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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
glnOp(glnOp)Adult (m)5,4741,0032
73xWP(73xWP)Adult (m)5,0598395
vjMSI(vjMSI)Adult (m)4,5621,0413
5I6M6(5I6M6)Adult (m)2,8347160
oNYauToys Cast a Spell on MeAdult (f)3,4464371
WqTaYToys Under your SpellAdult (f)3,4054411
iFR57(iFR57)Adult (f)3,9869851
itj9y(itj9y)Adult (f)4,7169503
AOE5p(AOE5p)Adult (f)4,2079822
JajsiToys a Radiant RascalAdult (m)3,5461,0051
dY8IdToys Radiantly RoyalAdult (m)3,5441,0021
uullL(uullL)Adult (m)3,0291,1703
5E6TB(5E6TB)Adult (m)4,4791,1511
sdmIDToys Heart of my HeartAdult (f)3,1141,1550
wneya(wneya)Adult (f)3,1381,1580
vk56f(vk56f)Adult (m)3,2047900
z8PAI(z8PAI)Adult (m)3,2007890
lRCUVToys Full of SoulAdult (f)3,8037060
iLPRXToys Heart and SoulAdult (f)3,7747090
NsOYe(NsOYe)Adult (f)4,6091,0322
vOtkT(vOtkT)Adult (f)2,4588642
G18Y1(G18Y1)Adult (m)6,3031,2393
gzyRA(gzyRA)Adult (m)6,4091,2391
WYOBN(WYOBN)Adult (f)2,6598550
wjley(wjley)Adult (f)2,7038790
4nP8Toys Dead of the NightAdult (f)1,61155981
meDpToys Dead Man WalkingAdult (m)2,27426913
aWlfToys Drop Dead DivaAdult (f)4,3486584
XXR7Toys Dead or AliveAdult (m)3,3015403
lB4bToys Drop Dead GorgeousAdult (f)3,0745011
AlUEToys Dead CalmAdult (f)3,2616276
t3jcToys Dead CentreAdult (m)3,4476625
m1oOToys Dead WeightAdult (f)3,9256572
LaObToys Dead SetAdult (m)4,3845674
Ln66Toys Dead LossAdult (m)3,6647672
oSLT(oSLT)Adult (m)4,5876143
FhTrToys Dorkface Thuwed of DeadAdult (m)6,9795652
8g5tA(8g5tA)Adult (m)5,2384962
7WcOC(7WcOC)Adult (f)3,2776275
WtCSO(WtCSO)Adult (f)5,6858243
Lt8pL(Lt8pL)Adult (f)3,3867472
Jelr8(Jelr8)Adult (f)3,3657111
LubpF(LubpF)Adult (f)2,5247902
4xZrB(4xZrB)Adult (m)3,1138501
aAlhToys Dancing QueenAdult (f)1,02647020
RHsoToys Song N Dance ManAdult (m)3,18724313
bgQXToys Dance Litl Lady DanceAdult (f)5,2013519
Wfqnl(Wfqnl)Adult (f)4,7797231
QLTWU(QLTWU)Adult (m)3,8541,0482
QD0bToys Water LilyAdult (f)2,4349589
FiBuToys Water BoyAdult (m)3,46923810
1OAZToys Water BabyAdult (f)4,89833717
nMZ8Toys Cuppa CoffeeAdult (f)1,63274611
GRZTToys Coffee BeanAdult (m)1,6956584
9SFDToys Expresso CoffeeAdult (f)8634168
NIWBToys Whiter Shade of PaleAdult (m)1,6973266
RbWXToys White NiteAdult (m)1,68143511
vXPmToys White DeliteAdult (f)3,18121316
3ArDToys Ice WhiteAdult (f)3,34429519
XaNtToys White as SnowAdult (m)2,9566301
otbZToys White GoldAdult (f)7,0178333
8lV5Toys The Whitest of WhitesAdult (f)10,0166965
MJZp(MJZp)Adult (m)6,5035023
