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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uburuAC Ridgewing CB OAdult (m)3,5738801
wEBZKXXXXX CB OAdult (f)3,6048722
ElZoGLorrin Blusang CBAdult (m)5,4693672
86MeQAAA Ice CBAdult (m)5,2693654
CxE1BCarlos XenowyrmAstrapi CBAdult (m)4,3072941
Q5VGnXX Copper Alt 4Adult (f)4,0632943
FUQ8YXX Pillow CBAdult (f)5,9734181
a4ThRXXXX Copper CB OAdult (f)4,3603082
NxVzhABCXXX CBAdult (f)6,3104651
M2obOXXX Darkgreen CB OAdult (m)4,2759783
Kgex0Gracie Blusang CB OAdult (f)4,3604244
aRTGqXX Red CB OAdult (f)2,4865925
lIwIoGerry Thunder CB OAdult (m)5,7764823
RDzkeDarryl Ice CB OAdult (m)3,91752010
jgia0Meryl Blusang 3Adult (m)3,6144373
x4TBDDana Seasonal CB OAdult (f)2,4436024
a9hjrForrest Blusang PB 6Adult (m)4,0472932
L6CbiClint SilverPrize O 4Adult (m)10,2146889
R39e9Lorraine Magma CB OAdult (f)4,4125273
kLmcbMila Hellfire CB OAdult (f)3,2531,23510
mI6EXRiley Blue-Banded CB OAdult (m)3,9641,26912
b5QOqAyesha Nebula CB OAdult (f)3,3397481
f11uyHattie Blusang 2Adult (f)6,5504424
5jQa7Bailee Blue-Banded CB OAdult (f)3,8251,18812
W0sezAlonso HellfireWyvern CB OAdult (m)3,7121,0379
4j4nrPeyton Seasonal O 3Adult (m)5,3158974
ixCFlAlbina Ice CB OAdult (f)4,3782922
AyKgPSammy Ember CBAdult (f)5,0393434
wDTuIKiara Nebula CB OAdult (f)7,1391,2458
1eIHXAvery Nebula CB OAdult (f)2,6576002
JSSt2Robert Thunder CBAdult (m)5,8053902
oqsKJGeorge NhiostrifeWyvern CBAdult (m)7,0045205
FpU0kNicole Magma CBAdult (f)4,5183222
Y0H7lEric Silver 3Adult (m)6,0164123
HkR89Rachel Ridgewing 3Adult (f)5,1213543
yJyIISunny Moonstone 6Adult (f)3,5823523
netkEAshley Nebula CB OAdult (m)4,5387899
1NTFZJustin Thunder CBAdult (m)4,9053683
7DC8RA green-rainbowAdult (m)6,1924943
dDFawWalter Copper CBAdult (m)6,6678032
Aem1ABill Ice CBAdult (m)4,2064012
GiZugPhilip Blacktip CBAdult (m)6,3914923
9yYBjSimon Pink CB OAdult (m)3,8808763
DjmSoAlexandra Ice CBAdult (f)6,0974244
pAjfzSharon Nebula CB OAdult (f)2,6025922
nv0ZJVicky Copper CB OAdult (f)4,4063196
wA6upEllen Pink CB OAdult (f)4,6458061
lIxrcAndrea Silver O 3Adult (m)5,6264264
ExNnrAlex SilverPrize O 5Adult (f)9,7406579
2CutETooooo CuteAdult (f)4,8433614
6EQJ1Eva Nebula CB OAdult (f)5,6066555
tzmCeEdward Ridgewing CBAdult (m)4,2513332
4t7ZbChris Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (f)3,9274194
6FZYBLinda Solstice O 3Adult (f)5,2573592
AdtGNNoble Holly 7Adult (m)5,5154075
vhcfGJenny Solstice 2Adult (f)5,5013782
SlzWMEmma SnowAngel 4Adult (f)5,5573761
nzJZdAlice Mistletoe 2Adult (f)4,4663785
RZbHdKim Mistletoe 2Adult (f)4,9453795
C2OlKBrayan Holly 5Adult (m)5,0753394
r8YTOPhylis Solstice 2Adult (f)4,8413395
35I1CCarlos WrappingWing 3Adult (m)5,9134241
kxH4EMatias Aegis CBAdult (m)4,7634524
ra0t7Giancarlo Aegis CBAdult (m)5,3374323
9PYoMDevin Blusang CBAdult (m)4,8924806
uhXrwCharlene Pyralspite CBAdult (f)5,3315796
WMdJhRiley SnowAngel 3Adult (f)4,6504295
