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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Kucgc(Kucgc)Adult (m)5,5258681
4aSQ5(4aSQ5)Adult (m)4,3031,0815
oRt9n(oRt9n)Adult (m)4,0415580
GhcPp(GhcPp)Adult (f)4,9195260
cRDSc(cRDSc)Adult (m)5,2605460
sL3hE(sL3hE)Adult (f)4,9905640
9hu5Y(9hu5Y)Adult (m)5,2045370
iYf7W(iYf7W)Adult (f)4,9753882
SVUHh(SVUHh)Adult (m)4,6044163
hB2Ej(hB2Ej)Adult (f)8,7017806
rjILJ(rjILJ)Adult (m)5,2275085
6T2UR(6T2UR)Adult (f)3,8277533
WYiQRWYiQR Nebula CBAdult (f)5,5834262
kWekn(kWekn)Adult (m)3,2718364
CL8XO(CL8XO)Adult (f)5,4474352
XAAGr(XAAGr)Adult (f)4,8164402
KYi4t(KYi4t)Adult (f)5,4624146
4sAS7(4sAS7)Adult (f)5,7704844
1xZej(1xZej)Adult (m)4,3656311
latGX(latGX)Adult (f)4,2776311
lmZ83(lmZ83)Adult (m)4,4975912
lctxY(lctxY)Adult (m)4,4426442
wBzok(wBzok)Adult (m)4,1173732
mFtwn(mFtwn)Adult (m)3,4615220
H7xnc(H7xnc)Adult (f)6,1585181
3MDYT(3MDYT)Adult (f)3,4838462
LuUo3(LuUo3)Adult (m)3,9088092
Q1Jlv(Q1Jlv)Adult (f)3,3738567
cXJV9(cXJV9)Adult (f)4,8374551
HOMIW(HOMIW)Adult (f)5,7054650
Swa0K(Swa0K)Adult (m)5,6914690
87tAh(87tAh)Adult (f)3,1784321
Q8wSM(Q8wSM)Adult (f)3,9264651
nL9Fu(nL9Fu)Adult (m)5,4613742
D74UE(D74UE)Adult (m)5,4903791
zJRd0(zJRd0)Adult (m)5,2155293
LY6ZCCarlos Nebula CBAdult (m)5,1783532
pPgGy(pPgGy)Adult (f)6,5875142
hSGye(hSGye)Adult (m)5,9514212
4e3Z5(4e3Z5)Adult (m)5,7694034
TfSnu(TfSnu)Adult (m)3,8897052
T1avq(T1avq)Adult (m)3,8236913
rDHEZ(rDHEZ)Adult (f)3,8256912
n2nsq(n2nsq)Adult (m)4,5345692
CmwjX(CmwjX)Adult (m)4,5556021
nYyL6(nYyL6)Adult (f)2,7214661
Nv8UmNv8Um Nebula CBAdult (f)4,2435082
qUiNq(qUiNq)Adult (f)6,9748932
8obwm(8obwm)Adult (m)6,7338624
DXnFP(DXnFP)Adult (m)6,9718732
WhepC(WhepC)Adult (m)6,8258711
1QGbA(1QGbA)Adult (f)8,9676482
JJfke(JJfke)Adult (f)10,2096901
C1loz(C1loz)Adult (f)10,3857052
JoedA(JoedA)Adult (f)8,3506702
lQr98(lQr98)Adult (m)9,9906772
KwxvH(KwxvH)Adult (m)4,7984903
yeYKf(yeYKf)Adult (f)4,6934932
SPWg5ACX CB OAdult (m)4,1885324
hNjLc(hNjLc)Adult (m)6,2738473
bcsvI(bcsvI)Adult (m)5,9008563
RLaq4(RLaq4)Adult (m)6,0668343
MlC7j(MlC7j)Adult (m)4,0612721
jfiTmXX CB OOAdult (m)3,7385373
Box3J(Box3J)Adult (f)6,3234523
m2WUQ(m2WUQ)Adult (f)6,3634482
SWLfbXXX CB OOOAdult (m)3,8716143
