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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “otus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wzLy(wzLy)Adult (m)2,8521,66929
IblB(IblB)Adult (f)2,6311,50128
fBJG(fBJG)Adult (f)2,3721,44921
7QGi(7QGi)Adult (m)2,3531,44523
6I3h(6I3h)Adult (m)1,32240256
DWeR(DWeR)Adult (m)1,24949328
MiH1(MiH1)Adult (m)2,55191637
ETzz(ETzz)Adult (m)2,67398536
msR8(msR8)Adult (m)2,44787640
WKxh(WKxh)Adult (f)2,32363521
kQuG(kQuG)Adult (m)2,72773025
p7UK(p7UK)Adult (f)2,66170920
RDOl(RDOl)Adult (f)2,31347925
zIEJ(zIEJ)Adult (f)3,6371,60616
d1z4(d1z4)Adult (f)2,89139921
PdDZ(PdDZ)Adult (f)1,64261515
ulfP(ulfP)Adult (m)1,88042729
y9pw(y9pw)Adult (m)2,29152944
TwqA(TwqA)Adult (f)1,20838929
Fquy(Fquy)Adult (m)1,22442521
EIY2(EIY2)Adult (m)1,88941936
aaES(aaES)Adult (m)1,74040736
o2RU(o2RU)Adult (m)1,36937820
kXzD(kXzD)Adult (m)2,18660116
EvtT(EvtT)Adult (m)2,65748727
43Kf(43Kf)Adult (m)2,08642025
xLCY(xLCY)Adult (f)1,83643027
UB2J(UB2J)Adult (f)2,34948122
JtaC(JtaC)Adult (f)2,20141425
DvQj(DvQj)Adult (f)1,57536046
c72f(c72f)Adult (m)1,32837922
395h(395h)Adult (f)6124358
6Vxd(6Vxd)Adult (m)1,7358887
4GbK(4GbK)Adult (f)2,2937097
Ij6Q(Ij6Q)Adult (f)1,62450715
KcX5(KcX5)Adult (f)1,47640817
kcOw(kcOw)Adult (m)1,91345419
O3uF(O3uF)Adult (f)2,71356418
x3Fp(x3Fp)Adult (m)1,0464057
Kh9V(Kh9V)Hatchling (F)7843185
3pI9(3pI9)Adult (f)1,3783659
qnxe(qnxe)Adult (f)2,32949316
BQtt(BQtt)Adult (f)2,97331816
WP06(WP06)Adult (f)1,3846087
rTWO(rTWO)Adult (f)2,09448314
hSAx(hSAx)Adult (f)5,81046856
a8Lu(a8Lu)Adult (m)1,3723799
bFlu(bFlu)Adult (f)1,19440225
l1Tv(l1Tv)Adult (m)1,6884269
kN0T(kN0T)Adult (f)2,47322513
o8Ef(o8Ef)Adult (m)1,66941712
d7RN(d7RN)Adult (f)2,35124623
p0tJ(p0tJ)Adult (m)2,07124716
D1Z2(D1Z2)Adult (f)3,23681022
Rnfc(Rnfc)Adult (f)3,05024418
THSy(THSy)Adult (m)3,90429918
wdKd(wdKd)Adult (f)1,70532010
ZOdn(ZOdn)Adult (m)2,22035123
Gynn(Gynn)Adult (f)1,69332822
XHse(XHse)Adult (f)1,86641725
UqdK(UqdK)Adult (m)1,29232312
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