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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5JyggKiona Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (f)4,9913473
PnmEuGlenna Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (f)4,0152873
rDbD9Patrick XenoGaia CBAdult (m)4,0944777
oKotaLena Silver 3Adult (f)5,7414017
PdlFkFreda RoyalBlue CBAdult (f)4,6813364
dsKPhJacob Magi 5Adult (m)4,9573451
WoI6NLacie Gemshard PB 2Adult (f)2,9717064
EgH7BYelena Pyralspite PB 2Adult (f)6,2264173
qkxgoMaeve Blusang PB 3Adult (f)5,5653773
xdUTzRuth Pyralspite 3Adult (f)6,6474463
9AShyShyboy Ridgewing PB 3Adult (m)6,5744573
rfwgxGoddard Ice CB OAdult (m)3,8563796
5r2GFEdmund Thunder CB OAdult (m)3,8912825
DDO8uNathan Blusang CB OAdult (m)4,0612794
gkH4pChloe DarkGreen CBAdult (f)4,6783199
HK7diMathilda Thunder 2Adult (f)5,0473386
xWiUjTrina Skywing CBAdult (f)3,6373935
jeyZ7Kirk Ridgewing CBAdult (m)6,6354593
pA35XHarley Neotropical CBAdult (m)3,1695027
phIH3Peren Olive CBAdult (f)3,1433563
a9hdmOnida SilverPrize 4Adult (f)9,83266613
0BaeLMathea DarkGreen ThuwedAdult (f)5,1243604
ukNGXJelena Soulpeace 2Adult (f)5,0353458
smlodBarton Thunder PB 2Adult (m)4,1612814
ZC27zOsmond Red-finnedTidal CBAdult (m)4,6493264
zs3XfAdolph GuardianAvatar 2Adult (m)8,9806126
MJZRRCerelia XenoGaia CB OAdult (f)4,9863373
C5GTnAzura XenoChrono PB 2Adult (f)4,8873307
k0pyNAlvin CopperPrize 6Adult (m)9,7246634
H8whBAnne Pink CBAdult (f)4,5013015
3cBwgClark XenoGaia CB OAdult (m)5,5613783
DBx5wAudrey XenoPyro CB OAdult (f)4,5723244
jajPoEvelyn XenoMageia CBAdult (f)6,5114475
39unHEmil XenoChrono PB 2Adult (m)4,5473172
4WuhxMarshall SpottedGreenwing CBAdult (m)4,4163026
jVwuHEnid White CBAdult (f)4,4803693
VouiFElsie GoldPrize 6Adult (f)10,3086967
UX8KMJulius Pillow CBAdult (m)5,9834086
tbxJNRibbon Canopy O 3Adult (f)3,5047397
PhDW0Dr W Gold-hornedTangar CBAdult (m)4,8563242
F8n2sJessie-Joanna Hooktalon CBAdult (f)7,5791,3936
TVsR2Hardy Pyralspite 2Adult (m)6,6694552
Ya6woElgin Gold 3Adult (m)5,8723984
8nN11Candice Copper PB 2Adult (f)5,4303694
l6QyVErek Blusang PB 2Adult (m)3,5742506
e4w7DFlorance Blusang CB OAdult (f)3,0116187
qAq1lChale Copper O 4Adult (m)3,2744796
ApwHhBelladonna DarkGreen Alt O 5Adult (m)3,1747695
yjPmiGrace Soulpeace 2Adult (f)4,2214134
6eLEwBarclay DarkGreen PB 5Adult (m)3,9033834
hFpwNHilary Red PB O 2Adult (f)3,1387975
ZrwrDHermosa Red PB O 2Adult (f)3,2787652
X1sMZJoyce Pink 3Adult (f)3,7153584
ANq6KMaidenhair Seasonal CBAdult (f)3,9413704
mVASwKay Copper Jewel 4Adult (f)4,7743213
d8KBsAdam Red 5Adult (m)4,2182962
s6PLIJuliet Pink PB 4Adult (f)3,7383914
AHGXcBert XenoMageia CBAdult (m)4,7033144
hUGEaAdair XenoPyro CBAdult (m)5,3503784
eBjR9Donna GoldPrize O 3Adult (f)4,8401,22113
py10jUcupracacia DarkGreen Alt 3Adult (m)4,0003946
aWLazDolores BlackMarrow 6Adult (f)5,4393662
WqK07Douglas Caligene CBAdult (m)2,0754371
UGuSfGregary Caligene CB OAdult (m)3,1315425
