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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
u2hz5u2hz5 CBAdult (m)3,2655872
3M4Jc3M4Jc CBAdult (m)3,7734852
w2Fxww2Fxw CBAdult (f)2,8066272
eaYwbeaYwb CBAdult (f)3,2654552
9w1gI9w1gI CBAdult (m)4,2194831
DSxXPDSxXP CBAdult (f)4,7265122
EocOiEocOi CBAdult (m)4,1634783
WdWU8WdWU8 CBAdult (f)4,9817662
ljhRoLuckyMikuStar BronzShimmer 2Adult (m)5,5479107
2iHiB2iHiB CBAdult (f)2,8996803
sxubcsxubc CBAdult (f)2,4285824
KXke8KXke8 CBAdult (f)4,3001,0741
QnHzdQnHzd CBAdult (m)4,4321,0932
xH8wwxH8ww CBAdult (m)4,0701,0683
qhpoWqhpoW CBAdult (m)4,3119361
vF7kFvF7kF CBAdult (f)4,1049560
PbSZ9PbSZ9 CBAdult (f)2,4996442
OjPaJOjPaJ CBAdult (m)5,1198972
KmArtKmArt CBAdult (m)4,6119335
PeuCAPeuCA CBAdult (m)4,7386742
oZMbKoZMbK CBAdult (f)4,3936692
M3FuoM3Fuo CBAdult (m)4,4776481
XEkOvXEkOv CBAdult (m)4,4536592
upSpFupSpF CBAdult (m)3,3335142
PZNYuPZNYu CBAdult (f)3,8405291
sbfztsbfzt CBAdult (f)5,1485972
Q3OMQQ3OMQ CBAdult (m)3,5595282
jcRNsjcRNs CBAdult (f)3,6125151
Vek8aVek8a CBAdult (f)3,2824993
PkmIWPkmIW CBAdult (m)3,3075093
yTNZEyTNZE CBAdult (f)2,1214542
t3T4yt3T4y CBAdult (f)2,2144823
SbAbcSbAbc CBAdult (m)2,3994812
Q6okDQ6okD CBAdult (f)3,7884995
MRtjNMRtjN CBAdult (m)3,3435565
3UJkK3UJkK CBAdult (f)2,9235583
HsZHYHsZHY CBAdult (f)3,70064011
FPYP9FPYP9 CBAdult (f)3,7686599
lIc7ilIc7i PB 2Adult (f)3,3915411
7Y9dv7Y9dv 2Adult (f)2,7854603
kMc1ukMc1u 3Adult (m)3,3365213
R4byjR4byj 6Adult (m)3,2505061
mtc9rmtc9r PB 2Adult (m)2,7035012
lcMDtlcMDt Starsinger CBAdult (f)1,8748100
B4te8B4te8 Starsinger CBAdult (f)1,8688051
KOonmKOonm 4Adult (m)2,3668790
TZb1nTZb1n 3Adult (f)2,6358851
H4nRSH4nRS 3Adult (f)3,4798731
SA1UCSA1UC 3Adult (m)3,4089021
wozQAwozQA 3Adult (m)2,2666691
Cyxw8Cyxw8 CBAdult (m)3,3304684
xIXGTxIXGT CBAdult (f)2,9714023
Or01SOr01S PF 2Adult (f)2,6926892
fAH4FfAH4F 3Adult (f)1,8445392
gU79WgU79W 3Adult (f)2,8095202
TlAhNTlAhN 3Adult (m)3,3666112
5UsRV5UsRV 3Adult (m)3,4405523
dOBQddOBQd 3Adult (m)3,4435483
YnmE0YnmE0 5Adult (f)3,7534592
wfOtWwfOtW 3Adult (f)3,1945727
xHgyFxHgyF 3Adult (f)3,7734533
aeD7daeD7d 3Adult (f)3,7014132
4fxIV4fxIV SA 5Adult (f)3,7884512
elPOuelPOu 4Adult (m)3,8164432
z9AAtz9AAt SA 3Adult (m)2,0626646
