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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xG7hH(xG7hH)Adult (f)1,5844351
aVvA5(aVvA5)Adult (f)2,0084403
FBk2Q(FBk2Q)Adult (m)1,8994600
cocaToys Sun RiseAdult (m)2,12573417
Q0oZToys Sunny DaysAdult (m)1,13659113
BNOSToys Strawberry Sun DaeAdult (f)1,1853977
P35IP(P35IP)Adult (m)3,6034351
sNKJF(sNKJF)Adult (f)7,2234841
YDMgt(YDMgt)Adult (f)5,6307219
Jd6Ym(Jd6Ym)Adult (m)3,3688312
Cw9yf(Cw9yf)Adult (m)3,2458240
cdZZToys Sun SetAdult (f)1,60266318
ntvvToys Sun DownAdult (f)1,2644644
FmsS(FmsS)Adult (f)2,67123115
jgOFnToys as the Sun goes DownAdult (m)2,1847062
qSqW4Toys as the Sun SetsAdult (f)5,4479370
bHtjToys Shining BrightAdult (f)3,2353099
fitNToys Shine on Harvest MoonAdult (m)2,8402977
kvXKToys Time to ShineAdult (f)3,1432576
95vCToys Shoe Shine ShuffleAdult (m)2,9842187
79kuClan Leader Nact'larnAdult (f)3,1315092
JkFgToys Shine on MeAdult (m)3,1374871
pgSYShine of Clan Nact'larnAdult (f)3,2566230
3qq0Magic of Clan Nact'larnAdult (f)3,6045863
DtosToys Wings of Clan Nact'larnAdult (f)4,5136062
BuXz1(BuXz1)Adult (m)3,5407531
4OEbC(4OEbC)Adult (f)3,3378482
lfPOUToys Sir Steven of SunstoneAdult (m)3,4734151
PfbKVToys Samantha SunstoneAdult (f)3,8224210
jV2B3(jV2B3)Adult (m)4,5454350
jRsXp(jRsXp)Adult (f)3,9464180
HQhbn(HQhbn)Adult (f)3,4554281
0Jmku(0Jmku)Adult (f)3,5804770
m5Ei9(m5Ei9)Adult (m)3,5424830
f34B2(f34B2)Adult (f)4,4364990
Dr0pv(Dr0pv)Adult (m)4,0334510
MYEIQ(MYEIQ)Adult (f)4,6874371
7efgX(7efgX)Adult (f)4,7374390
a4PjZ(a4PjZ)Adult (f)3,8114040
8FiMF(8FiMF)Adult (f)3,6583790
3TiSA(3TiSA)Adult (f)4,7623870
c7N1D(c7N1D)Adult (f)3,2895812
KQmRb(KQmRb)Adult (f)4,4224391
VRGTf(VRGTf)Adult (m)3,3614571
7j0Cl(7j0Cl)Adult (f)2,4305320
uXnI3(uXnI3)Adult (m)5,0064014
KNbVToys Stanley SwallowtailAdult (m)4,1785821
nKPOToys Sylvia SwallowtailAdult (f)5,7556001
Ok1kToys Sammy SwallowtailAdult (m)7,9355292
IoWI(IoWI)Adult (m)7,3365693
TfgKToys Sheila SwallowtailAdult (f)5,2315221
IsBPToys Suzanna SwallowtailAdult (f)5,1215032
pVKV(pVKV)Adult (f)5,3075652
LSZXToys Syrus SwallowtailAdult (m)6,3155041
mjek(mjek)Adult (m)5,6675141
qbbI(qbbI)Adult (m)5,8635021
0Mb2Toys Sophie SwallowtailAdult (f)5,1746461
GMAN8(GMAN8)Adult (m)3,9604931
Zv5NT(Zv5NT)Adult (f)4,0414501
BE0EQ(BE0EQ)Adult (f)4,5358222
5Enb4Toys Terrence TangarAdult (m)4,2824100
rJMuVToys Tilly TangarAdult (f)4,8064220
R42Du(R42Du)Adult (f)3,6444051
