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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AsZ7JToys Aeon AnnieAdult (f)4,4609258
rHgb8Toys Aeon AlexanderAdult (m)4,5271,0023
H4LFk(H4LFk)Adult (f)2,7538232
Pw8sIToys All for GloryAdult (m)3,1098791
ejLts(ejLts)Adult (f)3,3458850
liSCk(liSCk)Adult (f)3,2458342
g7Kgs(g7Kgs)Adult (m)2,6896221
IccEn(IccEn)Adult (f)3,1568134
95Kgt(95Kgt)Adult (f)4,2679972
rXCg7(rXCg7)Adult (f)3,1137813
bGd2H(bGd2H)Adult (f)3,5268393
44J42Toys We Are GloriousAdult (f)4,8951,0273
mKi4R(mKi4R)Adult (f)5,4511,0452
cYUXIToys Aether AnnabelleAdult (f)3,7705280
1wMzOToys Aether ArmandoAdult (m)3,6085260
zsC5t(zsC5t)Adult (f)3,6515250
6hhTS(6hhTS)Adult (f)4,3976340
qaKig(qaKig)Adult (m)4,6446632
VAZV1(VAZV1)Adult (m)4,1055030
e7iYI(e7iYI)Adult (f)2,1676472
xNFJT(xNFJT)Adult (f)3,7157980
fC61m(fC61m)Adult (m)3,5757921
ah3Ni(ah3Ni)Adult (f)3,3166721
mXbto(mXbto)Adult (f)3,8866922
jZ8WG(jZ8WG)Adult (m)3,2788042
lGhbm(lGhbm)Adult (f)3,5848582
DgP6a(DgP6a)Adult (f)3,6078182
bUX8q(bUX8q)Adult (f)3,6717912
A5Uvf(A5Uvf)Adult (m)3,4618494
jnO6m(jnO6m)Adult (f)3,3718452
6WDPX(6WDPX)Adult (f)5,0607721
oPA8Toys Cream of the CropAdult (f)1,2564594
42ZQToys Whipped CreamAdult (m)1,3976683
mkGkToys Ice CreamAdult (m)1,3365803
8Vu6Toys Irish CreamAdult (f)2,56623319
G2jtToys Double CreamAdult (m)2,4827489
bxYbzToys Alcedine AggieAdult (f)3,6439464
KUiZgToys Alcedine AlbertoAdult (m)3,4138852
TM4c7(TM4c7)Adult (f)3,7238911
4dlQ3(4dlQ3)Adult (m)4,8409190
MqeuF(MqeuF)Adult (m)2,9607161
P1a4r(P1a4r)Adult (f)3,2937723
Yg0e6(Yg0e6)Adult (f)7,9731,3214
is88K(is88K)Adult (m)3,9368831
fO9fMToys Alcedine AugustusAdult (m)4,5058930
nyubZToys Alcedine AdamusAdult (m)3,7277032
FmYhTToys Almerald ArgentiAdult (m)3,7777572
LFCdzToys Almerald All GreenAdult (f)3,8207680
MgeyA(MgeyA)Adult (f)3,7477250
c1LUr(c1LUr)Adult (f)3,8227150
HmNoH(HmNoH)Adult (f)4,2157880
4F8JJ(4F8JJ)Adult (f)3,6037471
1ClJU(1ClJU)Adult (m)4,9211,0361
0ehAu(0ehAu)Adult (f)3,4607432
QMgjh(QMgjh)Adult (m)3,6898121
EMLw8Toys Amarignis ValentineAdult (f)2,8188782
vOZrDToys Amarignis Valentine ToAdult (f)2,8728711
M8oSPToys Anagallis SunseekerAdult (m)4,1018381
