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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “owned by toys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZDJr0(ZDJr0)Hatchling (f)2,6367070
ugrEToys Just the Two of UsAdult (m)2,3958047
lgG6Toys Two's CompanyAdult (f)2,15232516
hTQMToys Twisted SistersAdult (f)3,02724613
UadiToys Two Heads Betterthan OneAdult (m)5,02633614
WEQoToys Two B ornot Two BAdult (m)2,83735521
JemDToys Two for the price of OneAdult (f)4,0574566
gsMJU(gsMJU)Adult (f)3,4984521
K1GJKToys Double the TroubleAdult (m)5,5441,0151
ASJ2nToys Double or NothingAdult (f)4,4599670
OhOgG(OhOgG)Adult (m)6,1278570
rFGYS(rFGYS)Adult (f)5,8499370
U9peo(U9peo)Adult (m)3,8111,0471
7VG9b(7VG9b)Adult (m)5,8818611
Amw3p(Amw3p)Adult (f)6,4387791
P8um4(P8um4)Adult (f)4,2138440
7rchj(7rchj)Adult (f)5,0158332
Ml8LQ(Ml8LQ)Adult (f)5,0238070
PdOFv(PdOFv)Adult (m)3,5831,0452
iLDoY(iLDoY)Adult (f)4,5481,0391
boQ2J(boQ2J)Adult (m)4,6359820
JoeQP(JoeQP)Adult (f)5,4979340
A4sMH(A4sMH)Adult (f)4,7599680
8UpPW(8UpPW)Adult (m)4,4851,0180
6DBjU(6DBjU)Adult (m)4,8938551
VgFkc(VgFkc)Adult (f)3,3711,0382
leJnY(leJnY)Adult (m)4,1529993
AsZ7J(AsZ7J)Adult (f)4,4609258
H4LFk(H4LFk)Adult (f)2,7538232
Pw8sI(Pw8sI)Adult (m)3,1098791
ejLts(ejLts)Adult (f)3,3458850
liSCk(liSCk)Adult (f)3,2458342
cYUXI(cYUXI)Adult (f)3,7705280
1wMzO(1wMzO)Adult (m)3,6085260
zsC5t(zsC5t)Adult (f)3,6515250
6hhTS(6hhTS)Adult (f)4,3976340
qaKig(qaKig)Adult (m)4,6446632
VAZV1(VAZV1)Adult (m)4,1055030
e7iYI(e7iYI)Adult (f)2,1676472
oPA8Toys Cream of the CropAdult (f)1,2564594
42ZQToys Whipped CreamAdult (m)1,3976683
mkGkToys Ice CreamAdult (m)1,3365803
8Vu6Toys Irish CreamAdult (f)2,56623319
G2jtToys Double CreamAdult (m)2,4827489
FmYhT(FmYhT)Adult (m)3,7777572
LFCdz(LFCdz)Adult (f)3,8207680
MgeyA(MgeyA)Adult (f)3,7477250
c1LUr(c1LUr)Adult (f)3,8227150
HmNoH(HmNoH)Adult (f)4,2157880
4F8JJ(4F8JJ)Adult (f)3,6037471
M8oSP(M8oSP)Adult (m)4,1018381
hm6fh(hm6fh)Adult (f)4,1488391
6TVyR(6TVyR)Adult (f)4,1258382
tAgJm(tAgJm)Adult (m)4,4848572
ACTst(ACTst)Adult (f)4,4177791
yMJhU(yMJhU)Adult (m)4,4507791
kUCg2(kUCg2)Adult (f)5,2748591
WJt4M(WJt4M)Adult (f)5,0608702
jEuJv(jEuJv)Adult (m)6,4468282
q4BGP(q4BGP)Adult (f)5,9147811
BsTGD(BsTGD)Adult (m)4,8667502
Ffh7N(Ffh7N)Adult (f)4,7907571
79Omc(79Omc)Adult (f)4,6667671