LDM2E(LDM2E)Adult (m)3,8814221
4ngMB(4ngMB)Adult (f)4,4854421
rYi9v(rYi9v)Adult (f)4,2524590
VXazv(VXazv)Adult (m)3,9228271
oa0aU(oa0aU)Adult (f)4,2799021
34c3q(34c3q)Adult (m)4,3128641
Nd3Ni(Nd3Ni)Adult (f)4,4248911
8w6fd(8w6fd)Adult (f)4,3495751
MDqhW(MDqhW)Adult (f)4,8625820
Dm5JC(Dm5JC)Adult (m)4,0395620
24thl(24thl)Adult (m)3,0758871
V9J8V(V9J8V)Adult (m)5,6931,0761
3fTaP(3fTaP)Adult (m)5,3539343
BMESToys Herbs and SpicesAdult (m)4,41730013
okJUToys Sally SageAdult (f)3,13626412
47shToys Nancy NutmegAdult (f)3,9336322
8mQF2(8mQF2)Adult (f)5,1633630
o9MPt(o9MPt)Adult (m)6,8284884
cIu4U(cIu4U)Adult (m)6,3265441
i7pm6(i7pm6)Adult (f)5,2155321
GjnhToys Pete ParsleyAdult (m)3,81227011
7leXToys Tommy ThymeAdult (m)2,9262798
tFsDToys Billy BasilAdult (m)3,7236061
6JvN3(6JvN3)Adult (f)4,9384861
Sf54NToys Crystal CorianderAdult (f)4,6106553
RrSju(RrSju)Adult (m)5,4615033
h82vo(h82vo)Adult (m)5,9504502
Da5YBToys Penelope PaprikaAdult (f)5,5475241
6CCkB(6CCkB)Adult (f)5,1625702
rcKPW(rcKPW)Adult (m)4,9795557
B5Xsu(B5Xsu)Adult (f)6,4595032
FkEHE(FkEHE)Adult (f)6,0674544
P6yZi(P6yZi)Adult (f)5,6247500
Arad9(Arad9)Adult (f)5,5917440
stoLj(stoLj)Adult (m)5,7037431
3RxtZ(3RxtZ)Adult (m)3,9358591
GwYeV(GwYeV)Adult (f)3,9728442
HEhtg(HEhtg)Adult (m)3,9708400
hWsHi(hWsHi)Adult (m)4,0727861
V6qpY(V6qpY)Adult (m)3,9718221
8uMvToys Days of ThunderAdult (f)2,75320715
l4QWToys Thunder DownunderAdult (f)2,96021016
KnKGToys Thunder RoadAdult (m)2,86719217
XGD8Toys Thunderous ApplauseAdult (m)2,78532117
ZnzL9(ZnzL9)Adult (m)1,3265561
13Lv4(13Lv4)Adult (m)1,5604500
o6Zn8Toys Ruby Red FinnAdult (f)1,4725130
Czkfu(Czkfu)Adult (m)6,0771,0701
VBAB5(VBAB5)Adult (m)4,7733244
B4Zmj(B4Zmj)Adult (f)5,2623526
qImmO(qImmO)Adult (f)2,6376252
CXG2P(CXG2P)Adult (m)2,4696523
5mrRB(5mrRB)Adult (m)4,2934822
rNIa4(rNIa4)Adult (f)3,5274713
OFSXI(OFSXI)Adult (m)1,5724481
9cH5a(9cH5a)Adult (m)4,8434164
5i0a1(5i0a1)Adult (f)3,9364070
922Lv(922Lv)Adult (m)4,6733750
WOhJG(WOhJG)Adult (f)4,9714202
j5S9nToys a Night on the TurpsAdult (m)4,2294498
uaiQSToys a Tantalising TurpsAdult (f)3,9594574
tM7DJToys a Talented TurpsAdult (m)4,8414464
gelKaToys a Ticklish TurpsAdult (f)4,8514255
ch1YLToys a Tormented TurpsAdult (f)2,96862810
ZTU6XToys a Troubled TurpsAdult (m)3,4644085
XtcfDToys a Terrific TurpsAdult (m)3,4664137
DABh4Toys a Torrid TurpsAdult (f)4,3004133
AfGXmToys a Tenacious TurpsAdult (m)3,9453686
Grf5ZToys a Topsy Turvy TurpsAdult (f)3,5853852
