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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
y77sv(y77sv)Adult (m)4,7127231
2xOAd(2xOAd)Adult (m)4,5363130
MNQ8X(MNQ8X)Adult (m)4,3033242
7oZ3o(7oZ3o)Adult (m)5,8065790
ilw0a(ilw0a)Adult (m)5,6165700
jCPop(jCPop)Adult (m)5,6015821
RUfUi(RUfUi)Adult (f)5,2709223
j1NyF(j1NyF)Adult (m)5,3246244
z4Lsh(z4Lsh)Adult (m)5,2036274
XsQKgToys 420SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,8831,0324
OlhCz(OlhCz)Adult (m)5,1518065
OIQvp(OIQvp)Adult (f)4,3038864
mjq2E(mjq2E)Adult (m)5,7996051
XqDX9(XqDX9)Adult (m)6,0246203
bo7LU(bo7LU)Adult (m)5,8886501
0Uhpw(0Uhpw)Adult (m)6,14156210
39qME(39qME)Adult (f)5,77157011
zhcwC(zhcwC)Adult (m)4,1717312
yFJWe(yFJWe)Adult (f)4,7507293
YjM2ZToys 430SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,7407281
qflBO(qflBO)Adult (f)4,8327261
RezWe(RezWe)Adult (f)4,7887281
nN16h(nN16h)Adult (m)6,0107984
P0YlX(P0YlX)Adult (m)6,6541,0212
wZfAv(wZfAv)Adult (f)6,6531,0261
bbXSn(bbXSn)Adult (m)6,1646501
1XpJL(1XpJL)Adult (f)5,0208602
kgsLx(kgsLx)Adult (m)4,8688480
xoyXh(xoyXh)Adult (m)4,8167123
6JrqDToys 440SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,3013812
VG2d7(VG2d7)Adult (m)1,9234321
7n8Uv(7n8Uv)Adult (f)2,3924432
qrn7w(qrn7w)Adult (f)4,6253991
TDFhj(TDFhj)Adult (m)4,1753890
yDwtL(yDwtL)Adult (f)4,7153570
Hx3Bp(Hx3Bp)Adult (m)4,8135370
2CBj5(2CBj5)Adult (m)6,3494493
mdiW1(mdiW1)Adult (m)6,2234570
oWiDX(oWiDX)Adult (f)6,2754580
YHlizToys 450SD for the HollyAdult (m)6,2694610
pfZze(pfZze)Adult (m)6,2924581
kHOh5(kHOh5)Adult (m)4,9138031
hxbSQ(hxbSQ)Adult (f)6,5474581
fzyax(fzyax)Adult (f)4,9818081
zJ44y(zJ44y)Adult (f)4,5067660
wZnkU(wZnkU)Adult (f)4,8283842
yI4KE(yI4KE)Adult (m)4,5597430
irGHI(irGHI)Adult (m)4,4767631
TmNQe(TmNQe)Adult (f)4,8137050
eFYWnToys 460SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,2486402
Hqt2l(Hqt2l)Adult (m)4,5077580
HCILQ(HCILQ)Adult (m)4,7347010
YHgac(YHgac)Adult (f)4,7527010
PdkpD(PdkpD)Adult (m)4,7966990
2g9sQ(2g9sQ)Adult (f)4,7656960
WDVXy(WDVXy)Adult (m)4,8397030
A071H(A071H)Adult (m)4,7787080
KjOMG(KjOMG)Adult (m)5,9466021
vo15J(vo15J)Adult (m)5,8135981
ZLpaxToys 470SD for the HollyAdult (f)5,7375962
ko3zN(ko3zN)Adult (f)5,7955881
Yx4N8(Yx4N8)Adult (m)5,7956071
Lg6Xe(Lg6Xe)Adult (m)4,8353232
4WlJT(4WlJT)Adult (m)4,3592913
7VF3r(7VF3r)Adult (f)6,3948772
