wgTToys PD369 for the HollyAdult (f)3,9599030
hNTrJ(hNTrJ)Adult (f)6,2698080
jjpjO(jjpjO)Adult (f)5,5478100
c4VFL(c4VFL)Adult (m)5,9218230
Q69Ur(Q69Ur)Adult (m)5,1378742
xn4hv(xn4hv)Adult (f)5,0418691
vmnXAToys PD375 for the HollyAdult (m)4,7599170
g1ddE(g1ddE)Adult (m)4,0538971
ZFMze(ZFMze)Adult (f)4,6088470
luZ9I(luZ9I)Adult (f)4,4858380
wgLb3(wgLb3)Adult (m)4,7248821
3RQNnToys PD380 for the HollyAdult (f)4,5738930
7zFcP(7zFcP)Adult (m)4,3757071
uevBI(uevBI)Adult (m)5,0256281
xQA1g(xQA1g)Adult (m)4,9216330
IyMxP(IyMxP)Adult (f)4,0627181
M5wfwToys PD385 for the HollyAdult (f)5,1378090
c5kB3(c5kB3)Adult (f)4,8367960
L9gtT(L9gtT)Adult (m)5,7417200
cxYr3(cxYr3)Adult (f)5,2407480
fQ6Lq(fQ6Lq)Adult (f)5,5647421
An91ZToys PD390 for the HollyAdult (m)4,5818800
ZpJ3C(ZpJ3C)Adult (f)4,3778700
GH9xa(GH9xa)Adult (f)4,7939270
TFxMe(TFxMe)Adult (m)4,1977030
Vk2kA(Vk2kA)Adult (m)4,1497100
JcJZuToys PD395 for the HollyAdult (m)5,6927690
BxC6Y(BxC6Y)Adult (f)5,6587480
UJH1f(UJH1f)Adult (f)6,8917160
BFaF1(BFaF1)Adult (m)6,5617710
R5mlY(R5mlY)Adult (m)5,9159200
9qKuiToys PD400 for the HollyAdult (m)5,7449011
1erHdToys PD401 for the HollyAdult (m)5,7178990
2RCEK(2RCEK)Adult (m)5,4899801
ejq4O(ejq4O)Adult (m)5,9838900
N1wpU(N1wpU)Adult (f)5,1551,0100
tWU2fToys PD405 for the HollyAdult (f)5,6461,0180
kUFeq(kUFeq)Adult (m)5,1831,0080
Av0Jk(Av0Jk)Adult (m)5,3728102
y62Jr(y62Jr)Adult (f)5,2188150
lCpEO(lCpEO)Adult (f)4,3679520
lAnCWToys PD410 for the HollyAdult (f)3,8991,0020
WkJwD(WkJwD)Adult (f)4,0691,1621
0nrfT(0nrfT)Adult (f)3,8221,1360
kRXVK(kRXVK)Adult (m)3,0351,2230
rS1Q2(rS1Q2)Adult (m)4,0211,1520
DSqlsToys PD415 for the HollyAdult (f)4,1481,1510
JKbJ4(JKbJ4)Adult (m)4,1721,1440
0bynu(0bynu)Adult (m)4,1581,1491
7nFrV(7nFrV)Adult (m)3,0421,1460
CUzhX(CUzhX)Adult (m)4,1031,1630
j5q7xToys PD420 for the HollyAdult (f)4,0161,1750
NPEmy(NPEmy)Adult (f)3,8031,1270
R4R4y(R4R4y)Adult (f)3,1801,1560
9xC9E(9xC9E)Adult (f)3,1761,1580
YNXb3(YNXb3)Adult (m)4,6731,0450
tMPsnToys PD425 for the HollyAdult (m)3,7531,0070
vr806(vr806)Adult (f)4,0021,0770
LlaqJ(LlaqJ)Adult (f)3,3731,1440
dNL3N(dNL3N)Adult (m)4,2181,1530
HNvWr(HNvWr)Adult (m)5,6717871
blchxToys PD430 for the HollyAdult (f)5,4197711
1VSAZ(1VSAZ)Adult (f)5,8227770
z0YZm(z0YZm)Adult (m)4,3591,0710
98cmy(98cmy)Adult (m)4,4841,0722
fu2mt(fu2mt)Adult (m)6,3226843
2VI5cToys PD435 for the HollyAdult (m)6,2846800
sOp5o(sOp5o)Adult (f)3,9991,0840
7txdQ(7txdQ)Adult (f)6,7098112
5pyPC(5pyPC)Adult (m)6,9618152
VWR1w(VWR1w)Adult (m)6,1208050
0WopYToys PD440 for the HollyAdult (f)6,1368060
OAXNC(OAXNC)Adult (m)5,9498140
RGo35(RGo35)Adult (f)5,6139101
cMwan(cMwan)Adult (m)5,4199240
vATzT(vATzT)Adult (f)6,4508931
TbUYLToys PD445 for the HollyAdult (f)5,1581,2032
Vo8jL(Vo8jL)Adult (f)5,1751,2041
WCdfE(WCdfE)Adult (m)5,2001,2001
oDaPA(oDaPA)Adult (m)4,3671,4701
Tg2xn(Tg2xn)Adult (m)5,5651,2442
