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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MTpeyMaud XenowyrmPyro CBAdult (f)6,5437573
AcsIlBert XenowyrmThalassa CBAdult (m)6,0206864
u3qA3Hilda Black PB 2Adult (f)5,8486734
NywyUBlueberry Dino CB OAdult6,4406792
oagUkMyra Pink 3Adult (f)4,8187273
YGWCHICE Rusty Silver IBHatchling (F)1,6631434
O8q4mMabel Pyralspite 2Adult (f)5,8607145
gu947Bubble Two-FinnedBlunaAdult (f)5,2596681
owABXThat is orange rainbowAdult (m)5,2626682
s6CViThis is blue rainbowAdult (f)5,8836101
j2IbsIra Hellhorse 2Adult (m)4,7797162
Ec0N7Alger Red 4Adult (m)5,4846182
oTj0iFunny Pyralspite 3Adult (m)6,8656257
x0MQJICE Silver-moonlightHatchling (f, F)3,8067722
mWDwTMeroy Red 3Adult (f)6,2486041
qlrUUBarry CopperPrize 8Adult (m)9,3688317
3i4DdGeoffrey Pink 3Adult (m)6,4145916
SzZWmClare Avatar of Creation 3Adult (m)9,6918133
OclobBoris Nebula CBAdult (m)5,9137095
cjOdXElton Red 4Adult (m)5,0519257
7BrmLMartina IceAdult (f)6,1346658
ZVLzDA orange-rainbowAdult (m)5,0158513
Y7L3FICE Terrible dreamHatchling (f, F)5,7639828
0WxkBSimon GoldPrize 4Adult (m)9,5308426
IWfxxGladys Blusang PB 2Adult (f)4,9776724
2aTRbNeil Pyralspite 2Adult (m)5,5367641
UsV0rKenneth CopperPrize 6Adult (m)9,1808358
V6GmSCornelius GoldenWyvern 4Adult (m)5,2977825
DszJ0Eden BlusangLindwurm 5Adult (m)5,3767656
q3XerByron Avatar of Creation 3Adult (m)7,7418606
vPnDbCarambola Dino CB OAdult4,3067678
LhIAqLetitia LunarHerald CBAdult (f)4,4108353
nKzLgOgden LunarHerald CBAdult (m)4,5798072
ac1RdJared LunarHerald CBAdult (m)4,7527943
nis3NCathy LunarHerald CBAdult (f)4,7377952
0iiPCBaron Copper PB 2Adult (m)4,5987453
08ehfElaine Pink 4Adult (f)3,9897303
2Q1kUTimothy Undine Alt PB 3Adult (m)4,0117312
i9afyThis is yellow rainbowAdult (f)4,5827401
lLRdfYves Thunder CB OAdult (m)6,0848147
9AULSSurf Two-FinnedBlunaAdult (m)4,8347262
t21taBox SoulpeaceAdult (m)4,7737172
CHSHtLace SoulpeaceAdult (f)4,6807373
XDRUNRUN Pink 4Adult (m)4,6697312
omwuwAlexia Magma PB O 2Adult (f)5,4569405
1ZtrPHoutte Magma 3Adult (m)5,8247424
1xWTgWalter Copper PB 4Adult (m)5,8388014
GbMrWUpton Copper PB 3Adult (m)5,6567947
1q6WRPoppy Pink PB 2Adult (f)5,8657143
qKfwABanana Dino CB OAdult5,5969296
aFF80Todd Pyralspite 2Adult (m)6,2438042
XpCz1Ansel Magma CB OAdult (m)6,6978824
PyQalGabrielle GoldPrize 4Adult (f)8,6199616
bVUvRAlva Gold 6Adult (m)5,9298615
lGkANKelly Undine 2Adult (m)6,2617965
NF19UXavier Moonstone CBAdult (m)6,3447885
7m0hHEthel CopperPrize 9Adult (f)8,4929532
ffURMPersimmon Pyralspite O 3Adult (f)6,2488097
bWyt7Marsh ImperialFleshcrowne CBAdult (m)5,9238753
nNZvGEdmund Red 2Adult (m)6,5587413