KM0l9(KM0l9)Adult (f)6,4679033
2lyGM(2lyGM)Adult (m)6,7778364
rTyH8(rTyH8)Adult (f)5,4796081
8h64X(8h64X)Adult (f)6,3046070
uyresToys 480SD for the HollyAdult (f)5,1575251
N28Oa(N28Oa)Adult (f)5,4205201
mElaM(mElaM)Adult (f)6,2727071
ENcE4(ENcE4)Adult (f)6,2717942
gs5pu(gs5pu)Adult (m)6,3887731
DdRyP(DdRyP)Adult (m)5,8166601
KYIsO(KYIsO)Adult (f)4,6757271
mj4gH(mj4gH)Adult (f)5,2155810
QqP2D(QqP2D)Adult (m)5,4726030
rupbQ(rupbQ)Adult (f)5,0226813
pPa64Toys 490SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,1146831
4dsBM(4dsBM)Adult (f)5,0726720
DOgdQ(DOgdQ)Adult (f)4,7596452
LLkYJ(LLkYJ)Adult (m)4,6947842
ARq28(ARq28)Adult (m)5,6157652
b72wS(b72wS)Adult (f)5,2776341
IdLn3(IdLn3)Adult (f)4,9246462
ej1CL(ej1CL)Adult (f)5,3216312
y7VPx(y7VPx)Adult (f)5,3757722
t0PzK(t0PzK)Adult (m)5,5097682
qv3BVToys 500SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,1336312
7woFS(7woFS)Adult (m)5,4547711
jaeDh(jaeDh)Adult (f)5,2876472
rxIYW(rxIYW)Adult (f)5,5127622
3Zan9(3Zan9)Adult (f)7,3831,0670
wxRmh(wxRmh)Adult (f)5,7268292
PoEr0(PoEr0)Adult (f)5,5829171
7YhJX(7YhJX)Adult (f)4,15075411
QGTQM(QGTQM)Adult (f)5,2266852
KwXDU(KwXDU)Adult (f)5,3716201
lVF2mToys 510SD for the HollyAdult (m)5,2856221
2v5lq(2v5lq)Adult (m)5,2616301
prVka(prVka)Adult (f)5,2167181
D0BgK(D0BgK)Adult (f)3,4604973
0lZMX(0lZMX)Adult (f)5,2396332
thZdU(thZdU)Adult (f)5,3286092
f8YbZ(f8YbZ)Adult (m)4,9116881
OBmQa(OBmQa)Adult (m)6,3547163
zdMvE(zdMvE)Adult (m)6,1249153
dCAgG(dCAgG)Adult (m)5,9558691
vlHJ0Toys 520SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,1737641
LANaS(LANaS)Adult (m)4,4347760
dgZ2Y(dgZ2Y)Adult (m)5,4625711
NSbw9(NSbw9)Adult (f)5,5855741
5A8ys(5A8ys)Adult (m)5,00667918
bcCbp(bcCbp)Adult (m)4,8488030
ZbEFg(ZbEFg)Adult (f)4,9848100
LGqwE(LGqwE)Adult (m)2,6292832
cqR4d(cqR4d)Adult (m)5,2499021
ZaPgr(ZaPgr)Adult (m)5,6757432
fBG7kToys 530SD for the HollyAdult (f)3,6612600
RTE3h(RTE3h)Adult (f)3,2252420
f3qpB(f3qpB)Adult (m)4,4267301
RHQRc(RHQRc)Adult (m)4,0584622
LyFbI(LyFbI)Adult (m)4,7726362
sQX3J(sQX3J)Adult (f)4,8156371
dnT12(dnT12)Adult (m)4,8466401
1AZXb(1AZXb)Adult (m)4,8636410
YVONM(YVONM)Adult (f)4,7836361
9EMw3(9EMw3)Adult (m)3,7613260
Cn1INToys 540SD for the HollyAdult (m)3,7713221
eHipI(eHipI)Adult (m)3,6523291
CVNgT(CVNgT)Adult (m)3,8953081
YAKi7(YAKi7)Adult (m)3,7993152
XQykc(XQykc)Adult (m)5,1667091
