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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sQT4Toys Blue Suede ShoesAdult (m)3,59024513
K9mkS(K9mkS)Adult (f)3,1625076
i0jBT(i0jBT)Adult (f)2,9605042
MYimKToys a Lady in BlueAdult (f)4,0484632
JnBqUToys a Bright Blue BoyAdult (m)3,8944592
N3ioH(N3ioH)Adult (f)2,5368132
ZhCy7(ZhCy7)Adult (m)3,1388542
fDHbl(fDHbl)Adult (m)3,4748880
PPN2B(PPN2B)Adult (m)3,3318882
wbLP1(wbLP1)Adult (m)3,2988730
h4mMI(h4mMI)Adult (m)3,7878361
Dzoc2Toys My Guardian AngelAdult (f)4,1971,3061
I0ZvEToys My Guarding LightAdult (m)4,2311,3631
FchZM(FchZM)Adult (m)5,1061,2023
DC4m3(DC4m3)Adult (m)6,9949420
ufLb1(ufLb1)Adult (f)3,9521,3651
DaiLp(DaiLp)Adult (m)4,6101,3485
9ArfgToys You're So VainAdult (m)7,2104810
XtoouToys Illuminate MeAdult (f)7,6815132
51ov4(51ov4)Adult (m)6,6614451
kufCDToys All AglowAdult (f)7,1254750
vN9p2(vN9p2)Adult (m)6,7664521
XoHBL(XoHBL)Adult (f)6,7314490
USCRf(USCRf)Adult (f)6,9624650
V8Fqd(V8Fqd)Adult (f)8,0905400
LFPqh(LFPqh)Adult (m)4,4098951
LCtEI(LCtEI)Adult (m)2,7689342
3xd7c(3xd7c)Adult (f)3,8128123
3XbUN(3XbUN)Adult (m)4,3628282
ZW66V(ZW66V)Adult (m)5,0618211
PIsgo(PIsgo)Adult (m)4,1497751
QiPKG(QiPKG)Adult (f)4,3637861
UsSut(UsSut)Adult (m)4,7007550
hvZHgToys Lovely Lady LunarAdult (f)4,0908250
iXarQ(iXarQ)Adult (m)4,6777330
LqlISToys a Gold Lunar LadyAdult (f)3,4598591
elzB4(elzB4)Adult (m)3,4958500
M6dcb(M6dcb)Adult (f)4,4997681
rtyLw(rtyLw)Adult (f)5,0477930
pyVQu(pyVQu)Adult (f)6,2607822
3aWX7(3aWX7)Adult (f)5,9609001
RyEPt(RyEPt)Adult (f)7,5961,1881
kh0pF(kh0pF)Adult (m)4,5727500
7bVGuToys a Lunar LadyAdult (f)4,5387520
CNddN(CNddN)Adult (f)4,2618010
MmuTf(MmuTf)Adult (m)4,2478020
uPANR(uPANR)Adult (f)4,3988070
zFJ9i(zFJ9i)Adult (f)5,7716880
sUTAj(sUTAj)Adult (f)5,0597052
b7OfA(b7OfA)Adult (f)5,6915792
s6lf7(s6lf7)Adult (m)5,6175954
TqAiJ(TqAiJ)Adult (m)4,2288570
1sjxi(1sjxi)Adult (m)4,1808460
qpL5Z(qpL5Z)Adult (m)4,1878480
rgw8l(rgw8l)Adult (f)4,1928460
XHcC1(XHcC1)Adult (f)4,1888470
Qu7xT(Qu7xT)Adult (f)4,1318520
u5So8(u5So8)Adult (f)4,1498450
4Hmsf(4Hmsf)Adult (f)6,6026761
renRu(renRu)Adult (f)6,4487771
aNoM8(aNoM8)Adult (m)6,0758453
jdthF(jdthF)Adult (m)4,8887032
XGihz(XGihz)Adult (f)4,8536362
jCmIw(jCmIw)Adult (m)4,4257950
2djN6(2djN6)Adult (f)4,4678021
alm0X(alm0X)Adult (m)4,5008040
GYGCR(GYGCR)Adult (f)4,3408100
UcSsO(UcSsO)Adult (m)4,3688140
