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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Uee1O(Uee1O)Adult (f)5,7167380
G8j8d(G8j8d)Adult (m)6,9311,1202
L3QLc(L3QLc)Adult (f)5,1577231
4TERT(4TERT)Adult (m)6,3727172
HqImXToys Olive620 for the HollyAdult (m)6,7818813
fN3Cm(fN3Cm)Adult (f)6,9368693
cv7f9(cv7f9)Adult (m)7,3294923
hUwSi(hUwSi)Adult (m)7,4315052
71doW(71doW)Adult (f)4,4274636
KacYy(KacYy)Adult (m)4,4407361
V7Zlm(V7Zlm)Adult (f)7,2304822
1zoqU(1zoqU)Adult (m)5,3546311
2laZM(2laZM)Adult (m)7,0226912
lVYp0(lVYp0)Adult (f)7,7426713
qspX3Toys Olive630 for the HollyAdult (m)7,1491,0645
6pCQ5(6pCQ5)Adult (m)7,1776322
4p09U(4p09U)Adult (f)7,7215281
WCsEa(WCsEa)Adult (f)6,3431,0302
2ouGt(2ouGt)Adult (f)7,3961,1331
XXEf9(XXEf9)Adult (m)7,6031,1520
DyAnq(DyAnq)Adult (f)5,6657741
Cwubv(Cwubv)Adult (m)8,1925581
yhKTM(yhKTM)Adult (m)8,3005561
x3cdu(x3cdu)Adult (m)8,2865600
d7py6Toys Olive640 for the HollyAdult (f)6,4871,0782
FkcV6(FkcV6)Adult (m)6,4049651
dEVdd(dEVdd)Adult (f)6,8004703
3MVRw(3MVRw)Adult (m)7,7376881
zOkZJ(zOkZJ)Adult (f)7,1634914
m3gsT(m3gsT)Adult (m)5,8939184
OwfIe(OwfIe)Adult (m)7,3074946
Jy3Wx(Jy3Wx)Adult (m)7,1414894
jN3Gj(jN3Gj)Adult (f)6,5979971
y108f(y108f)Adult (f)6,5271,0041
ohI27Toys Olive650 for the HollyAdult (m)7,4978220
5bwBv(5bwBv)Adult (f)7,1339374
3bsc6(3bsc6)Adult (f)6,2244201
rpypY(rpypY)Adult (f)6,6904531
pZCir(pZCir)Adult (m)6,5624484
Ragbg(Ragbg)Adult (f)6,4694481
Wd66N(Wd66N)Adult (m)6,2814311
0JXUj(0JXUj)Adult (m)2,7592822
JoJO4(JoJO4)Adult (f)7,8225241
hqHcv(hqHcv)Adult (m)6,2461,0161
6aEEFToys Olive660 for the HollyAdult (m)7,4448842
KohIb(KohIb)Adult (f)4,6738392
De1EI(De1EI)Adult (m)4,9848075
koocM(koocM)Adult (m)4,1296931
fbbmo(fbbmo)Adult (f)6,9276122
NXReR(NXReR)Adult (f)7,5156422
dB3jz(dB3jz)Adult (m)4,5248602
tlsft(tlsft)Adult (m)4,6438422
JQDml(JQDml)Adult (m)5,4149773
fIFzr(fIFzr)Adult (f)7,2745873
NNP3hToys Olive670 for the HollyAdult (f)8,2681,1064
AXm05(AXm05)Adult (f)5,3149463
sgprF(sgprF)Adult (m)7,4506041
jfSS0(jfSS0)Adult (m)7,5546300
LPOjE(LPOjE)Adult (m)7,1524781
EEsma(EEsma)Adult (f)8,5601,1484
8pO5K(8pO5K)Adult (m)7,1054782
OrdGp(OrdGp)Adult (f)6,9404802
RZqfp(RZqfp)Adult (f)3,2904100
T2Wxp(T2Wxp)Adult (f)3,1914082
JVYiyToys Olive680 for the HollyAdult (f)6,0195142