hm6fhToys Anagallis ShelleyAdult (f)4,1488391
6TVyR(6TVyR)Adult (f)4,1258382
tAgJm(tAgJm)Adult (m)4,4848572
ACTst(ACTst)Adult (f)4,4177791
yMJhU(yMJhU)Adult (m)4,4507791
kUCg2(kUCg2)Adult (f)5,2748591
WJt4M(WJt4M)Adult (f)5,0608702
jEuJv(jEuJv)Adult (m)6,4468282
q4BGP(q4BGP)Adult (f)5,9147811
bDDw1(bDDw1)Adult (f)3,6348282
AwU3O(AwU3O)Adult (m)3,5849342
0Tf1d(0Tf1d)Adult (m)4,3349832
gHfcr(gHfcr)Adult (f)6,6161,1412
zBhhd(zBhhd)Adult (m)3,3848954
BsTGDToys Antarean Full of MysteryAdult (m)4,8667502
Ffh7NToys Antarean Out of this WorldAdult (f)4,7907571
79Omc(79Omc)Adult (f)4,6667671
ZFgGa(ZFgGa)Adult (m)5,1017240
LmkQB(LmkQB)Adult (f)4,3217860
XbvA9(XbvA9)Adult (f)3,3417492
JBHlu(JBHlu)Adult (m)3,6228910
6f9tX(6f9tX)Adult (f)3,5068680
9Jwsl(9Jwsl)Adult (f)3,6089111
WeNxl(WeNxl)Adult (f)3,6758951
u1KYS(u1KYS)Adult (m)4,2151,0201
SMONm(SMONm)Adult (f)3,7488470
LEFUM(LEFUM)Adult (f)4,4889100
gMxCM(gMxCM)Adult (m)4,7258880
0eL1Y(0eL1Y)Adult (f)4,5799891
GI50A(GI50A)Adult (m)3,9128502
uyPZX(uyPZX)Adult (m)3,8208161
d52kv(d52kv)Adult (f)3,9218040
lHUsE(lHUsE)Adult (m)3,7227870
MWeDB(MWeDB)Adult (m)3,7878241
063TP(063TP)Adult (f)3,6718551
RhiP4(RhiP4)Adult (m)3,1327081
I1bbp(I1bbp)Adult (m)4,6828713
xI1FX(xI1FX)Adult (f)5,3461,0711
ecubv(ecubv)Adult (f)3,8038123
599PX(599PX)Adult (m)3,9568312
Eesou(Eesou)Adult (f)4,3178972
6elqe(6elqe)Adult (f)3,4388452
1NVmj(1NVmj)Adult (f)4,6998042
GYI7J(GYI7J)Adult (m)4,9201,1122
ZEPsm(ZEPsm)Adult (m)3,9449062
4xJr5(4xJr5)Adult (m)3,1298231
nHNwf(nHNwf)Adult (m)2,5705820
HhfcI(HhfcI)Adult (m)2,9096421
9pJyQMontoys Full of ColourAdult (f)2,8056521
GWtNC(GWtNC)Adult (f)2,8546560
rkKga(rkKga)Adult (m)3,2347131
SlJVI(SlJVI)Adult (f)4,6211,3024
aYP4O(aYP4O)Adult (f)3,9936872
CbP9u(CbP9u)Adult (f)3,9836706
CW7B1Toys a Pretty Pretty PinkAdult (f)4,3517704
R5tpI(R5tpI)Adult (m)3,1258451
bS8y9(bS8y9)Adult (m)3,5608181
KSLZh(KSLZh)Adult (f)4,8546962
oVGt1(oVGt1)Adult (m)3,9616837
Ue2mJ(Ue2mJ)Adult (m)3,0576862
l4BFX(l4BFX)Adult (f)2,8577322
GFJ4v(GFJ4v)Adult (f)2,7927692
WW497(WW497)Adult (f)3,5539091
iNm4q(iNm4q)Adult (m)3,4159061
QvLSo(QvLSo)Adult (m)3,5857772
o9odc(o9odc)Adult (m)2,5146580
H9Bud(H9Bud)Adult (f)2,7856352
ObUhR(ObUhR)Adult (f)3,6808191
