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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rZ9A6(rZ9A6)Adult (m)2,8971,0322
TrPPD(TrPPD)Adult (m)2,5141,0683
phIw3(phIw3)Adult (f)2,9131,0337
0NjXj(0NjXj)Adult (f)2,7888936
PDRVe(PDRVe)Adult (m)4,0147845
IF1vQCornell GoldenWyvern CBAdult (m)3,7018055
UdTJe(UdTJe)Adult (f)2,1099912
oNl5OTitus Desipis CBAdult (m)3,0779602
bMwzwRoksana Desipis CBAdult (f)2,8539764
P4ehzMegan Desipis CBAdult (f)2,9639652
1o9SUPatrick Desipis CBAdult (m)3,0409802
sFLgDMauricio Desipis CBAdult (m)2,2549562
4XpLc(4XpLc)Adult (f)3,2849425
lKtKv(lKtKv)Adult (m)4,2761,0864
QBTpZ(QBTpZ)Adult (f)4,6219891
YriSe(YriSe)Adult (f)4,5059590
sYS01(sYS01)Adult (f)4,5728763
hKa1d(hKa1d)Adult (f)4,0267900
vn4XI(vn4XI)Adult (f)4,0448200
iZUiJ(iZUiJ)Adult (f)3,8358150
VlWpW(VlWpW)Adult (m)3,6918190
LeGIm(LeGIm)Adult (m)3,7708281
9b9STGloria Seasonal CBAdult (f)3,8137900
MGS8C(MGS8C)Adult (f)4,9159340
Jg2Gv(Jg2Gv)Adult (f)4,1158300
EHl4p(EHl4p)Adult (m)5,0068420
CzTDr(CzTDr)Adult (m)5,0368170
FHxWh(FHxWh)Adult (m)5,6697740
A8vRA(A8vRA)Adult (m)3,8521,0711
AZZMw(AZZMw)Adult (m)3,7911,0291
r2sp2(r2sp2)Adult (m)3,7511,0360
bzQw8Darlene Soulpeace 2Adult (f)2,7434665
suSjH(suSjH)Adult (f)4,3279250
xzpAS(xzpAS)Adult (m)3,8829480
oajij(oajij)Adult (m)3,7559340
2aJQW(2aJQW)Adult (m)2,5341,0911
KlhqY(KlhqY)Adult (f)2,5001,0852
HCAes(HCAes)Adult (m)2,4231,1042
ANX8w(ANX8w)Adult (f)2,4181,1031
iehO3(iehO3)Adult (m)2,3781,1062
bMhfI(bMhfI)Adult (f)2,4101,1091
pkctr(pkctr)Adult (m)5,4401,1004
hbLt5(hbLt5)Adult (f)4,8371,1350
rif3u(rif3u)Adult (f)4,6631,1433
neUTp(neUTp)Adult (f)2,8799670
7j3mz(7j3mz)Adult (f)5,5371,0623
3Zg8Z(3Zg8Z)Adult (f)3,4257931
HfOZm(HfOZm)Adult (m)3,8758140
8A1Ll(8A1Ll)Adult (f)3,6818181
iHokp(iHokp)Adult (m)3,4318241
GPWVj(GPWVj)Adult (m)5,4481,0742
BQW4s(BQW4s)Adult (m)3,7898092
83iZL(83iZL)Adult (m)3,3369585
RjSRa(RjSRa)Adult (m)3,5871,0002
Cg9aG(Cg9aG)Adult (f)3,6718664
WKqc8(WKqc8)Adult (f)5,7997160
ouTrHClaire Dorsal PB2Adult (f)4,8368564
ZOEnI(ZOEnI)Adult (f)7,2289210
Qbve7XXX Stripe CBAdult (f)5,9686951
EFJ6K(EFJ6K)Adult (m)1,8056580
SD9As(SD9As)Adult (m)4,3821,0771
mTKJP(mTKJP)Adult (f)3,5257933
Oo46W(Oo46W)Adult (f)2,7967880
tk4rM(tk4rM)Adult (m)2,8717800
KIAT4(KIAT4)Adult (m)3,8151,0493
