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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Umh7m(Umh7m)Adult (f)4,9723491
lg7Ud(lg7Ud)Adult (m)5,2905002
ugyCi(ugyCi)Adult (f)5,5005192
qLPnq(qLPnq)Adult (f)5,3855001
51x3o(51x3o)Adult (f)5,0625081
FHkxp(FHkxp)Adult (f)4,5105103
ILi1hXXX Two-FinnedBluna O 3Adult (f)6,4295304
hW9lJ(hW9lJ)Adult (f)3,7945151
FyaTAFyaTA 2Adult (m)5,6948854
33m0k(33m0k)Adult (f)5,6877871
0M5y9XXXX Moonstone 5Adult (f)3,4986862
kFQNf(kFQNf)Adult (m)4,1554173
4tOQE(4tOQE)Adult (m)7,1095003
vyUWZ(vyUWZ)Adult (f)7,1814952
tVd5Z(tVd5Z)Adult (f)4,2156683
0II01xx Thuwed 3Adult (f)3,7113691
888jV(888jV)Adult (m)6,2714191
0wBym(0wBym)Adult (f)5,0176334
dWGSMdWGSM PB 2Adult (f)4,0513331
DvAlc(DvAlc)Adult (m)4,0723362
pROYs(pROYs)Adult (f)4,5445213
aFCLS(aFCLS)Adult (f)6,7244603
gQuG3gQuG3 Blusang PB 2Adult (m)4,1853681
JM4ph(JM4ph)Adult (f)6,5614412
uuiUVAXX Nebula CB OAdult (m)6,4388382
IFTMEIFTME 3Adult (f)6,0464953
QfBn2(QfBn2)Adult (m)3,7816816
EtoXK(EtoXK)Adult (m)5,0706585
Pua9I(Pua9I)Adult (f)5,0326273
j7Acgj7Acg Nebula CBAdult (m)6,3744565
VQOL4(VQOL4)Adult (f)3,8146384
ChcGSChcGS ICE Black AltHatchling (f, F)2,9173744
2TFYP(2TFYP)Adult (f)4,9635966
Vv0Y8(Vv0Y8)Adult (f)5,8764993
hkWEA(hkWEA)Adult (m)4,3414101
ahbmzahbmz Sunsong 5Adult (f)3,5763911
IIbM5(IIbM5)Adult (f)4,6653961
hDdkY(hDdkY)Adult (m)5,2073991
XLlkwXLlkw Nebula CBAdult (m)4,2844302
SEWRc(SEWRc)Adult (m)4,1205412
E3kUo(E3kUo)Adult (m)4,7863490
jKVoO(jKVoO)Adult (m)5,2188241
pu91z(pu91z)Adult (m)4,8934232
McqIt(McqIt)Adult (m)5,7044504
LR3uo(LR3uo)Adult (f)4,2533041
7slD1(7slD1)Adult (m)4,8377983
NNdiD(NNdiD)Adult (f)4,7827441
195srMr195Adult (m)2,9134015
HsdmJXXX White CB OAdult (f)4,7395115
SGBtFICE Neotropical IB AltHatchling (m, F)4,0795964
lskw6Meredith Silver CBAdult (m)4,1846694
dBUqzX Silver CB OAdult (m)4,3234806
feNMFXXX Silver CB OAdult (f)4,3864944
Kli6J(Kli6J)Adult (m)4,3655764
rQjElElva Waterhorse CBAdult (f)6,0446613
jAxt0XX Skywing CB OAdult (m)4,5865362
n7WEfn7WEf CBAdult (m)5,8416213
v5UEV(v5UEV)Adult (m)5,4403734
4Qi3E(4Qi3E)Adult (m)4,9203471
uipDP(uipDP)Adult (m)6,8764713
a661N(a661N)Adult (f)7,0434782
ZR1Hx(ZR1Hx)Adult (m)6,7524642
D3PZk(D3PZk)Adult (f)7,9935413
IJZu3(IJZu3)Adult (m)6,8594724
Widd3(Widd3)Adult (f)7,6039313
