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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NmuAF(NmuAF)Adult (m)5,2008041
TrZJ6(TrZJ6)Adult (f)5,7816763
mnjfO(mnjfO)Adult (m)4,0918213
tqKcr(tqKcr)Adult (f)4,0388291
9n6Sq(9n6Sq)Adult (f)4,6458391
Daqxj(Daqxj)Adult (f)4,6058361
aQktT(aQktT)Adult (f)3,4537740
p86xy(p86xy)Adult (m)4,4818461
NPQFlToys 990SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,3328512
GIasP(GIasP)Adult (f)5,3726151
7mYpr(7mYpr)Adult (f)5,8697433
MrbQv(MrbQv)Adult (m)5,6366581
cXHmC(cXHmC)Adult (m)5,0949493
DVfrS(DVfrS)Adult (f)4,4318191
n5P71(n5P71)Adult (m)4,9657582
pd8Cl(pd8Cl)Adult (m)4,9957300
JfoSC(JfoSC)Adult (f)5,2007340
GPDpI(GPDpI)Adult (m)5,0298222
Ac9J5Toys 1000SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,2678322
IYSZB(IYSZB)Adult (f)5,7485856
dzC9Q(dzC9Q)Adult (m)6,5095892
nXmDs(nXmDs)Adult (m)3,2617014
Mjrud(Mjrud)Adult (f)3,4347062
U3Q5y(U3Q5y)Adult (f)5,1828240
hLbXs(hLbXs)Adult (m)5,0078362
sHAFy(sHAFy)Adult (f)4,8148801
Nl54f(Nl54f)Adult (m)5,8608550
YW0lS(YW0lS)Adult (f)5,5028550
pguXPToys 1010SD for the HollyAdult (m)3,8399072
7hop6(7hop6)Adult (f)3,8549150
A28Z5(A28Z5)Adult (f)5,3718232
DR3Oz(DR3Oz)Adult (f)5,3387832
m9AXn(m9AXn)Adult (f)5,6107381
SEqyx(SEqyx)Adult (f)5,5757421
TeklM(TeklM)Adult (f)5,7037201
WPSeN(WPSeN)Hatchling (m, F)5,1426551
Cq9gI(Cq9gI)Hatchling (f, F)5,0397011
exk1E(exk1E)Hatchling (m, F)4,9896942
KMSv0Toys 1020SD for the HollyHatchling (m, F)3,8336691
95sZg(95sZg)Hatchling (f, F)3,9336581
H2CyZ(H2CyZ)Hatchling (m, F)3,2406521
n0MKI(n0MKI)Hatchling (F)2,4944211
f4sYzToys 1024SD for the HollyHatchling (F)2,3164182
myFS6(myFS6)Adult (m)3,5257433
i7avr(i7avr)Adult (f)3,6137470
5HvtZ(5HvtZ)Adult (m)4,7417151
Nz4zV(Nz4zV)Adult (f)4,8507130
dY3pL(dY3pL)Adult (m)4,7517221
wj6X5(wj6X5)Adult (m)2,5506951
sGN1r(sGN1r)Adult (m)3,5318281
aZmHToys Lime N SodaAdult (m)1,6469978
V6voToys Lime N BittersAdult (m)2,5983636
AQ0TToys Lime SpiderAdult (f)1,2847753
Nc5cq(Nc5cq)Adult (m)4,2204130
qTW01(qTW01)Adult (m)4,1854291
iaecE(iaecE)Adult (f)3,9564160
Uv3OF(Uv3OF)Adult (f)3,9764420
Hq6DI(Hq6DI)Adult (m)2,7994420
icYEW(icYEW)Adult (m)5,6234543
0bHLo(0bHLo)Adult (f)4,4734570
WOAcr(WOAcr)Adult (f)5,1473902
qEv2v(qEv2v)Adult (m)5,3553570
QHL5K(QHL5K)Adult (m)4,0557621
ah4kToys Guardian AngelAdult (m)1,7399908
DMpFToys Avante GuardAdult (m)1,3144856
