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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
O6ft8(O6ft8)Adult (m)3,6277051
OCOii(OCOii)Adult (f)3,4106463
aeTEwToys Olive210 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1475121
MZhIc(MZhIc)Adult (m)4,3337794
mbJAV(mbJAV)Adult (f)6,0729375
Pztgn(Pztgn)Adult (m)2,7714784
gWhuv(gWhuv)Adult (f)2,8094573
zOfzj(zOfzj)Adult (f)4,5266903
Frqp9(Frqp9)Adult (m)4,7866042
6cM7a(6cM7a)Adult (m)5,7328272
XLXWX(XLXWX)Adult (f)5,7598431
eI1VG(eI1VG)Adult (m)5,2929872
F4q6VToys Olive220 for the HollyAdult (m)5,2219841
Fz1k6(Fz1k6)Adult (m)5,2309721
sADIr(sADIr)Adult (m)2,6944696
sSo5w(sSo5w)Adult (f)5,8309624
e6uLu(e6uLu)Adult (f)5,4019021
DKCLx(DKCLx)Adult (m)5,5185991
aui7J(aui7J)Adult (m)5,3079131
NZ2hL(NZ2hL)Adult (m)4,8569231
l7CmP(l7CmP)Adult (m)5,9991,0781
au5Hf(au5Hf)Adult (f)5,2879354
vYU4HToys Olive230 for the HollyAdult (m)4,9266882
lIOzC(lIOzC)Adult (f)4,7897624
C9v1b(C9v1b)Adult (m)5,3047765
o2Ve3(o2Ve3)Adult (m)5,3315522
Gv58R(Gv58R)Adult (m)5,0697021
dtvKq(dtvKq)Adult (m)5,4386222
TVkdo(TVkdo)Adult (f)5,6025891
zf3QR(zf3QR)Adult (f)5,5505850
GNMoA(GNMoA)Adult (m)5,7805950
tgI4p(tgI4p)Adult (f)5,8715960
GbbfUToys Olive240 for the HollyAdult (f)5,9566040
9AWh5(9AWh5)Adult (f)5,6426060
gtnC2(gtnC2)Adult (f)6,3505950
uHOVT(uHOVT)Adult (m)5,6646030
QBtSp(QBtSp)Adult (f)4,8817413
qhViD(qhViD)Adult (f)5,1587575
SNA64(SNA64)Adult (m)2,7155031
owdTJ(owdTJ)Adult (m)4,7107702
Da493Toys Olive250 for the HollyAdult (m)4,9549294
5pSst(5pSst)Adult (f)4,4957892
WhyQd(WhyQd)Adult (f)5,3126584
NzT3M(NzT3M)Adult (m)5,9677752
8CVq5(8CVq5)Adult (f)5,7701,0542
tFFiq(tFFiq)Adult (m)3,6097091
WPyMd(WPyMd)Adult (m)5,6367641
wzKrP(wzKrP)Adult (f)5,5537760
94hwG(94hwG)Adult (f)5,6737570
O9hjo(O9hjo)Adult (f)4,9628023
B9F86Toys Olive260 for the HollyAdult (m)5,4578612
gs0Jx(gs0Jx)Adult (m)5,9099471
QGuND(QGuND)Adult (m)4,4653214
YlKDA(YlKDA)Adult (f)5,4956991
acN6z(acN6z)Adult (f)5,3556851
Xwuc1(Xwuc1)Adult (m)5,4296990
8glzg(8glzg)Adult (m)5,3867080
WxOcl(WxOcl)Adult (m)6,1737010
IvB2p(IvB2p)Adult (m)6,4996160
HaEbP(HaEbP)Adult (f)5,8866060
5auJKToys Olive270 for the HollyAdult (f)5,7096080
Jzm43(Jzm43)Adult (m)5,6726080
1e9qj(1e9qj)Adult (f)5,4026051
ceoCY(ceoCY)Adult (f)5,5416111