UQa5g(UQa5g)Adult (m)5,4146846
421Nrxx Nocturne 4Adult (f)3,9606294
bvtWnbvtWn 2Adult (m)4,9826522
qgnzj(qgnzj)Adult (m)4,9125134
o8WfSOttilie Silver CB OAdult (f)6,0824092
MtbFi(MtbFi)Adult (m)4,9973368
gniL7(gniL7)Adult (f)4,2363833
HKSCPHKSCPAdult (m)6,2735593
4XBA14XBA1 Nebula CBAdult (m)2,6606232
o0P7h(o0P7h)Adult (m)5,1504554
3rQHG(3rQHG)Adult (m)4,8827563
bDjlh(bDjlh)Adult (f)4,4867282
Uw0UN(Uw0UN)Adult (m)4,3387552
tR3zA(tR3zA)Adult (f)4,5517562
S7w3g(S7w3g)Adult (f)3,1096371
XKSks(XKSks)Adult (f)4,8644344
ZGEFHAvery Mutamore CBAdult (m)3,9486112
6252Z(6252Z)Adult (m)4,4995576
KDzJ8(KDzJ8)Adult (f)4,6083184
HM4aH(HM4aH)Adult (f)4,1304913
AeKmQ(AeKmQ)Adult (m)4,6344885
oi1SW(oi1SW)Adult (f)4,5245003
BqrWr(BqrWr)Adult (f)4,3775452
jYvE2ICE Big Balloon IBHatchling (f, F)3,3175693
UzygU(UzygU)Adult (f)4,2977185
Y9YNp(Y9YNp)Adult (f)5,1693504
cnnsh(cnnsh)Adult (f)4,6843423
qgzXV(qgzXV)Adult (f)3,4405973
fLHMxXX Rosebud O 3Adult (f)3,9535093
oYLzr(oYLzr)Adult (m)4,5554612
WIqRc(WIqRc)Adult (f)4,0224851
VsiBg(VsiBg)Adult (f)3,9005016
wQW0V(wQW0V)Adult (m)5,4917453
rQDEV(rQDEV)Adult (f)3,7727014
wq3nn(wq3nn)Adult (f)3,9106852
DCXED(DCXED)Adult (f)3,9006853
WcKURx Rosebud Alt 4Adult (f)3,7986887
RgKW6XX Rosebud O 4Adult (f)3,9606976
PQut1(PQut1)Adult (m)3,9977085
om9ud(om9ud)Adult (m)6,3434551
lY0ww(lY0ww)Adult (f)5,9255195
mEoiQ(mEoiQ)Adult (m)2,5445899
dqyMF(dqyMF)Adult (f)5,9025520
UUaYP(UUaYP)Adult (m)6,1994164
rKH90(rKH90)Adult (f)4,9743481
xwhm2(xwhm2)Adult (m)6,1885163
DzbAE(DzbAE)Adult (m)5,6734765
yxU1T(yxU1T)Adult (m)6,2225599
UvsbjXXX Magi O 2Adult (f)3,22850013
87DvM(87DvM)Adult (m)4,2863794
edHSD(edHSD)Adult (m)4,1923602
MRDXJXXX Nebula 3Adult (m)5,6379284
WYMpFWYMpF Nebula 3Adult (f)5,7578993
6w4Nn6w4Nn 3Adult (m)5,8449265
5u4EtPB O 2Adult (m)3,88175312
1WV7O1WV7O Nebula CBAdult (f)5,5996344
pLbmUX Electric CB OAdult (f)3,1958878
zVhB8XX Electric CB OAdult (m)3,6027864
jTmEpDiane GoNAdult (f)9,9066733
2bY2X(2bY2X)Adult (m)3,8654125
hNGIhXX White CB OAdult (m)5,0939237
2kDEDX White CB OAdult (f)5,07691910
FPaKc(FPaKc)Adult (m)3,6814203
iLLJ2iLLJ2 Sunstone CBAdult (m)3,1206854
qqcoz(qqcoz)Adult (m)3,1647024
0RlHK(0RlHK)Adult (f)3,3417024
OLpt4(OLpt4)Adult (f)3,3057034
oDaCdPercy Silver CB OAdult (m)5,2793696
Ybo3uAlt 4Adult (f)5,4773673
