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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
32iIo(32iIo)Adult (f)3,1888550
W5kxH(W5kxH)Adult (m)2,3641,1902
H2ErV(H2ErV)Adult (f)2,3671,1880
rcKIB(rcKIB)Adult (f)1,5764721
8BwNv(8BwNv)Adult (m)3,1158871
zfw3Q(zfw3Q)Adult (m)5,0871,19512
zH0Le(zH0Le)Adult (f)3,3877411
JsENj(JsENj)Adult (m)3,7248762
O5G3b(O5G3b)Adult (f)3,5568530
P28MO(P28MO)Adult (m)5,2776333
sBeGV(sBeGV)Adult (f)3,5565211
DtY50(DtY50)Adult (m)3,4248203
A9Gr8(A9Gr8)Adult (f)3,5099073
W0zIg(W0zIg)Adult (f)3,9348731
e3GCn(e3GCn)Adult (f)2,2836333
ZwdTm(ZwdTm)Adult (m)2,5296701
1tLm9(1tLm9)Adult (m)2,9654520
K6tFT(K6tFT)Adult (f)1,5504321
ctcQ5(ctcQ5)Adult (m)1,7825151
fkeXw(fkeXw)Adult (m)4,2675701
OXNxr(OXNxr)Adult (f)3,8915740
iPyry(iPyry)Adult (f)4,5345971
PbG99(PbG99)Adult (m)2,5063851
T6uQp(T6uQp)Adult (m)1,6035070
R5fsd(R5fsd)Adult (m)2,4771,0161
mnagt(mnagt)Adult (f)2,5681,0330
tZa4O(tZa4O)Adult (m)3,2409960
BQPo6(BQPo6)Adult (m)3,1331,0081
6WxGI(6WxGI)Adult (f)4,8326611
IOCBx(IOCBx)Adult (f)4,7796471
aOc92(aOc92)Adult (m)4,7356551
OCnx0(OCnx0)Adult (f)3,5608981
uULZe(uULZe)Adult (m)4,7157221
X5msT(X5msT)Adult (f)4,6526872
Oa69p(Oa69p)Adult (f)3,1424563
nwZJg(nwZJg)Adult (m)3,2207151
EHgVW(EHgVW)Adult (f)3,4798622
Uc9KB(Uc9KB)Adult (f)3,4818620
Csn9Toys Blue Water BabyAdult (f)1,97135721
fKKcToys Blue Water BoyAdult (m)2,50830310
lIrKToys Blue Water CharlieAdult (m)4,08948022
1oiNToys Blue Water AngelAdult (f)2,9042548
K3FLToys Blue Water DivaAdult (f)2,66231412
EGgmToys Blue Water EvieAdult (f)2,69430416
sDURToys Blue Water FarrahAdult (f)2,65425614
Bh6vToys Blue Water GeorgieAdult (m)2,50922212
aciqToys Blue Water HarryAdult (m)3,49130110
l7eRToys Blue Water InvictusAdult (m)3,09828313
lnijl(lnijl)Adult (f)3,8913222
cPelx(cPelx)Adult (m)4,0181,0095
oSOyV(oSOyV)Adult (f)6,0131,1802
E0DBB(E0DBB)Adult (f)5,1878081
M4X4C(M4X4C)Adult (m)7,7061,1365
XTUpJ(XTUpJ)Adult (f)3,2877421
wylbe(wylbe)Adult (m)3,3027421
1lA7v(1lA7v)Adult (m)3,2957461
3k3Lr(3k3Lr)Adult (f)3,2727491
yByjn(yByjn)Adult (f)3,3587721
x9gzE(x9gzE)Adult (f)5,3925361
8ZLgu(8ZLgu)Adult (f)4,5008901
0UmI0(0UmI0)Adult (m)4,7139051
stZ6l(stZ6l)Adult (m)6,8361,1500
EUxTo(EUxTo)Adult (m)4,2226051
cOLpToys Plain PeterAdult (m)3,2222766
VY8CToys Plain JaneAdult (f)3,8433748