S8Ajh(S8Ajh)Adult (m)5,3606121
UYKjp(UYKjp)Adult (f)5,3587451
Zt6gW(Zt6gW)Adult (m)5,3807711
OlH8B(OlH8B)Adult (f)5,4998921
CUSUy(CUSUy)Adult (m)6,2929594
d8axe(d8axe)Adult (f)6,1379663
9wTzwToys Olive280 for the HollyAdult (m)4,9351,0354
1JdF9(1JdF9)Adult (m)5,4609491
xG7cD(xG7cD)Adult (f)5,9015563
0KbHy(0KbHy)Adult (f)5,4599441
ia8sM(ia8sM)Adult (m)6,8519048
Uk3iW(Uk3iW)Adult (f)5,5196091
CRoRO(CRoRO)Adult (f)5,3115952
X3NB9(X3NB9)Adult (m)5,6475643
jn0VW(jn0VW)Adult (m)5,8375751
3lq5e(3lq5e)Adult (m)5,6855752
k71tcToys Olive290 for the HollyAdult (m)6,0405761
iDMSS(iDMSS)Adult (f)5,9636802
iIrtS(iIrtS)Adult (f)5,8876260
CEYe2(CEYe2)Adult (m)5,6466160
IACda(IACda)Adult (m)5,6477302
7Z1zj(7Z1zj)Adult (m)5,7207302
pL8wW(pL8wW)Adult (m)5,6165685
4cJlM(4cJlM)Adult (m)5,6085562
ImXd5(ImXd5)Adult (m)6,0115081
xErm7Toys Olive300 for the HollyAdult (m)4,7017472
iGPsc(iGPsc)Adult (m)6,2687590
esT8i(esT8i)Adult (m)5,8595983
YakGu(YakGu)Adult (f)6,3587652
SICz7(SICz7)Adult (m)5,8595833
eyg3V(eyg3V)Adult (f)6,2636484
5Jxl3(5Jxl3)Adult (m)5,7637234
RPefH(RPefH)Adult (f)5,8967143
X4lPK(X4lPK)Adult (f)5,9346933
bA2ZfToys Olive310 for the HollyAdult (f)5,7707211
y2VxE(y2VxE)Adult (f)5,6647210
lu47Z(lu47Z)Adult (f)6,2814261
omttJ(omttJ)Adult (m)6,2304241
Ik52s(Ik52s)Adult (f)6,0287821
Tulsm(Tulsm)Adult (m)6,3605814
KdbF5(KdbF5)Adult (f)2,7776644
0wRHc(0wRHc)Adult (m)2,8096621
Rde8l(Rde8l)Adult (m)2,8666622
BlS2V(BlS2V)Adult (m)5,6983842
kLWcKToys Olive320 for the HollyAdult (f)4,9628131
au1z7(au1z7)Adult (f)5,0718480
aPgSd(aPgSd)Adult (m)5,4305291
ROIYH(ROIYH)Adult (m)5,9055380
QLsmA(QLsmA)Adult (m)5,7275400
wmsJ2(wmsJ2)Adult (m)5,5945431
elajJ(elajJ)Adult (m)4,8015270
6RNWQ(6RNWQ)Adult (f)4,7735310
PYQ0w(PYQ0w)Adult (m)4,7775300
uwULW(uwULW)Adult (f)4,7495330
iznwrToys Olive330 for the HollyAdult (f)4,8467850
kX1uL(kX1uL)Adult (m)4,7505291
yoApZ(yoApZ)Adult (f)4,7545260
g1nVc(g1nVc)Adult (f)4,7475280
WxBim(WxBim)Adult (f)6,7705451
bd8c1(bd8c1)Adult (m)6,1816664
TzkyU(TzkyU)Adult (f)6,3446673
qNl0p(qNl0p)Adult (m)6,1876474
AbOix(AbOix)Adult (m)4,7967731
t7xiG(t7xiG)Adult (f)6,5494512
yogJKToys Olive340 for the HollyAdult (m)5,9448443
JlJMC(JlJMC)Adult (f)5,9478691
6uuZP(6uuZP)Adult (f)5,8968642
MdG1B(MdG1B)Adult (f)5,0976612
xJino(xJino)Adult (m)4,9356971