XxCQYBridget BlackMarrow 4Adult (f)5,1053603
N6yJ5Audrey ShadowWalker 4Adult (f)4,2713082
qyJJNAndrea ShadowWalker 2Adult (f)5,2893643
kvLRcBelinda Caligene CBAdult (f)4,4983973
9OpFrMarlon Caligene CBAdult (m)4,3844474
yD1caHazel Caligene CBAdult (f)3,4685703
m8b6bNydia Caligene CBAdult (f)1,4005415
U39zcYork Caligene CBAdult (m)3,1365245
9KmOAWordsworth ShadowWalker 3Adult (m)4,3144395
Y9IR3Bertram Gold O 2Adult (m)5,2244377
mTJ30Wythe Pumpkin PB 4Adult (m)5,1153472
xdS8mICE Pip Pumpkin OHatchling (F)1,3803993
ft0BnLouise Copper PB 4Adult (f)4,5933623
pWmZ8Mercury SilverPrizeAdult (m)9,5136514
41CzgJamie Black Marrow 2Adult (f)5,3023583
49ZJBJerry ShadowWalker PB 3Adult (m)3,8014734
5NjfqClara Shadow Walker PB 3Adult (f)4,2144492
9ndi7Blanche ShadowWalker PB 2Adult (f)4,6143191
7a1JuBeau Purple PB 2Adult (m)4,3823003
UilOyBoris Dorsal CBAdult (m)5,1163632
6cWu5Gerald CavernLurker 3Adult (m)5,3053572
fpOMuBroderick GoNAdult (m)9,0706914
VclLmNathaniel ShadowWalker 4Adult (m)5,5173684
Nq2IvThera Dorsal CB OAdult (f)2,4736411
qa9XqTiffany Blusang CB OAdult (f)5,1494183
EUtbrTina Pumpkin PB 4Adult (f)3,2603961
hMfwpMatthew BlackMarrow 4Adult (m)3,0864493
ymcs8Mandel ShadowWalker 4Adult (m)2,5404502
HrDUOMagee Red CB OAdult (m)2,3946782
Qh8UGLucien ShadowWalker PB 4Adult (m)2,42165715
8i7apLester Ridgewing CB OAdult (m)3,5121,03115
hFTtMJared ShadowWalker 2Adult (m)2,4464942
MiMxCHiram ShadowWalker O 3Adult (m)2,8974454
LlXpMRoxanne ShadowWalker 4Adult (f)5,0573385
MWWNbGerald Dorsal CB OAdult (m)6,0075314
UgizURenee Dorsal CB OAdult (f)6,3305022
YYwZdRachel Red CB OAdult (f)4,6888235
5K04jDonahue BlackMarrow O 5Adult (m)6,3664784
aBplsBruno BlackMarrow 4Adult (m)6,3874585
O20QWFreda Copper CB OAdult (f)4,7714733
HwjwIRenata BlackMarrow 2Adult (f)4,9536315
z3EpAPlum Dino CB OAdult4,0908028
op0DNHugo XenoChrono PB 2Adult (m)6,2786125
CTLcOElmer Blusang CBAdult (m)7,2217383
CkMF9Elliot XenoAstrapi CB OAdult (m)6,5437839
HLMOTEdgar Copper CBAdult (m)7,4446583
D1bk0Elsie Copper 3Adult (f)6,2896415
oVqgVGabriel Blusang 3Adult (m)6,6106563
FHM4wHardy Blusang 2Adult (m)7,5036524
4MmPVICE Singer Soulpeace IB OHatchling (f, F)5,5547116
k96eJElsa XenoChrono CBAdult (f)9,1706865
g0pS0(g0pS0)Egg (F)
B3rwKAndre Copper CB OAdult (m)7,9651,1666
bZqD4Rubellite Gemshard CBAdult (f)8,0657323
WdL69Sylvia XenoGaia CB OAdult (f)7,9357175
t28MCVera Dorsal CB OAdult (f)7,7897564
NMAmzVivien Black PB 2Adult (f)7,5067884
vOCG7Oh this is a chickenAdult (f)7,4347193
a4i1oTruda XenoAstrapi CB OAdult (f)7,6377294
AGaHnAlston SilverPrize Penk O 5Adult (m)8,2018357
1Ht9tBeryl Gemshard CBAdult (f)6,2297904
r9lizSilvester XenoChrono CBAdult (m)5,3717832
pa3dsYetta Copper 2Adult (f)6,1847153
mXdLrRae Dorsal PB 4Adult (f)5,9837164
qrMiOEdwina XenoAstrapi CB OAdult (f)6,3237155
0IRkIValerie Magma CB OAdult (f)7,01548413
Vez0RHoder NeglectedAdult (m)6,05841038
Ya2ftTobey Blusang CB OAdult (f)5,8241,02613
