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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
y1FnJ(y1FnJ)Adult (m)6,7914601
bJ5BO(bJ5BO)Adult (f)4,9273331
h4f3Q(h4f3Q)Adult (m)5,0393401
qNtIE(qNtIE)Adult (f)5,4003601
MmG4m(MmG4m)Adult (m)5,1663511
gatGVToys Olive1370 for the HollyAdult (f)5,3233661
Nn92b(Nn92b)Adult (f)5,1213561
xgJUc(xgJUc)Adult (f)5,1313651
1HuxW(1HuxW)Adult (m)5,4793791
RKr1T(RKr1T)Adult (f)3,8386954
sWrQd(sWrQd)Adult (m)2,7584652
qYwsq(qYwsq)Adult (f)2,7524871
Z8ZnX(Z8ZnX)Adult (f)6,0225711
qNfv2(qNfv2)Adult (m)6,6909152
xfN6L(xfN6L)Adult (f)3,9046911
N1fmXToys Olive1380 for the HollyAdult (f)6,9411,0301
skAEm(skAEm)Adult (m)7,4266121
07RYo(07RYo)Adult (f)8,5321,2213
3jBCt(3jBCt)Adult (f)6,4778331
BLIFt(BLIFt)Adult (f)6,4211,0261
vlTSx(vlTSx)Adult (m)6,6604475
lq0I0(lq0I0)Adult (f)6,5731,0372
9DSdn(9DSdn)Adult (f)6,4761,0272
V5KsP(V5KsP)Adult (f)6,4541,0133
3fTZv(3fTZv)Adult (m)6,6501,0051
va7J4Toys Olive1390 for the HollyAdult (f)7,2691,0991
fdAB0(fdAB0)Adult (f)6,6091,0052
eaoEu(eaoEu)Adult (f)6,3731,0162
XgX7k(XgX7k)Adult (m)7,2228700
LlGoy(LlGoy)Adult (f)5,6908751
y107p(y107p)Adult (m)5,7958431
kex2J(kex2J)Adult (f)5,7628651
GXaP4(GXaP4)Adult (f)5,3835471
GV68S(GV68S)Adult (f)6,2831,0713
FWjDb(FWjDb)Adult (f)8,2131,1333
9rfZZToys Olive1400 for the HollyAdult (m)8,07064414
h1RaD(h1RaD)Adult (m)7,04766413
DUTw2(DUTw2)Adult (f)5,6138640
R90am(R90am)Adult (f)5,6808491
6b7Hr(6b7Hr)Adult (f)7,04665812
SOKtF(SOKtF)Adult (m)6,2669601
1WtAX(1WtAX)Adult (f)5,7979790
XiaFj(XiaFj)Adult (m)5,8969530
9t8xd(9t8xd)Adult (f)2,7425341
x0T9S(x0T9S)Adult (f)7,5276093
2Nl7OToys Olive1410 for the HollyAdult (f)7,0189724
ZeDG0(ZeDG0)Adult (m)5,8524491
K2Wky(K2Wky)Adult (f)5,0647022
uOr5p(uOr5p)Adult (m)5,2327724
6pDFo(6pDFo)Adult (m)5,6126061
WNJNh(WNJNh)Adult (f)7,4431,0692
ctucL(ctucL)Adult (f)6,4886231
rh1Xs(rh1Xs)Adult (f)5,4224932
zGtkD(zGtkD)Adult (f)6,5596260
wLfQy(wLfQy)Adult (m)6,6266561
ZC5UcToys Olive1420 for the HollyAdult (m)6,6706140
CGt6K(CGt6K)Adult (m)6,9626471
KGzdc(KGzdc)Adult (m)6,0297752
ZqNil(ZqNil)Adult (f)7,0791,0731
TQ0K3(TQ0K3)Adult (f)3,8874362
HJL4f(HJL4f)Adult (f)4,5304404
GqBVK(GqBVK)Adult (m)6,1339980
5gA9m(5gA9m)Adult (f)3,4342631
1vJ13(1vJ13)Adult (f)3,5082690
hZiEc(hZiEc)Adult (f)6,4719411
