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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H99HJ(H99HJ)Adult (m)2,9663412
xNmos(xNmos)Adult (f)2,8643551
KNGCp(KNGCp)Adult (m)2,8403253
YAz9T(YAz9T)Adult (m)2,8693315
X4kUZ(X4kUZ)Adult (f)2,4703322
riPn8(riPn8)Adult (f)2,1374073
sPTpH(sPTpH)Adult (f)3,0033281
sGYcA(sGYcA)Adult (m)2,7712972
ZPP7t(ZPP7t)Adult (f)2,5902961
NwsD5(NwsD5)Adult (m)3,1263451
2BbIF(2BbIF)Adult (m)3,4532872
W5FHM(W5FHM)Adult (f)3,0452551
DOL0HDOL0H PF 2Adult (f)2,1955723
D3Fgb(D3Fgb)Adult (m)2,2013891
KMXwP(KMXwP)Adult (m)2,1273761
BAcff(BAcff)Adult (f)2,0163631
Lc7Xm(Lc7Xm)Adult (m)2,6983672
Scjqc(Scjqc)Adult (m)3,0764882
azYez(azYez)Adult (m)3,0204331
6cJEn(6cJEn)Adult (f)2,8474123
EX9q0(EX9q0)Adult (f)2,8894213
cOPBi(cOPBi)Adult (m)1,0516501
gK5g5(gK5g5)Adult (f)2,6296823
2Uxct(2Uxct)Adult (m)2,7036952
d4UJz(d4UJz)Adult (m)1,2019661
yMdN8(yMdN8)Adult (f)3,9878563
DdmzI(DdmzI)Adult (f)1,6361,1091
AJZW5(AJZW5)Adult (f)4,2838812
OE7qt(OE7qt)Adult (m)4,7137484
eJI3y(eJI3y)Adult (m)1,5785812
3g1Qz(3g1Qz)Adult (m)3,7454443
ifcam(ifcam)Adult (f)3,0434713
ldVYT(ldVYT)Adult (m)3,3564323
39eIa(39eIa)Adult (f)3,4184392
wUqEO(wUqEO)Adult (m)2,6575973
O7jWF(O7jWF)Adult (f)2,2825901
smFqB(smFqB)Adult (f)2,5024661
MMUsn(MMUsn)Adult (f)2,6414821
ywqoh(ywqoh)Adult (f)3,0596731
IzWbb(IzWbb)Adult (m)2,8586561
VJWT4(VJWT4)Adult (m)3,1416801
MIX5j(MIX5j)Adult (m)2,8956571
GWwYl(GWwYl)Adult (f)2,3214441
VRifb(VRifb)Adult (f)2,1424190
j2muF(j2muF)Adult (m)4,1479151
9hKVA(9hKVA)Adult (f)3,9558810
ctuHe(ctuHe)Adult (m)3,4276951
xEoHR(xEoHR)Adult (m)3,4566701
9RtOs(9RtOs)Adult (m)3,1406673
8nT1h(8nT1h)Adult (m)2,1225221
Qq5B3(Qq5B3)Adult (m)2,8806220
Atbna(Atbna)Adult (m)2,2085611
bVzQs(bVzQs)Adult (m)2,4235580
ui3sZ(ui3sZ)Adult (f)2,1935560
0kvct(0kvct)Adult (f)2,8966081
Hncce(Hncce)Adult (f)2,5785700
R9QnN(R9QnN)Adult (f)2,1995130
nONSt(nONSt)Adult (f)2,8618100
GuQ1K(GuQ1K)Adult (f)2,8728010
zgHoS(zgHoS)Adult (m)2,9437661
R43mH(R43mH)Adult (m)2,7537520
M13XR(M13XR)Adult (m)2,9127724
ub8Tx(ub8Tx)Adult (m)2,9997681
Aoqph(Aoqph)Adult (m)3,1438030
nwdYC(nwdYC)Adult (m)2,9058061
bp1F7(bp1F7)Adult (f)4,4658203