4zPmD(4zPmD)Adult (m)7,8116431
RZcjx(RZcjx)Adult (f)7,0941,3273
ONE17(ONE17)Adult (m)7,1741,3222
gkfB5(gkfB5)Adult (m)8,5161,1292
ecID9(ecID9)Adult (m)5,4588421
qduvR(qduvR)Adult (m)6,0388372
HvcFg(HvcFg)Adult (m)7,1158412
icEbx(icEbx)Adult (m)7,3848294
23P2k(23P2k)Adult (m)7,1308573
iiIwqToys Olive690 for the HollyAdult (m)6,6601,2883
MUCkL(MUCkL)Adult (f)5,9255851
lB1IM(lB1IM)Adult (m)3,0734066
GLciU(GLciU)Adult (f)4,7977552
fhEuT(fhEuT)Adult (m)4,7337701
PlAm1(PlAm1)Adult (f)4,5257741
7s0Ao(7s0Ao)Adult (m)4,7547821
awcal(awcal)Adult (f)4,7297841
PhXSi(PhXSi)Adult (f)4,7727491
Hadwf(Hadwf)Adult (m)4,9447521
ex264Toys Olive700 for the HollyAdult (m)4,7317451
PwjjQ(PwjjQ)Adult (m)4,8507471
dtVhP(dtVhP)Adult (m)4,9527480
9P2NL(9P2NL)Adult (m)4,8497540
r2gsa(r2gsa)Adult (m)4,8797540
FEEFt(FEEFt)Adult (m)4,6017470
hMHku(hMHku)Adult (f)4,9297570
yNLMF(yNLMF)Adult (f)4,5937450
Hapdg(Hapdg)Adult (f)4,9577601
jzIGP(jzIGP)Adult (m)5,1977531
1g7vaToys Olive710 for the HollyAdult (m)5,0377550
kiYGV(kiYGV)Adult (m)3,7176174
MEsab(MEsab)Adult (f)3,5525944
v0gMK(v0gMK)Adult (m)3,7655931
SZCSG(SZCSG)Adult (m)6,5811,0802
zjnLe(zjnLe)Adult (m)6,7421,0724
AM7XH(AM7XH)Adult (m)3,7507943
Kmg6N(Kmg6N)Adult (m)3,9747673
qWsHS(qWsHS)Adult (f)4,3685061
ZK4N9(ZK4N9)Adult (m)4,3918443
mUZqqToys Olive720 for the HollyAdult (f)3,5809915
DcnU2(DcnU2)Adult (m)3,6799333
ajL1w(ajL1w)Adult (m)3,6887353
zvBdg(zvBdg)Adult (f)3,7517252
gelKQ(gelKQ)Adult (f)4,8355302
3DGyQ(3DGyQ)Adult (f)4,9245211
ZZf9h(ZZf9h)Adult (m)4,3895142
RJdoj(RJdoj)Adult (m)4,4265251
RmHOa(RmHOa)Adult (m)4,8515110
z2D4Q(z2D4Q)Adult (m)4,9865141
xscvcToys Olive730 for the HollyAdult (m)4,8045081
SmGEv(SmGEv)Adult (m)3,9358502
XbbSE(XbbSE)Adult (f)4,7374960
8nyNb(8nyNb)Adult (f)4,3935212
qYZ1J(qYZ1J)Adult (f)4,2755202
KKQ3n(KKQ3n)Adult (f)4,6965180
bHbx5(bHbx5)Adult (f)3,9948672
sBKDs(sBKDs)Adult (f)4,4545261
evzRx(evzRx)Adult (f)4,5625261
AzLTB(AzLTB)Adult (m)4,5115152
1098I(1098I)Adult (f)3,8928581
iGvp8Toys Olive740 for the HollyAdult (m)4,8775240
AcVFF(AcVFF)Adult (m)4,2147994
VmHBA(VmHBA)Adult (m)4,4665170
AdL8j(AdL8j)Adult (m)5,4847704
19FlC(19FlC)Adult (f)5,0187741
unUuz(unUuz)Adult (m)4,7267710
cmzoi(cmzoi)Adult (f)3,8838043
jCjwn(jCjwn)Adult (f)4,5097631
LSfVR(LSfVR)Adult (m)4,0508634
