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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “oakash,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4OP9z(4OP9z)Adult (m)2,0676561
cnMuf(cnMuf)Adult (m)3,1381,1361
ygLFu(ygLFu)Adult (m)3,0911,1801
7HKwM(7HKwM)Adult (f)3,1891,1751
oMxNO(oMxNO)Adult (f)4,6011,4101
cir8f(cir8f)Adult (m)4,2321,4044
alsQo(alsQo)Adult (m)3,5721,0463
IOay6(IOay6)Adult (m)3,5691,2852
wKL7g(wKL7g)Adult (f)3,6821,3512
vQBsM(vQBsM)Adult (f)3,8581,1875
gN9UI(gN9UI)Adult (f)3,9818736
N9dYo(N9dYo)Adult (m)4,5811,2104
LY1oK(LY1oK)Adult (f)3,4361,0053
zwbPT(zwbPT)Adult (m)4,5011,1374
mEpdf(mEpdf)Adult (f)4,1121,0592
S0Foc(S0Foc)Adult (f)3,1111,2333
SNriu(SNriu)Adult (m)3,6731,0023
6aiJbStark Christmas TreeAdult (m)4,4097772
NegMFStark Tree TinselAdult (m)4,3237761
ornUmStark Agent 007Adult (f)3,2107531
TU9vStark Guardian CBAdult (f)10,8551,55319
IhhgpStark Cherry PalaceAdult (m)4,5763882
bch3oRibbon HeistAdult (m)2,8577821
bu0gURibbon ThiefAdult (m)3,0288174
mPd0Tinsel FiendAdult (f)5,3891,4132
3tYPTinsel BanditAdult (f)5,4851,4254
baiiGolden AdultAdult (f)8,9041,7977
csa0Candy Cane LandAdult (m)7,4991,7025
QAruCandy Cane FeastAdult (m)8,5411,48319
29mLPink OverloadAdult (f)6,8921,4613
IDUY100 Shades of PinkAdult (f)7,0361,4515
PXcWSweetly SingingAdult (m)8,7101,3835
lmChSweet CheeksAdult (m)8,6431,2999
kLHfPraying PinkAdult (f)7,9681,6216
WJ8ZStalking PinkAdult (f)9,4631,73510
NHXQProud Supernova DorkfaceAdult (m)7,7981,72723
VLPCDAnniminaderAdult (m)4,1061,3924
nvEL1Stark DoswormsAdult (f)3,1208671
vR0hbStark SilverliAdult (m)2,7428382
rxCTIStark Shiny HoleAdult (m)5,4891,3903
GMiptStark WormholeAdult (m)3,7981,10423
pfokdPepper von SilverAdult (m)7,4531,20010
uTmLaStark Sweet ArmorAdult (f)5,5561,0108
n4dDtPepper Silver TinselAdult (m)5,2481,3883
ukQ8DStark Cold StareAdult (f)5,3671,4013
icdIStark Ice CBAdult (m)7,2161,20610
jSnnElectric OutburstAdult (m)6,2151,4608
kV1jStark Magma CBAdult (m)10,3831,38514
gDgIStark Heat CBAdult (f)9,1801,8644
eMuO2Pepper Lady ArgyleAdult (f)6,2331,1967
KJnt9Stark Golden SheetAdult (m)5,3191,0002
iKvc6Stark RegalusAdult (m)4,0371,1691
3qNVVStark StoicAdult (f)5,5461,4113
onCIvStark Gold ShimmerAdult (f)2,6668212
l2XRgPepper Unkempt FitAdult (f)6,3811,4255
f5PpPaper ManiacAdult7,3951,3054
dXMEStark PressedAdult8,5731,46011
Wf4qxStark Colonel SandersAdult (f)5,2391,4826
xm4UqStark HoleyAdult4,3371,2164
ZtTCStark Cheese CBAdult2,8738184
GqYc(GqYc)Adult (m)1,81656515
ZjXM(ZjXM)Adult (f)9,7781,8067
Nv6j(Nv6j)Adult (f)6,4381,1183
7q8i(7q8i)Adult (f)11,1011,6436
OI0u(OI0u)Adult (m)5,5149532
XSvH(XSvH)Adult (m)10,2071,6864
