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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “odddude1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SqNSMiney and MoAdult (m)2,3558277
sj0KLala and PoAdult (f)2,8776914
CsVoUn and NamedAdult (f)4,5461,1126
qW5KWlieklolwutAdult (m)4,9861,1514
l1e9Alika the NobleAdult (f)1,3646415
SCfvAOddly See ThroughAdult (m)4,8981,4717
cGhbEAlbi OddAdult (m)1,5495672
lRotoBino OddAdult (m)3,6608960
scHeAScheaAdult (m)4,7169812
UA60QBalloooooon PartyAdult (m)4,1931,0741
tCi8qBasketball FlashbackHatchling (m, F)3,0338400
6hsQTBut it's a balloon partyHatchling (F)2,8177830
l0QhBlack Neon FlameAdult (m)2,0977153
AfuTGreenie MeenieAdult (m)2,1547577
edXbBad Luck Chuck IBAdult (m)2,0668267
Fee8Black Mage Lulu IBAdult (f)3,1625675
vARUNeon Flame IBAdult (m)2,1105366
7uFKBlack Moonless SkyAdult (f)2,91577010
HToZBlack Sun in the SkyAdult (m)3,0397854
DGFnZNeon Green ShadowAdult (f)5,5328737
Obj1oRed Moonless SkyAdult (m)3,8031,1250
LhfQLGreen Sparkles on SilverAdult (m)3,7381,1221
YXKvBlack Neon MageHatchling (F)2,0028172
drrpYuna BlunaAdult (f)2,4686252
oqM2Esuna BlunaAdult (m)3,0935412
rJUWLeetle BlueHatchling (f, F)6,0988238
MILcG(MILcG)Adult (m)4,7859371
VqTlMakani the MagnificentAdult (f)1,4276424
L73F7Rawr I Love YouAdult (m)5,9371,0560
fe0pE(fe0pE)Adult (m)7,0361,0384
Cqi5K(Cqi5K)Adult (f)7,8961,0922
ClGQH(ClGQH)Adult (f)6,6531,3430
DeaRCanopy DearAdult (m)2,9695483
ACoCLet's DDRAdult (f)3,4846833
JMbkDear DDRAdult (f)1,9464943
iSWZj(iSWZj)Adult (m)6,5958392
Bsa54(Bsa54)Adult (f)6,6318810
6ojEh(6ojEh)Adult (f)3,8558410
HsjmLeetle Canopy DraggieHatchling (F)2,5206383
Tu8FHGirl Canopy DraggieHatchling (f, F)3,6449470
uvN2Odd Piece of CheeseAdult3,1127186
RVoseWell Cheese MeAdult4,9931,1241
K9VqOdd Little Slice of CheeseHatchling (F)2,6686403
qKK2ROdd Little Cube of CheeseHatchling (F)1,6306221
WPWoHCockadoodleOddAdult (f)3,1729785
03EZChristmas in WhovilleAdult (m)3,6621,1347
YEY2Dump it to CrumpitAdult (m)3,0247183
Hn52Christmas Plumb-bobAdult (f)3,2781,0044
GVZIGift of WeihnachtenAdult (f)2,5628244
4qm9The Epic GrinchAdult (f)2,3856001
SjamA Christmas RibbonAdult (f)2,4685831
8EulZVery MerryAdult (m)1,8738245
UVeuaVery Merry GrinchmasAdult (m)1,8898063
WT76DHahahahehehetukitukitukiAdult (m)3,1501,1011
XIIlHEvolution or bustAdult (f)1,8037641
QEJ1Q(QEJ1Q)Adult (m)6,0031,1303
s78Uq(s78Uq)Adult (f)6,3267701
ViU1H(ViU1H)Adult (m)6,0767782
gHJPS(gHJPS)Adult (f)6,0877700
td2pm(td2pm)Adult (f)5,0341,0001
0E5CX(0E5CX)Adult (m)3,5547971
psskS(psskS)Adult (f)3,1178061
X3OlA(X3OlA)Hatchling (m, F)3,2197680
dnhjPlantae Dionaea muscipulaAdult (f)2,2817999
GNjKSchnurrbartAdult (m)2,6037955
