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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kn7nr(kn7nr)Adult (m)6,1889933
ju80B(ju80B)Adult (m)6,4235595
lGVGf(lGVGf)Adult (f)3,3724972
ZEIpN(ZEIpN)Adult (m)4,4925112
G0XJq(G0XJq)Adult (m)4,4855101
q7vz2(q7vz2)Adult (m)4,4915090
72AnD(72AnD)Adult (f)4,4975061
YTtyr(YTtyr)Adult (f)6,6215440
60F1UToys Olive420 for the HollyAdult (m)5,0986572
5TAR2(5TAR2)Adult (f)4,3863623
qODWc(qODWc)Adult (m)6,0054374
uK2vQ(uK2vQ)Adult (f)5,8319583
Whp90(Whp90)Adult (f)5,8609683
Ur4H6(Ur4H6)Adult (f)7,4631,1422
tX4qX(tX4qX)Adult (f)6,1794970
wwgL5(wwgL5)Adult (m)7,1724851
QQ81h(QQ81h)Adult (f)7,3681,1332
rr8Yo(rr8Yo)Adult (f)6,2724391
vJfABToys Olive430 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1739321
8sLQY(8sLQY)Adult (m)5,9989361
kppOB(kppOB)Adult (m)6,0729411
PnTPm(PnTPm)Adult (f)6,9251,1613
b0FRj(b0FRj)Adult (f)6,9841,1590
RMlcv(RMlcv)Adult (f)7,0231,1732
e3Vpz(e3Vpz)Adult (m)5,6534716
wkFQN(wkFQN)Adult (m)5,1085837
Jbq6L(Jbq6L)Adult (f)6,9421,1261
SIctI(SIctI)Adult (f)3,6113644
jklj0Toys Olive440 for the HollyAdult (f)6,1264840
B1mJt(B1mJt)Adult (m)5,6595282
Bv64e(Bv64e)Adult (f)3,6033692
NlNBc(NlNBc)Adult (f)7,9819853
WOIUK(WOIUK)Adult (m)3,9833633
77jSQ(77jSQ)Adult (m)3,6013712
vQNUH(vQNUH)Adult (f)3,6124123
SuFkC(SuFkC)Adult (m)3,2943653
Slyae(Slyae)Adult (f)8,5039894
US0Du(US0Du)Adult (m)4,5994546
9oSeWToys Olive450 for the HollyAdult (f)3,0296181
aD5Jf(aD5Jf)Adult (m)4,8146503
CjPsc(CjPsc)Adult (f)4,9986671
CcBAn(CcBAn)Adult (f)5,3147871
ykChB(ykChB)Adult (f)5,3387771
fnxaE(fnxaE)Adult (m)2,6514524
pGaVM(pGaVM)Adult (m)6,7388314
V2O9e(V2O9e)Adult (f)6,0528292
nhmCi(nhmCi)Adult (f)6,7258092
txgPl(txgPl)Adult (m)4,7767302
c26VUToys Olive460 for the HollyAdult (f)7,3201,1253
LXsnQ(LXsnQ)Adult (m)6,0506685
OhQTl(OhQTl)Adult (f)6,3466613
NHecb(NHecb)Adult (m)7,4391,1131
q0YVk(q0YVk)Adult (f)7,4101,1111
i99W5(i99W5)Adult (m)5,1297906
mWKTG(mWKTG)Adult (m)4,9358260
FHPOI(FHPOI)Adult (f)5,3738301
ChagT(ChagT)Adult (f)7,8981,0933
5tbdw(5tbdw)Adult (f)6,3741,0103
yFPdjToys Olive470 for the HollyAdult (f)6,3609953
hrvFY(hrvFY)Adult (f)6,3739823
i3K5e(i3K5e)Adult (m)7,6171,1032
cJlbc(cJlbc)Adult (m)7,7441,1013
l77To(l77To)Adult (m)5,5425274
PWtFa(PWtFa)Adult (m)6,6331,0051
JXsv2(JXsv2)Adult (f)7,5811,1501