xrr3nToys PD450 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1531,1812
y0r8dToys PD451 for the HollyAdult (m)5,9941,1962
Zh5qg(Zh5qg)Adult (f)5,9321,1800
H5qWQ(H5qWQ)Adult (m)4,7301,3310
0dREn(0dREn)Adult (f)4,7021,3042
dPpw6(dPpw6)Adult (m)8,2848205
XweIg(XweIg)Adult (f)3,4851,0400
NwYjU(NwYjU)Adult (f)3,3351,0172
F3L6g(F3L6g)Adult (f)4,9791,0681
PPdxp(PPdxp)Adult (m)4,9901,0781
bazpi(bazpi)Adult (m)5,0821,0770
6sJRF(6sJRF)Adult (f)5,3599403
pqylg(pqylg)Adult (f)5,2148803
LTxME(LTxME)Adult (m)4,4579630
783PN(783PN)Adult (m)4,7329981
Erh7g(Erh7g)Adult (f)4,4761,0021
evz57(evz57)Adult (m)5,2479582
TfuI5(TfuI5)Adult (m)5,4239392
ftGuZ(ftGuZ)Adult (m)5,3679463
Iy8ba(Iy8ba)Adult (m)5,3569440
Px2Ad(Px2Ad)Adult (m)5,2769483
Ni7Rp(Ni7Rp)Adult (f)6,0829121
VfrRH(VfrRH)Adult (f)6,0249021
LvAWr(LvAWr)Adult (f)5,1568270
kVOSh(kVOSh)Adult (m)5,1068371
dQGl3(dQGl3)Adult (m)5,2138481
8b3sq(8b3sq)Adult (f)4,4689300
Kf2Eb(Kf2Eb)Adult (f)4,3739410
PPkE7(PPkE7)Adult (m)4,3989450
E7h8g(E7h8g)Adult (f)5,5147931
awOrA(awOrA)Adult (m)5,4728310
YCm5L(YCm5L)Adult (f)5,1468213
2cyGp(2cyGp)Adult (m)5,5768913
MMUV8(MMUV8)Adult (f)4,6388841
F8X9b(F8X9b)Adult (m)4,6518821
nxf4O(nxf4O)Adult (f)6,0167450
zr3Rw(zr3Rw)Adult (f)5,2389480
1PNE6(1PNE6)Adult (f)5,1679550
cciHi(cciHi)Adult (m)4,5379170
yYqAr(yYqAr)Adult (m)4,5709101
YZgV2(YZgV2)Adult (m)4,5409130
OFCa6(OFCa6)Adult (f)4,7329210
xivx5(xivx5)Adult (m)4,8029230
bvZnZ(bvZnZ)Adult (m)4,6558710
V3CIm(V3CIm)Adult (f)4,6808660
CdkT2(CdkT2)Adult (f)4,7898900
ADMeJ(ADMeJ)Adult (m)4,7688900
Pkk6p(Pkk6p)Adult (f)5,0628451
W6VNA(W6VNA)Adult (m)5,0308440
savip(savip)Adult (m)4,9219060
dzf93Toys PD500 for the HollyAdult (m)5,6718480
ch2u6(ch2u6)Adult (m)5,5018540
YOGHx(YOGHx)Adult (m)5,2478960
ztBdu(ztBdu)Adult (m)4,9508790
fHa4j(fHa4j)Adult (m)4,9408831
5E7EqToys PD505 for the HollyAdult (f)5,0658700
wCqe2(wCqe2)Adult (m)5,7818410
4eETi(4eETi)Adult (f)5,9608291
1Acju(1Acju)Adult (f)5,8218681
jNFhH(jNFhH)Adult (f)6,3738071
TuEDvToys PD510 for the HollyAdult (f)5,6397901
Q2oKS(Q2oKS)Adult (m)5,7567852
Z1Xv2(Z1Xv2)Adult (f)5,0218350
XzkzM(XzkzM)Adult (m)5,2178001
05kR9(05kR9)Adult (f)5,2328040
xrBgAToys PD515 for the HollyAdult (m)5,2588000
DhNnI(DhNnI)Adult (f)6,1738044
7bhay(7bhay)Adult (f)6,2508020
a6zY4(a6zY4)Adult (m)5,7518453
qkjQv(qkjQv)Adult (m)5,8028430
cTsHeToys PD520 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1948040
8yoXe(8yoXe)Adult (m)5,9868390
Yrwz2(Yrwz2)Adult (m)5,9858450
V2O5D(V2O5D)Hatchling (f, F)5,3437543
Kqv8d(Kqv8d)Hatchling (m, F)5,4237442
P1IguToys PD525 for the HollyHatchling (f, F)5,3457270
idfAa(idfAa)Hatchling (f, F)5,3117381
eMWbz(eMWbz)Hatchling (F)4,8636972
obrK5(obrK5)Hatchling (F)4,9326840
t88li(t88li)Hatchling (F)4,7127101
3dhB9Toys PD530 for the HollyHatchling (F)2,7474412
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