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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZrUB0(ZrUB0)Adult (f)5,8835725
JbY0lJbY0l CB OAdult (f)5,4175324
RTF5hRTF5h Red CBAdult (m)5,5625432
L1u8kL1u8k Pink CB OAdult (f)5,4065335
OlPEn(OlPEn)Adult (f)6,6907246
KWHiM(KWHiM)Adult (f)6,1684836
ni6OO(ni6OO)Adult (f)5,8394642
SdruZ(SdruZ)Adult (m)6,3004324
e1CFF(e1CFF)Adult (m)5,6504655
aZv3IaZv3I CB OAdult (f)8,2752,4744
m9JSp(m9JSp)Adult (m)6,0584164
YOI2UYOI2U Sunsong O 3Adult (f)5,8154814
P8r6YP8r6Y PB O 2Adult (f)6,2364347
VaBExVaBEx O 2Adult (m)6,5215302
CvgZE(CvgZE)Adult (m)6,2354622
g1CHgg1CHg O 5Adult (f)6,9794684
a1sxz(a1sxz)Adult (m)6,0704133
0fLTy0fLTy White O 3Adult (m)5,5933795
ZPRPb(ZPRPb)Adult (m)5,9384093
QUFdrQUFdr ICE XenoHatchling (F)2,4062483
fV929fV929 CB OAdult (m)5,0745385
urBX9urBX9 CB OAdult (f)5,5146176
wpK1S(wpK1S)Adult (f)5,3185114
WPY6n(WPY6n)Adult (m)6,0904993
9rxMs(9rxMs)Adult (m)6,2224993
1zNvn(1zNvn)Adult (f)5,3116184
wadlj(wadlj)Adult (m)6,5084483
KjsRxKjsRx CB OAdult (m)4,4696453
6yAj46yAj4 O 3Adult (m)10,41469615
RDMwTRDMwT CB OAdult (f)7,0158443
sBF7dsBF7d CB OAdult (f)5,8714047
GAk2cGAk2c O 3Adult (f)8,2206836
TiaK4(TiaK4)Adult (f)6,3664352
MU5Qf(MU5Qf)Adult (m)5,7883994
YP1TLYP1TL CB OAdult (f)6,1017353
FsSoaFsSoa Nebula CBAdult (m)6,1175143
iCrYp(iCrYp)Adult (m)5,5317269
K9GF7(K9GF7)Adult (m)6,0844191
b5m1l(b5m1l)Adult (f)6,1404262
mdO0BmdO0B CB OAdult (m)5,7065626
anF62anF62 O 3Adult (f)10,0136805
YmyvF(YmyvF)Adult (m)6,2154273
2IhJoJolyne Pink 2Adult (f)5,7615613
rpNTSrpNTS Nebula 5Adult (m)4,7616823
D00hvD00hv CB OAdult (m)5,3246324
40BtL(40BtL)Adult (f)6,4194432
A5CxI(A5CxI)Adult (m)5,4255623
DjIE5(DjIE5)Adult (m)5,6394964
Vz267(Vz267)Adult (f)5,0234072
Sgq1r(Sgq1r)Adult (m)5,6494844
9tEse(9tEse)Adult (f)6,0614722
oawHB(oawHB)Adult (f)6,2224761
pDE6z(pDE6z)Adult (f)6,0804814
9MBMF(9MBMF)Adult (f)6,1534926
GEdRo(GEdRo)Adult (m)5,4303623
XraHF(XraHF)Adult (m)5,2613584
Eig6CEig6C CB OAdult (m)4,43376118
HXPsH(HXPsH)Adult (m)5,8514062
pKfrppKfrp CB OAdult (f)5,8175295
Umz3M(Umz3M)Adult (m)4,7833194
5o2Uf(5o2Uf)Adult (f)4,3323055
PfnqDPfnqD O 3Adult (m)10,02670010
KEHiY(KEHiY)Adult (m)5,9324106
hbzqy(hbzqy)Adult (f)5,4503768
2okZj2okZj CB OAdult (f)4,2237192
