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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VIWyB(VIWyB)Adult (f)4,9359010
pQKvK(pQKvK)Adult (m)4,6489430
fntMb(fntMb)Adult (f)4,3159860
na6in(na6in)Adult (m)4,3179860
HjjWN(HjjWN)Adult (f)4,5459821
W569u(W569u)Adult (m)4,4539932
DONxC(DONxC)Adult (m)4,8261,0392
xTfVb(xTfVb)Adult (f)4,7969910
viBvT(viBvT)Adult (f)5,1591,0680
8chFe(8chFe)Adult (m)4,1841,0010
yclH0(yclH0)Adult (m)4,1611,0140
vpVXj(vpVXj)Adult (m)4,5741,0810
aEcyDXX DarkGreen CBAdult (f)4,2371,0160
1sQ0L(1sQ0L)Adult (f)4,6601,0650
hYZOW(hYZOW)Adult (f)5,2049261
xS281(xS281)Adult (m)4,2531,0280
3z73D(3z73D)Adult (m)3,6241,1221
SdPa1(SdPa1)Adult (m)4,1421,0101
duqt6(duqt6)Adult (f)4,1641,0131
layak(layak)Adult (m)5,2591,0110
mAm4Z(mAm4Z)Adult (m)4,7841,0541
FFeTx(FFeTx)Adult (m)4,1981,0600
sxRve(sxRve)Adult (m)2,9051,0371
2pct4(2pct4)Adult (f)2,8611,0341
02ATDGloria Solstice CBAdult (f)2,8511,0300
V4GNuAnella Solstice CBAdult (f)2,8491,0330
R7U2K(R7U2K)Adult (m)2,8321,0411
CzmjU(CzmjU)Adult (m)3,0859522
m9nCN(m9nCN)Adult (f)3,1851,0900
MOy3s(MOy3s)Adult (m)2,9041,0791
i5fnk(i5fnk)Adult (m)3,1541,1160
VNdJd(VNdJd)Adult (m)2,7911,0820
qmtDB(qmtDB)Adult (f)2,6931,1000
EuDYO(EuDYO)Adult (m)3,6668763
ytH0S(ytH0S)Adult (f)3,5658262
Grbr2(Grbr2)Adult (f)3,1681,0091
QEytK(QEytK)Adult (m)3,5479491
MlLny(MlLny)Adult (m)3,6588831
FVG89XXX TsunamiWyvern CBAdult (f)2,8829821
sgXKf(sgXKf)Adult (f)3,2479261
GZktK(GZktK)Adult (f)3,3469370
vGvUz(vGvUz)Adult (f)3,1058111
VY3AN(VY3AN)Adult (m)4,5438581
bxqol(bxqol)Adult (f)5,2069112
0mpjO0mpjO Tsunami CBAdult (m)4,0889222
AFkrY(AFkrY)Adult (m)4,8158581
yb99R(yb99R)Adult (m)4,4689321
mM2Kd(mM2Kd)Adult (m)4,7848763
yiUO1(yiUO1)Adult (m)3,5499567
tMscG(tMscG)Adult (f)7,2497101
kHlr0(kHlr0)Adult (m)4,2878570
aoDVr(aoDVr)Adult (f)6,9707340
DvELc(DvELc)Adult (m)4,9718540
awT49A DarkGreen CBAdult (m)3,4058991
cPctu(cPctu)Adult (m)2,8169072
2atNN(2atNN)Adult (f)3,6608030
OJzK0(OJzK0)Adult (f)2,6228171
Tnp3v(Tnp3v)Adult (f)2,9297990
6yAcN(6yAcN)Adult (m)2,6587951
r6pZO(r6pZO)Adult (m)2,6887971
TX2OC(TX2OC)Adult (f)2,1736384
bqNXB(bqNXB)Adult (f)2,1106171
fvIot(fvIot)Adult (m)1,9286540
Ddnyh(Ddnyh)Adult (m)4,3459002
NmZgq(NmZgq)Adult (f)2,8438270
EbTzK(EbTzK)Adult (m)2,3168220
HUTXG(HUTXG)Adult (f)3,3601,0072
dbVRZ(dbVRZ)Adult (f)3,4378901
ca7LZOscar GoldenWyvern CBAdult (m)1,6697093
FJ2rS(FJ2rS)Adult (f)2,4368582
OLiiu(OLiiu)Adult (f)2,3286101
1F8T5(1F8T5)Adult (f)2,5567031
j8eM8(j8eM8)Adult (m)2,5857251
MLsiO(MLsiO)Adult (m)2,4087030
Kp4sE(Kp4sE)Adult (m)4,2988814
l4sFw(l4sFw)Adult (m)2,0695840
fKx9o(fKx9o)Adult (m)2,7286013
