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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ned2s(ned2s)Adult (f)5,2347124
W6jl1(W6jl1)Adult (m)3,6587951
YUApD(YUApD)Adult (m)3,8868382
GtZ2h(GtZ2h)Adult (f)5,2446771
I5YE1(I5YE1)Adult (m)5,6456792
fHhr3(fHhr3)Adult (m)4,04483623
gpj9J(gpj9J)Adult (m)5,2527011
rH8ny(rH8ny)Adult (m)4,6695941
B5lliToys 620SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,4205083
ISvJa(ISvJa)Adult (f)4,8095792
z9mAF(z9mAF)Adult (m)5,5376042
0OWOP(0OWOP)Adult (f)3,6548293
I8dSr(I8dSr)Adult (f)5,8485351
UsThD(UsThD)Adult (m)5,9267200
uIccu(uIccu)Adult (m)5,5916002
mY74L(mY74L)Adult (m)5,7867130
hOere(hOere)Adult (f)4,8117621
jPQE8(jPQE8)Adult (f)5,6697161
STK9bToys 630SD for the HollyAdult (f)5,6127170
80lEV(80lEV)Adult (f)4,0217821
t8aY0(t8aY0)Adult (f)4,0177771
JnOBc(JnOBc)Adult (m)4,8798000
QLrE3(QLrE3)Adult (m)4,2887891
LutnL(LutnL)Adult (f)5,9826872
hOOLa(hOOLa)Adult (f)6,0105422
9uTOG(9uTOG)Adult (m)6,3485271
fWvK9(fWvK9)Adult (m)3,4957722
avfOc(avfOc)Adult (m)4,2307073
SVSCyToys 640SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,3324551
K2mxk(K2mxk)Adult (f)4,2037110
Ti7jS(Ti7jS)Adult (f)4,1937051
doyGg(doyGg)Adult (m)4,2877010
IHWZy(IHWZy)Adult (f)4,7785631
xHRWv(xHRWv)Adult (m)4,2696940
0atM1(0atM1)Adult (m)5,2165551
L8Mp1(L8Mp1)Adult (m)5,3326142
SM0kg(SM0kg)Adult (m)5,9886733
6g1JZ(6g1JZ)Adult (f)5,8906761
wEcJxToys 650SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,2246471
Rkr9b(Rkr9b)Adult (f)4,6107295
LPsnu(LPsnu)Adult (f)4,6167343
tiPoF(tiPoF)Adult (m)4,8026963
vPWqq(vPWqq)Adult (m)4,6817157
vaQQN(vaQQN)Adult (m)4,7727114
eLU65(eLU65)Adult (f)4,2367211
cOAfz(cOAfz)Adult (f)4,4176902
6X5Xd(6X5Xd)Adult (m)5,0228011
AaekM(AaekM)Adult (m)5,1117912
YDCloToys 660SD for the HollyAdult (f)5,8909563
Z8lWO(Z8lWO)Adult (m)2,0324554
Hwf0r(Hwf0r)Adult (m)3,9016472
rLKyY(rLKyY)Adult (m)3,9116371
58DHV(58DHV)Adult (f)4,3787531
elnjB(elnjB)Adult (f)4,3647420
ip3XJ(ip3XJ)Adult (f)4,4357520
eZPMs(eZPMs)Adult (m)6,1038482
XY67y(XY67y)Adult (m)5,1286601
hCKyC(hCKyC)Adult (m)4,7236700
0LQgaToys 670SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,9706672
GghRA(GghRA)Adult (f)4,6586701
VBjvx(VBjvx)Adult (m)6,7759347
0cMQn(0cMQn)Adult (f)4,0786541
HD2Hf(HD2Hf)Adult (f)5,0257363
nHj6m(nHj6m)Adult (f)4,1607321
JLV7v(JLV7v)Adult (f)5,3356813