lAipC(lAipC)Adult (f)4,5098332
P6Z3Q(P6Z3Q)Adult (f)3,8238482
Mv2le(Mv2le)Adult (m)4,8758172
Rdxnr(Rdxnr)Adult (m)4,7578201
CnOGh(CnOGh)Adult (f)4,5528241
deOrl(deOrl)Adult (f)5,4089434
eIgRt(eIgRt)Adult (m)3,0015523
BMnjb(BMnjb)Adult (f)1,9506082
rAYLr(rAYLr)Adult (f)2,0396111
XYzQG(XYzQG)Adult (m)1,9755931
QvGer(QvGer)Adult (f)3,6106382
cwk2d(cwk2d)Adult (m)3,3835912
gKYFe(gKYFe)Adult (m)3,3456193
oaWnU(oaWnU)Adult (f)3,4495854
xShVF(xShVF)Adult (f)3,5953751
Lu29f(Lu29f)Adult (f)4,0629882
uaFtR(uaFtR)Adult (f)2,8204361
oVzjD(oVzjD)Adult (m)2,8715302
P26W3(P26W3)Adult (m)2,8385412
gwyyF(gwyyF)Adult (f)3,1414841
3nfeP(3nfeP)Adult (m)3,1464582
FQcwK(FQcwK)Adult (m)3,1854521
OHbVe(OHbVe)Adult (f)3,4404751
UJzz3(UJzz3)Adult (m)3,0304412
odO79(odO79)Adult (f)3,0214162
2uWmR(2uWmR)Adult (f)5,0669618
ZG43i(ZG43i)Adult (m)3,2995932
bQKRq(bQKRq)Adult (m)3,0585782
YEgjS(YEgjS)Adult (m)2,1024103
hAAEd(hAAEd)Adult (f)2,6243983
lfWLN(lfWLN)Adult (m)3,1084361
19YkE(19YkE)Adult (f)2,7604052
NRdwh(NRdwh)Adult (f)2,9396123
ytnFK(ytnFK)Adult (m)3,0224524
3UWek(3UWek)Adult (f)2,8404381
9UfN6(9UfN6)Adult (m)4,1375671
UdoU5(UdoU5)Adult (f)2,6674192
6Pa3z(6Pa3z)Adult (f)2,8204483
Rg3wj(Rg3wj)Adult (m)2,8294313
xnwWL(xnwWL)Adult (m)5,4107573
CsxHe(CsxHe)Adult (m)2,9406112
HOjWm(HOjWm)Adult (f)2,9724152
VaUZnVaUZn CBAdult (m)3,7014952
pftOFpftOF CBAdult (f)3,2574751
d8nlnd8nln CBAdult (m)2,9514141
RRNvXRRNvX CBAdult (m)3,0114372
3Uq0u3Uq0u CBAdult (f)2,7674011
ow9VSow9VS CBAdult (f)2,8694542
bJCWjbJCWj CBAdult (f)4,1875651
Ei8xvEi8xv CBAdult (m)4,1605401
iJqPDiJqPD CBAdult (f)6,1986751
1WPNJ1WPNJ CBAdult (m)3,9345501
wpVcDwpVcD CBAdult (f)3,9935161
IYPIkIYPIk CBAdult (f)4,4505920
sYnoasYnoa CBAdult (m)4,9115681
qLxIaqLxIa CBAdult (f)3,9564421
gwm02gwm02 CBAdult (f)3,70643221
HcUYjHcUYj CBAdult (m)4,1454362
gP75RgP75R CBAdult (f)4,3094693
PeD8JPeD8J CBAdult (f)4,3174602
GWlDtGWlDt Down CBAdult (f)2,6935231
ZEqFxZEqFx CBAdult (f)3,7105912
rvv1wrvv1w CBAdult (f)2,4985261
5VNLi5VNLi CBAdult (f)3,1295463
dobesdobes CBAdult (f)3,8936172
NN74JNN74J CBAdult (f)3,1285571
4otu44otu4 PF 2Adult (f)2,8926565
d8zuhd8zuh CBAdult (f)1,7596515