JhsFi(JhsFi)Adult (f)4,6267630
8aMje(8aMje)Adult (f)4,6157482
KQIqn(KQIqn)Adult (f)3,1897152
DuHWj(DuHWj)Adult (m)3,1477601
gDpL0(gDpL0)Adult (m)2,8897611
ip3hToys Oh so OrangeAdult (m)3,20153812
b8EsToys Orange WhipAdult (f)2,57331431
1pTkToys Navel OrangeAdult (m)1,0634864
db3LToys Orange BlossomAdult (f)3,77630412
gEFl(gEFl)Adult (m)3,3205202
pDA0Toys Just about OrangeAdult (m)3,2126183
H2Xp(H2Xp)Adult (f)4,1526343
u11j(u11j)Adult (f)7,8068318
6eZT(6eZT)Adult (f)5,9876131
e9oXToys a Lady of OrangeAdult (f)5,3505352
gCFfoToys a Sweet Man of OrangeAdult (m)3,9303960
Ej7XA(Ej7XA)Adult (f)3,0914741
nATTgToys a Man of OrangeAdult (m)3,6214781
O0Pl5(O0Pl5)Adult (f)5,7106433
RbX9f(RbX9f)Adult (f)3,1866951
YWcha(YWcha)Adult (m)3,1687031
QM1LToys Hot StuffAdult (m)3,16980221
0MnTToys So HotAdult (m)2,67261917
Q30LToys Red HotAdult (f)2,29534212
rVIKToys Hot AshAdult (m)3,02633010
Ptj9oToys How Hot is ThisAdult (m)4,0404481
t2UrFToys One Hot LadyAdult (f)4,9433956
Rt0vm(Rt0vm)Adult (f)4,4833495
PwjdxToys Smokin HotAdult (f)2,1694781
RXOvP(RXOvP)Adult (m)6,3777790
pf90k(pf90k)Adult (m)6,0166642
WZksJToys Hot as HellAdult (f)4,8359032
F68tL(F68tL)Adult (m)3,7838702
saaXM(saaXM)Adult (f)3,8788880
Hqiy1(Hqiy1)Adult (m)4,0248942
dqZql(dqZql)Adult (m)4,6131,0681
g9T7u(g9T7u)Adult (m)3,5347001
BJeEr(BJeEr)Adult (m)
e9Y0l(e9Y0l)Adult (f)3,2877852
Cg9nW(Cg9nW)Adult (m)4,1019971
t7nrn(t7nrn)Adult (f)5,7259761
PQTGv(PQTGv)Adult (m)4,1018781
PhnaD(PhnaD)Adult (m)3,2468572
nllPToys Green with EnvyAdult (m)1,7131,0397
GvE9Toys a Litl GreenAdult (f)2,45327517
hNR2D(hNR2D)Adult (f)3,8233676
AmgNN(AmgNN)Adult (m)5,4216261
OLvKn(OLvKn)Adult (f)4,9597116
c1frL(c1frL)Adult (m)3,5117411
6F9hA(6F9hA)Adult (f)3,0437432
kOosF(kOosF)Adult (f)3,6397321
iuB7t(iuB7t)Adult (f)5,1541,0194
DSR6XToys Maxwell MoonstoneAdult (m)3,5744551
H3umVToys Matilda MoonstoneAdult (f)4,2304981
t40uNToys Marilyn MoonstoneAdult (f)4,0804550
StcmZToys Michael MoonstoneAdult (m)3,5314460
7rQFR(7rQFR)Adult (f)3,5984240
eTpB7(eTpB7)Adult (m)3,7564280
3GtOv(3GtOv)Adult (f)4,6124420
IJSoF(IJSoF)Adult (f)4,1964070
1u65d(1u65d)Adult (m)3,9003850
hGPQD(hGPQD)Adult (f)3,6904420
VK68F(VK68F)Adult (f)4,0244471
FL7hd(FL7hd)Adult (m)3,3574266
nyTnH(nyTnH)Adult (f)3,4867761
tVdSz(tVdSz)Adult (m)3,3078631
sdaFToys Magic MerlinAdult (m)2,12843312
MKS5Toys Magical Mystery TourAdult (f)3,1722498
A09hToys Merlin the MagicianAdult (m)3,5155702
