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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hlVImhlVIm Magma CBAdult (m)5,9704304
qRoIgqRoIg Pyralspite CBAdult (m)6,2324684
0AQFH0AQFH Lumina CBAdult (f)7,7295181
QlUOaAutumn XenoAstrapi CBAdult (m)5,0553923
42afKAfk Thalassa CBAdult (m)4,8004192
9nxvf(9nxvf)Adult (f)5,6384615
5Fx7P(5Fx7P)Adult (f)5,1123631
B6phAB6phA Xeno 4Adult (m)5,2993582
FFgAPFFgAP Ridgewing PB 4Adult (m)5,1193481
wVjjkwVjjk RoyalBlue CB OAdult (f)6,1177704
I5JJ7I5JJ7 Yellow-Crowned CB OAdult (f)5,9687557
FSpqFFSpqF CB OAdult (m)4,3154534
237S8237S8 Blusang CBAdult (f)5,9787322
w3r5l(w3r5l)Adult (m)5,9864053
DvSCyDvSCy CB OAdult (f)3,7837875
fTkZofTkZo Moonstone 2Adult (f)5,8505254
lxtoa(lxtoa)Adult (f)4,3655373
b3bM5b3bM5 CB OAdult (f)4,6807213
fXWWl(fXWWl)Adult (m)9,8857357
yzbpoyzbpo CB OAdult (m)3,4774484
fmOC7Payton Nebula 3Adult (m)3,7506863
aemjP(aemjP)Adult (f)6,8334682
r6lk3r6lk3 CB OAdult (f)3,7185253
gKiA0Sheena Moonstone CB OAdult (f)4,3686344
rWk7NrWk7N 3Adult (f)5,4304734
aWw8EaWw8E CB OAdult (f)7,4411,0175
8PBo6Cyril Nebula CB OAdult (m)7,4781,0155
Oqtdd(Oqtdd)Adult (f)5,6885666
QtuNp(QtuNp)Adult (f)2,8714915
l2ZN1l2ZN1 Moonstone 3Adult (f)4,0997064
t7xJSRebecca Moonstone 2Adult (f)5,9724243
rcXb0(rcXb0)Adult (m)4,3297541
KxgB4(KxgB4)Adult (f)4,3437391
visNA(visNA)Adult (m)4,3657634
k0cQk(k0cQk)Adult (f)5,6714833
Q4mfzYulia Moonstone CB OAdult (f)5,5735584
C1NK8(C1NK8)Adult (f)4,3412993
HVv9d(HVv9d)Adult (f)5,4764524
7cCAZ(7cCAZ)Adult (f)5,4744944
xZWvR(xZWvR)Adult (f)5,3275041
Lvp4M(Lvp4M)Adult (m)5,4205043
iT97sTaryn Moonstone 2Adult (f)6,0484262
3SsPBTerrance Nebula 2Adult (m)4,7166794
1v2JJ(1v2JJ)Adult (f)5,8253982
5k5st(5k5st)Adult (f)5,9194473
MgQo8(MgQo8)Adult (m)5,7613923
HID7jDamon Seasonal CBAdult (m)5,6575813
Pb2cIPb2cI CB OAdult (f)6,7444674
tkExX(tkExX)Adult (f)5,7123912
8O9g4(8O9g4)Adult (f)5,4883803
tlGDftlGDf 3Adult (m)4,5195897
KYuAy(KYuAy)Adult (f)5,8184593
frWtr(frWtr)Adult (f)5,7284652
1WM9f(1WM9f)Adult (m)5,5224483
ZKkvn(ZKkvn)Adult (m)5,6694181
RZ8bGRZ8bG CB OAdult (m)6,0114143
9u1OK9u1OK CB OAdult (m)6,9684704
RD8HC(RD8HC)Adult (m)5,4354402
dBmwM(dBmwM)Adult (m)5,9464095
jDBzS(jDBzS)Adult (f)5,5314874
F5IG7F5IG7 O 4Adult (m)8,7017779
