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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
030z3030z3 CBAdult (m)3,1175712
Rud85Rud85 CBAdult (m)2,4944822
8P36S8P36S CBAdult (m)3,1195694
Oh0ovOh0ov CBAdult (m)3,1045563
n805On805O CBAdult (f)2,2845544
Z9vpiZ9vpi CBAdult (f)2,7685133
zPyIpzPyIp CBAdult (m)3,4855703
8DmJB8DmJB CBAdult (f)3,3615703
u2UCNu2UCN CBAdult (m)3,3275723
fw8j0fw8j0 CBAdult (f)2,6175022
CG6H7CG6H7 CBAdult (f)2,4695143
FpcaIFpcaI CBAdult (f)3,4394541
rLLpkrLLpk CBAdult (f)2,3085204
rMLkSrMLkS CBAdult (m)3,6904965
tgpeAtgpeA CBAdult (f)3,6184756
zfoyWzfoyW CBAdult (m)3,0414272
7ltXK7ltXK CBAdult (m)3,7225255
vfy2vvfy2v CBAdult (m)3,9534641
KXE3wKXE3w CBAdult (m)3,4793841
NRINqNRINq CBAdult (f)3,7504373
kYIG3kYIG3 CBAdult (f)5,5911,1701
iAvzViAvzV CBAdult (f)2,9563781
Wa4YXWa4YX CBAdult (m)3,4714331
CcRTM(CcRTM)Adult (f)3,3614191
Iv4IBIv4IB CBAdult (m)3,3424381
XlNanXlNan CBAdult (m)3,5224214
OOSLtOOSLt CBAdult (f)2,9043892
1RLBy1RLBy CBAdult (m)3,2884232
ObwGRObwGR CBAdult (f)3,0905621
rxo0Lrxo0L CBAdult (m)2,7204441
A9sQiA9sQi CBAdult (m)2,5844222
InBlnInBln CBAdult (m)4,7988905
oPplfoPplf CBAdult (f)5,7996981
E54NKE54NK CBAdult (f)4,3416001
WT71QWT71Q CBAdult (f)4,3183942
pk5RLpk5RL CBAdult (f)3,8014041
H98MZH98MZ CBAdult (m)6,1175042
VngXrVngXr CBAdult (m)4,4739411
nOrpGnOrpG CBAdult (f)4,5169661
Hcu5IHcu5I CBAdult (f)4,9541,0344
6Y7fT6Y7fT CBAdult (m)4,3539522
vxBpDvxBpD SilverTinsel 3Adult (m)7,1976483
OvyDYOvyDY CBAdult (f)2,4745613
43ttS43ttS CBAdult (m)4,1444412
t5XVkt5XVk CBAdult (m)3,8344033
OjJE5OjJE5 CBAdult (f)4,0294842
Vg0StVg0St CBAdult (f)2,6435461
Zyo9GZyo9G CBAdult (m)3,4526042
jLAnhjLAnh CBAdult (m)4,0375262
m35i3m35i3 CBAdult (m)2,6194802
bHny8bHny8 2Adult (m)3,46861112
lBskDlBskD SA 3Adult (f)2,6175293
y16dYy16dY 3Adult (m)3,4944851
dOXr9dOXr9 3Adult (f)3,0594610
Xvxd8Xvxd8 4Adult (m)3,2874971
I7K80I7K80 3Adult (m)3,3394711
YTq7EYTq7E 4Adult (f)3,6634911
zFvmVzFvmV 3Adult (m)3,1114521
xuxo0xuxo0 3Adult (f)3,1835010
UA9LyUA9Ly 5Adult (f)3,5084201
lzs1xlzs1x 4Adult (f)3,4504060
FMlS8FMlS8 5Adult (f)3,6134491
eb0Qmeb0Qm 4Adult (f)2,0635001
8QdH78QdH7 4Adult (f)1,8914981
jvPnijvPni 3Adult (m)1,8485152
lWwz0lWwz0 4Adult (f)1,9955131