57jec(57jec)Adult (f)5,2837581
bJeR3(bJeR3)Adult (m)5,1127480
NDEND(NDEND)Adult (f)6,3424242
iWT02(iWT02)Adult (m)4,7215952
V0CzGToys 680SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,3935561
ZBhDS(ZBhDS)Adult (f)4,2235591
HUbXD(HUbXD)Adult (m)4,5395750
lTqbv(lTqbv)Adult (m)4,1785601
P5NJV(P5NJV)Adult (f)4,2505580
rXvLf(rXvLf)Adult (f)4,4765790
0WCyX(0WCyX)Adult (m)4,5765721
oaOwz(oaOwz)Adult (f)4,5265671
373kR(373kR)Adult (f)4,6305731
0pzyj(0pzyj)Adult (m)4,8356611
s9v6z(s9v6z)Adult (f)3,5055911
IN2GJToys 690SD for the HollyAdult (f)6,0496110
sV8Ly(sV8Ly)Adult (m)6,1448622
TmpSP(TmpSP)Adult (f)6,2068412
ZK5AQ(ZK5AQ)Adult (m)5,1686861
oV9D0(oV9D0)Adult (m)4,6305911
twYHJ(twYHJ)Adult (m)6,6749371
TxfqB(TxfqB)Adult (m)6,7209383
gDV8v(gDV8v)Adult (f)7,0549441
NF8EB(NF8EB)Adult (f)6,0005092
EWsAu(EWsAu)Adult (f)5,5815043
oi0UzToys 700SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,7966562
YNIEO(YNIEO)Adult (m)4,2066862
QK8fW(QK8fW)Adult (m)5,3776892
zC6mU(zC6mU)Adult (m)7,3746602
2Rcxw(2Rcxw)Adult (m)3,7017351
onxpw(onxpw)Adult (f)5,2306232
BbNOh(BbNOh)Adult (m)4,7135311
c3UMv(c3UMv)Adult (m)4,5755381
kCjPX(kCjPX)Adult (f)5,5186261
ABZyH(ABZyH)Adult (f)5,7606884
rcrhtToys 710SD for the HollyAdult (m)7,3217014
rICcT(rICcT)Adult (f)4,4753010
rzJf3(rzJf3)Adult (m)4,5983160
pF1M3(pF1M3)Adult (m)4,6803241
1z0bo(1z0bo)Adult (f)4,6473262
F04M7(F04M7)Adult (f)6,1774310
X3Skv(X3Skv)Adult (f)4,5587411
hdteM(hdteM)Adult (m)4,0197312
1Gt8l(1Gt8l)Adult (f)4,2057963
0t5HB(0t5HB)Adult (f)5,9346851
mXHYzToys 720SD for the HollyAdult (f)5,9507082
Qdqo9(Qdqo9)Adult (m)4,4557301
tvPKJ(tvPKJ)Adult (f)4,8095370
3wlcW(3wlcW)Adult (m)4,7765461
BgUR4(BgUR4)Adult (m)4,5775731
LmVVE(LmVVE)Adult (m)4,4765881
pyuON(pyuON)Adult (f)5,4666702
vCiKi(vCiKi)Adult (m)5,5397291
KAPro(KAPro)Adult (m)4,3687453
I5SDM(I5SDM)Adult (f)4,9355452
LAPs5Toys 730SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,4006501
2gmcf(2gmcf)Adult (f)5,2105801
OLGW3(OLGW3)Adult (m)4,9305921
6BkgQ(6BkgQ)Adult (m)5,5025811
0uMkI(0uMkI)Adult (m)4,9295831
luDbn(luDbn)Adult (m)5,7397283
W1KlG(W1KlG)Adult (m)5,5605742
3IuJl(3IuJl)Adult (m)5,6265690
pW0cH(pW0cH)Adult (m)6,6288893
YigJ7(YigJ7)Adult (f)6,1948621
jjqDZToys 740SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,5527141
jj5fZ(jj5fZ)Adult (m)6,3916941
O1wRL(O1wRL)Adult (f)6,1907092