EIOUWHeritabilityAdult (m)3,3018222
V8fgLNorm of ReactionAdult (f)9,6546842
3BNa1Mendel's ExperimentAdult (m)5,4809212
PFjCcLook at me and my bad selfAdult (f)5,6678511
HDqd2Rose of the WitchAdult (f)2,8039153
FYBhSVines of SteelAdult (m)5,1498492
MeZGWSilver Steeled VinesAdult (f)3,8641,0341
lrE2jSilver Dusted VinesAdult (m)4,4379962
bsjteAnother DisappointmentAdult (m)4,9407590
oY4BjDark Green PoisonHatchling (F)2,3543584
AX2GeVine of Golden ThornsHatchling (f, F)4,0819923
SpZkThuwed Dorkface the Forbidden IBAdult (f)2,28579011
ZSQUKind ManaAdult (m)1,7206576
FN0USweet NapuaAdult (f)1,5986091
MvipsSo many sweet dreamsAdult (m)2,8571,0691
SiVnQSweet nighttime dreamsAdult (m)2,7571,0341
cqBXaI AM VERY HAPPY RIGHT NOWAdult (m)3,2758480
pMEth(pMEth)Adult (f)3,8108651
UH6CO(UH6CO)Hatchling (f, F)3,2197760
LHEUB(LHEUB)Hatchling (m, F)3,2697710
dBLVScaly Deep-Sea MysteryAdult (m)1,6276333
4BbL0Dark Mystery of the DeepAdult (m)6,4541,2480
JPrM7Odd in the Deep SeaAdult (m)5,1417980
uR2RmIndigo of the DeepAdult (m)5,0187901
DjJYgIndiana of the DeepAdult (f)5,3168270
JJsEp(JJsEp)Adult (m)5,0599810
aRCU5(aRCU5)Adult (m)5,0069810
L4Otk(L4Otk)Adult (m)3,7758470
X7uvESaved from Almost DeathHatchling (f, F)3,5986478
rTdeLeiko the LovelyAdult (f)1,8516085
mHKpPSheer Dumb LuckAdult (f)3,1317084
28bQMagik SparxAdult (f)3,4781,1706
Eb5rSparx StargazerAdult (m)2,1926662
ulIjDancing ElectricityAdult (f)3,7067206
r1WoElectric Sparx StargazerAdult (f)2,6215276
cK3SDragonfly StargazerAdult (m)2,7766256
sEOp7Galactic Sparx StargazerAdult (m)2,1448561
krF76Magik StargazerAdult (m)3,5101,1571
33hf4It isAdult (m)3,3091,0962
bviCOSparking Electric BreathAdult (f)3,0161,2433
AVogZSparks Fly Electric SlideAdult (m)3,0761,2261
9qpHJDarwin StargazerAdult (f)3,4821,1073
VTvP7Sparks StargazerAdult (f)4,6051,2501
ddOhnThe Sound of Being ElectricutedAdult (m)5,1627811
ISB8SAED StargazerHatchling (m, F)2,4097834
bEqFOdd Aspan CBAdult (m)2,1807943
CXikOdd Ember CBAdult (f)2,1817356
nK27Flaming Ball of DoomAdult (m)3,0296993
GvfHDDR DoomAdult (m)2,0925282
dHs6Y(dHs6Y)Adult (f)6,9319210
jXaNPinky Blinky Inky CBAdult (f)1,9397492
8bcfPinky Blinky Clyde CBAdult (m)1,7726651
iNkNThe Epic FailAdult (f)1,5435873
TBOCPinky Blinky StinkyAdult (m)1,9546592
s1rDG(s1rDG)Adult (m)4,3829680
qJLfW(qJLfW)Adult (m)3,7948250
WqVOl(WqVOl)Hatchling (m, F)3,2887800
1kA6Kristall GeodeAdult (f)4,1822806
MCpaMRapture SpacemanAdult (m)3,3641,1054
SP8tHAnother male drakeAdult (m)3,8421,0581
h1NkAMein LieblingAdult (f)3,5991,2934
vmZSiDay of ZombiesHatchling (m, F)3,5729261
6HUpPhantom Night GloryAdult (m)1,2305624
ktmdleine kleine NachtmusikAdult (f)4,1451,3807
6MLGkGolden Melody of StarsAdult (f)3,13968411