xK2VAxK2VA 3Adult (m)2,1284972
T0A0bT0A0b CBAdult (f)3,2995410
LENOXLENOX CBAdult (f)3,2485362
cyksIcyksI 3Adult (f)2,9465412
pyINbpyINb SA 3Adult (m)2,6685703
U3OcoU3Oco 4Adult (m)2,6605083
RbWhoRbWho 3Adult (f)3,4835023
QhJQqQhJQq PF 2Adult (m)2,4415474
eCMCWeCMCW SA 4Adult (m)2,5714983
raGPZraGPZ 3Adult (m)2,7485123
OWOnVOWOnV 3Adult (m)2,5569072
Pop5BPop5B 3Adult (f)2,8319312
dwMfudwMfu 3Adult (m)3,0359462
Cq7S3Cq7S3 3Adult (m)2,3016014
ft91Dft91D 4Adult (f)2,3305953
fYE8ufYE8u 3Adult (f)2,3556166
m4C0Bm4C0B 4Adult (f)2,4807092
jboi0jboi0 4Adult (m)3,2177491
ZZYBUZZYBU 3Adult (f)3,1517571
jFmqmjFmqm SA 3Adult (m)2,8477232
7VCNz7VCNz SA 3Adult (m)3,1957501
REtnjREtnj 5Adult (m)3,9854941
OvOxQOvOxQ 3Adult (f)2,7886152
BdDPMBdDPM SA 3Adult (m)2,9516344
0mMtg0mMtg SA 3Adult (m)2,8816343
SbzcNSbzcN 3Adult (m)2,8016083
qmeW9qmeW9 3Adult (f)4,6164972
JRV52JRV52 3Adult (m)3,3245074
GyU0pGyU0p SA 3Adult (f)4,8699124
Xszo2Xszo2 CBAdult (f)3,1017173
lZQOVlZQOV PF 5Adult (m)4,5428784
5cVk55cVk5 CBAdult (m)3,0487055
tqBlItqBlI SA 4Adult (f)4,8288074
z4VKrz4VKr SA 3Adult (m)4,6304556
49SNWAlphonse RadiantAngel 2Adult (m)4,1544254
IJOaNIJOaN SA 3Adult (m)4,1094145
GvEWcGvEWc PF 3Adult (m)3,9644085
3P1s8Girl from big family Thuwed ICEHatchling (f, F)4,1786113
OSdZCOSdZC CBAdult (m)5,7366534
uxoWCuxoWC CBAdult (m)4,6543922
01Qpa01Qpa CBAdult (f)4,3323832
4qIBi4qIBi CBAdult (m)3,2554352
wPb3VwPb3V CBAdult (m)3,9275272
qmYY0qmYY0 CBAdult (m)3,7065323
zYPVNzYPVN CBAdult (m)3,7015082
VB93AVB93A CBAdult (f)5,7856283
PmFe0PmFe0 CBAdult (f)4,6965134
cSGJOJOJO Samson BronzTinsel 3Adult (m)8,0908739
OeGeHOeGeH CBAdult (m)3,9974974
bUTYbbUTYb CBAdult (f)4,4674964
HGG7MHGG7M CBAdult (m)4,3564944
jy1H7jy1H7 CBAdult (f)4,3145093
4oivW4oivW CBAdult (m)3,9914974
ZH9sAZH9sA CBAdult (m)4,2405594
snBEUsnBEU CBAdult (f)3,5855806
IWJwHIWJwH CBAdult (m)3,1595923
3Kuff3Kuff CBAdult (f)3,3275312
Ejjy2Ejjy2 CBAdult (f)6,2429242
8QWqU8QWqU CBAdult (m)4,3267063
aITbUaITbU CBAdult (f)4,3767212
yTr5eyTr5e CBAdult (f)3,8926693
8bZBO8bZBO CBAdult (m)3,8426944
GnACOGnACO CBAdult (m)2,7104845
TFxgbTFxgb CBAdult (f)2,6254862
yxUHOyxUHO CBAdult (m)3,4375583
5Y9Mj5Y9Mj CBAdult (f)2,8925123
TcgQFTcgQF CBAdult (m)3,3495672