6GT8JToys Olive1430 for the HollyAdult (f)6,4419381
NacGK(NacGK)Adult (m)6,1678530
sgd2R(sgd2R)Adult (m)6,3348580
Ejenj(Ejenj)Adult (m)6,1388631
gxSBj(gxSBj)Adult (f)6,5218702
Z1qT5(Z1qT5)Adult (f)6,5449320
ClOKT(ClOKT)Adult (m)6,4059451
Ya326(Ya326)Adult (f)6,2989621
CAEmW(CAEmW)Adult (f)6,6069241
8Fpf2(8Fpf2)Adult (f)6,5329250
k6nxBToys Olive1440 for the HollyAdult (f)7,2581,1501
lN3tA(lN3tA)Adult (m)7,3649741
wTpiW(wTpiW)Adult (f)5,4518261
VJcwm(VJcwm)Adult (f)7,9291,1652
2No7O(2No7O)Adult (f)7,0841,0762
RQetR(RQetR)Adult (f)7,8031,1262
AkP8C(AkP8C)Adult (f)7,0811,1481
ic7r6(ic7r6)Adult (m)4,6373115
iwdwL(iwdwL)Adult (f)4,6023074
1iT0p(1iT0p)Adult (m)5,3366141
nbZhuToys Olive1450 for the HollyAdult (f)6,3397473
uCNR0(uCNR0)Adult (m)6,2297541
UcjYH(UcjYH)Adult (f)3,8166791
04zeH(04zeH)Adult (f)3,7164232
mtIUU(mtIUU)Adult (f)7,1645843
Xje3j(Xje3j)Adult (f)7,1845901
aFFHx(aFFHx)Adult (m)6,8465842
61ZXm(61ZXm)Adult (m)7,1265882
b3GnU(b3GnU)Adult (m)6,6565843
Bjedz(Bjedz)Adult (f)6,6815802
FZAE6Toys Olive1460 for the HollyAdult (f)6,7125892
2D4xv(2D4xv)Adult (f)6,8085811
iQzCk(iQzCk)Adult (f)6,8745820
6rrtk(6rrtk)Adult (m)6,7955912
1Zkoc(1Zkoc)Adult (m)6,8265821
zDoNX(zDoNX)Adult (f)6,8045920
YtvZZ(YtvZZ)Adult (m)6,7905890
TFSId(TFSId)Adult (f)6,8435870
NO5ua(NO5ua)Adult (f)6,8785821
owzdF(owzdF)Adult (m)6,8185840
Zwc8EToys Olive1470 for the HollyAdult (m)6,8345790
4IVTQ(4IVTQ)Adult (m)6,8355860
tj0Yn(tj0Yn)Adult (m)6,7675810
sAubF(sAubF)Adult (f)6,8285870
t7LGl(t7LGl)Adult (m)6,7675990
TS37Q(TS37Q)Adult (m)6,3279571
jqUEV(jqUEV)Adult (f)6,55372121
xepUm(xepUm)Adult (f)7,3166562
dP2h2(dP2h2)Adult (m)6,66271713
7B7HJ(7B7HJ)Adult (f)6,53471619
zRX8DToys Olive1480 for the HollyAdult (f)6,87670420
yT7Mb(yT7Mb)Adult (m)2,2174822
mSBcK(mSBcK)Adult (f)7,4815982
GzIiu(GzIiu)Adult (f)6,7576402
baEOZ(baEOZ)Adult (f)4,5424672
uJXHT(uJXHT)Adult (m)5,2775222
0Q1d8(0Q1d8)Adult (f)5,9728531
pOs5u(pOs5u)Adult (f)4,4267550
4bWmo(4bWmo)Adult (f)4,5237691
hbtwV(hbtwV)Adult (f)4,5017531
oSXlwToys Olive1490 for the HollyAdult (m)6,3429492
yCtTL(yCtTL)Adult (f)6,1949701
UkKFM(UkKFM)Adult (f)6,0449560
RFqoP(RFqoP)Adult (m)5,50574414
bPVkX(bPVkX)Adult (f)6,1069721
bY56w(bY56w)Adult (m)3,7155503
FEM4l(FEM4l)Adult (m)6,1329621
p8Twu(p8Twu)Adult (m)6,1379661
dU6Pi(dU6Pi)Adult (m)8,4001,1681