Ma87uICE Graveyard keeper SilverPrizeHatchling (f, F)7,6978655
AmQYkLisa Pyralspite PB O 3Adult (f)6,0931,07311
i2xMeOrange Sunstone CBAdult (m)5,8627584
8k5ZkEudora Pink PB 2Adult (f)5,6038164
ozuciCarrot Magi 7Adult (f)6,4267674
AlTw0Amazing PinkAdult (m)6,4617713
3tsVKBlanche BlusangLindwurm 2Adult (f)5,6127475
3fmemBertha Pyralspite 3Adult (f)6,3257884
Iage4Brian XenowyrmPyro CB OAdult (m)5,2777877
dydDpLeif BlusangLindwurm CB OAdult (m)5,7208097
ZAqXJAmos XenowyrmAstrapi PB2Adult (m)7,3367184
UAv6VBernard Red PB 2Adult (m)6,4516894
egTJoHeloise Thunder CB OAdult (f)5,4449308
HiplMCheryl Pyralspite 2Adult (f)6,4187441
xISIvJanet Silver 2Adult (f)6,9377502
qPldOAsa Pink PB 3Adult (m)6,5907841
cr0RHICE DarkGreenHatchling (F)2,7364111
JfPctBridget Gold 7Adult (f)5,2309378
m4n2BEvan LunarHerald PB 2Adult (m)6,1357844
G2ShDNun Soulpeace 3Adult (f)6,3667516
R5fgyArchibald Red 2Adult (m)5,9657192
WbLojFanny Pyralspite 2Adult (f)6,4088104
dCLD2Dolores Soulpeace 4Adult (f)5,25985310
QVtXcConstance XenowyrmMageia CBAdult (f)6,0567826
bU6FjAudrey Magma 2Adult (f)6,0667686
paXYuAntonia GoldPrize 6Adult (f)7,72588410
M5qDFBarlow Soulpeace 4Adult (m)5,2968237
uhWADMonroe Pyralspite 2Adult (m)7,1868075
VdudhRichard XenowyrmMageia 2Adult (m)5,2847899
x7CYIGloria Red 3Adult (f)7,1467397
tzrVPCheesecake CB OAdult6,4967285
3EZxbJosephine Thunder O 3Adult (f)6,0317965
QRNlbKitty Dorsal PB 3Adult (f)7,4007737
YpuqcClarence Pyralspite 3Adult (m)6,1597696
cTsI9Curitis Ice 4Adult (m)5,9977274
Im7QnSandy GoldenWyvern PB 2Adult (f)6,0197335
jzMqvCrisp Paper CB OAdult4,4938305
Y3J4aCherry Pyralspite 2Adult (f)5,8627283
9njlgEurynome BlusangLindwurm CB OAdult (f)4,2259453
Ql6VpLesley Two-FinnedBluna PB 3Adult (f)5,5467471
UoszmThera Gemshard 3Adult (f)5,0317481
bTz6YTracy LunarHerald CBAdult (f)3,7728953
YwYvkEarl GoldPrize 5Adult (m)6,5331,0142
jUK8CEugene LunarHerald CBAdult (m)4,6137275
L4ZstValerie LunarHerald CBAdult (f)3,9718612
yhnLdElmer LunarHerald CBAdult (m)3,9508651
8xAQIXenia LunarHerald CBAdult (f)4,0038713
uZXLGAAA XenowyrmAstrapi 2Adult (m)4,7057272
7hH7MAAA XenowyrmThalassa PB 2Adult (f)4,5087295
l4buLAgnes Silver 3Adult (f)5,1497936
mT8Hs(mT8Hs)Adult (m)4,3707302
hwXR6(hwXR6)Adult (m)4,41598529
uyfygHarvey LunarHerald CBAdult (m)4,5348813
FRW18(FRW18)Adult (m)4,6188933
8bM3X(8bM3X)Adult (f)4,7258483
cXu5a(cXu5a)Adult (m)4,3657890
LJbsg(LJbsg)Adult (m)4,3797420
FwokU(FwokU)Adult (f)3,5707461
ZMs73Lychee Moonstone CBAdult (f)4,4847523
jXX77Amazing WhiteAdult (f)4,3765054
wStMl(wStMl)Adult (f)4,2567733
24dxeDarlene Moonstone CBAdult (f)4,3247821
H8Y4P(H8Y4P)Adult (m)4,7887465