sLnsdsLnsd CBAdult (m)3,5055591
BIpPyBIpPy CBAdult (f)2,9215342
KS7MNKS7MN CBAdult (m)3,1015543
V0A3ZV0A3Z CBAdult (f)3,4445692
yRpenyRpen CBAdult (m)3,5754974
oKA7loKA7l CBAdult (m)2,8074343
Xmc0UXmc0U CBAdult (f)2,9474483
p2IPAp2IPA CBAdult (f)3,0484442
VKGOMVKGOM CBAdult (f)2,8384332
zy5cezy5ce CBAdult (f)2,7944302
Dog0CDog0C CBAdult (f)3,4165053
kCBsIkCBsI CBAdult (f)3,1524531
f77Alf77Al CBAdult (f)3,0624782
vdzVQvdzVQ CBAdult (f)3,1374558
DaYLRDaYLR CBAdult (f)3,6784932
2q2w62q2w6 CBAdult (m)5,1525964
t9Zglt9Zgl CBAdult (f)4,5895512
jLezfjLezf CBAdult (f)4,8655693
ectkTectkT CBAdult (f)4,5805332
FuJmiFuJmi CBAdult (m)4,9385742
Tyc0CTyc0C CBAdult (m)4,4065444
FYw0aFYw0a CBAdult (f)3,4225003
6xrOT6xrOT CBAdult (m)3,9034403
KC1LHKC1LH CBAdult (m)3,8444621
1NbSe1NbSe CBAdult (m)3,2105103
jAmNajAmNa CBAdult (f)3,9054481
GUZWAGUZWA CBAdult (m)3,9594572
vFkFqvFkFq CBAdult (f)3,8584674
AZSCeAZSCe CBAdult (m)3,2345696
3iCbC3iCbC CBAdult (f)2,0365293
JSPFHJSPFH CBAdult (f)3,4904672
zhEorzhEor CBAdult (f)3,2174102
0djnd0djnd CBAdult (f)3,0704213
iOy9aiOy9a CBAdult (f)3,8215003
5SiVr5SiVr CBAdult (f)3,8104782
79noX79noX CBAdult (m)3,8534953
estE3estE3 CBAdult (f)2,9535052
Qo7K9Qo7K9 CBAdult (m)2,8437536
zBh0lzBh0l CBAdult (f)2,7846883
KZW5lKZW5l CBAdult (m)2,8627073
8nANt8nANt CBAdult (m)2,9886943
hLH7jhLH7j CBAdult (m)2,8716932
SI60CSI60C CBAdult (f)4,2484663
1bDGE1bDGE CBAdult (f)2,8565141
tPQDxtPQDx CBAdult (f)2,6405371
D1tYVD1tYV CBAdult (f)2,6985181
GZ5XnGZ5Xn CBAdult (m)3,1575472
6Qt7Q6Qt7Q CBAdult (m)3,4864723
L4LW2L4LW2 CBAdult (f)3,5145143
nbNzenbNze CBAdult (m)3,5905093
3mdFs3mdFs CBAdult (f)3,4555043
QQc65QQc65 CBAdult (m)3,4364932
t1mtPt1mtP CBAdult (m)3,6385102
gW817gW817 CBAdult (m)3,1785462
SOYpzSOYpz CBAdult (f)2,8735061
HDlZCHDlZC CBAdult (m)2,6194932
fmfDcfmfDc CBAdult (f)3,0015182
tUiwJtUiwJ CBAdult (m)3,2295402
0MPnT0MPnT CBAdult (m)2,4214981
rhDPdrhDPd CBAdult (f)3,1915142
JDC7lJDC7l CBAdult (f)2,6444943
RqrpTRqrpT CBAdult (f)4,5736853
AVnRfAVnRf CBAdult (f)4,6446662
ig6c2ig6c2 CBAdult (f)4,4686892
Iaij7Iaij7 CBAdult (f)3,3954623
M07C7M07C7 CBAdult (f)3,9735414
EOjEeEOjEe CBAdult (m)3,3634981
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