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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nSWyX(nSWyX)Adult (f)2,1885022
D4my3(D4my3)Adult (f)2,0694812
OqdTL(OqdTL)Adult (m)2,3825072
IoNnt(IoNnt)Adult (f)2,0964741
WlIFu(WlIFu)Adult (f)2,1694861
osWFQ(osWFQ)Adult (m)2,4355121
D0Dnv(D0Dnv)Adult (f)2,2165130
DEhJDToys Olive2020 for the HollyAdult (m)4,4008651
lhJei(lhJei)Adult (m)4,6356872
ri2sv(ri2sv)Adult (m)5,3816851
CVLKU(CVLKU)Adult (m)5,7235240
n37EZ(n37EZ)Adult (f)5,9755350
3ccv2(3ccv2)Adult (f)6,0935290
NRqMt(NRqMt)Adult (m)5,8245251
quCzF(quCzF)Adult (f)5,7015240
5Gnt3(5Gnt3)Adult (m)5,6725311
8gEBC(8gEBC)Adult (f)5,7805261
qJwxOToys Olive2030 for the HollyAdult (f)5,9665360
tVCMu(tVCMu)Adult (m)5,9835331
84Msv(84Msv)Adult (m)5,8755251
cnTxS(cnTxS)Adult (m)5,7915371
IGZiD(IGZiD)Adult (f)5,7615261
xjXqY(xjXqY)Adult (m)5,5137401
if2Pr(if2Pr)Adult (f)5,6917252
hM8zf(hM8zf)Adult (f)5,4697542
iOcMB(iOcMB)Adult (m)5,6147470
VUfCo(VUfCo)Adult (m)5,9227340
vESPPToys Olive2040 for the HollyAdult (f)6,1025212
CcBOe(CcBOe)Adult (m)6,0455232
5l8gM(5l8gM)Adult (f)6,9135502
gwA43(gwA43)Adult (m)5,9945401
4ITQv(4ITQv)Adult (m)5,9655450
k3hVD(k3hVD)Adult (m)6,4415462
LRiyM(LRiyM)Adult (f)6,6785512
MYe1w(MYe1w)Adult (f)4,7748850
5WNDl(5WNDl)Adult (f)8,1091,1332
h3NJT(h3NJT)Adult (f)8,4681,2073
PrM6ZToys Olive2050 for the HollyAdult (m)2,5065230
r05e2(r05e2)Adult (f)2,4065170
iKVf2(iKVf2)Adult (m)5,0256975
EtqGL(EtqGL)Adult (m)5,9085502
IpxAQ(IpxAQ)Adult (m)5,6346051
tHbPD(tHbPD)Adult (f)5,3076791
f7FkR(f7FkR)Adult (m)5,1916611
7BzH9(7BzH9)Adult (m)6,8225321
BBaP1(BBaP1)Adult (m)5,9895461
4OM60(4OM60)Adult (f)2,8403822
I60WDToys Olive2060 for the HollyAdult (f)4,3358593
FFzfx(FFzfx)Adult (m)4,5398501
WnmMC(WnmMC)Adult (m)5,1176290
906mf(906mf)Adult (f)5,1126270
HcmxT(HcmxT)Adult (m)5,1156250
IJ4VJ(IJ4VJ)Adult (m)5,0066270
nrX94(nrX94)Adult (f)4,9786280
IBLkM(IBLkM)Adult (f)5,0066281
cfA3Y(cfA3Y)Adult (f)5,0926270
Ghgi5(Ghgi5)Adult (f)3,2772353
bnTGYToys Olive2070 for the HollyAdult (m)2,4155481
8GMoa(8GMoa)Adult (m)3,6323611
MAwmN(MAwmN)Adult (m)3,8061,2031
k0bNi(k0bNi)Adult (m)5,3518570
wKhpV(wKhpV)Adult (f)4,9575921
gCgtJ(gCgtJ)Adult (f)4,9226060
eFmhv(eFmhv)Adult (f)5,2958280
eShUR(eShUR)Adult (f)4,5656842
PWmOZ(PWmOZ)Adult (m)4,4836820
