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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aN0zv(aN0zv)Adult (f)6,5116151
OE1Cz(OE1Cz)Adult (m)7,5471,18031
WtXMI(WtXMI)Adult (f)6,30072625
W48m9(W48m9)Adult (f)5,4948384
ELija(ELija)Adult (f)6,5057011
9xKoO(9xKoO)Adult (f)5,9586371
kmFlyToys Olive970 for the HollyAdult (m)5,8056182
5iLwF(5iLwF)Adult (m)5,8356232
TaOmH(TaOmH)Adult (m)6,5227240
6aRdK(6aRdK)Adult (m)6,7915881
K5B2m(K5B2m)Adult (f)6,8615850
jkKWt(jkKWt)Adult (f)6,8365830
HMGuR(HMGuR)Adult (f)6,8245851
QtErK(QtErK)Adult (m)7,7517352
sLAzW(sLAzW)Adult (f)5,80572125
CnSdk(CnSdk)Adult (f)8,4601,0203
HcmkVToys Olive980 for the HollyAdult (f)8,4391,0582
bnCqz(bnCqz)Adult (m)6,0719606
Tc7Vf(Tc7Vf)Adult (f)6,4695281
RFaBp(RFaBp)Adult (f)6,8875881
UnVWl(UnVWl)Adult (f)6,9745800
napcU(napcU)Adult (m)6,9645850
VaUJi(VaUJi)Adult (m)6,9525901
k6fZC(k6fZC)Adult (m)6,1449686
KMmj3(KMmj3)Adult (f)7,3556081
RRbnF(RRbnF)Adult (f)7,4616282
GjHAtToys Olive990 for the HollyAdult (f)5,4659282
KNwWC(KNwWC)Adult (f)6,6727912
4sG2b(4sG2b)Adult (m)4,6024722
ce3nr(ce3nr)Adult (m)5,6944805
6hNn0(6hNn0)Adult (f)4,6714791
LRQd2(LRQd2)Adult (m)8,5661,0012
PLRlB(PLRlB)Adult (m)7,5637140
jIDYf(jIDYf)Adult (m)7,5407130
pesYI(pesYI)Adult (f)7,6007121
9ROuH(9ROuH)Adult (m)7,4047130
sMKLIToys Olive1000 for the HollyAdult (f)7,6985442
U9Oso(U9Oso)Adult (m)7,7025461
BPEWU(BPEWU)Adult (m)6,4987502
xmbko(xmbko)Adult (m)6,8507401
L1PN6(L1PN6)Adult (m)6,7827352
aaJo7(aaJo7)Adult (f)5,73771222
5BihS(5BihS)Adult (f)5,57271119
qNLVC(qNLVC)Adult (m)6,16572419
HJesE(HJesE)Adult (m)5,9376162
OHeHW(OHeHW)Adult (f)6,0006071
epTYdToys Olive1010 for the HollyAdult (f)5,6427751
ygAQd(ygAQd)Adult (m)5,6397750
fzUnG(fzUnG)Adult (m)7,9681,1644
36ptY(36ptY)Adult (f)6,13971817
n0dim(n0dim)Adult (f)2,3633441
FPZD7(FPZD7)Adult (f)3,5773491
MDOgi(MDOgi)Adult (f)2,6603591
gDUSN(gDUSN)Adult (f)6,6809722
XmvCM(XmvCM)Adult (f)8,1541,1802
dcjmx(dcjmx)Adult (m)6,5899803
6AsMlToys Olive1020 for the HollyAdult (f)8,2191,2112
Dh55X(Dh55X)Adult (m)8,1831,1751
Ldecx(Ldecx)Adult (f)5,7638300
YcrzQ(YcrzQ)Adult (f)7,0949682
4SGXK(4SGXK)Adult (m)5,7228353
FqKcA(FqKcA)Adult (m)6,0158010
kswpP(kswpP)Adult (m)5,8108310
bHeJN(bHeJN)Adult (f)5,8958130
3SiPJ(3SiPJ)Adult (f)6,0688182