dI41Z(dI41Z)Adult (f)6,0075153
YeYpy(YeYpy)Adult (m)6,0464982
XfeRT(XfeRT)Adult (f)4,5056933
qbHVC(qbHVC)Adult (f)4,2407032
jd6n9(jd6n9)Adult (m)4,9727344
mfv1wXXXX Copper PB O 3Adult (m)3,7737052
pE0uB(pE0uB)Adult (f)5,8933932
Oah0E(Oah0E)Adult (f)5,7093931
y7K3l(y7K3l)Adult (f)5,4383641
BxIHR(BxIHR)Adult (f)5,5283721
NhKcm(NhKcm)Adult (m)10,5577145
kSMax(kSMax)Adult (m)6,3684443
Aysqw(Aysqw)Adult (f)6,2834793
BiWSvAXXX Copper CB OAdult (m)6,2197986
BaqMg(BaqMg)Adult (f)2,4325914
31NdLEnrico Nebula CBAdult (m)3,9636785
fdlp2(fdlp2)Adult (m)2,5146044
NvYpi(NvYpi)Adult (m)3,9923681
3YgHX(3YgHX)Adult (f)2,8076233
r3N1B(r3N1B)Adult (m)4,7345474
xGcLb(xGcLb)Adult (m)4,6626863
GZrERYsabel Sunstone CBAdult (f)4,7557432
cjWEE(cjWEE)Adult (f)4,2076453
RcIHw(RcIHw)Adult (f)4,5456312
WPh05xxx DarkGreen Alt PB 5Adult (m)4,9973453
1CDWT(1CDWT)Adult (f)4,2803117
Xd42gNhiostrifeWyvern CB OAdult (f)4,9277954
VQxKp(VQxKp)Adult (m)6,3414382
bY4u2(bY4u2)Adult (m)5,0404942
6Io32AXXX CB OAdult (m)5,0406766
E3XF0E3XF0 Sunstone CBAdult (m)6,2954292
9shAdAXXX GoldPrize O 4Adult (m)8,4305793
MCq4V(MCq4V)Adult (f)4,0978343
ocHCz(ocHCz)Adult (m)5,8895282
HGkrI(HGkrI)Adult (f)6,1095035
cL2AA(cL2AA)Adult (m)6,0764885
EYaJRAXX CopperPrize O 3Adult (f)10,6637113
FU3kB(FU3kB)Adult (m)6,0715773
HA5eK(HA5eK)Adult (m)6,8534765
sRpNT(sRpNT)Adult (m)5,9504103
mREC0(mREC0)Adult (f)6,1484341
ZthrBZerlina Sunstone CBAdult (f)6,2294441
Vcb4o(Vcb4o)Adult (f)5,6643833
SSnsGAXXX GoldPrize O 3Adult (f)8,5245824
vmr4uvmr4u Nebula CBAdult (m)5,9774752
tTBZztTBZz Nebula CBAdult (m)6,0404191
JVjgM(JVjgM)Adult (f)9,7426634
DexQoOmega Gold CB OAdult (f)5,7943926
v3705(v3705)Adult (m)5,4693711
JCYCL(JCYCL)Adult (m)4,7817676
WAR9j(WAR9j)Adult (m)3,1575094
QERF3(QERF3)Adult (m)5,0363420
CHmzX(CHmzX)Adult (m)4,9063381
UcCOPUcCOP CBAdult (f)4,8273370
sJFeh(sJFeh)Adult (f)4,4833091
zjegrzjegr Nebula CBAdult (m)4,7796452
6kWXR(6kWXR)Adult (f)6,9404892
6BOeu(6BOeu)Adult (m)5,8084862
MxfhsXXX Nebula 5Adult (m)6,3344580
n6jxb(n6jxb)Adult (f)5,6311,1224
lmBZk(lmBZk)Adult (f)5,5061,1343
EL6QN(EL6QN)Adult (f)4,4253022
uKJ9c(uKJ9c)Adult (m)4,3043064
Fhtbl(Fhtbl)Adult (m)4,4053262
EVO6C(EVO6C)Adult (f)6,5404364
