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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iq7uToys Magicians AssistantAdult (f)5,7315683
gJmTToys Magic MomentAdult (m)5,7255721
cedd(cedd)Adult (f)4,9775592
Lfj5o(Lfj5o)Adult (f)4,4713831
FvXcg(FvXcg)Adult (m)3,6734362
W9i8QToys a Man of MagicAdult (m)6,3427171
kqGGRToys The Magicians AssistantAdult (f)4,0475393
GYQfuToys Its Just MagicAdult (m)4,4205766
5K8IPToys it's all about the MagicAdult (f)4,2513444
BlTQ1Toys Do U Believe in MagicAdult (f)3,5497062
Lv312(Lv312)Adult (f)2,2996504
Zqsx6(Zqsx6)Adult (m)4,4563820
cGrz3(cGrz3)Adult (m)2,4483973
0UH3N(0UH3N)Adult (m)1,7384090
JhEro(JhEro)Adult (m)5,2128970
JgI5s(JgI5s)Adult (f)4,1777494
TgsyZ(TgsyZ)Adult (f)2,7416173
RaLbToys Go Aussie GoAdult (f)3,34430512
bY5NToys Aussie Aussie AussieAdult (f)3,02228012
cilsToys Land of AusAdult (m)3,00227012
WMtYJ(WMtYJ)Adult (f)3,5207674
IULUs(IULUs)Adult (m)3,4198511
Wzy0W(Wzy0W)Adult (f)3,3597350
XspUE(XspUE)Adult (m)5,8085602
RZi2R(RZi2R)Adult (m)4,1849644
udknToys Lady of the NightAdult (f)1,3716004
A2YOToys Night StalkerAdult (m)2,43135317
9afOToys Night RiderAdult (m)8,01967014
860HToys Night DutyAdult (m)3,05530113
Fer9Toys Night ShiftAdult (m)2,03428210
AhV2oToys All Night LongAdult (f)4,4804620
9KYED(9KYED)Adult (f)4,3864530
5SakToys Sing Sing SingAdult (f)3,4459268
PaQ6Toys Song N Danz ManAdult (m)2,37224019
PoaAToys Singalong with MeAdult (m)6,3034365
TJKrToys Singn in the RainAdult (f)3,24231915
8Vdo(8Vdo)Adult (f)3,3495301
kr6Er(kr6Er)Adult (m)4,2884340
b0BpIToys Kalamata OliveAdult (f)4,1424090
r4fnI(r4fnI)Adult (f)3,9063730
pntrtToys Olive1 for the HollyAdult (m)5,6805682
12YBl(12YBl)Adult (m)6,0954813
Q74I7(Q74I7)Adult (f)5,2097075
xxfw6(xxfw6)Adult (m)5,1077405
Cfr0T(Cfr0T)Adult (f)5,2727391
xO0GR(xO0GR)Adult (m)4,4487633
RvYme(RvYme)Adult (f)4,9127671
LPHyC(LPHyC)Adult (f)5,2516363
d4H7N(d4H7N)Adult (m)5,5526373
YhcqoToys Olive10 for the HollyAdult (f)5,3446312
EhvwE(EhvwE)Adult (f)5,9175131
Gqaqj(Gqaqj)Adult (f)5,9495130
w1DYJ(w1DYJ)Adult (f)5,6089083
046aE(046aE)Adult (m)5,6248925
d7KDv(d7KDv)Adult (f)4,5463145
hNYv0(hNYv0)Adult (m)7,0378682
iyeI0(iyeI0)Adult (f)5,6454013
gcEya(gcEya)Adult (m)6,1495254
QEW6c(QEW6c)Adult (f)4,1498600
0RviSToys Olive20 for the HollyAdult (f)5,1867993
3ICLF(3ICLF)Adult (m)4,5967801