KBtNu(KBtNu)Adult (f)3,1284923
Op0JMXX White CBAdult (f)3,3925232
qUQlW(qUQlW)Adult (f)5,5165053
Vr9Ok(Vr9Ok)Adult (m)6,8665583
6KA7v(6KA7v)Adult (f)7,3585063
FAsRi(FAsRi)Adult (m)3,7337174
MGh4p(MGh4p)Adult (m)3,3785524
74Tm874Tm8 O 4Adult (f)6,8495483
kCkIm(kCkIm)Adult (f)4,2655294
7Bo1a(7Bo1a)Adult (m)5,2903993
CA8eS(CA8eS)Adult (m)5,1165915
L8b23(L8b23)Adult (f)5,8137163
mjih5(mjih5)Adult (m)5,3794373
Ofacv(Ofacv)Adult (f)5,1854712
nNauW(nNauW)Adult (f)4,4885832
ZzNLI(ZzNLI)Adult (f)9,2638562
qoa7n(qoa7n)Adult (f)2,9857084
AZ0x9(AZ0x9)Adult (m)3,6467802
nJzJyAlt 2Adult (f)3,2164962
nzMzNnzMzN O 3Adult (m)5,8964032
Cwg4V(Cwg4V)Adult (f)6,3955472
7U0jr(7U0jr)Adult (f)6,6775303
zj4tH(zj4tH)Adult (m)5,0846725
5OowARobbie Nebula CBAdult (m)4,4293616
ryHN1ryHN1 CBAdult (f)4,6106803
JBLJH(JBLJH)Adult (m)5,9666412
iHqK7(iHqK7)Adult (m)5,8936346
47f8R(47f8R)Adult (m)5,1106604
o1nSZXX CB OAdult (f)1,7436104
qcwBQ(qcwBQ)Adult (f)5,4625982
wXusCwXusC Blusang PB 2Adult (f)5,7085623
Fwl6U(Fwl6U)Adult (f)6,1389688
Rs6IV(Rs6IV)Adult (f)2,4705971
upY4w(upY4w)Adult (m)4,5186634
VFNay(VFNay)Adult (f)3,0273844
NMiLw(NMiLw)Adult (m)4,0288653
hhUOzXXX Nebula CBAdult (m)2,5306431
ojYjHXX CopperPrize 6Adult (f)9,7846682
G224UXXX CopperPrize 4Adult (m)9,7496593
HvCBYXX CopperPrize 4Adult (f)9,9646792
Zr0DaXXXX Pink CBAdult (m)3,5743953
5aCTp(5aCTp)Adult (m)4,4863452
ufLGWAlt PB 2Adult (f)4,7623892
QugEh(QugEh)Adult (f)5,0075602
4IEudXX Silver O 3Adult (m)3,3184863
9uhXqXXX Magi CB OAdult (m)3,3893773
2SunQXXX GoldPrize 4Adult (f)8,5967574
18X3218X32Adult (f)2,9373601
lrqb0(lrqb0)Adult (f)4,1753552
bzZQ2(bzZQ2)Adult (f)7,0264832
qpAVB(qpAVB)Adult (m)6,1834312
TOboc(TOboc)Adult (f)6,7184611
E75l0(E75l0)Adult (m)5,2533782
YlxcPDaniella Copper CBAdult (f)6,5034473
RcAzkXX LunarHerald CBAdult (f)2,4925092
7dBOCXX Nebula CB OAdult (m)4,2902865
dcqqKXX Seasonal CB OAdult (f)4,6911,0199
UpDlsXX Two-headedLindwurm CB OAdult (f)4,8359868
71GvoWX OAdult4,95399712
77JFNAS Blusang CBAdult (f)3,5773322
MIPL1XXX Blacktip CB OAdult (f)5,8239388
BqBs2XX BleedingMoon CB OAdult (m)3,5338752
VXmH1X BleedingMoon CB OAdult (m)3,3389082
uburuAC Ridgewing CB OAdult (m)3,5738801
wEBZKXXXXX CB OAdult (f)3,6048722
ElZoGLorrin Blusang CBAdult (m)5,4693672
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