k9gYYk9gYY PF 5Adult (f)2,7556504
tMfSetMfSe 3Adult (m)3,3236674
Q8N0TQ8N0T 2Adult (m)2,9195715
5kbsa5kbsa 2Adult (f)3,5495411
JZ4aRJZ4aR 2Adult (f)2,8546032
BK9WfBK9Wf 3Adult (m)2,5365504
11pmX11pmX 2Adult (f)2,9465982
P4TW0P4TW0 SA 5Adult (f)2,7606134
mfZGBmfZGB 2Adult (f)2,5835964
AdpwPAdpwP CBAdult (f)4,8846461
wiKI4wiKI4 CBAdult (f)4,5466343
K8LM4K8LM4 CBAdult (f)4,5696362
NlBE4NlBE4 CBAdult (m)5,4118143
AFsVDAFsVD CBAdult (m)4,3405135
rYZ8hSon of Samson BronzTinsel 2Adult (m)6,6401,12716
A6dnYA6dnY CBAdult (f)3,6615352
X64CSX64CS CBAdult (m)4,1029855
S3JK7S3JK7 CBAdult (m)2,5665822
hHMS2hHMS2 CBAdult (m)4,2527444
XCjCbXCjCb CBAdult (f)3,2876453
6HdrA6HdrA CBAdult (f)3,6477323
OcT3DOcT3D CBAdult (f)2,9066474
YZSRTYZSRT CBAdult (f)3,1725423
wNl5RwNl5R CBAdult (m)4,4478694
Wkm5GWkm5G CBAdult (f)3,8954542
J673ZJ673Z CBAdult (f)2,9307312
jhLNsjhLNs CBAdult (m)3,7395893
DSsMQDSsMQ CBAdult (f)3,2895664
QBVHdQBVHd CBAdult (f)3,6625925
JUPJ2JUPJ2 CBAdult (m)3,7056094
zReyxzReyx CBAdult (f)2,4935062
xFYwexFYwe CBAdult (m)3,5475665
kD3w1kD3w1 CBAdult (m)2,3936365
JCQR5JCQR5 CBAdult (f)4,2954651
34IR934IR9 CBAdult (m)4,2954811
m6AJQm6AJQ CBAdult (f)4,3004832
pDmlWpDmlW 3Adult (f)8,5589018
pmZBxpmZBx CBAdult (f)3,2415501
QhCrXQhCrX CBAdult (f)4,1484614
qN375qN375 CBAdult (m)5,2555376
JH9bqJH9bq CBAdult (m)4,1754634
oSfauoSfau CBAdult (m)4,1144685
ra9gjra9gj CBAdult (f)4,1086585
PVSSSPVSSS CBAdult (f)5,2515543
4HAhh4HAhh CBAdult (m)5,1085624
wxkeqwxkeq CBAdult (f)4,1704274
f2iaNf2iaN CBAdult (m)4,1684253
9pZwZ9pZwZ CBAdult (m)5,4104733
2Owhp2Owhp CBAdult (m)3,3335584
MaRCKMaRCK CBAdult (m)2,6045733
55JXq55JXq CBAdult (f)3,0116023
PwghKPwghK CBAdult (m)2,4875954
rujN6rujN6 CBAdult (m)3,8465464
ZJGYqZJGYq PB 2Adult (f)3,0525033
1dJ9n1dJ9n CBAdult (m)3,6285472
QRVEtQRVEt CBAdult (f)3,6295292
Dz8Y4Dz8Y4 CBAdult (m)8,0301,3075
dyj1Xdyj1X CBAdult (m)5,4741,2208
VpJZ2VpJZ2 CBAdult (m)2,8035342
6Iikg6Iikg CBAdult (m)3,1955853
aHv7OaHv7O CBAdult (m)3,0885733
om5Pdom5Pd CBAdult (m)3,0655761
6Mhnw6Mhnw CBAdult (m)3,0755773
7Zc1n7Zc1n CBAdult (m)3,5255823
w1eXHw1eXH CBAdult (f)3,9245314
S2GdMS2GdM CBAdult (f)3,6724851
hinY3hinY3 CBAdult (f)3,7015181
c7W51c7W51 CBAdult (f)3,8494871