dNIl(dNIl)Adult (m)4,3807932
PLGi(PLGi)Adult (m)7,8091,1682
W7qI(W7qI)Adult (m)7,8801,2093
eWvRPepper Torn ValentineAdult (m)6,3361,07910
gH4J(gH4J)Adult (m)8,4391,7847
XTpv(XTpv)Adult (m)8,4531,7624
I6oL(I6oL)Adult (m)8,6941,2724
bkiA(bkiA)Adult (f)6,2488686
iPdU(iPdU)Adult (m)9,1721,2193
WQiQ(WQiQ)Adult (f)8,3931,5077
A56q(A56q)Adult (f)2,4806775
1VXZ(1VXZ)Adult (m)8,2941,2054
bOko(bOko)Adult (f)4,5149327
nr0j(nr0j)Adult (m)4,4939735
SXZM(SXZM)Adult (f)3,4999705
os8K(os8K)Adult (f)3,0263824
MFFbb(MFFbb)Adult (f)6,1281,3623
pM6MF(pM6MF)Adult (f)5,3691,1714
S8kUQ(S8kUQ)Adult (f)6,7771,1354
FbO8c(FbO8c)Adult (m)8,8471,6726
MklRStark HeatAdult (m)7,3441,6799
uAhEStark FlameAdult (f)4,7331,13111
HmXKStark FireAdult (m)7,1651,5034
Yo6CStark CoalAdult (f)8,3651,7596
0MZSStark VolcanoAdult (m)9,2951,9276
8KNqStark TemperatureAdult (f)4,8421,2376
QtVAStark BonfireAdult (m)7,5891,0059
vDE0Stark SunAdult (f)10,5931,3975
2hDgStark LightAdult (m)5,01383011
uqVrStark FurnaceAdult (f)5,4431,1505
RlRcStark FirefightAdult (m)7,1391,35714
AjK8Stark BurnsAdult (f)10,3281,3425
OiqQStark BurnerAdult (m)5,6441,22613
L3WOStark ScaldingAdult (f)11,1011,4749
hFX7Stark FeverAdult (m)7,9351,5029
VAXRStark RoastingAdult (f)8,9591,2974
mtEaPepper FightAdult (m)5,7401,3713
E2QIPepper CrouchAdult (f)6,1351,2813
JpiDPepper RemovalAdult (m)6,7768363
N6RoPepper ExtractionAdult (f)12,3081,7785
qQHNPepper RoarAdult (m)12,1281,2319
7q7LPepper RushAdult (f)6,7661,2034
inpIPepper FiguresAdult (m)9,2971,0576
T14L4Pepper AccountAdult (f)3,8539712
L5IeRoger FightAdult (m)6,3611,0433
5rGuRoger ShieldAdult (f)8,0641,1697
W8V2Roger StarAdult (f)8,0241,3494
WAm5Banner AngerAdult (f)5,4927637
lV7HKStark TurpentineAdult (f)2,8565922
PaYU2Stark PolkaAdult (m)7,1581,2674
VD1is(VD1is)Adult (f)3,8923792
eWvVStark Crimson CBAdult (f)7,2111,0033
DbvoeStark Flare CBAdult (m)6,7081,1202
a5moVPepper RedshowAdult (m)5,3251,1643
1GkpuPepper BlueshowAdult (f)5,3321,1874
sRYEmStark Two RedheadsAdult (m)5,9911,1574
rPFdfStark Dual CitizenshipAdult (f)5,2651,3145
V3frWPepper FlaingerHatchling (F)3,9356315
i737Captain Give 'em HellfireHatchling (m, F)1,4176799
fIYQStark Redfire CBAdult (m)2,1121,0733
maKeStark Bluefire CBAdult (f)3,2219435
vU1idStark CrowleyAdult (f)7,1221,3438
UWmezCaptain Black HeatHatchling (m, F)1,8614381
lMhXLStark RamAdult (m)2,1844361
QmUWYStark Medium CBAdult (f)7,0241,1007
YvqvHStark Greenwing CBAdult (m)5,9711,1978
dOP7Stark Fluffy CBAdult (m)9,6401,3864
IjN0Stark Soft CBAdult (f)4,1401,1118
RHKlnStark Hot CBAdult (m)7,4921,1794
F0TlBStark BrimstoneAdult (f)7,8251,2776