RqOob(RqOob)Adult (f)7,6787913
vB0GQToys Olive1030 for the HollyAdult (f)7,5658423
PxU53(PxU53)Adult (f)6,5768090
FqqYO(FqqYO)Adult (m)6,6678000
PoZf9(PoZf9)Adult (m)6,4648130
KH2Bo(KH2Bo)Adult (f)5,8969561
7sk1y(7sk1y)Adult (f)6,3188521
qFE8M(qFE8M)Adult (f)5,8988723
K0kuO(K0kuO)Adult (f)7,1755443
av5Yy(av5Yy)Adult (m)7,0657553
o7UpU(o7UpU)Adult (f)6,5018071
jRVnDToys Olive1040 for the HollyAdult (m)6,9908921
0eW8N(0eW8N)Adult (m)7,0137232
MMqgl(MMqgl)Adult (m)6,7337541
CD7Pm(CD7Pm)Adult (m)6,6817411
WNEVP(WNEVP)Adult (f)7,1105162
nOOQf(nOOQf)Adult (m)6,8849033
nZIAi(nZIAi)Adult (f)7,6866351
lhs1y(lhs1y)Adult (f)2,5255791
6hfxo(6hfxo)Adult (m)2,4595441
6bkNm(6bkNm)Adult (m)4,9438093
6GY6eToys Olive1050 for the HollyAdult (m)7,4486271
1lal6(1lal6)Adult (f)7,3106010
BLbun(BLbun)Adult (f)6,8797052
Fr9MD(Fr9MD)Adult (m)8,6541,0911
q7drt(q7drt)Adult (f)9,0251,0981
3sYs7(3sYs7)Adult (m)8,7931,0783
9EDUl(9EDUl)Adult (m)5,40870419
EnvIY(EnvIY)Adult (m)5,9587715
D6VfR(D6VfR)Adult (m)5,6017463
fLWTJ(fLWTJ)Adult (m)6,0467434
8QXqvToys Olive1060 for the HollyAdult (m)6,7224503
xFwDt(xFwDt)Adult (m)6,5826492
pVxxm(pVxxm)Adult (f)7,0008712
QpstB(QpstB)Adult (f)6,8088802
ePEkj(ePEkj)Adult (f)6,83372213
IwEM1(IwEM1)Adult (m)6,68972425
37DDr(37DDr)Adult (f)5,8027052
4iUcs(4iUcs)Adult (f)5,7317071
RqVPz(RqVPz)Adult (f)4,40070712
aXCVF(aXCVF)Adult (m)6,80972612
Cbp3QToys Olive1070 for the HollyAdult (f)4,28770522
PIVYF(PIVYF)Adult (f)4,7697474
4rRGj(4rRGj)Adult (m)5,6487160
nK8WY(nK8WY)Adult (m)7,3038394
CRPEt(CRPEt)Adult (m)2,7005241
gPJmm(gPJmm)Adult (f)3,0555571
39Bp0(39Bp0)Adult (f)3,5416822
zdAdj(zdAdj)Adult (m)6,4676601
WVw5C(WVw5C)Adult (m)3,6734503
6sCn4(6sCn4)Adult (f)3,7724653
rPutWToys Olive1080 for the HollyAdult (m)3,4854242
x9OMW(x9OMW)Adult (m)3,0484323
6h6u2(6h6u2)Adult (f)3,3664571
tA0lE(tA0lE)Adult (m)3,4273685
Q7SZp(Q7SZp)Adult (m)4,30670311
9Ah2i(9Ah2i)Adult (m)3,8793421
j8N4Q(j8N4Q)Adult (f)3,4323311
rKQXK(rKQXK)Adult (f)5,0103521
jIRpU(jIRpU)Adult (m)3,2193530
9xBrt(9xBrt)Adult (f)3,2666581
gm9gBToys Olive1090 for the HollyAdult (f)3,2826351
qpiUU(qpiUU)Adult (f)3,2596582
eGPht(eGPht)Adult (m)6,0506841
RyhRa(RyhRa)Adult (f)6,1066803
TRgoF(TRgoF)Adult (f)7,5851,0664
nUCYF(nUCYF)Adult (f)5,5917662
QMcR6(QMcR6)Adult (f)5,6057591