XRi66(XRi66)Adult (f)5,9634293
v8wImv8wIm CB OAdult (f)5,0785133
g2xqR(g2xqR)Adult (m)4,6085704
7BJLf7BJLf Blusang 3Adult (f)5,2164435
hq6GOhq6GO CB OAdult (m)5,8314034
DYBrc(DYBrc)Adult (m)3,0694775
yotvP(yotvP)Adult (f)4,1873214
aI3cS(aI3cS)Adult (m)2,6805464
xPQ6l(xPQ6l)Adult (f)4,0935853
sCY4L(sCY4L)Adult (m)4,0115751
B4jx7(B4jx7)Adult (m)6,6686711
wngb2(wngb2)Adult (f)4,6643195
UXqVi(UXqVi)Adult (m)5,7013943
86AYL86AYL CB OAdult (m)6,5404733
aHIW1(aHIW1)Adult (f)4,2613554
yBtkn(yBtkn)Adult (m)5,3753695
hz5JH(hz5JH)Adult (f)9,0266558
DHDq6DHDq6 CB OAdult (f)4,5105254
Wf52e(Wf52e)Adult (f)3,0944844
MCyyO(MCyyO)Adult (f)3,6777835
rWSGDrWSGD Thuwed 3Adult (m)5,1364083
OKBi3(OKBi3)Adult (f)5,5163752
AzJ29(AzJ29)Adult (m)5,4403792
tvlAE(tvlAE)Adult (m)5,5483862
c76ef(c76ef)Adult (m)5,5793854
5xzaF5xzaF CB OAdult (f)4,2517264
jXTVmjXTVm CB OAdult (f)3,3717816
Yhpa1(Yhpa1)Adult (f)5,4025023
AlN1q(AlN1q)Adult (f)4,8655799
B9M8r(B9M8r)Adult (m)5,8324045
RWCD5(RWCD5)Adult (m)4,0684294
1jO0i(1jO0i)Adult (f)3,2264064
YdFxo(YdFxo)Adult (f)9,2727697
9rXkl(9rXkl)Adult (f)5,1144924
uvpui(uvpui)Adult (m)4,3034903
adGae(adGae)Adult (m)4,4004243
hPnsU(hPnsU)Adult (f)5,2943923
Heo8oFrederica Gold-horned Tangar CBAdult (f)4,6463311
rrP1H(rrP1H)Adult (f)2,7174623
3gyrb(3gyrb)Adult (f)4,0734853
iaQ3p(iaQ3p)Adult (f)3,2534633
xuszG(xuszG)Adult (m)3,4724613
6hsrU(6hsrU)Adult (m)3,3024692
Ljz9d(Ljz9d)Adult (f)5,2533661
XYiwLXYiwL Sunsong CBAdult (m)5,0993561
KcJCn(KcJCn)Adult (m)5,3315006
c4x6S(c4x6S)Adult (m)5,3494703
DQ8vTAACXXX CB OAdult (m)2,9416140
nDEgWAXXXC CB OAdult (m)2,6036091
PrDmLACEXXX CB OAdult (f)9,1228485
uE8ox(uE8ox)Adult (f)4,9477572
04WM3(04WM3)Adult (f)5,1797432
uPofs(uPofs)Adult (m)4,9187822
onxkZ(onxkZ)Adult (m)4,9618872
swWXJ(swWXJ)Adult (m)4,5364142
wqimG(wqimG)Adult (m)4,7468701
xoq4M(xoq4M)Adult (m)4,6324341
03Wdw(03Wdw)Adult (f)3,6004031
HzMS0ABCXXXX CB OAdult (f)5,5905624
WGVfE(WGVfE)Adult (f)5,9484402
pqfEN(pqfEN)Adult (m)6,4174412
NpQ65(NpQ65)Adult (f)6,8024633
1fLig1fLig Sunsong Thuwed 3Adult (f)6,2544714
ybfw4(ybfw4)Adult (m)5,3436586
BSbV7(BSbV7)Adult (m)4,4845973
y7fth(y7fth)Adult (f)4,8913524
Uv8g2Uv8g2 CB OAdult (m)5,1974082
W7nKP(W7nKP)Adult (f)5,6645814
FNUat(FNUat)Adult (m)6,1034172
GlS6T(GlS6T)Adult (m)5,8903971