GijgM(GijgM)Adult (f)4,5419746
oKYquWonderful CopperPrizeAdult (m)6,9559405
JrjoV(JrjoV)Adult (m)4,6997636
FM4EP(FM4EP)Adult (f)5,5447537
ZNWUWXX Red CBAdult (f)5,4617737
c42Bl(c42Bl)Adult (m)5,4677545
60NIg(60NIg)Adult (f)6,1151,05610
C7GbB(C7GbB)Adult (m)5,5397909
2Eqm1Andrea Golden Wyvern CBAdult (f)4,6737716
WWijSXX Red PB 4Adult (f)4,8299906
BoyIS(BoyIS)Adult (f)4,4067313
kdsmBRyan LunarHerald CBAdult (m)4,4547353
zdrrBVitta LunarHerald CBAdult (m)4,3197871
UxdGZ(UxdGZ)Adult (f)4,6877553
tBVxKPomegranate Copper PB 5Adult (f)4,4637842
N6lfS(N6lfS)Adult (m)5,0357734
ARbO7XX Red 2Adult (m)4,6307993
YjhwP(YjhwP)Adult (f)4,2797234
oMb5lAA Red PB 2Adult (f)4,0377751
TBPkJAAA Red PB 2Adult (m)3,8917811
0VPOK(0VPOK)Adult (m)3,9397762
XIAbZXX Magi CBAdult (m)4,0307821
I6Su2(I6Su2)Adult (f)4,1347513
WAFNT(WAFNT)Adult (m)7,7158823
W9p1a(W9p1a)Adult (f)3,60673712
wcF6KPitaya CopperAdult (m)4,7408034
UJiurXX Two-FinnedBluna PB 2Adult (m)5,3607803
HS6cP(HS6cP)Adult (f)4,9737895
phxE6(phxE6)Adult (m)4,6487412
B0gCN(B0gCN)Adult (f)4,4187702
HWThd(HWThd)Adult (m)4,6347363
frl1uIan Golden Wyvern PB3Adult (m)4,7447423
VpuzW(VpuzW)Adult (m)6,3817982
jVPKM(jVPKM)Adult (f)5,4897621
GJkfX(GJkfX)Adult (m)5,5257561
F7a2J(F7a2J)Adult (f)5,5037571
KCsTW(KCsTW)Adult (m)5,3497471
03XB4(03XB4)Adult (f)4,3058193
lvZpE(lvZpE)Adult (m)4,2908153
cTosM(cTosM)Adult (m)4,4498023
EHYpu(EHYpu)Adult (f)4,2138182
Hut01(Hut01)Adult (m)5,0476822
b9NHaXXXXX  Silver 3Adult (f)5,0827064
RiFC5Apple Dino CB OAdult5,1508728
T4dpp(T4dpp)Adult (f)5,6307311
tI9HR(tI9HR)Adult (f)5,5967373
eCwsV(eCwsV)Adult (m)5,1847280
uObqb(uObqb)Adult (f)5,6347330
6amWbRambutan Copper 5Adult (m)5,7227360
Rz6LqCarol GoldenWyvern PB2Adult (f)5,6717422
ab0AC(ab0AC)Adult (m)5,1327173
6p7eY(6p7eY)Adult (f)5,8197511
y6Bf5(y6Bf5)Adult (f)5,0207133
A0wRX(A0wRX)Adult (m)5,6497352
7qUJa(7qUJa)Adult (f)5,3377373
Pn363(Pn363)Adult (f)5,4497733
npI6I(npI6I)Adult (m)5,4417943
UNvli(UNvli)Adult (m)5,3488932
EAKxX(EAKxX)Adult (m)5,2808962
piOGD(piOGD)Adult (f)5,1639011
TLKW7(TLKW7)Adult (f)6,2137141
7bHto(7bHto)Adult (m)6,3387270
KoNC6(KoNC6)Adult (m)4,3279562
kjOjH(kjOjH)Adult (m)6,0871,1203
4X18KXX Dorsal 2Adult (m)4,5199627
MpPccSA Ridgewing PB 2Adult (f)4,3759745
z5R73(z5R73)Adult (m)4,4049894
4puSv(4puSv)Adult (f)4,5089606
TFl4YOtis Dorsal CBAdult (m)4,3159672
AW4Xs(AW4Xs)Adult (f)5,0259995
7Yk6s(7Yk6s)Adult (f)5,0828175
WvsPn(WvsPn)Adult (m)4,3309193
R7hFtNat Blusang PB 2Adult (m)4,6749567
h6Rgg(h6Rgg)Adult (m)4,7689166
ApwPg(ApwPg)Adult (f)5,1049957
SCXXR(SCXXR)Adult (f)5,0209919
jV6zr(jV6zr)Adult (m)5,5339876
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