qssHToys Plain LabelAdult (f)2,9832008
ukUYToys Plain PackagingAdult (f)4,8786462
gdtcn(gdtcn)Adult (m)2,5997683
Ywj9Q(Ywj9Q)Adult (f)6,4515322
Jc6Z8(Jc6Z8)Adult (m)7,1104741
k7aeS(k7aeS)Adult (f)7,1524770
gdMoe(gdMoe)Adult (f)7,1024740
k8b6d(k8b6d)Adult (m)7,9045280
WUYEU(WUYEU)Adult (f)6,7664521
RBMQP(RBMQP)Adult (m)6,5864400
TWqbT(TWqbT)Adult (f)7,5455030
khJcQ(khJcQ)Adult (m)7,1264761
69F6F(69F6F)Adult (f)3,0179312
571wWToys Brute ForceAdult (m)3,0839540
umhKX(umhKX)Adult (f)5,4889250
SkVKd(SkVKd)Adult (m)3,6859080
3to1r(3to1r)Adult (m)3,4117962
GD7MT(GD7MT)Adult (f)3,0838210
1bUpA(1bUpA)Adult (f)3,2097731
oM7bToys Wings of an EagleAdult (m)2,9312968
pMh3Toys Wind beneath my WingsAdult (m)3,1823247
ogiRToys Flyin HighAdult (m)4,77743514
uAPMToys High asa KiteAdult (m)7,3055827
g9UsToys Flyin High BabyAdult (f)2,1253978
pBNVToys Flyin High CamillaAdult (f)1,07158215
5BWUd(5BWUd)Adult (m)2,6957983
iSz39(iSz39)Adult (m)4,4925852
krHsk(krHsk)Adult (f)4,9166410
lp5sX(lp5sX)Adult (f)2,4621,0240
byFuL(byFuL)Adult (m)2,4831,0230
RqNbM(RqNbM)Adult (f)2,5351,0120
PI7pu(PI7pu)Adult (m)3,1979871
ad4y9(ad4y9)Adult (f)3,1947841
U2veL(U2veL)Adult (m)3,5557431
9aIkT(9aIkT)Adult (f)2,5841,0350
bKb24(bKb24)Adult (m)2,5831,0430
rDbce(rDbce)Adult (m)3,1959930
cC5RA(cC5RA)Adult (f)3,1539960
63f7OToys Heavenly BodyAdult (f)3,8997982
B4DGw(B4DGw)Adult (m)3,8927981
phefzToys Stars in my EyesAdult (f)3,9678071
Eozgy(Eozgy)Adult (m)4,9737341
lP1YlToys Stary Stary NightAdult (f)5,1657002
SKfU2(SKfU2)Adult (f)4,3247242
NdVsKToys Lite up the SkyAdult (f)3,6727755
3glXq(3glXq)Adult (f)5,2215882
O6MCD(O6MCD)Adult (m)5,2036032
9eaTa(9eaTa)Adult (m)3,9047083
1QyYs(1QyYs)Adult (m)4,2237153
Bh87D(Bh87D)Adult (m)5,1229181
Uugqs(Uugqs)Adult (m)5,8545501
e7k5E(e7k5E)Adult (m)6,3836604
03wUH(03wUH)Adult (m)6,5396452
3fy8q(3fy8q)Adult (m)3,2347591
GB9fToys Swiss CheeseAdult2,98927016
ioXZToys Tasty CheeseAdult3,19429521
oJIjToys My Little ChickadeeAdult (f)4,1045522
hQYmx(hQYmx)Adult (f)1,1323141
srjGG(srjGG)Adult (f)5,6167510
jBRIN(jBRIN)Adult (f)4,0528142
bwoTm(bwoTm)Adult (f)6,0096961
NKpZTToys a Very Merry XmasAdult (m)2,8711,0465
m6lPs(m6lPs)Adult (f)3,9721,0063
GiGDd(GiGDd)Adult (f)4,1109462
9CBIEToys Xmas CarmaAdult (m)4,1269835
z1BJX(z1BJX)Adult (f)4,7309233