kdJBToys Body GuardAdult (f)3,96751416
XHsV(XHsV)Adult (m)5,1315151
ilUDtToys Keep Your Guard UpAdult (f)4,0135021
tL5XGToys All a ShimmerAdult (m)3,9731,2244
mO367(mO367)Adult (m)2,8097655
kkaDn(kkaDn)Adult (m)3,1584114
KvUlM(KvUlM)Adult (f)3,4873703
26kRC(26kRC)Adult (f)4,5903962
rCtuH(rCtuH)Adult (m)2,6704582
9cviL(9cviL)Adult (m)3,3264251
ID7kEToys Full of ShimmerAdult (f)4,6773593
IXd5V(IXd5V)Adult (m)3,5183806
nM7z2(nM7z2)Adult (m)3,5207214
JvXi6(JvXi6)Adult (f)1,5934054
nW7EB(nW7EB)Adult (m)3,3991,0312
xi4Mo(xi4Mo)Adult (f)4,9298940
lwIK1(lwIK1)Adult (f)5,7837313
d0LDX(d0LDX)Adult (m)3,3667090
iBZGToys Penny PumpkinAdult (f)2,7396803
oFSIToys Peter PumpkinAdult (m)2,7967665
gepSoToys Pedro PumpkinAdult (m)6,2677022
ArLvU(ArLvU)Adult (f)4,1205174
03ALt(03ALt)Adult (f)3,7765102
RMX9o(RMX9o)Adult (m)4,1855916
dTuAc(dTuAc)Adult (m)1,3655174
tj6ej(tj6ej)Adult (f)3,8949002
LKigToys Happy HalloweenAdult (f)3,6059783
qFLIToys TrickorTreat on HalloweenAdult (m)3,6339632
HJXhToys Hi Jinx on HalloweenAdult (m)3,6359651
WjSRlToys Hannah HalloweenAdult (f)6,2667143
WkIVu(WkIVu)Adult (m)4,4368197
eQITB(eQITB)Adult (f)4,9364273
Rp2mV(Rp2mV)Adult (m)3,6044504
IkmE2(IkmE2)Adult (f)4,4844583
7ZcbA(7ZcbA)Adult (m)5,7001,4731
jkeV5Toys Standing in the ShadowAdult (m)4,9207153
B47KjToys A Shadow of Ones SelfAdult (f)4,5126584
bePnaToys a Man in the ShadowAdult (m)4,4196653
oDdXY(oDdXY)Adult (m)4,3149367
PClo4(PClo4)Adult (f)4,5986095
8jHDn(8jHDn)Adult (f)4,9358241
2JE6W(2JE6W)Adult (m)5,6011,4851
A6oUO(A6oUO)Adult (f)3,7295500
VEKXi(VEKXi)Adult (m)3,7295471
4m16m(4m16m)Adult (m)3,7375470
7CsAL(7CsAL)Adult (m)3,7345450
gYZec(gYZec)Adult (f)3,7325500
7JlYK(7JlYK)Adult (f)3,7355520
Bp2EL(Bp2EL)Adult (m)3,6434190
VKnRO(VKnRO)Adult (m)1,2775091
IgkgR(IgkgR)Adult (f)1,4535171
Hyss8(Hyss8)Adult (m)1,2824982
WDL0K(WDL0K)Adult (m)1,2064850
NjjbL(NjjbL)Adult (f)1,2184870
F6bC4(F6bC4)Adult (f)1,5804790
ZE9Jc(ZE9Jc)Adult (m)2,8019551
x9lby(x9lby)Adult (f)2,8409480
z5ZVG(z5ZVG)Adult (m)2,3509560
neLSx(neLSx)Adult (m)2,3259580
zwP1z(zwP1z)Adult (f)2,2759680
RI8FP(RI8FP)Adult (m)2,3049610
hERIx(hERIx)Adult (f)2,2319750
cdwg5Toys the OmenAdult (m)2,4799170
oRbPoToys Doom and GloomAdult (f)2,4839180
K1DuI(K1DuI)Adult (m)2,4719231
ppfAq(ppfAq)Adult (f)2,5239230
KkfVh(KkfVh)Adult (m)2,5489180
nChVZ(nChVZ)Adult (f)2,5789160
jIZTq(jIZTq)Adult (f)2,4979130