ZMygEEdith SpiritWard CBAdult (f)5,2161,0267
4F7gRThomas Magma CBAdult (m)6,8227313
vwMU0Sigrid XenoThalassa CBAdult (f)6,0048702
ha0djSid Pyralspite CBAdult (m)5,8798714
nh2QnRiva XenoChrono CBAdult (f)5,6128405
4L30EGrape Dino CBAdult5,3308493
PYSZAPhyllis DarkGreen 2Adult (f)6,6437225
spTb6Abbott Magma CB OAdult (m)7,6519588
epUYvTigereye Black 4Adult (m)5,6947434
MBDNqCamera Dorsal CB OAdult (m)4,9034472
TY3iJKyle Pyralspite 3Adult (m)6,0147475
P6GH7Diamond CopperAdult (f)5,9747265
bYGcJNancy Red PB 2Adult (f)5,4647302
GDOnGMandrake DarkGreen Alt PB O 2Adult (m)7,6541,00811
5puJBHiram GoldenWyvern CBAdult (m)5,3926234
bI07SCara Pink 3Adult (f)5,4927474
g0LB2Hiram GuardianAvatar 3Adult (m)7,6809084
AUGrPHaley GuardianAvatar 3Adult (m)7,6817663
Rsi5CGene Blusang PB 3Adult (m)5,4757229
EjakmHyacinth XenoThalassa CBAdult (f)4,3758292
HRx6BFrederic Gemshard CB OAdult (m)4,9389583
tJTlRHeather Pyralspite CBAdult (m)6,7267293
jrLYGHarvey XenoGaia CBAdult (m)5,9687152
D9KScAubrey Gemshard CBAdult (m)3,7287758
zudW6Greg Gemshard CB OAdult (m)5,4961,0493
NO5UeClement Blusang CB OAdult (m)4,7138814
AM6gUBradley Seasonal CB OAdult (m)4,7037194
0NyovTheresa Seasonal CB OAdult (f)4,6757224
rZfWPBoyce Seasonal CB OAdult (m)4,6937244
iuxtQBernard Thunder 2Adult (m)5,5926038
iV7dINelly Magma CBAdult (f)5,4247333
ANFQlMoira Ember CBAdult (f)7,0526506
IDkqTMadeline GoldenWyvern CBAdult (f)6,3237207
2DS03Joan Ridgewing PB 2Adult (f)5,1517125
cUKG3Elijah XenoChrono CBAdult (m)5,4417853
1dmynBarnett SilverPrize 7Adult (m)9,0898505
OJht6Dempsey SilverPrize 6Adult (m)8,3759006
qnrq9Ina Copper 6Adult (f)4,4537944
jkBrACedric Ice 3Adult (m)4,7158159
SF9zHBowen Gold O 3Adult (m)6,3637203
K2oqFEvelyn Ice CBAdult (f)5,1607005
FSErdBasil Ice CB OAdult (m)6,6567235
7nAMNAntony Ridgewing CBAdult (m)6,6577233
VZIyEIngrid Pyralspite 2Adult (f)6,3317728
5olHWAlgernon XenoThalassa CB OAdult (m)5,8647024
2J6J6Bart Pyralspite 2Adult (m)6,2527325
AsFJcArlen Silver 3Adult (m)6,1106506
axbcrDominic XenoMageia CBAdult (m)5,5157795
RDvDzCamille Pyralspite PB 2Adult (f)5,9748434
gO8mAGabrielle Thunder 3Adult (f)6,8657552
6dDsEChad XenoAstrapi PB 2Adult (m)6,1457993
ilKE7Rosybrown DorsalAdult (f)6,8187584
wNMmPBishop GoldenWyvern PB 2Adult (m)5,9277275
lCj75Blake Silver O 2Adult (m)7,3627708
vKjjxHedda RedAdult (f)4,6147364
tmdYYFaithe Pyralspite 2Adult (f)5,9297962
0uT5FChapman Red 3Adult (m)5,7678103
ClVKSFrances GoldenWyvern CBAdult (f)4,8518655
EYP8WChristopher XenoAstrapi CBAdult (m)5,7157517
riALuGrace Pyralspite CBAdult (f)6,9637193
AUxMTPirro Red CBAdult (m)5,2057852
YBMQdPennan Harvest CBAdult (m)5,3698001
jImwzClement Daydream CBAdult (m)6,2527265
AB3SIJodie Pyralspite 3Adult (f)5,7949005
fF3kdHyman LunarHerald PB 3Adult (m)5,7687362
9SyjeDonahue Red PB 2Adult (m)5,0998373
XUB3eHugh XenowyrmAstrapi CBAdult (m)4,9547773
MTpeyMaud XenowyrmPyro CBAdult (f)6,5437573
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