KOzbJ(KOzbJ)Adult (f)4,2913453
v3jOL(v3jOL)Adult (m)6,2144685
bc9uMAXXXX Pyralspite CB OAdult (f)6,8934748
EhHoTEh MrHotAdult (m)6,2174342
1Zhx4(1Zhx4)Adult (f)5,3063611
XxfXlXxfXl 3Adult (f)6,0115302
aOpUz(aOpUz)Adult (f)5,8305463
z9kzX(z9kzX)Adult (m)2,5785394
TCYum(TCYum)Adult (m)4,4283286
wrSUd(wrSUd)Adult (m)4,5665243
jFxvL(jFxvL)Adult (f)5,1044472
Hv8vg(Hv8vg)Adult (f)5,2344102
rYXUZ(rYXUZ)Adult (m)4,2964043
InmZm(InmZm)Adult (f)5,7583884
g26Nv(g26Nv)Adult (f)6,6434732
6K12s6K12s O 5Adult (f)4,6625365
fdEZi(fdEZi)Adult (f)3,3805402
ivR08ivR08 PB 2Adult (m)5,1633743
yzpWP(yzpWP)Adult (f)5,0743695
RzNrb(RzNrb)Adult (f)4,5003273
FJiwSFJiwS Nebula CBAdult (f)1,8695669
2qaBd(2qaBd)Adult (m)2,9285473
z1fg5Alpha Gold CB OAdult (m)6,6394436
IYt1b(IYt1b)Adult (m)3,1435525
uMsQW(uMsQW)Adult (f)4,1334821
96K5o(96K5o)Adult (f)3,1534512
Dd0s5(Dd0s5)Adult (f)3,7434751
JlvGD(JlvGD)Adult (m)3,1834471
JlVbI(JlVbI)Adult (m)4,4124821
J7aYf(J7aYf)Adult (m)3,8865024
uSYj0(uSYj0)Adult (m)5,8645424
mD2oF(mD2oF)Adult (m)3,5564613
MyEVK(MyEVK)Adult (m)6,0895552
kTbNgkTbNg Sunsong CBAdult (m)2,2805944
FTbkExxXXXXx Season CB OAdult (m)4,0706214
Jf8Av(Jf8Av)Adult (m)2,8215882
LG0C0(LG0C0)Adult (m)4,4013666
dbIbd(dbIbd)Adult (m)6,2184241
refjW(refjW)Adult (m)6,2484273
YT7ss(YT7ss)Adult (f)5,3115725
3KShg(3KShg)Adult (m)5,7154853
maSUT(maSUT)Adult (f)5,7345006
YwLg2(YwLg2)Adult (m)7,0024923
jWKyF(jWKyF)Adult (m)4,8404443
0JxYI(0JxYI)Adult (f)4,5104672
Ika7n(Ika7n)Adult (f)3,9934552
KERsZ(KERsZ)Adult (f)5,6715135
5uExV5uExV Sunsong 5Adult (m)4,7294057
mn922(mn922)Adult (m)4,4924752
JXw45(JXw45)Adult (m)4,7548003
NZjE8(NZjE8)Adult (f)3,5855081
bvqfh(bvqfh)Adult (f)3,6865040
OZmv7(OZmv7)Adult (f)3,2725023
1ScZC(1ScZC)Adult (f)4,0304832
ElZrk(ElZrk)Adult (f)5,2683653
0SSQs(0SSQs)Adult (m)4,5014132
9r6XK(9r6XK)Adult (f)5,7485513
eR79a(eR79a)Adult (f)4,8706134
fl7n3(fl7n3)Adult (f)3,4994354
JfkCs(JfkCs)Adult (m)7,4675332
EbKNH(EbKNH)Adult (m)7,9171,0844
4MFRS(4MFRS)Adult (f)3,3937575
TINpxTINpx CBAdult (m)3,5427776
m3eLj(m3eLj)Adult (f)5,1117312
Ay2tzLittle balck AltLineageHatchling (F)1,2003321
hgjbB(hgjbB)Adult (m)5,9015421
ENFVO(ENFVO)Adult (m)5,7615572
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