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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
L2vk(L2vk)Adult (f)3,0716511
QLrDToys Paris in PurpleAdult (f)4,1946001
S03gToys Love in PurpleAdult (m)6,2785662
hfIttToys Paul in PurpleAdult (m)3,7054080
fPnMnToys Peter in PurpleAdult (m)4,3164270
e5oop(e5oop)Adult (f)4,3968070
4yOil(4yOil)Adult (m)3,0827551
SRFlToys Justa Litl ManAdult (m)2,76330515
PHUWToys a Litl LadyAdult (f)3,74326512
mSgTToys Anutha Litl LadyAdult (f)2,60930521
F9ZaToys Just LitlAdult (m)2,78328013
2RkU(2RkU)Adult (m)4,1805943
HhUlToys a Luvly Litl LadyAdult (f)6,2036471
SJ6ld(SJ6ld)Adult (f)4,0483611
n37MH(n37MH)Adult (f)4,6614650
LFcjI(LFcjI)Adult (m)5,4954842
LcWnv(LcWnv)Adult (f)3,9218601
zedkp(zedkp)Adult (m)3,8568360
8Lg13(8Lg13)Adult (f)3,4198372
ZWFhf(ZWFhf)Adult (f)2,6477701
TrVdO(TrVdO)Adult (m)2,5937400
ewiGa(ewiGa)Adult (m)3,7348171
HtLVToys Celine of Crimson FlareAdult (f)5,4725241
prL5Toys Colin of Crimson FlareAdult (m)5,5805351
g7mP(g7mP)Adult (f)5,0576361
cheXToys Cyril of Crimson FlareAdult (m)5,0616461
irmpr(irmpr)Adult (f)3,7765051
El3M9(El3M9)Adult (m)3,8565150
o09iE(o09iE)Adult (f)3,8555090
NKkIa(NKkIa)Adult (f)3,8804931
i0tN9(i0tN9)Adult (f)4,5204190
378JToys Maggie of Dark MystAdult (f)5,0445371
oD3reToys Malcolm of Dark MystAdult (m)3,8595140
cW6qR(cW6qR)Adult (f)3,5445110
IoKCh(IoKCh)Adult (f)4,4004192
mdA7I(mdA7I)Adult (f)3,2414381
pDveRToys Michael of Dark MystAdult (m)4,0504600
Mr1OR(Mr1OR)Adult (m)3,4904100
SZWf9(SZWf9)Adult (m)3,5914991
mk1u6(mk1u6)Adult (f)5,4574522
4h5xd(4h5xd)Adult (m)5,2156420
iaKry(iaKry)Adult (f)5,3646391
xysXS(xysXS)Adult (f)3,0428771
SVAjo(SVAjo)Adult (m)3,4738681
jarX6(jarX6)Adult (m)3,5157272
0qO2S(0qO2S)Adult (m)3,4877500
5Nqax(5Nqax)Adult (f)3,1858691
znxcZ(znxcZ)Adult (m)3,1588440
uOQqn(uOQqn)Adult (f)3,2968570
hzzjU(hzzjU)Adult (f)3,5417280
yK337(yK337)Adult (f)4,2327271
4JFbl(4JFbl)Adult (m)4,4706510
raOHp(raOHp)Adult (f)3,5497463
eAI76(eAI76)Adult (f)3,5847500
F0oEC(F0oEC)Adult (m)3,5547451
KrYHe(KrYHe)Adult (m)4,9977371
0p9DQ(0p9DQ)Adult (f)3,0878540
PWYdg(PWYdg)Adult (m)3,1768800
BMxL2(BMxL2)Adult (f)4,2789271
1DP8K(1DP8K)Adult (m)4,4629640
sDi9F(sDi9F)Adult (m)4,1608890
9Sr6L(9Sr6L)Adult (f)4,5119100
KCErToys Max the MisfitAdult (m)6,4535652
7UH8(7UH8)Adult (f)5,0616391
XR439(XR439)Adult (m)4,5745421
o17M8(o17M8)Adult (f)3,6635280
6J1Yl(6J1Yl)Adult (f)3,1505021