XIUGQ(XIUGQ)Adult (f)3,2897062
Pkabh(Pkabh)Adult (f)5,3256251
6rm4t(6rm4t)Adult (f)5,5176861
z1Zap(z1Zap)Adult (m)5,3027702
TbJ0u(TbJ0u)Adult (m)5,7747871
xL8gbToys 550SD for the HollyAdult (f)6,0791,2226
Si5TE(Si5TE)Adult (m)3,1822213
hpbOp(hpbOp)Adult (f)6,1057092
3PSLN(3PSLN)Adult (m)6,2997951
YAx1f(YAx1f)Adult (f)5,8729703
i0ItP(i0ItP)Adult (m)5,6748943
mIay7(mIay7)Adult (m)5,4528602
wJOOr(wJOOr)Adult (m)5,7508653
rnicC(rnicC)Adult (f)4,1076560
OGLjO(OGLjO)Adult (m)4,0726581
fV1OSToys 560SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,2716510
FY7sJ(FY7sJ)Adult (f)4,1806531
jpfkr(jpfkr)Adult (m)4,1166521
wgFsb(wgFsb)Adult (m)4,5616511
u0Hmz(u0Hmz)Adult (m)4,7116471
YJZ5A(YJZ5A)Adult (m)3,9177323
XJLXD(XJLXD)Adult (m)3,9137351
VST0V(VST0V)Adult (f)4,1627321
na8Sk(na8Sk)Adult (f)4,6787091
yNUma(yNUma)Adult (f)4,5617372
HNnkMToys 570SD for the HollyAdult (f)4,4277612
8ZIjL(8ZIjL)Adult (m)4,0357702
3Oa1k(3Oa1k)Adult (m)4,1207720
pn0zq(pn0zq)Adult (f)4,2927510
KyoTD(KyoTD)Adult (f)4,2927512
KqNoy(KqNoy)Adult (f)4,4217781
wcH3U(wcH3U)Adult (m)5,0357014
nQrHq(nQrHq)Adult (m)4,1856531
1OBQP(1OBQP)Adult (f)4,1216651
y1OGR(y1OGR)Adult (m)4,9456824
xLVprToys 580SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,5796063
XDuoF(XDuoF)Adult (m)3,7438342
86bwD(86bwD)Adult (m)5,3406042
jy6bs(jy6bs)Adult (f)5,7208751
fWfXR(fWfXR)Adult (m)5,7158600
njuBR(njuBR)Adult (f)4,3806343
9vzvb(9vzvb)Adult (f)2,97486913
Uk7Xw(Uk7Xw)Adult (f)4,6895484
gpEZy(gpEZy)Adult (m)4,3137370
1QDuk(1QDuk)Adult (f)5,0126242
R91QzToys 590SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,5923973
dDKHe(dDKHe)Adult (m)4,7553297
yr64D(yr64D)Adult (f)3,3767231
xFnaf(xFnaf)Adult (f)3,3817310
FqZc6(FqZc6)Adult (f)4,0667400
LLSqP(LLSqP)Adult (f)4,1056731
Bo5pe(Bo5pe)Adult (m)4,4486581
qgUoi(qgUoi)Adult (f)4,0576662
IZwPR(IZwPR)Adult (f)3,9066831
TyPbE(TyPbE)Adult (m)3,9216841
pPET7Toys 600SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,4416621
ZYvi1(ZYvi1)Adult (m)3,5387441
Lwylu(Lwylu)Adult (m)3,6187302
ed4l2(ed4l2)Adult (m)4,1227072
juQd9(juQd9)Adult (f)4,5287212
FSCms(FSCms)Adult (m)3,9247284
T5bde(T5bde)Adult (m)3,8837303
cIcNM(cIcNM)Adult (m)4,4977142
sxCx2(sxCx2)Adult (m)5,1186581
u0CJ4(u0CJ4)Adult (f)5,1666711
8m57OToys 610SD for the HollyAdult (m)4,4348025
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