WEpAM(WEpAM)Adult (f)3,2148329
t41rz(t41rz)Adult (m)3,4978686
YhYoaToys Jolly Miss HollyAdult (f)3,14986213
P6DNs(P6DNs)Adult (m)2,7788090
QkReD(QkReD)Adult (m)2,5017994
a9760(a9760)Adult (m)3,7657392
F56vO(F56vO)Adult (m)3,0916771
8fUoR(8fUoR)Adult (m)3,0546801
Zo7kLToys My Holly ManAdult (m)4,1339843
zxFt0Toys Oh Holly ManAdult (m)4,1101,0255
Imnbg(Imnbg)Adult (f)2,9326078
sUE88(sUE88)Adult (f)5,4401,06710
QvE7I(QvE7I)Adult (f)4,1719314
xZpNq(xZpNq)Adult (m)3,8528874
yhDDl(yhDDl)Adult (f)3,2429143
DD0GC(DD0GC)Adult (f)3,2659690
MLnFToys Tis the SeasonAdult (m)5,0666525
NifqToys To be JollyAdult (m)5,0836545
6DkOY(6DkOY)Adult (m)3,8291,0301
bf7Ck(bf7Ck)Adult (m)4,5559472
Oo5M1(Oo5M1)Adult (m)3,2068780
ZdJIB(ZdJIB)Adult (m)2,4858002
1KUj8(1KUj8)Adult (m)5,2441,0512
bXf1Z(bXf1Z)Adult (m)5,2291,0503
XEQfB(XEQfB)Adult (m)6,2651,2633
Keigy(Keigy)Adult (m)6,9691,3921
ZUOjN(ZUOjN)Adult (m)3,1008404
MZ8ul(MZ8ul)Adult (m)2,7377521
EHzD1(EHzD1)Adult (m)2,8947542
1Phjp(1Phjp)Adult (m)2,8286821
97hWToys Christmas EveAdult (f)3,00823616
m0XPToys Christmas CheerAdult (f)3,37629816
KBQaw(KBQaw)Adult (f)3,3611,0828
RtS4U(RtS4U)Adult (f)2,7897611
daJjToys Mary XmasAdult (f)3,5745843
3tGOToys Happy New YearAdult (f)3,5775831
OBXWr(OBXWr)Adult (f)3,5341,0842
pfSdrToys Santas Little HelperAdult (m)3,4325762
lXl3PToys Xmas CrackerAdult (m)3,1035732
Sp99T(Sp99T)Adult (m)4,9908653
vW7gC(vW7gC)Adult (m)4,7568991
8419TToys All Wrapped UpAdult (m)2,9128341
fTe1QToys Wrap Me UpAdult (m)3,0618440
qzRO9(qzRO9)Adult (m)3,6458851
Oiyea(Oiyea)Adult (m)3,4298971
9Exdn(9Exdn)Adult (m)3,9307910
4IilHToys a Ghost of Xmas PastAdult (f)2,9849570
98pfnToys a Winter SolsticeAdult (f)3,0229650
LSjwK(LSjwK)Adult (f)4,4038664
meLNg(meLNg)Adult (f)3,1888810
wL0CV(wL0CV)Adult (f)2,9535823
1kDEhToys Under the MistletoeAdult (f)3,2298820
xQosC(xQosC)Adult (f)3,2178890
ERAMX(ERAMX)Adult (m)3,6678867
jcc9H(jcc9H)Adult (m)3,1768852
fP3LR(fP3LR)Adult (m)2,8008323
k0lXk(k0lXk)Adult (m)3,2137962
Znhpp(Znhpp)Adult (m)3,1056771
1vKsp(1vKsp)Adult (f)3,9077960
kZ6df(kZ6df)Adult (m)3,1118271
OwXUE(OwXUE)Adult (m)3,3838361
LsU73(LsU73)Adult (m)4,0317273
KsLGl(KsLGl)Adult (m)3,0746741
sXxTY(sXxTY)Adult (m)3,0866751
9nQWl(9nQWl)Adult (m)3,1706071
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