8JNQzOrlina XenowyrmMageia CBAdult (f)2,4305066
k8DvCAlyssa Gemshard CBAdult (f)5,3653583
26N8bFlint Ember CBAdult (m)5,1793562
oeLHHPriya SnowAngel 3Adult (f)5,0533665
S5wmaKalman Yulebuck 3Adult (m)5,1723693
ZoZFkTaryn Solstice 2Adult (f)6,2084262
Q9LkwTheodore Holly Thuwed 5Adult (m)2,4034535
L1NitGerri RibbonDancer 3Adult (f)5,8203886
5Uv27Carlo Mistletoe 2Adult (m)5,6733963
5SvAJFrang WrappingWing 3Adult (m)2,1475324
G5SiRKatlyn Holly 6Adult (f)4,2743845
fkk3mOlin Holly Thuwed 4Adult (m)3,9574766
Tdqp7Quiana Mistletoe 2Adult (f)2,6244883
Hji8kKali Mistletoe 2Adult (f)3,2105525
k947qRita SnowAngel Alt O 3Adult (f)6,1924194
JkldAVere Holly 4Adult (m)6,6084535
B8txIChris SnowAngel 2Adult (f)4,5589185
9QbmmVito Yulebuck 5Adult (m)6,6394575
FCUobVenessa Blusang CB OAdult (f)3,7284315
QL2yZValorie Ice CBAdult (f)4,1773082
gYmcfVirgil XenowyrmPyro CBAdult (m)4,1264343
HW46jTess Blusang CBAdult (f)5,2814123
DnNfSWilla XenoChrono CBAdult (f)6,0014153
fP9OsPhylis XenowyrmMageia CBAdult (f)6,1464224
qbEU9Ronnie Hellfire CB OAdult (m)4,0159454
tgwOhTeela Fever CB OAdult (f)4,0389396
c6PMkRalph Ridgewing CB OAdult (m)4,0029493
Jmg6zRory Pillow CB OAdult (f)4,0099492
Eeln6Sidony Thunder CBAdult (f)6,9974953
ZYkr0A yellow-rainbowAdult (m)3,7643172
hkl7jSafira XenowyrmAstrapi CBAdult (f)6,6575276
CyfIXSaya Blusang PB 5Adult (m)6,1164223
s3VH7Rae XenowyrmThalassa CBAdult (f)5,2303604
q0qktReggie Dorsal CBAdult (m)5,4113744
iKVptNova RoyalBlue CBAdult (f)5,4483702
ptzd1Nathen Pyralspite PB 2Adult (m)6,2974312
PFvvPNash Red O 3Adult (m)6,5144485
vcaOlNaomi Nebula CB OAdult (f)3,3747044
qhzcvNivek Gemshard CBAdult (m)6,3294293
12DUtNansen Magi O 3Adult (m)7,1811,2414
j8HaUMabel Copper CB OAdult (f)5,88140614
kUwp8Mingan Copper CB OAdult (m)6,3374254
iOEn4Michelle Ridgewing PB 4Adult (f)4,7223196
s4lfCEarl Thunder CBAdult (m)6,7234706
U4PjNErin Neotropical CBAdult (m)5,0123494
YuaT0Elvis Ice CBAdult (m)5,4053728
IJ6ydEnsor DarkGreen PB 5Adult (f)2,9266183
eBZwLEmyr BlusangLindwurm CB OAdult (m)6,1154155
oEIlrEdric Ridgewing CB OAdult (m)5,4403774
vqImXFaustina Purple CB OAdult (f)3,8888844
PkS8RFirmin RoyalBlue CB OAdult (m)3,9587531
7GYPFFerry RoyalBlue CB OAdult (f)3,9717561
muMK7Glenda Ridgewing CB OAdult (f)3,9647581
KWJCkGerry BleedingMoon CB OAdult (f)3,9687601
TLlEuHirsi Ice CB OAdult (m)5,2033523
QOPwmHiram BlusangLindwurm CBAdult (m)6,1865375
5Y1Y6Hailey Dorsal PB 6Adult (f)5,7565425
RkAgCHaylee Nebula CB OAdult (f)5,4104465
7v8n5Jordi Purple CB OAdult (m)4,3388334
ntEbBJennifer Purple CB OAdult (f)4,3808365
cfcgfJamie Purple CB OAdult (m)3,8449255
gtGhCEugenia Blusang PB 4Adult (f)4,8533435
JzRN3Evita Ridgewing CBAdult (f)6,2454485
eSFjTGerard Dorsal CBAdult (m)6,2734325
iPdaLRalph Magi 2Adult (m)5,2885062
XXlL2Quentin Magi 2Adult (m)5,3134872
6mBvbGuadalupe Thunder CB OAdult (f)3,3954354
0N0jzOlinda Nebula CB OAdult (f)3,3288347