HFp6oStark ImperialusAdult (f)5,7011,0502
Gi2D3Stark Roman PurpleAdult (m)6,2581,4992
f4SYZStark RoyaleAdult (f)5,0741,1513
MdcrnStark RoyalAdult (m)2,4705485
TtYJUStark NebulaAdult (m)11,6181,42510
Vno7Stark Nebula CBAdult (m)4,5689756
AjiVeStark NebulasAdult (f)5,1021,3551
GN4sgStark Green LanternAdult (m)4,8981,1766
R7BIMStark Red WaveAdult (f)5,2871,3133
mQEjStark Showy CBAdult (m)7,0931,3882
c7bFStark Showoff CBAdult (f)11,6731,6587
lEsB7Stark BabeHatchling (F)3,0133404
Sc2UEStark Nilia CBAdult (m)4,1546132
ca1tStark Tinyblue CBAdult (f)9,5061,3786
K87VFStark Moonstone CBAdult (f)7,0371,2342
ZHinuStark MoonlightAdult (m)6,2001,4457
e3lIOStark RippleAdult (f)4,6511,3031
QQef5Stark CoralAdult (f)6,3181,3132
6ql1GStark Red AlgeaAdult (m)2,4936921
jcGbPStark Flying PaintAdult (m)6,1501,2821
7jULwStark Two by TwoAdult (m)4,5691,1482
oxdPlStark Hands of BlueAdult (f)5,1311,1233
PFStStark Peacock CBAdult (f)5,6861,1297
h4GoCStark Upside RightAdult (m)8,8731,7253
kj8bIStark Purple is RightAdult (f)6,6191,4944
5Kb9aStark Upside WrongAdult (m)5,5471,3711
cVY6Pepper FlipAdult (m)4,0981,18826
dldicStark HummingbirdAdult (m)3,8741,1512
NYhI8Stark ShimmerAdult (f)4,3564691
UisjEStark Exotic TasteAdult (f)6,7401,1642
y4XprStark TeaAdult (m)3,7611,0171
u1cLStark Full CBAdult (m)2,5023778
0AFKStark Balloon CBAdult (f)4,8761,1683
rTFgBStark StalkerAdult (m)4,2579592
C4jQStark Flamingo CBAdult (f)8,9741,1595
2GAAStark Black Tip CBAdult (m)3,0026997
AULBStark AgedAdult (f)2,27633313
Hgj34Stark Song of SunAdult (m)2,6648511
77QTfStark Sunsong CBAdult (m)7,6941,1125
d1UNStark Sunhum CBAdult (f)3,0101,1009
AfjZLPepper Give a ZZAdult (f)5,4981,1110
mGICcPepper PinkharaAdult (f)5,6071,1232
695ZStark Pale CBAdult (f)9,9741,1966
s1UJPepper ArrowAdult (f)1,9633971
T2W1Pepper SpikeAdult (f)5,4571,1549
GT7HStark Influence CBAdult (f)9,9811,5764
1p0NPepper CupidAdult (f)8,2241,5265
7vvoLPepper Thunder RoseAdult (f)5,0461,1993
Bg034Pepper Idea EntaAdult (m)4,6621,1412
kbU9Stark Masculine CBAdult (m)11,1131,6186
AaOePepper SwoopAdult (m)5,6171,0035
LQJlPepper FlightAdult (m)6,4791,1344
B0VsStark Intense CBAdult (m)8,0619301
NcTrStark Tough CBAdult (m)8,0051,5346
vX5LLPepper FlimAdult (m)2,3854512
PbScStark Sunrise CBAdult (m)8,9921,2013
pNUa8Stark SunriseAdult (f)11,0211,21019
ckLBsStark Sun has RisenAdult (f)5,7921,0547
7SX9Stark Sunset CBAdult (m)7,5691,0214
XVX6DStark Nightfall CBAdult (f)4,4896404
arrH0Stark Sun has SetAdult (f)7,0181,4731
dFGGCaptain Baby DeathHatchling (f, F)7,9189407
QuaZStark Vampire CBAdult (f)3,3254823
VNZ8Pepper FangAdult (f)9,7391,9219
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