fY9sz(fY9sz)Adult (f)6,0451,0483
VUoUH(VUoUH)Adult (m)4,6937871
uDK4R(uDK4R)Adult (f)4,6517910
n1v2x(n1v2x)Adult (f)6,9514653
CgcNd(CgcNd)Adult (m)4,6697781
ypDmyToys Olive350 for the HollyAdult (m)6,3328575
YBglu(YBglu)Adult (f)5,1997383
8BdUs(8BdUs)Adult (m)6,5729086
g8PDN(g8PDN)Adult (m)6,9009214
baD0n(baD0n)Adult (f)6,6609393
AJpi0(AJpi0)Adult (f)6,1031,0421
K7k01(K7k01)Adult (m)6,7751,0284
16reP(16reP)Adult (f)6,8151,0303
6ECu3(6ECu3)Adult (f)4,9237792
890m9(890m9)Adult (f)4,7029334
NUdl2Toys Olive360 for the HollyAdult (m)4,6089172
ohKle(ohKle)Adult (m)8,1129994
I4uP3(I4uP3)Adult (m)6,0398115
LpCi0(LpCi0)Adult (f)6,4417853
NlF50(NlF50)Adult (f)7,7647191
Wx7PN(Wx7PN)Adult (f)6,7675531
pevzm(pevzm)Adult (m)6,5435581
zgCdH(zgCdH)Adult (m)6,6855511
PiNWQ(PiNWQ)Adult (m)6,0315612
O876m(O876m)Adult (f)6,0585592
UOGFFToys Olive370 for the HollyAdult (m)6,8705202
rXCZH(rXCZH)Adult (f)6,1555631
VcHCs(VcHCs)Adult (m)6,1515701
jJDrz(jJDrz)Adult (m)6,2237893
9r21Q(9r21Q)Adult (m)6,2187472
uI7cH(uI7cH)Adult (m)5,8237791
qUEjr(qUEjr)Adult (m)6,1307740
23Xc3(23Xc3)Adult (m)6,1828461
efvQP(efvQP)Adult (m)7,2158252
flYnV(flYnV)Adult (m)5,2188400
4KoWxToys Olive380 for the HollyAdult (f)5,1558491
Tup1T(Tup1T)Adult (f)5,6635931
BQZ9x(BQZ9x)Adult (f)5,5536380
YC1SG(YC1SG)Adult (m)4,7726211
ZluQw(ZluQw)Adult (m)4,9595850
WN3Q8(WN3Q8)Adult (m)6,3826013
62G6b(62G6b)Adult (m)6,2675932
DrHqV(DrHqV)Adult (m)6,5005911
qAKah(qAKah)Adult (f)6,8099902
6Yurv(6Yurv)Adult (f)6,5791,0004
qeXzzToys Olive390 for the HollyAdult (f)7,2621,1021
mpqYF(mpqYF)Adult (m)7,8041,1361
6a8sS(6a8sS)Adult (m)7,3371,1183
Bvd7L(Bvd7L)Adult (m)5,7748713
cOZ66(cOZ66)Adult (f)5,5548923
DA0rf(DA0rf)Adult (m)5,6138933
lGN9F(lGN9F)Adult (f)4,6077783
DXBZW(DXBZW)Adult (m)7,0264751
DB593(DB593)Adult (m)5,9761,0353
Mq3DD(Mq3DD)Adult (m)6,9561,0351
3lTbZToys Olive400 for the HollyAdult (f)6,9021,0560
H5F46(H5F46)Adult (m)5,5238433
nGKqN(nGKqN)Adult (m)3,2314852
IqK7V(IqK7V)Adult (m)6,3207635
BQEVW(BQEVW)Adult (m)4,6477671
b2sLp(b2sLp)Adult (m)5,1357260
2Dl6k(2Dl6k)Adult (m)4,8607200
FYVcu(FYVcu)Adult (f)5,2448150
eY1S5(eY1S5)Adult (m)4,5428281
HtPtx(HtPtx)Adult (m)6,2566063
dyLykToys Olive410 for the HollyAdult (f)6,0326201
XuBMG(XuBMG)Adult (f)5,3708441
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