7eOgz7eOgz CBAdult (m)2,2425273
Pgj6JPgj6J CBAdult (m)3,0835005
EKKDr(EKKDr)Adult (f)2,6605293
IwlpS(IwlpS)Adult (m)2,6245753
t6w2kt6w2k CBAdult (f)3,8454713
r2BY6r2BY6 CBAdult (f)3,0605384
DyWFoDyWFo CBAdult (m)2,4165413
Ivab8Ivab8 CBAdult (m)2,6415224
qeP26qeP26 CBAdult (m)3,9214733
WpNkeWpNke CBAdult (m)2,4656055
PW1agPW1ag CBAdult (m)1,9533792
A1MQoA1MQo CBAdult (m)4,1041,0142
H4wqFH4wqF CBAdult (m)5,8611,1294
c6hkmc6hkm CBAdult (m)4,1631,0562
ZdQBLZdQBL CBAdult (f)4,2661,0303
2QjZ32QjZ3 CBAdult (f)2,9414412
dtIztdtIzt CBAdult (f)3,2144442
vbkbEvbkbE CBAdult (f)3,6525042
y6qaKy6qaK CBAdult (m)4,5646225
gOwQvgOwQv CBAdult (f)3,4765181
rgUamrgUam CBAdult (m)2,8744321
uVwQVuVwQV CBAdult (f)3,1894511
aNxVEaNxVE CBAdult (f)2,5184882
37XnG37XnG CBAdult (m)3,0175482
Iv0E8Iv0E8 CBAdult (f)2,9355453
GsU3QGsU3Q CBAdult (f)2,5164942
rpwNorpwNo CBAdult (m)3,0334330
sTZ4msTZ4m CBAdult (m)2,5093813
ldNu4ldNu4 CBAdult (f)3,4775321
0RC5N0RC5N CBAdult (f)3,1125120
MVVgwMVVgw CBAdult (f)2,0945805
joTKDjoTKD CBAdult (f)2,8265301
lBrSElBrSE CBAdult (m)2,2254531
QuaeMQuaeM CBAdult (m)2,9035432
XhuLlXhuLl CBAdult (m)2,6966171
o57yCo57yC CBAdult (f)3,0135092
3xSL13xSL1 CBAdult (m)2,6585211
glPuXglPuX CBAdult (m)2,5155263
GmvTkGmvTk CBAdult (f)2,5775002
O81rIO81rI CBAdult (f)3,5938501
xUFe0xUFe0 CBAdult (f)1,8264972
Yu2p2Yu2p2 CBAdult (f)2,8875912
iyK3CiyK3C CBAdult (m)2,5035003
ahi2Gahi2G CBAdult (m)2,8425712
iEvUWiEvUW CBAdult (f)2,2394844
27PpR27PpR CBAdult (m)2,0794614
D3lJ0D3lJ0 CBAdult (m)2,7085442
9wsmq9wsmq CBAdult (f)2,8385632
wGWEFwGWEF CBAdult (f)2,7725554
CQZPVCQZPV CBAdult (f)2,1375276
uh03cuh03c CBAdult (m)2,0195662
lcZO3lcZO3 CBAdult (f)3,1955662
030z3030z3 CBAdult (m)3,1175712
Rud85Rud85 CBAdult (m)2,4944822
8P36S8P36S CBAdult (m)3,1195694
Oh0ovOh0ov CBAdult (m)3,1045563
n805On805O CBAdult (f)2,2845544
Z9vpiZ9vpi CBAdult (f)2,7685133
zPyIpzPyIp CBAdult (m)3,4855703
8DmJB8DmJB CBAdult (f)3,3615703
u2UCNu2UCN CBAdult (m)3,3275723
fw8j0fw8j0 CBAdult (f)2,6175022
CG6H7CG6H7 CBAdult (f)2,4695143
FpcaIFpcaI CBAdult (f)3,4394541
rLLpkrLLpk CBAdult (f)2,3085204
rMLkSrMLkS CBAdult (m)3,6904965
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