356Z0(356Z0)Adult (f)6,0354550
AbGv2Toys Olive1500 for the HollyAdult (f)5,7264570
yxcsn(yxcsn)Adult (f)6,1454580
tkOBP(tkOBP)Adult (f)7,9741,1052
fPjtE(fPjtE)Adult (m)6,2769503
cwpV0(cwpV0)Adult (f)6,0304602
VaWU1(VaWU1)Adult (m)6,2309916
4M9fs(4M9fs)Adult (f)6,0561,0035
wvRyE(wvRyE)Adult (f)4,6143572
W4NcO(W4NcO)Adult (m)4,6733442
K8dIX(K8dIX)Adult (f)4,6873462
0FODiToys Olive1510 for the HollyAdult (f)5,4397250
aOMy0(aOMy0)Adult (f)5,84772816
Ldt2W(Ldt2W)Adult (f)6,56270423
xm4zr(xm4zr)Adult (m)6,28270112
ZACUd(ZACUd)Adult (m)6,17270212
eaE32(eaE32)Adult (f)6,37070213
ZVZLa(ZVZLa)Adult (f)4,7077123
P0whS(P0whS)Adult (f)6,5027512
nwPFK(nwPFK)Adult (m)6,7608011
iwrqK(iwrqK)Adult (m)4,3047122
FFHQwToys Olive1520 for the HollyAdult (m)4,1657273
Jx79i(Jx79i)Adult (m)6,7608021
gaQ80(gaQ80)Adult (f)6,7108041
9qRA3(9qRA3)Adult (f)6,8187950
ipOlN(ipOlN)Adult (f)6,1711,1295
NHvGt(NHvGt)Adult (m)6,0481,0723
o1hhb(o1hhb)Adult (f)3,9802742
xYicX(xYicX)Adult (f)5,9631,0453
nyOtV(nyOtV)Adult (f)3,8262681
UFLpv(UFLpv)Adult (f)3,6944211
WGhKRToys Olive1530 for the HollyAdult (f)6,5817762
AdvqC(AdvqC)Adult (f)6,0878331
nosRS(nosRS)Adult (m)7,1798161
Dlwh3(Dlwh3)Adult (f)7,1938052
a7eNV(a7eNV)Adult (m)5,8977840
u15Us(u15Us)Adult (f)6,3687448
CeZeA(CeZeA)Adult (m)6,7217607
UPmmV(UPmmV)Adult (m)4,0553062
yg4HC(yg4HC)Adult (f)4,0943021
1d79m(1d79m)Adult (m)4,63170120
oXJJEToys Olive1540 for the HollyAdult (f)6,9921,1381
42bXG(42bXG)Adult (f)4,51170120
bBYar(bBYar)Adult (m)6,2071,0402
ylo5F(ylo5F)Adult (f)9,7391,3401
4OQpU(4OQpU)Adult (f)4,5303791
0p8fy(0p8fy)Adult (f)5,7628610
zamG5(zamG5)Adult (f)6,7877761
H7z7B(H7z7B)Adult (f)6,7728912
zXU3x(zXU3x)Adult (m)8,3509772
HtTNG(HtTNG)Adult (f)5,8969396
uHkx5Toys Olive1550 for the HollyAdult (m)6,4531,0001
1YlrP(1YlrP)Adult (m)5,9411,0352
QmmBY(QmmBY)Adult (m)6,0601,0451
dwl8O(dwl8O)Adult (m)5,0877343
39clC(39clC)Adult (m)7,3831,2154
fwW95(fwW95)Adult (f)7,4201,2282
iDK4h(iDK4h)Adult (f)6,6569431
2osPX(2osPX)Adult (m)5,3329580
u00sR(u00sR)Adult (f)6,0199531
kBHE9(kBHE9)Adult (m)5,3979321
2hAonToys Olive1560 for the HollyAdult (m)5,9089451
7Ngnb(7Ngnb)Adult (m)4,6997841
qYhZR(qYhZR)Adult (f)6,2271,0763
QsGX0(QsGX0)Adult (f)6,9367122
GZPdS(GZPdS)Adult (f)6,5361,2024
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