l3JdU(l3JdU)Adult (m)4,1438531
JeivB(JeivB)Adult (f)5,6223782
lAN8i(lAN8i)Adult (f)6,0454993
uP44F(uP44F)Adult (m)6,0575022
CKsJ2(CKsJ2)Adult (m)6,0525002
H9blV(H9blV)Adult (f)4,7796684
D3jfr(D3jfr)Adult (f)6,5814731
AGqMc(AGqMc)Adult (m)6,5874883
smgChToys Olive30 for the HollyAdult (f)5,5416182
gMYie(gMYie)Adult (f)5,9288601
LkaSl(LkaSl)Adult (f)4,4517973
0bhKU(0bhKU)Adult (m)5,7853883
I1wrW(I1wrW)Adult (f)6,7994692
3hN2l(3hN2l)Adult (f)6,5147545
VIf2C(VIf2C)Adult (m)7,3248793
K1YfA(K1YfA)Adult (m)7,1148784
bzbi9(bzbi9)Adult (f)5,0118372
kqaN7(kqaN7)Adult (m)5,8645961
yHlDvToys Olive40 for the HollyAdult (m)7,6269264
ZYa8C(ZYa8C)Adult (f)5,2536020
JidL2(JidL2)Adult (m)5,4137764
F7JMN(F7JMN)Adult (m)4,3937568
omqID(omqID)Adult (f)5,0368402
EjEDU(EjEDU)Adult (f)4,2684023
nokbf(nokbf)Adult (f)7,7308847
4LIMh(4LIMh)Adult (m)7,8678944
CZUWU(CZUWU)Adult (m)5,4298241
vlFzw(vlFzw)Adult (m)5,0358331
XpqUmToys Olive50 for the HollyAdult (f)4,0053556
suKgw(suKgw)Adult (f)5,3627833
jUg3W(jUg3W)Adult (m)5,2437972
tptJT(tptJT)Adult (m)5,0567901
0Oggc(0Oggc)Adult (m)4,1945602
ebBQA(ebBQA)Adult (m)6,6645602
gr9Kf(gr9Kf)Adult (m)6,1367354
HCSSa(HCSSa)Adult (f)5,8797193
S1xi9(S1xi9)Adult (m)6,6605703
I7AHy(I7AHy)Adult (m)5,4088171
h3J4sToys Olive60 for the HollyAdult (m)5,2238411
Xmygh(Xmygh)Adult (f)5,1255932
AHmpj(AHmpj)Adult (m)5,2445990
JYXja(JYXja)Adult (f)5,2196000
qfVSq(qfVSq)Adult (m)5,2346030
pA265(pA265)Adult (f)5,2365931
ku0xK(ku0xK)Adult (m)5,2615980
H7E0T(H7E0T)Adult (m)5,6535582
w95LZ(w95LZ)Adult (m)5,3995610
cBNQe(cBNQe)Adult (f)5,4155580
PY8kBToys Olive70 for the HollyAdult (f)5,6295650
jCShk(jCShk)Adult (f)5,9636293
nxGIa(nxGIa)Adult (m)5,3406623
3WGcj(3WGcj)Adult (m)8,4509463
RuiCs(RuiCs)Adult (f)5,0977942
QyTSv(QyTSv)Adult (m)5,3436281
IJSjY(IJSjY)Adult (f)4,8198206
5V2LE(5V2LE)Adult (f)4,8638175
XA10Z(XA10Z)Adult (f)5,5196301
ozJLoToys Olive80 for the HollyAdult (f)6,0704124
lLumu(lLumu)Adult (m)4,4074443
H9syi(H9syi)Adult (f)4,4794384
EhdzU(EhdzU)Adult (m)4,4344434
30sQG(30sQG)Adult (m)5,1708275
MAg6W(MAg6W)Adult (m)5,8243991
WdPg1(WdPg1)Adult (m)4,0917574
Dq0F6(Dq0F6)Adult (f)3,6017371
A6pTR(A6pTR)Adult (m)5,3226172
jrBAs(jrBAs)Adult (m)6,3587146
vIV0S(vIV0S)Adult (f)6,0697121
xc4bLToys Olive90 for the HollyAdult (f)5,3667100
GcVz6(GcVz6)Adult (f)6,4594876