u0LZO(u0LZO)Adult (m)3,4094540
6T8zy(6T8zy)Adult (f)4,3588742
g3kUToys Nancy of NiliaAdult (f)4,9895101
2QEAVToys Norman of NiliaAdult (m)4,3764960
vjXGcToys Norma Jean of NiliaAdult (f)3,7744931
t5tGn(t5tGn)Adult (f)3,6715110
KjrD2(KjrD2)Adult (f)3,5547593
KBdP9(KBdP9)Adult (f)4,0964510
IJAbh(IJAbh)Adult (m)2,6135932
fH22Q(fH22Q)Adult (f)3,7215571
bGQyU(bGQyU)Adult (f)3,5995340
A2TXN(A2TXN)Adult (m)3,6925350
k7blz(k7blz)Adult (m)3,9845070
Xttxs(Xttxs)Adult (m)3,4498941
RQRBTToys Robert Red TailAdult (m)4,2858711
tnPAvToys Rosalie Red TailAdult (f)4,3528831
8yuklToys Robbin Red TailAdult (f)5,9481,0552
DdBQ2Toys Raelene Red TailAdult (f)4,5299251
vME37Toys Richard Red TailAdult (m)4,3108741
oX4VE(oX4VE)Adult (m)4,9458471
nL2vToys Sally SeawyrmAdult (f)6,4945741
IFkdToys Sammy SeawyrmAdult (m)4,4684561
8efGToys Susan Sea WrymAdult (f)7,2656401
aLxkv(aLxkv)Adult (f)4,3998653
EbAMVToys Feeling Hot Hot HotAdult (m)3,0451,1703
heMlW(heMlW)Adult (f)3,7231,2150
1nz5Z(1nz5Z)Adult (f)2,7376552
Ju0f7(Ju0f7)Adult (m)3,1251,1851
HEqaH(HEqaH)Adult (f)3,1681,1821
fQBnj(fQBnj)Adult (f)3,6921,1451
J0eMq(J0eMq)Adult (m)4,0261,1230
pvPDf(pvPDf)Adult (m)3,9851,1260
Tcp47(Tcp47)Adult (m)3,9331,1950
6QPrF(6QPrF)Adult (m)3,4091,1770
cKRPz(cKRPz)Adult (m)5,3071,0430
G2snM(G2snM)Adult (m)5,2529564
cf7tf(cf7tf)Adult (m)5,5459413
WEhcW(WEhcW)Adult (m)4,2421,1773
luNrH(luNrH)Adult (m)6,2848474
tRaxw(tRaxw)Adult (m)5,7377813
3oy1q(3oy1q)Adult (m)4,9748262
cC38u(cC38u)Adult (m)5,6938302
Vz1ge(Vz1ge)Adult (m)3,1881,1810
SWGlz(SWGlz)Adult (f)3,2331,1710
1ORlH(1ORlH)Adult (m)4,3028973
FaGHq(FaGHq)Adult (f)3,5898601
gPN77(gPN77)Adult (f)3,5698670
EtDZ6(EtDZ6)Adult (m)3,6328392
ZQaUV(ZQaUV)Adult (m)5,8211,0503
fTZHP(fTZHP)Adult (m)3,9807702
JLcmf(JLcmf)Adult (m)3,1607973
LGfaE(LGfaE)Adult (f)4,3491,0321
OujfQ(OujfQ)Adult (f)5,6989791
9SgkX(9SgkX)Adult (m)2,4116551
g9VrToys Red all OverAdult (f)8614634
p6bvToys Bred for RedAdult (f)1,1828312
MdA8Toys Lady in RedAdult (f)2,80633019
JN6PToys Red ManAdult (m)3,86727812
sec6(sec6)Adult (f)3,3635443
JL10K(JL10K)Adult (f)4,2054600
DfkviToys So RedAdult (m)4,5164302
E91U0Toys a Shadow in RedAdult (f)6,3586122
aiKpW(aiKpW)Adult (m)4,3376043
QjZ80Toys RU Red Red ReddyAdult (f)3,2675575
OSbb7Toys Fire Engine RedAdult (m)3,6265096
Znrt8(Znrt8)Adult (f)3,1004532
C5aME(C5aME)Adult (f)3,5476223
4ZV37Toys Red Rolling in the DeepAdult (f)4,0668668