oeEWf(oeEWf)Adult (f)2,5355921
HMmH9XXXXXXX Dorsal PB 2Adult (f)2,3545791
CbKxQXX Ridgewing CBAdult (m)1,4726291
yqX1v(yqX1v)Adult (f)1,8776350
VYpQG(VYpQG)Adult (m)1,9406150
eL9eR(eL9eR)Adult (f)2,1506804
zQJ1E(zQJ1E)Adult (f)1,6616790
HyP4C(HyP4C)Adult (f)2,1876630
ruG54sss Ridgewing 3Adult (f)1,6246550
6O1lg(6O1lg)Adult (m)2,3348140
0MLVN(0MLVN)Adult (m)2,5096422
6VyVn(6VyVn)Adult (m)1,9136141
uxrcD(uxrcD)Adult (m)1,9595871
e1QLhOrland HellfireWyvern CBAdult (m)2,2096845
YagyiOleksiy BlackTea 2Adult (m)1,9826380
RUdndOzzie RoyalCrimson CBAdult (m)2,1376370
zVvGUOle BlackCappedTeimarr 2Adult (m)2,2186480
j7giZOmarion BlackCappedTeimarr CBAdult (m)1,7726160
rm8afPaige Storm 2Adult (f)2,7396630
d8RibPamela-Prudence Duotone PB 2Adult (f)2,6037210
QbyJwQuintin DayGlorydrake PB 2Adult (m)2,2906293
KNjDFQuick Blacktip 2Adult (f)2,2586060
6h7BwWillis Black 2Adult (m)2,0435630
vdrY2Willie RoyalBlue CBAdult (m)2,2066310
annr1Teela Skywing CBAdult (f)3,3305780
1SZKVTerry-Tracy Duotone CBAdult (f)2,3587911
l9bEqLeeto Striped CBAdult (m)2,4516480
ejGejLacie-Lola Twoheaded PB 2Adult (f)2,8327102
gvAQZLim Blacktip CBAdult (m)2,5336321
UTuYOMaggie-Karen Duotone CBAdult (f)2,9316842
AUjMtHonoria BleedingMoon CBAdult (f)2,2905630
kuHQNEmily Nebula CBAdult (f)2,2665143
9ZRd9Ida VampireAdult (f)2,3415394
RS3pYJoy Horse 3Adult (f)1,7295991
MzQ77Julia Ochredrake PB 3Adult (f)2,1956840
rIvAyNeil Sunset CBAdult (m)1,8147070
1AXLtPsyche VampireAdult (f)2,1276750
7yx0nNicolas-Ian Duotone CBAdult (m)2,2497340
iqoMtAndreas RedAdult (m)1,8805840
0Ojt5Jamie Red PB 3Adult (m)1,9305660
6btNDNova BlackCappedTeimarr CBAdult (f)1,6805851
TTkIFNyako BlackCappedTeimarr CBAdult (f)2,1266471
fxUJWNadia SeragammaWyvern CBAdult (f)1,8296344
HoNlTMercia SeragammaWyvern CBAdult (f)1,9096422
EEKdJLewa PinkAdult (f)2,0486680
CxB9UJeffrey Tri-HornWyvern 2Adult (m)2,1546070
kAib6Richard-Charles Duotone CBAdult (m)2,1507780
XV2BmKiran Yellow-Crowned CBAdult (f)1,8486651
EtagHKita Tri-HornWyverns CBAdult (f)1,8436420
glGegKamaria BleedingMoon CBAdult (f)1,7575972
XfSA5Jenna Striped PB 4Adult (f)1,8996821
5tlBZGerry Ember 2Adult (m)1,9866211
sGACMSylvia Striped PB 3Adult (f)1,2946871
ywXkiMyron BlackTea CBAdult (m)1,3377020
C6j6jOrville Yellow-Crowned CBAdult (m)1,3357000
ZNTl1Nat SilverPrize 9Adult (m)4,3398750
gaSGMRosalind BlackTea PB 2Adult (f)1,9736821
OoHjgBrady Striped CBAdult (m)1,8736531
8WbNFBelle-Bertha Gilded BloodscaleAdult (f)1,9516723
4TlayFreda GoldenWyvern PB 3Adult (f)2,0836542
shoaZHogan VampireAdult (m)1,5216521
QKTIRFrank Swallowtail CBAdult (m)1,7516222
nCaiqGill Daydream PB 2Adult (f)1,9976692