ZFgGa(ZFgGa)Adult (m)5,1017240
LmkQB(LmkQB)Adult (f)4,3217860
XbvA9(XbvA9)Adult (f)3,3417492
JBHlu(JBHlu)Adult (m)3,6228910
6f9tX(6f9tX)Adult (f)3,5068680
9Jwsl(9Jwsl)Adult (f)3,6089111
WeNxl(WeNxl)Adult (f)3,6758951
u1KYS(u1KYS)Adult (m)4,2151,0201
aYP4O(aYP4O)Adult (f)3,9936872
CbP9u(CbP9u)Adult (f)3,9836706
CW7B1Toys a Pretty Pretty PinkAdult (f)4,3517704
R5tpI(R5tpI)Adult (m)3,1258451
bS8y9(bS8y9)Adult (m)3,5608181
KSLZh(KSLZh)Adult (f)4,8546962
oVGt1(oVGt1)Adult (m)3,9616837
Ue2mJ(Ue2mJ)Adult (m)3,0576862
l4BFX(l4BFX)Adult (f)2,8577322
GFJ4v(GFJ4v)Adult (f)2,7927692
WW497(WW497)Adult (f)3,5539091
iNm4q(iNm4q)Adult (m)3,4159061
VyKy3(VyKy3)Adult (f)4,6669201
Ro8GC(Ro8GC)Adult (f)4,7569011
EeLln(EeLln)Adult (m)4,2168901
pimE8(pimE8)Adult (f)3,2156371
IQpC4(IQpC4)Adult (f)3,9226251
yAwmk(yAwmk)Adult (m)3,9216220
CEkQ5(CEkQ5)Adult (f)4,1697021
txkBm(txkBm)Adult (m)6,0725621
sWf8j(sWf8j)Adult (f)4,0856582
2Iyme(2Iyme)Adult (m)4,0986521
NIovW(NIovW)Adult (m)5,6956400
12JcR(12JcR)Adult (f)5,6476400
i3VEToys Air JordanAdult (f)2,48432916
WvWVToys Air MaxAdult (m)1,4507062
F6U7m(F6U7m)Adult (m)5,1736031
VUPxi(VUPxi)Adult (f)5,0925821
uAzE4(uAzE4)Adult (f)3,4298511
GLVyToys Black KnightAdult (f)1,58745911
fyhZToys Black AngelAdult (f)9844625
nsGbToys Black BerriAdult (m)1,2818805
Rpv1Toys Black BettyAdult (f)4,76369411
Ty0kToys Black OnyxAdult (f)1,8001,05949
LvNHToys Black CorvetteAdult (m)3,3675003
ZpkHToys Black EveAdult (f)3,25736010
aaJnToys Black DivaAdult (f)2,8022727
V7lYToys Black FelicityAdult (f)4,1475571
sSB9Toys Black GerardAdult (m)4,1345483
ChSrToys Black HannahAdult (f)6,4875414
gP7AToys Black IgnatiusAdult (m)4,2115641
TmsVToys Black JeromeAdult (m)6,2531,2787
HGrcoToys Black KrystalAdult (f)4,3766295
RmKn7(RmKn7)Adult (m)5,4154972
XJQgY(XJQgY)Adult (m)5,0327335
oNeVd(oNeVd)Adult (m)5,3846103
RiEVO(RiEVO)Adult (m)6,7731,3778
QDmin(QDmin)Adult (m)3,6991,1236
WWqf6(WWqf6)Adult (m)4,2434033
neWQj(neWQj)Adult (f)3,2334704
mCG8f(mCG8f)Adult (m)3,4836686
0WHsJ(0WHsJ)Adult (f)2,9825904
rnvh7(rnvh7)Adult (m)3,5464351
pNaUX(pNaUX)Adult (f)2,7715793
OMAcGToys Black Numero UnoAdult (m)4,2321,1393
CEqBJ(CEqBJ)Adult (m)3,2794902
6V8gLToys Black EbonyAdult (f)2,8124973
gHG9BToys a Lady in BlackAdult (f)3,7065374
cYFViToys Black Tie AffairAdult (m)4,0214068
7bo9u(7bo9u)Adult (m)3,4865153