lpGdR(lpGdR)Adult (m)5,1314482
mRrLG(mRrLG)Adult (m)6,1494224
cO68z(cO68z)Adult (f)6,1974183
XT35jToys Olive1100 for the HollyAdult (f)6,6187262
guvHz(guvHz)Adult (f)6,4897351
094xQ(094xQ)Adult (f)6,5737371
9303k(9303k)Adult (m)3,1016030
nLHzO(nLHzO)Adult (m)3,8834262
NMgPV(NMgPV)Adult (m)3,9705362
8eCCI(8eCCI)Adult (m)3,9805411
Oz9vk(Oz9vk)Adult (m)3,9955432
RFZ3I(RFZ3I)Adult (m)6,9269784
vPpcd(vPpcd)Adult (m)7,2749772
6pR6DToys Olive1110 for the HollyAdult (m)6,5876381
0KEbD(0KEbD)Adult (f)6,9118150
EiRe8(EiRe8)Adult (m)5,6767490
79hIo(79hIo)Adult (f)5,0607571
mVqj4(mVqj4)Adult (f)5,7367381
HxhCJ(HxhCJ)Adult (f)5,7537231
yFTWE(yFTWE)Adult (m)5,3575942
u2G8s(u2G8s)Adult (f)5,2977546
QnTW7(QnTW7)Adult (m)5,5656661
hvHeo(hvHeo)Adult (f)5,7366460
36UaKToys Olive1120 for the HollyAdult (f)5,4266570
AiG7O(AiG7O)Adult (m)5,5106461
CvgMA(CvgMA)Adult (m)8,4019323
riMEO(riMEO)Adult (f)5,7778080
n7YKC(n7YKC)Adult (m)6,2306910
xOAJS(xOAJS)Adult (m)5,0818161
fMJeM(fMJeM)Adult (f)5,8177502
rpzjJ(rpzjJ)Adult (m)4,54768814
a7JOR(a7JOR)Adult (m)4,48165611
NhIEU(NhIEU)Adult (m)4,63462220
8YE6nToys Olive1130 for the HollyAdult (f)5,9947700
PGwtA(PGwtA)Adult (m)5,7977660
p80TZ(p80TZ)Adult (f)3,9817470
NVbKP(NVbKP)Adult (f)6,8995003
0LXvL(0LXvL)Adult (f)3,0176113
ZsDJu(ZsDJu)Adult (m)6,4246701
DwaSp(DwaSp)Adult (f)6,3706931
j4Q1R(j4Q1R)Adult (m)5,6628431
HvPTJ(HvPTJ)Adult (m)5,6658392
8JPxS(8JPxS)Adult (m)2,8653606
B4d4BToys Olive1140 for the HollyAdult (m)3,1214032
EZac6(EZac6)Adult (f)2,9106064
NOeKB(NOeKB)Adult (f)7,6631,0463
UawLw(UawLw)Adult (f)6,6916284
KC4FS(KC4FS)Adult (m)6,4234381
gxp10(gxp10)Adult (f)6,4564444
jotUQ(jotUQ)Adult (f)6,4154382
ZzhGw(ZzhGw)Adult (f)3,3003585
fh23a(fh23a)Adult (f)4,4014816
Mvb1Z(Mvb1Z)Adult (f)6,6915111
g3D9iToys Olive1150 for the HollyAdult (f)6,4845091
BIfV6(BIfV6)Adult (m)4,7437923
Gvqlz(Gvqlz)Adult (f)5,95662212
rxuXj(rxuXj)Adult (f)6,4674432
F7lbR(F7lbR)Adult (m)5,5689136
zj4vX(zj4vX)Adult (m)8,8139786
196iW(196iW)Adult (m)6,0967217
XWHXx(XWHXx)Adult (f)6,02491222
5beQj(5beQj)Adult (m)6,12390719
XkLcp(XkLcp)Adult (f)5,3446151
nwfrwToys Olive1160 for the HollyAdult (m)4,9996271
ZxkTA(ZxkTA)Adult (m)4,9846061
6OxuR(6OxuR)Adult (f)4,9935992
o6pJx(o6pJx)Adult (m)5,1186142
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