KHKVZ(KHKVZ)Adult (m)3,8501,0481
8yCM7(8yCM7)Adult (f)3,8361,0420
DnDjr(DnDjr)Adult (f)5,2381,2182
HGSW0(HGSW0)Adult (m)2,7869866
QYowR(QYowR)Adult (m)3,2769860
8DKgw(8DKgw)Adult (f)5,6851,0943
cpEPK(cpEPK)Adult (f)3,3019991
yJN4j(yJN4j)Adult (f)5,1157652
O3iAEXXX  Two-FinnedBluna PB 2Adult (f)4,5438341
YFdNb(YFdNb)Adult (m)2,7631,0772
uf7hu(uf7hu)Adult (m)3,5069850
n4t1w(n4t1w)Adult (f)3,3609710
TMdFe(TMdFe)Adult (m)3,2459721
P5q2Mxxxx  Stripe CBAdult (f)3,4239542
Lvx3J(Lvx3J)Adult (m)3,5629581
8QvD3xxx Ridgewing 3Adult (m)3,7828452
8ZMcfXXXXX  Stripe CBAdult (f)4,1118184
Wf9ys(Wf9ys)Adult (f)2,9939672
VwOQj(VwOQj)Adult (m)3,9008901
5LoliXXX GoldenWyvern 2Adult (m)3,9699050
4HCrq(4HCrq)Adult (m)3,6879131
ji5ym(ji5ym)Adult (m)5,1719675
ma9RZ(ma9RZ)Adult (f)1,7516864
6GGzM(6GGzM)Adult (f)4,6218631
lp9vq(lp9vq)Adult (f)4,5398500
M3zvZ(M3zvZ)Adult (m)5,3688481
XZwNJ(XZwNJ)Adult (f)4,6309051
el3W3(el3W3)Adult (m)4,7039461
Z1uOb(Z1uOb)Adult (m)3,9389971
t8dAh(t8dAh)Adult (m)4,0779771
NZmqS(NZmqS)Adult (f)6,1721,1820
Mgmz2(Mgmz2)Adult (f)5,9569202
72BJ4(72BJ4)Adult (m)6,1369101
rfxoM(rfxoM)Adult (m)4,5129953
hyzUf(hyzUf)Adult (f)5,2059791
pUYKI(pUYKI)Adult (f)4,7698856
AYFF7Clifford Ridgewing PB 2Adult (m)5,1649391
HAdQxXXX Ridgewing PB 3Adult (m)4,6489991
tEHIh(tEHIh)Adult (m)4,9721,0191
l4H72(l4H72)Adult (m)4,3838361
JerJ8(JerJ8)Adult (m)4,1038391
PevtFThis is green rainbowAdult (f)3,8808520
wPvTj(wPvTj)Adult (f)4,2568222
QJkqW(QJkqW)Adult (f)4,2408191
lRJZ8(lRJZ8)Adult (m)4,2616651
Njm7kXXX Ridgewing CBAdult (f)4,8687270
b978RXXXX Ridgewing PB 2Adult (m)3,4949270
SN3xZXXX Silver 8Adult (f)3,9738731
6bBMN(6bBMN)Adult (f)3,8398691
ZD0AMxxxxxx  Stripe CBAdult (f)3,8698671
QnA1Q(QnA1Q)Adult (f)2,8688691
tBEz9XXXX Dorsal PB 2Adult (m)3,7118041
lNFeG(lNFeG)Adult (m)3,5037881
tszbNA Soulpeace PB 3Adult (f)3,3909362
i1nvF(i1nvF)Adult (f)3,1328694
GU2qb(GU2qb)Adult (f)3,3669463
YQKeD(YQKeD)Adult (f)3,5738583
TGz0s(TGz0s)Adult (f)3,3728512
sc9Q3(sc9Q3)Adult (f)3,5838440
3VavV(3VavV)Adult (m)3,7278470
ZbohC(ZbohC)Adult (f)3,2828712
JbiHU(JbiHU)Adult (f)3,4518862
nklNJ(nklNJ)Adult (f)3,6348520
xzcG0(xzcG0)Adult (m)3,6258620
WiNJc(WiNJc)Adult (m)4,0728170
vbccX(vbccX)Adult (m)3,7778570
i9k99(i9k99)Adult (m)3,8728551
A0USb(A0USb)Adult (f)3,7998542