11cpuToys That Little Black DressAdult (f)3,97333113
CUoYS(CUoYS)Adult (m)4,05843212
43ca7(43ca7)Adult (m)2,7274378
6rkQC(6rkQC)Adult (f)5,5871,25816
S4U1XToys Bet on the BlackAdult (m)5,4833660
NyB6m(NyB6m)Adult (m)3,2926481
zBrhL(zBrhL)Adult (f)2,1117173
wpKub(wpKub)Adult (m)2,6324050
MdBXQ(MdBXQ)Adult (m)2,3663822
1E6TT(1E6TT)Adult (m)4,5549860
oBflK(oBflK)Adult (m)4,5469810
L91CH(L91CH)Adult (m)4,1991,0040
5c9Pg(5c9Pg)Adult (f)4,1389923
4fG11(4fG11)Adult (m)6,9709060
M9v5z(M9v5z)Adult (f)4,7601,0461
LVwZm(LVwZm)Adult (f)5,1719930
Ej5Ne(Ej5Ne)Adult (m)4,9438580
QsCyA(QsCyA)Adult (f)5,9678042
nssXn(nssXn)Adult (f)5,4427913
MQxbf(MQxbf)Adult (m)6,0658031
VZ0RR(VZ0RR)Adult (f)5,7126832
sJllD(sJllD)Adult (f)4,6577771
FnJSO(FnJSO)Adult (f)4,6916541
NAjtX(NAjtX)Adult (m)4,7007851
n4iIs(n4iIs)Adult (f)5,2348191
9tA1p(9tA1p)Adult (f)5,6177646
Q43pT(Q43pT)Adult (m)4,8827129
deeY1(deeY1)Adult (f)5,7667361
4yQzy(4yQzy)Adult (m)3,8038342
fsYAO(fsYAO)Adult (m)3,6597471
06t9p(06t9p)Adult (f)4,6928832
QiT9y(QiT9y)Adult (m)3,9368621
h6P4G(h6P4G)Adult (f)3,7487872
K93Sf(K93Sf)Adult (m)4,3779180
Yu9qG(Yu9qG)Adult (f)3,0397461
jNtRR(jNtRR)Adult (m)3,7578932
RTa9d(RTa9d)Adult (f)3,5189101
V4HHX(V4HHX)Adult (f)3,6169260
HYKxk(HYKxk)Adult (f)3,2688340
EuILToys Dark AngelAdult (f)2,9436362
IkDMToys After DarkAdult (f)5,3107273
OJCHToys Dark Cloud Over MeAdult (m)5,2647191
rm7oM(rm7oM)Adult (f)3,0628588
k9ntI(k9ntI)Adult (f)2,7534284
Chb4s(Chb4s)Adult (f)3,8554512
vgLId(vgLId)Adult (m)3,6864305
7o2bG(7o2bG)Adult (m)3,3374495
ffn5dToys Creature of Black LagoonAdult (f)4,5264699
nGkJkToys a Charred BlackAdult (m)3,0914404
RFEoiToys on the Dark SideAdult (f)3,5903686
1v0eRToys from the Depth of DarknessAdult (f)2,1444479
ZRu4J(ZRu4J)Adult (m)3,29437013
YlMrO(YlMrO)Adult (m)3,4404186
iSAZ3(iSAZ3)Adult (f)7,1979161
jyQ3eToys from the Depth of DespairAdult (f)3,4577605
S5mKs(S5mKs)Adult (m)5,1639469
wDtjHToys Tea with Two SugarsAdult (m)3,6786441
Hl85S(Hl85S)Adult (f)3,4177041
cvj48(cvj48)Adult (f)3,0676430
U8dIS(U8dIS)Adult (m)1,6573961
PYCph(PYCph)Adult (f)5,8628890
W5kxH(W5kxH)Adult (m)2,3641,1902
H2ErV(H2ErV)Adult (f)2,3671,1880
rcKIB(rcKIB)Adult (f)1,5764721
8BwNv(8BwNv)Adult (m)3,1158871
zfw3Q(zfw3Q)Adult (m)5,0871,19512
zH0Le(zH0Le)Adult (f)3,3877411
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