UYEQl(UYEQl)Adult (m)3,7363862
nj8UT(nj8UT)Adult (m)5,3403830
UHuFQ(UHuFQ)Adult (m)3,6751,0590
HXA4D(HXA4D)Adult (f)4,7211,0961
N2kxe(N2kxe)Adult (m)4,7561,1190
9YFqK(9YFqK)Adult (f)5,0261,0560
CKeDW(CKeDW)Adult (m)3,5083661
YJZXPToys a Blessed SpiritAdult (m)3,4928411
UVMHtToys a Spirit of WaterAdult (f)3,3448971
iO3m6Toys Sandra SpiritAdult (f)3,6788852
9BXaF(9BXaF)Adult (f)3,9928940
GTniHToys Samuael SpiritAdult (m)4,2618320
WO5np(WO5np)Adult (m)4,1671,0580
vT0hE(vT0hE)Adult (m)5,1248450
ERTAb(ERTAb)Adult (m)4,6179040
Wfcos(Wfcos)Adult (f)4,5959080
lua3E(lua3E)Adult (m)4,1328500
o2D2MToys the Spirit WithinAdult (f)3,6131,0000
lEx6n(lEx6n)Adult (m)3,5521,0100
y9TTR(y9TTR)Adult (f)3,9201,0290
SeK5H(SeK5H)Adult (f)4,6649280
kulGW(kulGW)Adult (f)4,2939581
LNTTp(LNTTp)Adult (f)5,1488370
fsAmU(fsAmU)Adult (f)4,6058460
54K5K(54K5K)Adult (m)4,9538560
v0PFd(v0PFd)Adult (m)6,6168130
oWNlV(oWNlV)Adult (f)6,3928090
5FHmo(5FHmo)Adult (m)4,2811,1470
jOxgV(jOxgV)Adult (f)3,7951,1270
yRDxg(yRDxg)Adult (m)4,2841,0850
iL2xZ(iL2xZ)Adult (m)5,9029380
TkLMl(TkLMl)Adult (f)5,0911,0270
c4Rrt(c4Rrt)Adult (f)4,7108731
8Ezvv(8Ezvv)Adult (m)4,8638780
GJGis(GJGis)Adult (m)4,7379580
jDzpl(jDzpl)Adult (f)4,6609180
jclK0(jclK0)Adult (m)5,0739881
lkNxv(lkNxv)Adult (f)6,1868501
d0CWP(d0CWP)Adult (f)6,3377462
iqAoB(iqAoB)Adult (m)5,6606843
2ly2r(2ly2r)Adult (m)5,6246721
jLyfl(jLyfl)Adult (f)4,1077394
mMLsh(mMLsh)Adult (f)3,1924801
GMOpL(GMOpL)Adult (f)3,0156981
oYcKdToys a Spirited AngelAdult (f)3,7701,0251
GGrKh(GGrKh)Adult (m)5,3366347
KdbgH(KdbgH)Adult (m)6,2086572
671eToys My Sweet ValentineAdult (f)7,0105235
MhUmToys My Lady ValentineAdult (f)7,0317123
5eT6I(5eT6I)Adult (f)3,8939792
7UcZ5(7UcZ5)Adult (f)6,7361,2682
rPaWg(rPaWg)Adult (f)7,6821,4671
3MeOt(3MeOt)Adult (f)4,5941,0572
B3CkToys My Funny ValentineAdult (m)6,7375334
jYMQ(jYMQ)Adult (m)6,5637823
k6982(k6982)Adult (m)4,0169841
EDSdToys Misguided LoveAdult (f)6,4048322
peLoToys Love of my LifeAdult (f)6,4118231
l1iYE(l1iYE)Adult (f)3,1917862
vo3Nj(vo3Nj)Adult (f)4,5601,0522
jEE4MToys of the HeartAdult (m)2,6424871
iDdOaToys My Hearts DesireAdult (m)3,6975051
glnOp(glnOp)Adult (m)5,4741,0032
73xWP(73xWP)Adult (m)5,0598395
vjMSI(vjMSI)Adult (m)4,5621,0413
5I6M6(5I6M6)Adult (m)2,8347160
oNYauToys Cast a Spell on MeAdult (f)3,4464371
WqTaYToys Under your SpellAdult (f)3,4054411
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