MZvU7Toys Reddy to RumbleAdult (f)3,5154854
MDSmtToys A Red in the MystAdult (m)3,1158455
msU4mToys Red Flame of LoveAdult (m)4,0334333
BpjKrToys Velvet RedAdult (f)2,9197542
f99OCToys Red RussetAdult (f)2,9135574
GOZEG(GOZEG)Adult (m)4,1134333
7eHWBToys Red AmorAdult (f)3,4054311
nq4TDToys Red InfernoAdult (m)3,6225042
rJG7SToys Really Really RedAdult (f)4,0054664
VvQBMToys Red Man of RhymeAdult (m)2,5545535
K96Lj(K96Lj)Adult (m)4,5224274
t7UKTToys Reddy Set GoAdult (m)3,6523822
qrv1QToys a Red on FireAdult (f)5,1394007
la7Lc(la7Lc)Adult (f)3,5254428
P0qQO(P0qQO)Adult (m)3,1653829
QNrho(QNrho)Adult (m)3,4244247
G9a35(G9a35)Adult (m)3,1704307
Hvesa(Hvesa)Adult (f)3,6863879
nr4a7(nr4a7)Adult (f)4,2643921
osHNl(osHNl)Adult (f)5,5373762
DvlJW(DvlJW)Adult (m)4,9954510
vn1Sf(vn1Sf)Adult (m)3,7063223
7r9Fi(7r9Fi)Adult (f)3,6573524
NDphO(NDphO)Adult (m)4,4093721
K6BDu(K6BDu)Adult (f)4,1643601
DWVI5(DWVI5)Adult (m)2,7798011
5Qyu0(5Qyu0)Adult (m)3,9151,1873
C8x1Y(C8x1Y)Adult (f)2,4286453
31Goh(31Goh)Adult (m)2,6384000
v0dkQ(v0dkQ)Adult (m)4,0918510
hX6FS(hX6FS)Adult (m)4,5889410
BQbQw(BQbQw)Adult (f)4,4849481
qFdqN(qFdqN)Adult (f)3,9871,0760
XBE31(XBE31)Adult (f)5,9469290
8yVyf(8yVyf)Adult (f)4,8869890
BKQ0p(BKQ0p)Adult (f)6,6899184
TRTeZ(TRTeZ)Adult (m)7,2377951
dymrO(dymrO)Adult (m)6,6667241
lzM9c(lzM9c)Adult (m)4,0487201
7nJOc(7nJOc)Adult (m)5,7527050
a0SfJ(a0SfJ)Adult (f)5,6416032
SxhSf(SxhSf)Adult (m)3,5954752
UPX6h(UPX6h)Adult (f)3,5954733
O9yi3(O9yi3)Adult (m)2,9167641
TPUDT(TPUDT)Adult (m)3,0087560
0xcfg(0xcfg)Adult (m)3,5517200
IUz5b(IUz5b)Adult (f)3,2967111
JS8hV(JS8hV)Adult (f)2,8286561
cBWJToys Molly Mauve WingsAdult (f)3,8248204
bsg9Toys Milly Mauve WingsAdult (f)3,9136173
MmFaToys Mickey Mauve WingsAdult (m)3,5765733
CnUjToys Maggie Mauve WingsAdult (f)3,7315794
KeO1Toys Markus Mauve WingsAdult (m)3,9916041
eQLUToys Monty Mauve WingsAdult (m)4,0325782
qaqVToys Maxine Mauve WingsAdult (f)3,9095972
Ai9DToys Max Mauve WingsAdult (m)4,0045953
Yj6BToys Matty Mauve WingsAdult (m)3,9845911
ANmuToys Melody Mauve WingsAdult (f)3,9315920
jQYVToys Morgan Mauve WingsAdult (m)3,9305902
C13gToys Mister Mauve WingsAdult (m)4,0325341
ahTm(ahTm)Adult (f)3,7714933
R6C6(R6C6)Adult (f)3,7604882
2JDe(2JDe)Adult (f)3,7694871
H9CmToys Mitchell Mauve WingsAdult (m)4,4875771
Vr4YToys Maddison Mauve WingsAdult (f)4,1115531
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