IZOwEToys Olive750 for the HollyAdult (f)3,9868752
7fcjP(7fcjP)Adult (f)8,5011,0935
H9ZWO(H9ZWO)Adult (f)8,3821,0970
L1tpo(L1tpo)Adult (f)9,1111,2154
D9NcK(D9NcK)Adult (m)8,3951,1023
kbEyO(kbEyO)Adult (f)9,4161,2342
0ZVSt(0ZVSt)Adult (f)9,2081,1792
SyAH2(SyAH2)Adult (m)5,0975611
niZMy(niZMy)Adult (f)4,7756693
QmqBz(QmqBz)Adult (m)6,1294903
2xyaPToys Olive760 for the HollyAdult (f)6,2755121
evztm(evztm)Adult (f)6,4274921
RTacS(RTacS)Adult (f)5,2696773
0VJ7A(0VJ7A)Adult (f)6,7651,2423
yiiut(yiiut)Adult (f)6,8214651
XFgHt(XFgHt)Adult (f)4,8248671
YEZWG(YEZWG)Adult (f)4,8218642
OvfeT(OvfeT)Adult (f)4,9208662
4ztSL(4ztSL)Adult (f)5,0118602
RL53h(RL53h)Adult (m)5,0788410
ruRslToys Olive770 for the HollyAdult (f)6,6201,2063
lHsvW(lHsvW)Adult (f)4,6397831
mndZP(mndZP)Adult (f)4,3007163
MCY1b(MCY1b)Adult (f)4,3447022
RpB6w(RpB6w)Adult (m)4,2197113
VfqZL(VfqZL)Adult (m)4,1747243
uDrIq(uDrIq)Adult (m)5,8521,1144
VFiE5(VFiE5)Adult (m)5,7891,0982
QM6Sb(QM6Sb)Adult (f)4,2607152
3UjrB(3UjrB)Adult (m)5,4989644
kt2v4Toys Olive780 for the HollyAdult (m)5,6649681
xOVhJ(xOVhJ)Adult (m)4,6589780
R8bFd(R8bFd)Adult (m)4,5338373
1m0vm(1m0vm)Adult (m)5,3386101
98SPJ(98SPJ)Adult (m)5,1876421
7nrdm(7nrdm)Adult (f)6,8961,2473
qGCI9(qGCI9)Adult (f)5,3119291
qwQkO(qwQkO)Adult (m)4,4559651
jOd5M(jOd5M)Adult (f)4,3219010
TU7dN(TU7dN)Adult (m)6,0298923
TnRoXToys Olive790 for the HollyAdult (f)6,0426002
Ya3J7(Ya3J7)Adult (m)5,9135972
lKOgJ(lKOgJ)Adult (f)5,9295951
g7xCB(g7xCB)Adult (m)5,7865980
XUf6D(XUf6D)Adult (m)5,8285970
gxLF6(gxLF6)Adult (m)5,8256010
OVD9x(OVD9x)Adult (f)4,9998331
h5QOa(h5QOa)Adult (m)5,6625952
z9Z2h(z9Z2h)Adult (f)5,4016091
ZAuv9(ZAuv9)Adult (f)4,9218141
bKuzDToys Olive800 for the HollyAdult (f)5,4476171
lRI8l(lRI8l)Adult (f)6,1936371
irQvx(irQvx)Adult (f)5,2228291
l6zYN(l6zYN)Adult (f)4,9028892
5cMFc(5cMFc)Adult (m)5,4666481
KOil3(KOil3)Adult (m)5,1806490
yVzdq(yVzdq)Adult (m)5,1276491
4vExc(4vExc)Adult (f)5,0338361
FWaPV(FWaPV)Adult (m)5,3736550
j0urp(j0urp)Adult (f)5,1826512
2ytYWToys Olive810 for the HollyAdult (f)4,9467811
mfuyD(mfuyD)Adult (f)5,2616532
l3YCS(l3YCS)Adult (f)5,2977481
c4zos(c4zos)Adult (f)5,5906570
rAIZ6(rAIZ6)Adult (m)4,7468122
hqA6d(hqA6d)Adult (m)3,3457212
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