bBuHq(bBuHq)Adult (m)4,1995826
uRA2V(uRA2V)Adult (m)3,5636839
YonleYonle Moonstone 3Adult (f)3,8666304
5RTyz5RTyz Alt 2Adult (m)3,82454915
iYXTdiYXTd CB OAdult (f)5,6376376
imTqR(imTqR)Adult (f)6,0467518
gSYgc(gSYgc)Adult (f)5,5994343
koLmE(koLmE)Adult (f)5,6153803
wbTeNwbTeN CB OAdult (f)5,6591,0592
8I7ap8I7ap CB OAdult (m)5,6431,0891
MePRK(MePRK)Adult (f)5,3205612
twPRBtwPRB PB 2Adult (f)5,9254274
LKzmz(LKzmz)Adult (m)3,3474711
S0Or2(S0Or2)Adult (f)3,2934702
pQChl(pQChl)Adult (m)5,3303582
3c013(3c013)Adult (m)5,5723882
7PtFw(7PtFw)Adult (f)5,4373683
xVCoF(xVCoF)Adult (f)5,9485424
dJtabdJtab CB OAdult (f)4,8211,0113
NQBSWNQBSW CB OAdult (f)4,8151,0617
5gIY5Pink pillow 6Adult (f)3,3515584
dctlC(dctlC)Adult (f)4,9245653
yDnULyDnUL CB OAdult (f)5,5615683
bNjNBbNjNB CB OAdult (m)5,4458254
TeTVb(TeTVb)Adult (f)5,5733772
22yVi(22yVi)Adult (m)5,6964762
Uesz2Samantha Aria CBAdult (f)5,2406015
TKc6O(TKc6O)Adult (f)3,3034733
Vfylf(Vfylf)Adult (m)7,8598704
T3eKgT3eKg CB OAdult (f)5,3045203
EoZzm(EoZzm)Adult (m)6,1474615
uTPUE(uTPUE)Adult (f)6,2154705
sHJQw(sHJQw)Adult (f)4,7653403
BpH1KBrenda Moonstone CB OAdult (f)5,07359810
judUR(judUR)Adult (m)5,3833723
lbvq1(lbvq1)Adult (m)5,7075426
6QVVa6QVVa CB OAdult (m)4,3846373
bPIOJbPIOJ CB OAdult (m)5,1356373
2O75h(2O75h)Adult (f)6,1584815
GukxNGukxN CB OAdult (f)5,0956023
0uL6ROuL6R CB OAdult (m)4,9071,0172
ObjZz(ObjZz)Adult (f)6,0254577
e8KHB(e8KHB)Adult (m)5,3353672
Di8l7Di8l7 CB OAdult (f)5,2708024
rLMaH(rLMaH)Adult (m)5,7143943
pk10l(pk10l)Adult (f)5,9974173
0VJe3(0VJe3)Adult (f)5,6575822
0fYxv(0fYxv)Adult (m)5,3113747
DVZVj(DVZVj)Adult (f)5,7823992
beIAq(beIAq)Adult (m)4,8265624
jvzG3jvzG3 CB OAdult (f)3,3237683
cG3ppCarlina Aeon CBAdult (f)4,0313454
YQZFyYQZFy CB OAdult (m)3,2387684
WY8XW(WY8XW)Adult (f)5,6343891
xoVDP(xoVDP)Adult (m)5,7123961
VguDu(VguDu)Adult (f)5,6533823
Etb5P(Etb5P)Adult (m)4,7823284
4dvIK(4dvIK)Adult (m)5,2653511
fKeKl(fKeKl)Adult (m)4,7883251
9GnUP9GnUP CBAdult (m)5,7453834
F5gf1F5gf1 CBAdult (f)5,9604303
L87af(L87af)Adult (m)5,4733737
XjcyUXjcyU CB OAdult (m)4,8491,1245
v7E3Pv7E3P CB OAdult (m)2,4986424
KDskC(KDskC)Adult (f)6,6464563
rDoZY(rDoZY)Adult (f)5,1155742
tKeb4(tKeb4)Adult (f)3,7994093
fwpD5(fwpD5)Adult (f)4,8084325
liO4GliO4G Nebula CBAdult (m)3,7186633