1cViZ(1cViZ)Adult (m)3,4906682
WBQNQ(WBQNQ)Adult (m)3,5177421
YJpup(YJpup)Adult (m)3,5858512
CsweB(CsweB)Adult (f)5,5691,1522
ZMSWm(ZMSWm)Adult (f)3,6077702
KnI6Y(KnI6Y)Adult (m)3,6797712
1uVEK(1uVEK)Adult (f)3,7058231
JCsJu(JCsJu)Adult (m)4,0159092
JVs7J(JVs7J)Adult (m)5,0369712
oNYauToys Cast a Spell on MeAdult (f)3,4464371
WqTaYToys Under your SpellAdult (f)3,4054411
iFR57(iFR57)Adult (f)3,9869851
itj9y(itj9y)Adult (f)4,7169503
AOE5p(AOE5p)Adult (f)4,2079822
UIsZd(UIsZd)Adult (f)3,7057734
VyKy3(VyKy3)Adult (f)4,6669201
Ro8GC(Ro8GC)Adult (f)4,7569011
EeLln(EeLln)Adult (m)4,2168901
wwk0u(wwk0u)Adult (f)3,0598161
tZoGD(tZoGD)Adult (m)3,5217811
cx7Xr(cx7Xr)Adult (f)3,9068091
rWwxy(rWwxy)Adult (m)3,4408683
HQePw(HQePw)Adult (f)4,7029703
4suRq(4suRq)Adult (f)5,4139291
aXNrq(aXNrq)Adult (m)2,6087071
CbXID(CbXID)Adult (m)2,7876931
QkXYB(QkXYB)Adult (f)2,7216762
ef4XN(ef4XN)Adult (f)3,0786802
6DJvf(6DJvf)Adult (f)3,0626851
4ErVc(4ErVc)Adult (m)5,2841,1362
UikxQ(UikxQ)Adult (m)5,8361,0744
CoFLc(CoFLc)Adult (m)3,7947783
B52rU(B52rU)Adult (f)4,6831,0402
wbzDn(wbzDn)Adult (f)3,4117791
9QnfF(9QnfF)Adult (f)3,4577582
LcWnv(LcWnv)Adult (f)3,9218601
zedkp(zedkp)Adult (m)3,8568360
8Lg13(8Lg13)Adult (f)3,4198372
TzJeIToys Avea AwesomeAdult (f)4,0449984
Wyoka(Wyoka)Adult (f)6,3711,0321
AunjoToys Avin AlexanderAdult (m)2,3956382
trdgtToys Avin AbigailAdult (f)2,3656440
ifIGm(ifIGm)Adult (m)4,6139531
Fm6Yq(Fm6Yq)Adult (f)4,0737422
Otf2p(Otf2p)Adult (f)4,0397392
pimE8(pimE8)Adult (f)3,2156371
IQpC4(IQpC4)Adult (f)3,9226251
yAwmk(yAwmk)Adult (m)3,9216220
CEkQ5(CEkQ5)Adult (f)4,1697021
txkBm(txkBm)Adult (m)6,0725621
F7JYI(F7JYI)Adult (f)5,5398562
EvT8F(EvT8F)Adult (m)5,4661,1271
ris0n(ris0n)Adult (f)3,5379422
z5M3J(z5M3J)Adult (f)5,4381,0821
sWf8j(sWf8j)Adult (f)4,0856582
2Iyme(2Iyme)Adult (m)4,0986521
NIovW(NIovW)Adult (m)5,6956400
12JcR(12JcR)Adult (f)5,6476400
YVKq7(YVKq7)Adult (f)4,9281,0272
i3VEToys Air JordanAdult (f)2,48432916
WvWVToys Air MaxAdult (m)1,4507062
4Uy6P(4Uy6P)Adult (f)4,8971,0464
uDlFVToys Fly HighAdult (m)4,0178673
AJZzlToys Balloon Full of BounceAdult (f)4,9049293
F6U7m(F6U7m)Adult (m)5,1736031
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