QbCjjOrlina Ridgewing CBAdult (f)5,4083674
njdXMZita CarmineWyvern 4Adult (f)5,7214163
sD2EyKala BlusangLindwurm CBAdult (f)5,4463764
Yb1yVNaomi Ridgewing PB 3Adult (f)5,1463533
ZWxY3Nanton CopperPrize O 3Adult (m)10,1887266
nujSgMarley Pink CB OAdult (m)4,2611,13511
qU7OJMiriam Copper CB OAdult (f)5,1764824
KQr3xIlana Pink O 2Adult (f)4,6078062
iYAFAAllison Red O 2Adult (f)4,6338142
lfK5XLauryn Dorsal CBAdult (f)6,0234303
jByCaAlyson Pink CB OAdult (f)4,0624534
CPPCUBrogan Gemshard CB OAdult (m)5,67078813
mdfXpLatrell SilverPrize O 4Adult (m)10,0566807
iumt6Beulah Black PB O 2Adult (f)5,1585056
CtQVBKatlyn XenoGaia CBAdult (f)4,4483164
GxY3WFeodor Copper 4Adult (m)4,6323216
n4aRQKelsie DarkGreen PB O 2Adult (f)3,6367036
B1tEMDarion Copper CB OAdult (m)6,2834263
wuM9TGada Neotropical 3Adult (f)4,8073424
dbfk6Gale Ridgewing PB 3Adult (f)5,1653485
Xbif5Erin Undine Alt 3Adult (m)5,2297036
T2LkuGracie Ridgewing CBAdult (f)6,1604965
7HdABElsie Magi CBAdult (f)5,5013793
rUn1DHalla Gold PB O 3Adult (f)6,2884354
R0a0ORiva Undine Alt 3Adult (f)5,1333444
jglfHWaria Dorsal PB 5Adult (f)6,1394244
8HQMSWafa Red PB O 2Adult (f)3,3633661
2J2OQIssay Ridgewing CB OAdult (m)4,7194944
HsYG0Izzy Blusang CB OAdult (m)7,0684936
VPW5sKarol Soulpeace 2Adult (m)4,5137576
m5LoRNeeta Ice CB OAdult (f)4,4644442
oGpzKWende Magi CBAdult (f)6,2215403
ZoG5lFausto Blusang PB O 4Adult (m)5,9124104
Ok2ATLibby Gemshard CB OAdult (f)3,3834742
HSNC7Layla Gemshard CB OAdult (f)6,5624901
7uTaaDelbert Red PB O 2Adult (m)2,6962442
KGzSSDeon Red PB O 2Adult (m)3,1072761
XeghJCorbin Gemshard CB OAdult (f)4,8084371
JXwxfCali Thunder CB OAdult (f)3,1464623
z4iBrCorinne Seasonal CBAdult (f)5,3853604
wrdrqGerry Copper CB OAdult (m)5,1093671
JghVuCyril Soulpeace 2Adult (m)5,4543694
TXjjdCamilla Magi 3Adult (f)4,4703053
rxyaQGelsomina Blusang CB OAdult (f)5,0293473
m0un7Jennine Seasonal PB 9Adult (f)3,3753743
1SKtYUlrika Ridgewing PB 3Adult (f)4,4883142
dFHb4Udall Gold O 2Adult (m)5,1383546
jQi6hRandine Blusang PB O 5Adult (f)4,67345913
jkM7XRhein Skywing CBAdult (m)4,5633517
xxVNcRahat Dorsal CB OAdult (m)4,4383163
Yl2NfRyba Thunder CB OAdult (f)5,2813544
qlWytRonaldo Gold PB O 3Adult (m)6,25443011
gS62nReece Gold PB O 3Adult (m)6,48044311
A0yVNRonda CopperPrize O 3Adult (f)8,7955917
1PtOcRemy Magma CBAdult (f)4,9373438
nUPRpHalima PB O 3Adult (f)3,67749211
8ducJReggie Gemshard PB O 3Adult (m)3,35049312
nyUCEAlex Thunder CB OAdult (f)4,4018808
uu1DNShawn Blusang CB OAdult (m)3,7564553
4ahxjMiki DarkGreen PB 5Adult (f)5,3543586
N5JjfHura Pyralspite 2Adult (f)6,2804337
ELgSdTim Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (m)3,8922995
zzQAySamuel Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (m)4,9613542
5JyggKiona Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (f)4,9913473
PnmEuGlenna Ridgewing PB O 2Adult (f)4,0152873
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