W2oyw(W2oyw)Adult (m)5,8815665
PRFKq(PRFKq)Adult (f)4,9147711
7HOlG(7HOlG)Adult (f)4,5133665
nNsX1(nNsX1)Adult (f)5,0993664
edRP0(edRP0)Adult (f)4,5107941
MJ6uw(MJ6uw)Adult (f)5,8187154
HPbO3(HPbO3)Adult (m)4,5277434
h2eTA(h2eTA)Adult (f)4,7157292
cv50GToys Olive100 for the HollyAdult (f)4,7187641
LUohy(LUohy)Adult (m)5,1073433
HAuUc(HAuUc)Adult (m)7,1658712
MkD6K(MkD6K)Adult (f)7,5028913
QLWQO(QLWQO)Adult (f)7,4828771
KqBx7(KqBx7)Adult (f)7,2238721
QTfPy(QTfPy)Adult (m)4,1397972
R1M5z(R1M5z)Adult (f)4,9878762
GF5jy(GF5jy)Adult (m)5,1379942
Ws9Mx(Ws9Mx)Adult (m)4,5357981
dGDtTToys Olive110 for the HollyAdult (m)6,5074484
PHVYp(PHVYp)Adult (f)4,4718982
pzUfI(pzUfI)Adult (m)7,2649863
h31Py(h31Py)Adult (f)7,2241,0102
8LrUR(8LrUR)Adult (m)7,2031,0091
O28bn(O28bn)Adult (m)7,6469551
e18aB(e18aB)Adult (m)7,1561,0371
Efksu(Efksu)Adult (m)4,6068940
P5F3G(P5F3G)Adult (f)5,4137422
JnKXC(JnKXC)Adult (f)5,6705782
jnd3lToys Olive120 for the HollyAdult (m)2,9785351
m6RvX(m6RvX)Adult (f)3,1524522
wthzp(wthzp)Adult (m)3,1574423
wBiMy(wBiMy)Adult (m)5,7847143
gHZDH(gHZDH)Adult (f)4,1217471
a0F11(a0F11)Adult (m)4,1382823
fvow3(fvow3)Adult (m)3,3507813
I1z4S(I1z4S)Adult (m)4,6717891
N6qcC(N6qcC)Adult (f)4,4597810
updFL(updFL)Adult (m)4,9757802
pC2Eu(pC2Eu)Adult (m)6,3295163
CqNGUToys Olive130 for the HollyAdult (m)6,1441,0052
cg0HS(cg0HS)Adult (m)6,1001,0371
2YktX(2YktX)Adult (m)6,9704932
W8btR(W8btR)Adult (m)6,5394842
G9vtj(G9vtj)Adult (f)4,4607881
a5tSZ(a5tSZ)Adult (m)4,5087690
EX5rk(EX5rk)Adult (m)4,7217920
lbzLX(lbzLX)Adult (m)6,3351,1133
KwYQH(KwYQH)Adult (f)5,8839711
f4uRk(f4uRk)Adult (f)5,9939942
r3cHPToys Olive140 for the HollyAdult (f)5,1579011
c4joc(c4joc)Adult (m)3,4657662
l1CUy(l1CUy)Adult (f)3,7277882
UvxOr(UvxOr)Adult (m)5,6585830
qvKQn(qvKQn)Adult (f)5,6843904
BtTBp(BtTBp)Adult (f)2,4805162
o2EH2(o2EH2)Adult (m)2,7855532
gzR3V(gzR3V)Adult (f)4,3242993
u0J9w(u0J9w)Adult (m)4,0284243
8zJlX(8zJlX)Adult (f)4,0444143
wU7fvToys Olive150 for the HollyAdult (m)5,9844545
uJiSL(uJiSL)Adult (f)5,9685832
ES246(ES246)Adult (m)5,9796071
osfua(osfua)Adult (f)5,9716071
QjbW3(QjbW3)Adult (f)6,5246011
C7GEw(C7GEw)Adult (f)6,6705891
fEftm(fEftm)Adult (f)4,7723682
V5lo0(V5lo0)Adult (f)4,8283632
R4qZ4(R4qZ4)Adult (f)5,7504984
JHjFO(JHjFO)Adult (m)6,5275961
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