UEdUToys its MagicAdult (f)3,1494973
I4cNToys Magic HappensAdult (m)3,1514821
64K8Toys Just MagicAdult (m)2,8235221
Q3Lb(Q3Lb)Adult (m)3,1055672
o01fA(o01fA)Adult (m)4,0734451
7XrGjToys It's Only MagicAdult (f)6,1525282
S3MTn(S3MTn)Adult (m)2,4276802
c6RZP(c6RZP)Adult (m)4,8039140
x5r7u(x5r7u)Adult (m)5,0908661
mwd6n(mwd6n)Adult (f)4,4727611
1cKoh(1cKoh)Adult (f)5,3819161
7odrToys Magic AppearsAdult (m)5,7245741
iq7uToys Magicians AssistantAdult (f)5,7315683
gJmTToys Magic MomentAdult (m)5,7255721
cedd(cedd)Adult (f)4,9775592
Lfj5o(Lfj5o)Adult (f)4,4713831
FvXcg(FvXcg)Adult (m)3,6734362
W9i8QToys a Man of MagicAdult (m)6,3427171
kqGGRToys The Magicians AssistantAdult (f)4,0475393
GYQfuToys Its Just MagicAdult (m)4,4205766
5K8IPToys it's all about the MagicAdult (f)4,2513444
BlTQ1Toys Do U Believe in MagicAdult (f)3,5497062
Lv312(Lv312)Adult (f)2,2996504
Zqsx6(Zqsx6)Adult (m)4,4563820
cGrz3(cGrz3)Adult (m)2,4483973
0UH3N(0UH3N)Adult (m)1,7384090
JhEro(JhEro)Adult (m)5,2128970
JgI5s(JgI5s)Adult (f)4,1777494
RaLbToys Go Aussie GoAdult (f)3,34430512
bY5NToys Aussie Aussie AussieAdult (f)3,02228012
cilsToys Land of AusAdult (m)3,00227012
WMtYJ(WMtYJ)Adult (f)3,5207674
IULUs(IULUs)Adult (m)3,4198511
Wzy0W(Wzy0W)Adult (f)3,3597350
XspUE(XspUE)Adult (m)5,8085602
RZi2R(RZi2R)Adult (m)4,1849644
udknToys Lady of the NightAdult (f)1,3716004
A2YOToys Night StalkerAdult (m)2,43135317
9afOToys Night RiderAdult (m)8,01967014
860HToys Night DutyAdult (m)3,05530113
Fer9Toys Night ShiftAdult (m)2,03428210
AhV2oToys All Night LongAdult (f)4,4804620
9KYED(9KYED)Adult (f)4,3864530
5SakToys Sing Sing SingAdult (f)3,4459268
PaQ6Toys Song N Danz ManAdult (m)2,37224019
PoaAToys Singalong with MeAdult (m)6,3034365
TJKrToys Singn in the RainAdult (f)3,24231915
8Vdo(8Vdo)Adult (f)3,3495301
kr6Er(kr6Er)Adult (m)4,2884340
b0BpIToys Kalamata OliveAdult (f)4,1424090
r4fnI(r4fnI)Adult (f)3,9063730
pntrtToys Olive1 for the HollyAdult (m)5,6805682
12YBl(12YBl)Adult (m)6,0954813
Q74I7(Q74I7)Adult (f)5,2097075
xxfw6(xxfw6)Adult (m)5,1077405
xO0GR(xO0GR)Adult (m)4,4487633
Cfr0T(Cfr0T)Adult (f)5,2727391
RvYme(RvYme)Adult (f)4,9127671
LPHyC(LPHyC)Adult (f)5,2516363
d4H7N(d4H7N)Adult (m)5,5526373
YhcqoToys Olive10 for the HollyAdult (f)5,3446312
EhvwE(EhvwE)Adult (f)5,9175131
Gqaqj(Gqaqj)Adult (f)5,9495130
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