DOXMz(DOXMz)Adult (f)6,4878952
xTfzw(xTfzw)Adult (m)5,8568713
PpPg3(PpPg3)Adult (f)6,5779295
9Dbq4(9Dbq4)Adult (m)5,7376444
LxH7r(LxH7r)Adult (f)4,9055823
kaikM(kaikM)Adult (f)4,9486233
FUAYi(FUAYi)Adult (f)5,0085503
IXLgNToys 750SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,5237461
bWd0B(bWd0B)Adult (f)3,2715775
AK1JT(AK1JT)Adult (m)3,0105474
4EG3Y(4EG3Y)Adult (m)7,1178213
8VfFZ(8VfFZ)Adult (m)6,2736543
PiZMq(PiZMq)Adult (m)6,3326552
x54eu(x54eu)Adult (f)4,4304391
UONOx(UONOx)Adult (m)3,8094392
xQhsO(xQhsO)Adult (m)5,4516052
nWhiq(nWhiq)Adult (f)4,9584792
5b8gNToys 760SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,3977871
jsVpg(jsVpg)Adult (m)5,7215783
534QA(534QA)Adult (m)4,3077781
WrHin(WrHin)Adult (m)5,1016544
vCzVS(vCzVS)Adult (m)6,0405061
M6kgK(M6kgK)Adult (m)5,1256823
FUt4T(FUt4T)Adult (m)6,9548022
WarxL(WarxL)Adult (m)6,9267962
c3ZWu(c3ZWu)Adult (f)6,9218113
QnQrL(QnQrL)Adult (m)4,6797374
lkt5MToys 770SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,9876972
bGwqc(bGwqc)Adult (m)5,5717832
DVCWZ(DVCWZ)Adult (m)5,5137772
6q8Fv(6q8Fv)Adult (m)5,6327722
3rrDF(3rrDF)Adult (m)6,0496601
6UvVV(6UvVV)Adult (f)5,9849052
7cFxx(7cFxx)Adult (f)5,9156863
UUyN3(UUyN3)Adult (f)6,9646402
7VkHV(7VkHV)Adult (f)5,1147371
gHWzU(gHWzU)Adult (f)5,1767312
Fd9u7Toys 780SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,9307303
yOglP(yOglP)Adult (m)5,0827732
840JX(840JX)Adult (f)5,9447221
zY153(zY153)Adult (f)5,7497181
p7Sft(p7Sft)Adult (m)4,7426872
iSehI(iSehI)Adult (m)7,3538792
MEoNQ(MEoNQ)Adult (f)7,1548581
muoUN(muoUN)Adult (f)4,5287461
1pxqs(1pxqs)Adult (f)4,3568051
ro2uqToys 790SD for the HollyAdult (m)3,0545701
hr2iL(hr2iL)Adult (f)2,7015833
7IBC9(7IBC9)Adult (m)2,7935061
m5rKa(m5rKa)Adult (m)3,1375501
3LWX4(3LWX4)Adult (f)3,4485204
7LaGW(7LaGW)Adult (f)5,3936240
G5cfm(G5cfm)Adult (f)2,9205212
FuqkN(FuqkN)Adult (m)4,7118643
qEkdh(qEkdh)Adult (f)5,7096730
3Lgw0(3Lgw0)Adult (m)2,8584423
TI1ia(TI1ia)Adult (f)3,2324622
D4szvToys 800SD for the HollyAdult (m)2,6656051
12Vl0(12Vl0)Adult (f)3,2265342
dvhCd(dvhCd)Adult (f)3,2145062
4X3Aj(4X3Aj)Adult (m)3,3305471
N0xTz(N0xTz)Adult (f)5,1025391
BJfp4(BJfp4)Adult (m)4,4386613
2nRxJ(2nRxJ)Adult (f)4,3476541
oZw8C(oZw8C)Adult (f)5,0656231
XZtIr(XZtIr)Adult (f)4,6477260
rhwF6(rhwF6)Adult (m)4,4017550
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