zfn08(zfn08)Adult (m)5,0356841
gDzjjToys Olive2080 for the HollyAdult (f)4,5526900
CdmTt(CdmTt)Adult (m)4,5756931
ja37I(ja37I)Adult (m)4,5086821
qaDCC(qaDCC)Adult (f)5,1626511
60HWn(60HWn)Adult (f)5,8805183
d2uCc(d2uCc)Adult (f)5,6238222
leMCq(leMCq)Adult (m)5,9207761
p4hwz(p4hwz)Adult (f)3,1425952
AvHPW(AvHPW)Adult (f)3,1226060
cHxNs(cHxNs)Adult (f)3,8566323
RipJfToys Olive2090 for the HollyAdult (f)5,5186571
i746j(i746j)Adult (m)5,4656630
d15ca(d15ca)Adult (m)1,9314770
5FPNt(5FPNt)Adult (m)1,9124700
fSF4v(fSF4v)Adult (f)6,3796022
RjPZd(RjPZd)Adult (m)2,2124951
5rJp1(5rJp1)Adult (f)6,1855780
ME0Hv(ME0Hv)Adult (m)2,0904620
Hqjpe(Hqjpe)Adult (m)2,0784611
steFb(steFb)Adult (f)5,3256580
2owbmToys Olive2100 for the HollyAdult (f)5,1276541
0ongO(0ongO)Adult (f)5,2826600
WmyUl(WmyUl)Adult (f)6,5235282
VVo86(VVo86)Adult (m)7,1005420
li8EV(li8EV)Adult (m)7,0315220
TsiJO(TsiJO)Adult (f)6,0276152
ijVxH(ijVxH)Adult (m)6,4704572
GkkyP(GkkyP)Adult (f)5,7115223
Aaxwd(Aaxwd)Adult (m)6,5414511
aVa8h(aVa8h)Adult (m)6,6114491
dZ3yeToys Olive2110 for the HollyAdult (f)5,3436150
N1ZzZ(N1ZzZ)Adult (m)5,4956250
aYU3L(aYU3L)Adult (m)5,0675961
O44N6(O44N6)Adult (m)3,5475885
MqfM4(MqfM4)Adult (m)3,5215893
kIMPE(kIMPE)Adult (m)5,4215990
9gF8O(9gF8O)Adult (m)5,6136020
EEqJd(EEqJd)Adult (m)6,4414823
JK3OE(JK3OE)Adult (m)6,1435303
6G6pA(6G6pA)Adult (m)5,4205950
jw65xToys Olive2120 for the HollyAdult (m)5,4325951
FnHz9(FnHz9)Adult (m)4,3046170
c57RW(c57RW)Adult (m)4,4826061
yBJd7(yBJd7)Adult (m)4,3495990
E9wby(E9wby)Adult (m)6,5974492
qmM7w(qmM7w)Adult (f)5,6995930
UJfLw(UJfLw)Adult (m)5,7146020
IjVBX(IjVBX)Adult (f)5,6126031
Ht1KB(Ht1KB)Adult (f)5,0746810
LXdrT(LXdrT)Adult (m)5,9975423
c47KPToys Olive2130 for the HollyAdult (f)4,9777054
vcy6z(vcy6z)Adult (f)4,8987131
7cx2H(7cx2H)Adult (f)4,8987111
yZxq6(yZxq6)Adult (m)4,9647101
hrT8i(hrT8i)Adult (f)4,8657120
wwFfO(wwFfO)Adult (f)5,1135871
T3kl0(T3kl0)Adult (m)5,1445881
CUIXY(CUIXY)Adult (m)5,1285901
8LkVW(8LkVW)Adult (m)6,2454943
XuYnh(XuYnh)Adult (m)6,1995052
blnrTToys Olive2140 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1554932
nV1Uy(nV1Uy)Adult (f)6,6044922
UNu42(UNu42)Adult (m)6,0115261
tq53j(tq53j)Adult (f)6,1605272
Y3BiE(Y3BiE)Adult (m)6,4435000
lTwMu(lTwMu)Adult (f)5,9545282
ZrK8m(ZrK8m)Adult (f)6,2325270