8o7nF8o7nF PB 2Adult (m)5,0157246
QTXsH(QTXsH)Adult (m)3,2665753
WZPbS(WZPbS)Adult (f)3,6355203
Wl4tx(Wl4tx)Adult (f)4,5285813
yKkoy(yKkoy)Adult (f)3,6216766
5zptr(5zptr)Adult (m)3,9404886
kZGxskZGxs 3Adult (f)3,5904643
9dMr1(9dMr1)Adult (f)6,4445994
rum7U(rum7U)Adult (f)4,1876693
70LZV(70LZV)Adult (f)3,6176584
vrFuN(vrFuN)Adult (f)4,4056842
DR88D(DR88D)Adult (m)4,5526733
XX4mQXX4mQ CB OAdult (m)3,6431,0557
nismg(nismg)Adult (m)3,8815205
2UbM8(2UbM8)Adult (m)3,7565342
uKTQR(uKTQR)Adult (m)4,8727743
oEkxT(oEkxT)Adult (m)3,9075203
1oaCv(1oaCv)Adult (f)4,4456312
RdeGz(RdeGz)Adult (f)4,5826712
A5R3k(A5R3k)Adult (f)6,0744463
M9ohi(M9ohi)Adult (m)4,3174663
XNykDXNykD CBAdult (f)6,2205153
0Baqj(0Baqj)Adult (f)6,5164378
08Qxp08Qxp CBAdult (m)7,3625114
MX6DdMX6Dd CBAdult (m)6,5784428
bvN4f(bvN4f)Adult (f)6,2194341
R3eKLR3eKL CB OAdult (m)4,8363523
8AKH0(8AKH0)Adult (f)4,4343105
i6Xzx(i6Xzx)Adult (m)4,2643462
bNvYBbNvYB CB OAdult (m)4,7903833
SGoYi(SGoYi)Adult (f)4,4664863
sc7ze(sc7ze)Adult (f)4,8034892
3Tll13Tll1 Bright-Breasted PB O 5Adult (f)6,2456931
C0ikr(C0ikr)Adult (f)5,4839267
IuZxPIuZxP 4Adult (m)5,1454024
9g0lp9g0lp 3Adult (m)5,2304023
Kcr39(Kcr39)Adult (m)3,1665825
h0iHA(h0iHA)Adult (f)9,1897417
Ay42y(Ay42y)Adult (m)4,1765895
l4vd4(l4vd4)Adult (f)5,0505172
K0Dyu(K0Dyu)Adult (m)5,1935601
mDxlBmDxlB XenoMageia CB OAdult (m)4,7276555
5JUek(5JUek)Adult (f)4,8125264
7yY65(7yY65)Adult (f)4,9145304
HDKbzHDKbz CB OAdult (m)4,0564604
joQ5UjoQ5U CB OAdult (f)4,0394612
jVOoLjVOoL CB OAdult (m)4,0844545
N0O85N0O85 Red CB OAdult (f)4,4126554
23YV623YV6 Magi CB OAdult (f)4,4116524
11wQd11wQd Red CB OAdult (m)5,7908532
NCFA8NCFA8 Red CB OAdult (f)5,7048655
RgtKe(RgtKe)Adult (f)5,0853476
yCrt2yCrt2 PB 3Adult (f)5,1885595
lgfXYlgfXY Pyralspite CBAdult (f)6,9925071
piXbX(piXbX)Adult (f)5,8985235
2N7Sm(2N7Sm)Adult (f)5,0793524
nsvqn(nsvqn)Adult (m)5,3013573
yKY7Y(yKY7Y)Adult (f)5,3103684
0khniMona SilverPrize Penk 3Adult (f)8,9757724
XHlIlXHlIl Morphodrake CB OAdult (m)5,6718812
edL6tedL6t Bolt CB OAdult (m)5,8058831
34zGY34zGY Sunsong CB OAdult (f)5,5548815
SfMbhArlando Nebula 2Adult (m)5,0944733
R79X5(R79X5)Adult (f)6,1055353
Zh8AL(Zh8AL)Adult (f)6,2184583
0aOTf0aO Pyralspite 2Adult (m)6,7184565
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