3taH33taH3 CBAdult (f)4,1284820
W7TJ2W7TJ2 CBAdult (f)4,1784861
5QzZQ5QzZQ CBAdult (m)3,0215193
XtmgKXtmgK CBAdult (f)2,5814733
JVHdfJVHdf CBAdult (m)7,5415084
kjG2wkjG2w CBAdult (m)7,6765166
LBYiyLBYiy CBAdult (m)3,3895784
jfMMZjfMMZ CBAdult (f)3,4025473
72SGH72SGH CBAdult (m)4,8765983
KmJMbKmJMb CBAdult (f)4,6205904
THpymTHpym CBAdult (m)4,2595814
KTmEyKTmEy CBAdult (f)4,2536183
DM1k2DM1k2 CBAdult (m)4,4715813
T1hQQT1hQQ CBAdult (f)4,6126304
8XLRk8XLRk CBAdult (f)6,1186926
TEg3dTEg3d CBAdult (m)4,0603764
9stvB9stvB CBAdult (m)4,0273805
fsHj3fsHj3 CBAdult (f)3,6074816
2v1UT2v1UT CBAdult (m)3,2148262
IsRDaIsRDa CBAdult (f)3,4103885
qb1tiqb1ti CBAdult (f)3,4813844
Al3A6Al3A6 CBAdult (m)3,6524152
lB61ilB61i CBAdult (f)3,4694262
xIOlPxIOlP CBAdult (f)3,8364632
YQufKYQufK CBAdult (m)3,4064642
BHc3CBHc3C CBAdult (m)1,5944426
1KBQI1KBQI CBAdult (m)3,8834962
RZxjNRZxjN CBAdult (f)2,8296364
1tJSb1tJSb CBAdult (m)3,9495533
BxGNJBxGNJ CBAdult (m)5,0496044
LC5j2LC5j2 CBAdult (m)1,9396164
8xl6u8xl6u CBAdult (m)1,68838910
IXazJIXazJ CBAdult (f)2,07043312
UCwnXUCwnX CBAdult (m)3,2693231
HKyMoHKyMo CBAdult (f)2,2966432
q4EdYq4EdY CBAdult (m)3,5253061
3SOyg3SOyg CBAdult (f)3,0543091
uL3RhuL3Rh CBAdult (m)2,7975993
PM4AwPM4Aw CBAdult (m)3,04456510
kDwhJkDwhJ CBAdult (f)6,9271,2118
FWrAFFWrAF CBAdult (f)5,9221,1457
fGdrcfGdrc CBAdult (f)3,2544971
Xc1IDXc1ID CBAdult (m)2,4926592
drMXbdrMXb CBAdult (f)2,1776038
mpMaHmpMaH CBAdult (f)3,5945452
ehv8Fehv8F CBAdult (f)5,5621,1153
rnv3crnv3c CBAdult (m)3,4015233
58VUo58VUo CBAdult (m)3,4955301
Ud7UIUd7UI CBAdult (f)3,2055142
28Zf328Zf3 CBAdult (f)3,7984791
4XqXm4XqXm CBAdult (m)3,6454612
wfDoHwfDoH CBAdult (f)2,7165584
qSheiqShei CBAdult (f)3,4546043
6Yj3o6Yj3o CBAdult (m)4,3278423
canENcanEN CBAdult (f)5,2848528
AlE7rAlE7r CBAdult (f)2,9965132
LEoRsLEoRs CBAdult (f)5,2949871
aGVuuCecil CrimsonFlarePygmy CBAdult (m)5,4261,0161
f8VsXf8VsX CBAdult (f)5,4711,0371
b6yCSJean NiliaPygmy CBAdult (f)3,1456282
ogJpjogJpj CBAdult (f)2,9996715
wDCMzwDCMz CBAdult (f)4,4365912
vxrGlvxrGl CBAdult (m)3,1429416
Zo9lEZo9lE CBAdult (m)4,3416381
CoKBuCoKBu CBAdult (f)3,9086492
vHrzwvHrzw CBAdult (m)4,6665983
b6aSBb6aSB CBAdult (m)4,9036273
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