fctew(fctew)Adult (m)6,6451,0731
xPGsh(xPGsh)Adult (m)7,6051,1382
8Q94u(8Q94u)Adult (m)7,2305741
5cLpSToys Olive480 for the HollyAdult (m)7,4565750
7LVV8(7LVV8)Adult (m)6,8345751
78txH(78txH)Adult (m)6,8835770
auQ1y(auQ1y)Adult (f)7,3305860
6YlUG(6YlUG)Adult (f)7,1815270
gEl4E(gEl4E)Adult (m)7,3395020
3xo6i(3xo6i)Adult (m)5,2908793
YdwJz(YdwJz)Adult (m)1,9784593
4SEuM(4SEuM)Adult (m)6,7377532
cY3Xe(cY3Xe)Adult (f)6,9828694
OTlN0Toys Olive490 for the HollyAdult (f)6,2594833
BxL7M(BxL7M)Adult (m)6,8954733
jpYCD(jpYCD)Adult (m)7,0945332
GVhoU(GVhoU)Adult (m)5,5447474
hd1l9(hd1l9)Adult (f)5,7167594
wkwaV(wkwaV)Adult (f)7,7041,1702
TCRfz(TCRfz)Adult (m)4,5567845
itdZu(itdZu)Adult (f)5,8053875
KANVa(KANVa)Adult (f)5,3177072
I6Rfl(I6Rfl)Adult (f)5,8988031
znxDdToys Olive500 for the HollyAdult (m)5,8937993
jlqtw(jlqtw)Adult (f)5,8647913
paP9z(paP9z)Adult (m)5,8287962
5WIlK(5WIlK)Adult (m)5,2187181
L1HPG(L1HPG)Adult (f)5,2817051
1PaW4(1PaW4)Adult (m)5,1427061
4RVEJ(4RVEJ)Adult (m)3,8852651
L4Exj(L4Exj)Adult (m)4,7978491
RfppK(RfppK)Adult (f)5,2677352
YK2aB(YK2aB)Adult (m)5,4417952
olgraToys Olive510 for the HollyAdult (m)5,8336162
Br8YX(Br8YX)Adult (m)5,5977685
Xn1ka(Xn1ka)Adult (f)4,8583444
GDgtc(GDgtc)Adult (f)4,9273734
hP0gQ(hP0gQ)Adult (m)5,8954003
Yw6pi(Yw6pi)Adult (m)5,7473874
tCZnO(tCZnO)Adult (m)5,7153813
3r4WE(3r4WE)Adult (m)5,2888581
jBBTj(jBBTj)Adult (f)5,4988602
tmzJn(tmzJn)Adult (m)5,8863962
FviXvToys Olive520 for the HollyAdult (m)7,0129192
9hoK5(9hoK5)Adult (f)6,7869663
O0tS7(O0tS7)Adult (f)6,8599463
NLlRA(NLlRA)Adult (m)6,0016331
350A9(350A9)Adult (m)5,6276295
J3NaG(J3NaG)Adult (f)5,6156432
ekzlK(ekzlK)Adult (f)5,7606712
7uVlF(7uVlF)Adult (f)5,2468652
sHjiW(sHjiW)Adult (f)5,7535723
LgRk8(LgRk8)Adult (f)3,3933771
XlBV3Toys Olive530 for the HollyAdult (m)6,0866451
CeYey(CeYey)Adult (m)5,8636292
i5174(i5174)Adult (m)5,7836482
jb5JU(jb5JU)Adult (f)5,8266263
SGGWJ(SGGWJ)Adult (m)5,7636581
ZOwps(ZOwps)Adult (m)5,5586711
mWKRT(mWKRT)Adult (m)6,1889701
bj48k(bj48k)Adult (m)6,0439493
mdZXU(mdZXU)Adult (f)6,4434420
XzzO3(XzzO3)Adult (m)6,1319413
WbBCPToys Olive540 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1708143
Zz0No(Zz0No)Adult (m)7,7681,0894
ocLZ4(ocLZ4)Adult (m)5,6005744
nVptG(nVptG)Adult (f)5,9019381
lXqhZ(lXqhZ)Adult (f)5,1167721