LBoh1Pineberry VampireAdult (f)1,9566592
KHRDuCornell Yellow-Crowned CBAdult (m)2,0406845
JMUy5Burke-Carey Duotone CBAdult (m)3,0726692
O8AZNColby VampireAdult (m)2,2866691
nMuXaChasel Yellow-Crowned CBAdult (m)2,1046961
xMAarBloodstone VampireAdult (m)2,3716641
m3wiWVivian BlackCappedTeimarr CBAdult (m)2,9007552
LFU2hValerie RoyalCrimson CBAdult (f)2,3086670
gAylHMonroe VampireAdult (m)2,0046513
raebQLily StripedAdult (f)1,7876391
aL1DhSnow StripedAdult (m)2,7186321
urpDyMarigold Seasonal 4Adult (f)2,8806414
bahX6Dahlia VampireAdult (f)1,9196613
UaDlTNelly Grave CBAdult (f)2,1077111
Oc7RpEllen Grave CBAdult (f)2,0847021
rauUUArvin Grave CBAdult (m)1,7266911
rT7pFTim Grave CBAdult (m)1,8026860
e9QsrReuben Grave CBAdult (m)1,9906770
BOsqOPoppy DarkGreen CBAdult (f)1,5885900
RB53rBing ImperialFleshcrowne 2Adult (m)1,5905861
uv225Caroline Tri-HornWyvern CBAdult (f)1,4735951
jHyPgAllen SunsongAmphiptere 7Adult (m)2,7375021
TMuVsDonahue HellfireWyvern CBAdult (m)2,7745661
65hndSelena Moonstone CBAdult (f)2,7365623
ldWr5Curitis Purple CBAdult (m)3,7355433
5HckiLucien Sunrise CBAdult (m)3,2405334
QnI7jGrover Pumpkin 2Adult (m)1,7797191
tU8fpNydia CavernLurker PB2Adult (f)1,7537361
7wqsWDuncan BlackMarrow 3Adult (m)1,8617232
nRYJlDunn BlackMarrow 3Adult (m)1,7427372
srD2vLeila CavernLurker PB2Adult (f)1,9297963
TFKYaAngelo ShadowWalker 2Adult (m)2,1618243
31cKcDolores BlackMarrow 3Adult (f)2,1908002
wcJrKFrancis ShadowWalker 2Adult (m)2,1158163
b9KrTBooth Pumpkin 4Adult (m)2,1088074
HOOskPaddy PinkAdult (m)2,5866541
A7bPhHeather Seasonal 2Adult (f)2,1776111
9VhZdBegonia-Tulip TwoHeaded PB2Adult (f)2,3256762
rRL35Fabian DarkGreen CBAdult (m)2,2326682
pZlN8Boris HellfireWyvern CBAdult (m)2,0966571
ouAPQTernence White CBAdult (m)2,0915731
SSrwaBurton ImperialFleshcrowne 2Adult (m)2,6847212
s6zY4Brandon Sunset CBAdult (m)2,5317341
s0Oh4Harry Speckle-Throated CBAdult (m)2,0338032
PTgP2Blue Striped PB 2Adult (m)1,9677602
nik5FHedda SeragammaWyvern CBAdult (f)2,4966723
kIVvKBblythe Ultraviolet 2Adult (f)2,1686835
Hq3cgWanda Olive CBAdult (f)2,6956584
5psWSLilac-Violet TwoHeaded CBAdult (f)3,5316804
VhI2eAda DayGlory CBAdult (f)2,4546633
vItMyAlan DayGlory CBAdult (m)1,9246983
gFtBeAida-Arabella TwoHeaded CBAdult (f)2,9035921
qkacpChad Magi 3Adult (m)2,5076322
K0Lj3Edith Gray CBAdult (f)3,1996023
P9M1rBramble Vampire CBAdult (m)2,6525672
rAOmoClare ShallowWater PB3Adult (m)2,6145921
EOlBTMarina DeepSea  CBAdult (f)2,4145803
oha5XAtwood SpottedGreenwing CBAdult (m)2,8485331
Xy7V8Bruno Olive CBAdult (m)2,6265391
gLvg8Allen Sunset CBAdult (m)2,5615573
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