lf7td(lf7td)Adult (m)2,5329212
zASCU(zASCU)Adult (f)2,8399552
BSqLA(BSqLA)Adult (m)2,5239252
95fcb(95fcb)Adult (f)2,5699482
j24Xk(j24Xk)Adult (f)3,1609121
2kkrj(2kkrj)Adult (m)2,7569361
5BzxE(5BzxE)Adult (f)2,5329671
75uH3(75uH3)Adult (m)2,5789562
T9BqM(T9BqM)Adult (m)2,8359491
yu5rTNicholas Silver 3Adult (m)2,8338972
kYs0pXXX Silver 3Adult (f)3,4991,0572
CciqyXX Soulpeace PB 4Adult (f)3,5941,0884
Ae2pi(Ae2pi)Adult (m)3,9591,2082
EqTIV(EqTIV)Adult (f)4,9461,0613
iUfd3XXX  Two-FinnedBluna PB 3Adult (f)4,3001,0211
j2ka0(j2ka0)Adult (m)4,8689543
IFeic(IFeic)Adult (m)4,0191,0091
hRiVw(hRiVw)Adult (m)4,9629302
gvd5I(gvd5I)Adult (f)4,6549231
RJNhS(RJNhS)Adult (f)4,7229291
oPm7Kxxx Red CBAdult (f)4,5669141
B68pg(B68pg)Adult (m)5,0789421
8TJrY(8TJrY)Adult (m)4,4359642
f7sd0(f7sd0)Adult (f)4,8959200
SXcGz(SXcGz)Adult (m)3,6879883
v2A9I(v2A9I)Adult (f)5,0209452
xydLB(xydLB)Adult (f)4,3489680
tZjnz(tZjnz)Adult (f)4,3219692
bc8kH(bc8kH)Adult (m)5,1097841
VHqwm(VHqwm)Adult (m)4,1219424
BwsAq(BwsAq)Adult (f)4,2439384
9nG5hAlvin Soulpeace 2Adult (m)2,7661,1022
vIUDkA Soulpeace 2Adult (f)3,0301,0213
C6Uy2(C6Uy2)Adult (m)2,9511,0661
uxS0W(uxS0W)Adult (f)3,7649481
VXuJuXXXXX Two-FinnedBluna 2Adult (m)4,7217964
eOspg(eOspg)Adult (f)4,7718371
pz1Wl(pz1Wl)Adult (f)3,6239241
41tze(41tze)Adult (m)3,9008960
pWwUz(pWwUz)Adult (m)3,9188990
bXnCuXXX  Two-FinnedBluna 3Adult (f)4,0509551
40Ngy(40Ngy)Adult (m)3,8439280
dcosR(dcosR)Adult (f)3,8339140
dOqBv(dOqBv)Adult (f)3,8069362
urHXb(urHXb)Adult (m)3,8029142
jSZmb(jSZmb)Adult (m)3,9328051
ZKI1c(ZKI1c)Adult (m)3,8128100
3tmj6(3tmj6)Adult (f)4,1978051
l2aHsXX Soulpeace 2Adult (m)3,4698413
bmas0(bmas0)Adult (m)3,3498552
fhHYI(fhHYI)Adult (m)3,6639201
UPiyYxxxxx Ridgewing 2Adult (f)4,1869972
eyTQA(eyTQA)Adult (f)3,6099323
2L0kp(2L0kp)Adult (m)3,5679152
4LXKX(4LXKX)Adult (m)3,0249192
Uc4cC(Uc4cC)Adult (m)3,7678920
2gsFe(2gsFe)Adult (m)3,4881,0191
Xe9Bl(Xe9Bl)Adult (m)4,5101,2041
KVOgj(KVOgj)Adult (f)3,9558841
eLyLkFern Ridgewing CBAdult (f)3,3768591
IjZX5(IjZX5)Adult (m)3,7328753
Y8lxU(Y8lxU)Adult (f)3,2389911
KV6Uk(KV6Uk)Adult (m)3,6759192
hQufC(hQufC)Adult (f)3,4768920
R1MvV(R1MvV)Adult (f)3,4208961
BIYda(BIYda)Adult (f)3,6008891
MPYIK(MPYIK)Adult (m)3,7618950
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