NDk8I(NDk8I)Adult (f)6,0485181
ga3pV(ga3pV)Adult (f)5,8825332
RB1B9(RB1B9)Adult (f)6,0465131
9BjcnToys Olive2150 for the HollyAdult (m)5,5413823
5RN3L(5RN3L)Adult (f)7,5679584
d8mkn(d8mkn)Adult (f)5,7763863
flmsO(flmsO)Adult (f)5,6713853
ugVXA(ugVXA)Adult (m)10,4941,3426
569Cb(569Cb)Adult (f)10,5781,3592
qi2v2(qi2v2)Adult (f)10,5471,3282
Vgdjb(Vgdjb)Adult (m)10,6301,3291
OfX6j(OfX6j)Adult (f)5,6125962
QIkcr(QIkcr)Adult (f)5,6066002
vQbGPToys Olive2160 for the HollyAdult (f)4,7913332
vCszo(vCszo)Adult (f)9,6871,1493
gItm6(gItm6)Adult (m)9,4171,1323
mdCjM(mdCjM)Adult (f)6,5988407
BscVu(BscVu)Adult (f)9,4761,1433
ylhOk(ylhOk)Adult (m)9,6051,1392
LJ7Bq(LJ7Bq)Adult (f)9,2761,1591
ailVo(ailVo)Adult (m)9,0101,1771
dwjsj(dwjsj)Adult (m)9,2501,1352
GLbqd(GLbqd)Adult (m)9,3471,1492
CNx9IToys Olive2170 for the HollyAdult (f)3,8967991
HspPA(HspPA)Adult (f)3,8657961
kJPL1(kJPL1)Adult (m)6,7875073
gmIFc(gmIFc)Adult (m)6,9375122
bx2B4(bx2B4)Adult (m)7,1164805
StzyM(StzyM)Adult (f)6,2644712
B7bBH(B7bBH)Adult (m)8,4459253
8W5Uo(8W5Uo)Adult (f)8,4428874
ZbuGR(ZbuGR)Adult (m)5,7905623
NqlA1(NqlA1)Adult (m)6,6675594
gu9p7Toy Olive2180 for the HollyAdult (m)6,2075534
NYVsQ(NYVsQ)Adult (m)5,7535823
cYmWs(cYmWs)Adult (m)5,4885902
teIzm(teIzm)Adult (f)5,7815771
HdGjT(HdGjT)Adult (m)5,6955532
oY0oS(oY0oS)Adult (f)5,5085851
biuah(biuah)Adult (m)5,8485601
jdozl(jdozl)Adult (f)5,7835792
Vk1cz(Vk1cz)Adult (f)5,5655790
Se8Gz(Se8Gz)Adult (m)6,6565802
1ljsEToys Olive2190 for the HollyAdult (f)6,7345841
zDXXD(zDXXD)Adult (f)6,8135861
bsRgi(bsRgi)Adult (f)6,5734890
Oyyaf(Oyyaf)Adult (m)7,2184970
MksLy(MksLy)Adult (m)6,3824820
saLa7(saLa7)Adult (f)6,5524810
htwyi(htwyi)Adult (f)6,6334910
LUzTH(LUzTH)Adult (f)6,9874881
6JBhA(6JBhA)Adult (m)6,6604881
FB8ad(FB8ad)Adult (m)6,4964951
Y8sliToys Olive2200 for the HollyAdult (f)6,6644921
0p5Kf(0p5Kf)Adult (m)6,7234861
Q9ndx(Q9ndx)Adult (f)6,8634910
IGFVR(IGFVR)Adult (f)6,6464931
ERaDd(ERaDd)Adult (m)4,1177351
aHWoL(aHWoL)Adult (m)7,2557993
EOkTB(EOkTB)Adult (f)7,8541,0641
qPEvq(qPEvq)Adult (m)8,0928853
GEu5j(GEu5j)Adult (f)8,3679931
8FrY2(8FrY2)Adult (m)7,5468601
A50hKToys Olive2210 for the HollyAdult (f)7,6161,1451
QKCHB(QKCHB)Adult (m)6,8139802
gypNr(gypNr)Adult (f)6,2459324
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