0s05Toys White Icing on the CakeAdult (m)6,8595342
hmIm(hmIm)Adult (m)5,9035505
EvqW(EvqW)Adult (f)6,0655563
16ZI(16ZI)Adult (m)6,0715603
OXmC9(OXmC9)Adult (f)3,7065111
mKdON(mKdON)Adult (f)3,7744550
RbraJ(RbraJ)Adult (f)4,4974222
CkI1aToys White ChristmasAdult (m)4,0004472
d2ZkI(d2ZkI)Adult (f)5,1564822
PUoeVToys White on WhiteAdult (m)6,0014884
eEc55(eEc55)Adult (m)6,0455112
GdvecToys A White Christmas WishAdult (m)5,6514762
ea71ZToys a Celebration in WhiteAdult (m)5,9654934
h1QHO(h1QHO)Adult (f)4,8664962
57p9BToys White WishesAdult (m)5,4247365
KVOoWToys The Purest of WhiteAdult (m)4,3216314
C8e2aToys a White Wish for the MoonAdult (m)4,1275491
LiLIe(LiLIe)Adult (m)5,1784651
4kO0O(4kO0O)Adult (f)4,7244622
khQ5Y(khQ5Y)Adult (m)10,6781,5078
vohJs(vohJs)Adult (f)4,7646281
SRjMH(SRjMH)Adult (f)3,9504571
BNqjn(BNqjn)Adult (m)3,2244272
cYfNN(cYfNN)Adult (f)3,8066954
e5Nsc(e5Nsc)Adult (m)3,0624444
MQhYl(MQhYl)Adult (m)3,6764003
Gfj5HToys Snow WhiteAdult (f)3,6794562
C7qDP(C7qDP)Adult (f)2,6505953
rDTtS(rDTtS)Adult (m)4,2674072
c2g7A(c2g7A)Adult (m)3,8674764
5cUFK(5cUFK)Adult (m)3,4833715
urj2D(urj2D)Adult (m)4,8814029
7cVIE(7cVIE)Adult (f)4,8573860
Yjx0P(Yjx0P)Adult (f)5,1859684
YXaud(YXaud)Adult (f)4,5889111
Xvsqn(Xvsqn)Adult (m)4,1726414
91Vbb(91Vbb)Adult (m)3,3057131
qdEbC(qdEbC)Adult (m)3,8167841
eAxj8Toys Wet N WildAdult (f)3,6661,1905
4V8iY(4V8iY)Adult (m)4,5607870
prXTvToys Philo SophiaAdult (f)3,6577880
eGUSs(eGUSs)Adult (m)5,4351,1468
hMCQA(hMCQA)Adult (m)5,9278103
0GYz0(0GYz0)Adult (m)3,7277523
76Qtc(76Qtc)Adult (f)3,7897124
TdO99(TdO99)Adult (f)4,8976581
5FcPD(5FcPD)Adult (m)3,1827141
WkIRBToys X marks the SpotAdult (m)4,3257860
8bwOSToys Xtra SpecialAdult (f)3,6688261
Ytc8AToys a Gai GirlAdult (f)4,3127850
vSu22Toys an Ulitmate FantasyAdult (f)4,8568294
q2eRJ(q2eRJ)Adult (m)5,2128610
rChDP(rChDP)Adult (m)5,8456182
CQG8t(CQG8t)Adult (m)4,5017722
vOP59(vOP59)Adult (m)5,8016303
DotAK(DotAK)Adult (m)6,8345884
1zsJ5(1zsJ5)Adult (f)3,9177831
PEalI(PEalI)Adult (m)5,1498118
uYkd7Toys UnpredictableAdult (f)4,5328050
37RVG(37RVG)Adult (m)3,1998842
2swCH(2swCH)Adult (m)5,9847154
2jsBJ(2jsBJ)Adult (m)5,7997133
TREX4(TREX4)Adult (f)4,8546939
chzyW(chzyW)Adult (m)4,1508041
MPxdL(MPxdL)Adult (f)5,0998106
iSi4rToys Pyro ManiaAdult (f)4,4427650
33Gze(33Gze)Adult (m)7,77969522
AsSNv(AsSNv)Adult (m)7,3031,1070
k0nAToys Dino LovelyAdult3,1065905
5nD7Toys Dino LisciousAdult3,00243521
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