B5ncz(B5ncz)Adult (f)3,9239002
GD0tq(GD0tq)Adult (f)4,8558431
u8AhF(u8AhF)Adult (m)4,9518342
0n1bW(0n1bW)Adult (m)4,9628691
Iz3Dg(Iz3Dg)Adult (m)4,8678421
E2UooToys Olive550 for the HollyAdult (m)4,1698380
Pyl44(Pyl44)Adult (f)5,0128381
uxYea(uxYea)Adult (f)7,4228762
BGkVV(BGkVV)Adult (f)7,5408841
qRyvf(qRyvf)Adult (f)7,4898612
K4jYU(K4jYU)Adult (f)6,2056671
7I9Jy(7I9Jy)Adult (f)6,9229063
Op8w0(Op8w0)Adult (m)4,77396511
8ecD7(8ecD7)Adult (m)6,2107592
V7yVx(V7yVx)Adult (m)5,8179192
Ylll8Toys  Olive560 for the HollyAdult (f)8,4891,0793
Tcq4u(Tcq4u)Adult (f)7,2555020
Iq81G(Iq81G)Adult (m)8,5081,1012
C6Yvg(C6Yvg)Adult (f)6,2154293
qrqSl(qrqSl)Adult (f)6,1875442
XFDx0(XFDx0)Adult (f)6,4336325
H5ywl(H5ywl)Adult (m)8,4531,0793
NEA7N(NEA7N)Adult (f)8,4321,0963
RTcOD(RTcOD)Adult (f)6,4635513
0ImDE(0ImDE)Adult (m)6,5629266
1MLR9Toys Olive570 for the HollyAdult (f)7,2265021
IziMl(IziMl)Adult (m)7,3194990
6yh9M(6yh9M)Adult (f)7,2624930
Sfqm1(Sfqm1)Adult (f)6,1514830
G3Nbb(G3Nbb)Adult (f)4,8788404
mHU8z(mHU8z)Adult (f)4,8667790
EQZtN(EQZtN)Adult (m)5,0477990
jyHR8(jyHR8)Adult (m)5,1127941
kI3FA(kI3FA)Adult (f)5,3257721
UmKER(UmKER)Adult (m)6,4534870
DHBAPToys Olive580 for the HollyAdult (m)6,5954850
nZdNB(nZdNB)Adult (m)8,7231,0623
antIy(antIy)Adult (m)7,8971,0933
hkVTx(hkVTx)Adult (m)5,8447190
2CN7G(2CN7G)Adult (m)4,5118021
V79Zh(V79Zh)Adult (f)7,4401,1026
TOBJq(TOBJq)Adult (f)3,4786412
qcgaq(qcgaq)Adult (f)5,5747461
ZHFbi(ZHFbi)Adult (m)8,4591,0651
yZdbf(yZdbf)Adult (f)8,5411,0933
r6h05Toys Olive590 for the HollyAdult (m)4,8937700
XTTzY(XTTzY)Adult (f)4,8297790
z9qeK(z9qeK)Adult (m)7,3656112
le1pI(le1pI)Adult (f)4,5087710
Mg5bF(Mg5bF)Adult (m)7,5349820
4z7j0(4z7j0)Adult (f)6,8429450
A2zX8(A2zX8)Adult (m)7,6779540
N7m7y(N7m7y)Adult (f)7,5739702
wtikG(wtikG)Adult (f)4,2563165
J3pDu(J3pDu)Adult (m)6,9758501
6mcZ3Toys Olive600 for the HollyAdult (f)6,9378432
GXtWp(GXtWp)Adult (f)7,0368322
zsNQp(zsNQp)Adult (f)6,9701,1012
kIom5(kIom5)Adult (f)6,9681,1151
Pcrtc(Pcrtc)Adult (f)7,1971,1753
LaDgB(LaDgB)Adult (m)7,2901,1633
xJMP1(xJMP1)Adult (f)7,1601,1631
WB8ek(WB8ek)Adult (f)4,6397080
3OeY4(3OeY4)Adult (m)6,5376312
VuRXt(VuRXt)Adult (f)6,0147361
8VIxYToys Olive610 for the HollyAdult (f)5,8428111
jiANi(jiANi)Adult (m)6,5198502
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