58v4A(58v4A)Adult (m)3,7188140
AuWgv(AuWgv)Adult (m)2,4518521
k9bPlToys Which Witch is ThatAdult (f)2,4278451
7SVC9(7SVC9)Adult (f)2,4188441
iLKzh(iLKzh)Adult (f)2,4138401
EHIEf(EHIEf)Adult (f)2,4618731
l8bky(l8bky)Adult (m)2,4498780
zWssW(zWssW)Adult (f)2,4418771
GuBUp(GuBUp)Adult (m)3,0236540
Qy8DL(Qy8DL)Adult (f)3,2768271
NcFu5(NcFu5)Adult (f)3,2518301
TSzCs(TSzCs)Adult (m)3,2298271
et4Zz(et4Zz)Adult (f)3,3028212
n0zsm(n0zsm)Adult (m)3,2798201
4g22u(4g22u)Adult (m)3,2108281
nHNwf(nHNwf)Adult (m)2,5705820
HhfcI(HhfcI)Adult (m)2,9096421
9pJyQMontoys Full of ColourAdult (f)2,8056521
GWtNC(GWtNC)Adult (f)2,8546560
rkKga(rkKga)Adult (m)3,2347131
Lo2MToys Harry HarvestAdult (m)4,0975881
RrAMToys Howard HarvestAdult (m)4,1015961
oV11Toys Harriet HarvestAdult (f)4,5295881
1Q7qToys Hannah HarvestAdult (f)4,4716053
lU67QToys Hilda HarvestAdult (f)5,2774991
HYfu1(HYfu1)Adult (f)3,6865683
H45kToys Hells BellesAdult (f)2,97429823
nRnTToys Hells KitchenAdult (m)3,7273686
pvuoToys Hell ova Nice GuyAdult (m)2,9403015
d6s4Toys To Hell and BackAdult (m)3,5105764
bQN5Toys Hell has no FuryAdult (f)2,8644922
bL7eo(bL7eo)Adult (m)4,3574760
i0CDm(i0CDm)Adult (m)5,9734884
hZQmdToys Hell on EarthAdult (f)4,2476172
mcjGgToys all Hell Breaks LooseAdult (f)2,9317761
f7Lb1Toys Too Hot to HandleAdult (m)2,3856702
ZCoWxToys Too Hot to TouchAdult (f)2,0268411
qZeoD(qZeoD)Adult (m)4,0907733
igNyS(igNyS)Adult (m)3,2206341
P1aGx(P1aGx)Adult (f)2,9006161
QPaaE(QPaaE)Adult (f)4,1386942
kJ1HD(kJ1HD)Adult (f)5,4906253
3uekC(3uekC)Adult (m)3,5027492
IubZo(IubZo)Adult (f)3,5367541
Fqc5j(Fqc5j)Adult (f)4,8797100
P8QhP(P8QhP)Adult (m)4,8867081
6nejr(6nejr)Adult (f)2,9817251
SuzAf(SuzAf)Adult (m)3,6079331
pbetToys Warrior PrincessAdult (f)2,78075220
Zam5Toys Man O WarAdult (m)1,2165093
1B44Toys War LordAdult (m)2,2424127
ZuvCToys Lady of WarAdult (f)2,31125011
vn6T9(vn6T9)Adult (m)3,4874463
RfhIZ(RfhIZ)Adult (f)3,0884402
vJENW(vJENW)Adult (m)2,8559012
aOxcR(aOxcR)Adult (f)2,9277721
rfejh(rfejh)Adult (f)1,9337111
L9aMA(L9aMA)Adult (m)3,9377840
Zk0GB(Zk0GB)Adult (f)3,8087970
0JUKK(0JUKK)Adult (m)2,9189180
fwTjd(fwTjd)Adult (f)3,8328910
6obbToys Cold as IceAdult (m)1,87833517
3OYBToys Ice MaidenAdult (f)4,75531817
sFZ6Toys Ice ColdAdult (m)3,00334716
GpSMToys Ice is NiceAdult (f)2,56940515
5M3LToys Ice AngelAdult (f)2,24128610
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