XLkFU(XLkFU)Adult (m)5,8994031
bv4pH(bv4pH)Adult (m)6,0184102
PnBuqPnBuq CBAdult (f)5,7774001
FlZpM(FlZpM)Adult (f)4,9008224
CMYf8(CMYf8)Adult (f)6,6144542
5GLNk(5GLNk)Adult (f)3,6383641
hYRHRMatias Nebula CBAdult (m)4,7453862
PY5Zm(PY5Zm)Adult (m)4,1627662
62w2p62w2p Nebula 4Adult (f)5,9697195
4IqEaABC Sunset CB OAdult (m)5,8606826
mPydIABCDDD CB OAdult (m)5,6545703
oqeYX(oqeYX)Adult (f)2,5724762
mH6TB(mH6TB)Adult (m)3,3055081
56ncI(56ncI)Adult (f)2,8772903
wR3UQwR3UQ Blusang PB 2Adult (f)3,6325004
lt575(lt575)Adult (m)3,1104292
gh728(gh728)Adult (f)3,6224081
qH79z(qH79z)Adult (f)3,5884824
boUg3(boUg3)Adult (m)4,3193100
6Wsst(6Wsst)Adult (m)3,2824432
uceaS(uceaS)Adult (m)3,7934482
4AIMC(4AIMC)Adult (m)3,4134414
7B4X3Cindy Aria CBAdult (f)3,5424534
rtTjV(rtTjV)Adult (f)2,7895563
8KLcI8KLcI O 2Adult (f)4,4045032
76XSI(76XSI)Adult (f)6,3834473
xbRZw(xbRZw)Adult (f)5,7944032
P5BNU(P5BNU)Adult (f)9,5656442
kaEBJ(kaEBJ)Adult (m)5,9114031
Y8Brh(Y8Brh)Adult (f)6,1674161
8Pc35(8Pc35)Adult (f)6,2994632
FAgdKFAgdK O 4Adult (f)6,4064422
kkVum(kkVum)Adult (m)4,4443152
2iuTC(2iuTC)Adult (f)5,5017912
Kz5Zq(Kz5Zq)Adult (f)5,5057783
evAvK(evAvK)Adult (f)5,8054162
xjeno(xjeno)Adult (m)5,6733953
d3c6K(d3c6K)Adult (f)5,7193973
1gy2s(1gy2s)Adult (f)5,9374032
yeDQd(yeDQd)Adult (m)5,9634113
i5Nyw(i5Nyw)Adult (f)5,1664712
RiONx(RiONx)Adult (m)5,3434924
pQzsb(pQzsb)Adult (m)5,5294711
pjAr1(pjAr1)Adult (f)4,8786032
W1CYk(W1CYk)Adult (f)5,0095412
8owqt(8owqt)Adult (f)5,1375214
m5cre(m5cre)Adult (f)4,8219156
453BG(453BG)Adult (f)6,0334152
0zQet(0zQet)Adult (f)5,9877263
clHu3(clHu3)Adult (f)5,5717402
t1VUrAXAXA CB OAdult (m)2,93654617
D92hi(D92hi)Adult (m)5,7867221
B1wnH(B1wnH)Adult (m)5,5591,0605
X2juoSophia Aria CBAdult (f)5,7793864
Ou6fLLulu Aria CBAdult (f)5,6283773
Intxc(Intxc)Adult (f)3,4584002
StSNpXXX  OOAdult (f)2,3461,5143
2QOts(2QOts)Adult (m)5,3924785
YoLc4(YoLc4)Adult (m)5,6054431
w3XGT(w3XGT)Adult (m)5,6264601
suaOU(suaOU)Adult (f)5,6324191
g07R1(g07R1)Adult (m)4,9185340
vjvPS(vjvPS)Adult (m)5,1405190
UoACo(UoACo)Adult (f)5,0675250
fwnTj(fwnTj)Adult (m)4,8965380
vDTSB(vDTSB)Adult (f)5,1344283
PDnLx(PDnLx)Adult (m)6,1834284
Edez3(Edez3)Adult (f)5,5335033
MBV6d(MBV6d)Adult (m)4,6838343
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