EcpDI smell something fishy IBAdult (m)1,3015864
n9jFI wish I wish I had a fish IBAdult (m)1,7885572
EdS6Cheery Orange FishAdult (f)3,6466543
M6KUMoke StormAdult (f)1,4625875
BmeRiS t o r mAdult (f)5,9941,2662
BD7YrS t o r m yAdult (m)7,0191,2613
EKKQ3C l o u d yAdult (f)6,3201,2462
Xu9mlG r e y   C l o u dAdult (f)6,4161,2251
2hPXLDoctor CloudAdult (m)5,8981,0441
hRprrProfessor StormAdult (m)2,6229420
ouCq5Hox genesAdult (m)2,6379570
hWHaRMADS BoxAdult (f)4,1619720
ZGrSB(ZGrSB)Adult (f)3,9218770
q2IrB(q2IrB)Adult (m)5,1288142
jl71Y(jl71Y)Adult (m)3,8058600
noBWLTiny GreyHatchling (m, F)3,9539421
cH0GILeedle Leedle Leedle LeeHatchling (f, F)4,0966172
lUNI4Grey Clouds out YonderHatchling (F)2,9257492
s1g2The Perfect PebbleAdult (f)3,2167667
SHT8The Penguin's PebbleAdult (m)2,7665314
neQ5Day after the RaptureAdult (m)5,2181,2832
ogCU3(ogCU3)Adult (m)6,8798852
k2GA2(k2GA2)Adult (f)6,8939001
kZgYdIt's not a tumorAdult (f)3,0411,0292
WR46rMaybe it IS a tumorAdult (m)2,2468255
tgsa5Mysterious LumpsAdult (m)5,4485132
IWJgAnalu the ProtectorAdult (m)1,5896234
EXdhrGuardian of OddAdult (f)2,1967881
NSvOa(NSvOa)Adult (m)7,0528950
DiLOCheerful ProtectorHatchling (F)2,6597014
oVeeSGreat Golden GleamAdult (m)3,4771,0132
4q28iShining Millenium RingAdult (f)4,0231,1413
v5mAI(v5mAI)Adult (m)4,2661,0051
qa1XFShining Golden GleamHatchling (f, F)2,8437071
8V56Pumpkin Flavored Candy CornAdult (f)2,4076703
na3NaChibi Candy CornAdult (f)3,7341,00611
0EQuFurculaAdult (f)2,3197043
1vbNScapulaAdult (f)1,6895714
BSB7ePharyngulaAdult (m)3,9821,10814
AbEQNRed in the WaterAdult (m)8,0271,8135
RN2l8Bone of ErosAdult (f)7,9391,8315
G6WsuE v o l u t i o nAdult (m)3,7891,2378
b1OhqG h o u lAdult (f)3,7571,2335
mqIcGB O O O OAdult (f)3,3661,1035
hhEJdS h a d o w   g h o s tAdult (m)2,4387327
mmEJmG h o s t l yAdult (f)3,2821,0554
TOaVdS a dAdult (m)3,7571,2257
KOg7Harvest FCBAdult (f)4,7041,0511
HqWKBitter DanceAdult (m)2,4496194
Tc6eHarvestimoAdult (m)3,6087743
DlMRt(DlMRt)Adult (f)4,6669820
8h3eFirestarter CBAdult (m)1,4755652
aI98Fierce StarfireAdult (f)1,7505521
vVlOBlue FirestarAdult (f)2,4375977
80UUPainful Flames CBAdult (m)5,2701,2614
l7NicBlue Flame CBAdult (f)3,3621,0683
86fk8Hellish Fiend of FireAdult (f)6,2351,1183
oUNEFiesty KeanuHatchling (m, F)1,6176532
btPAI(btPAI)Hatchling (f, F)4,9967620
IYA1Stranger than you dreamt itAdult (f)3,0855753
bBQQNo more than halfway realAdult (m)3,2405300
cG6f4(cG6f4)Adult (m)6,4688651
VtYsfLights of IceAdult (f)2,7961,2134
ShORhChilled GoldAdult (m)3,4131,0064
Joor(Joor)Egg (F)
gQfsLily the Water DragonAdult (f)4,8561,1003
nRYeRiku the Water DragonAdult (m)2,4474910
tfCPKPCRAdult (m)3,3799080
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