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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cXUMr(cXUMr)Adult (f)4,8595820
290iE(290iE)Adult (f)4,4825951
Fu94G(Fu94G)Adult (f)3,7935724
2FkGS(2FkGS)Adult (f)3,2054366
cRUzd(cRUzd)Adult (f)4,6245893
y5nDM(y5nDM)Adult (f)3,5684671
Z3ieFRainbow O 7Adult (f)4,2145382
orqnH(orqnH)Adult (f)4,4003645
KzFFZ(KzFFZ)Adult (f)5,2864621
6EulK(6EulK)Adult (m)5,7754632
82y5G(82y5G)Adult (m)4,7745465
OKIvn(OKIvn)Adult (f)5,0644931
VrXql(VrXql)Adult (f)4,8084511
rTn44(rTn44)Adult (f)3,2944382
tU5A2(tU5A2)Adult (f)3,5335782
UP5ZN(UP5ZN)Adult (f)4,8365983
Ev6QD(Ev6QD)Adult (m)3,9044692
7uxFH(7uxFH)Adult (m)3,8215910
xSo8U(xSo8U)Adult (m)3,9985691
Lzov3(Lzov3)Adult (m)3,9765722
ujfz2(ujfz2)Adult (f)4,5074473
6hVFN6hVFN CB OAdult (m)5,8244573
WRh3f(WRh3f)Adult (f)4,6304862
oYQpToYQpT CB OAdult (f)3,7446193
Ybhrt(Ybhrt)Adult (f)4,6116114
4Pkvb(4Pkvb)Adult (m)5,7435533
brC8r(brC8r)Adult (f)5,8455454
stktl(stktl)Adult (m)5,9295785
cIqz0(cIqz0)Adult (f)6,2585422
PrrXcPrrXc Prize O 3Adult (f)8,4649107
emPAb(emPAb)Adult (m)6,0695011
2Q9ae(2Q9ae)Adult (f)5,2888154
9WusV9WusV CB OAdult (f)4,5845052
gcScrgcScr CB OAdult (f)4,5675394
ppEYgppEYg CB OAdult (f)2,85479911
VX0mNVX0mN CB OAdult (f)7,1424832
z5AVSz5AVS CB OAdult (m)7,1324803
794pn794pn CB OAdult (f)3,8265004
CJGsV(CJGsV)Adult (m)5,6114814
qE8v1(qE8v1)Adult (f)5,9724394
KYCHG(KYCHG)Adult (m)5,1944592
NoU51(NoU51)Adult (f)4,5217506
zxxehzxxeh Prize O 3Adult (m)8,7125899
SX9xhSX9xh Prize O 3Adult (m)8,7695874
yB1AGyB1AG CBAdult (m)5,1704805
OyTRbOyTRb CB OAdult (f)6,4534961
SG2w0SG2w0 CB OAdult (m)5,7436171
JcBcy(JcBcy)Adult (f)6,7894661
V68Gn(V68Gn)Adult (m)6,9785082
9TEBy9TEBy CBAdult (m)5,8284045
KoYcLKoYcL CBAdult (f)5,5423876
rCOMU(rCOMU)Adult (m)6,7534652
gCH2TgCH2T Copper CB OAdult (f)5,6583923
wVd3PwVd3P Copper CB OAdult (m)6,9234777
P2YgFCecilia Monarch CBAdult (f)3,9686650
uM7ZruM7Zr CB OAdult (m)3,9856591
vre6Kvre6K CB OAdult (f)4,0156561
haPrEhaPrE CB OAdult (m)3,9576661
kHdy3kHdy3 CB OAdult (f)6,6345504
e2GEse2GEs CB OAdult (f)5,5909339
3P7jd3P7jd CBAdult (m)3,8828766
2gh1i2gh1i CB OAdult (m)4,4589706
AaUpAAaUpA CB OAdult (m)3,0188428
mayusmayus Black 3Adult (f)3,1794062
Vh58sVh58s Pumpkin ICEHatchling (m, F)2,2376641
rOnMo(rOnMo)Adult (f)3,1928162
oh0HJ(oh0HJ)Adult (f)3,0768081
Fp76uShadowWalker ICEHatchling (f, F)2,6506663
NDzXw(NDzXw)Adult (m)2,9707312
mRRgFShadowWalker Alt ICEHatchling (m, F)2,2726230
bwcF8(bwcF8)Adult (m)3,0707742
v5RQR(v5RQR)Adult (f)3,1257602
Bj6WKBj6WK Grave Alt O ICEHatchling (m, F)2,3965665
vh5PnGrave O ICEHatchling (m, F)3,1078644
STHpdSTHpd O 3Adult (m)3,3845913
rlGZORandy Witchlight CBAdult (m)2,7309002
W0qQ2(W0qQ2)Adult (f)3,5978202
R0bD9R0bD9 ICEHatchling (m, F)1,8216833
dUH2K(dUH2K)Adult (m)2,9278722
rS98x(rS98x)Adult (f)3,0036833
aTolZ(aTolZ)Adult (f)2,8756814
FpzFy(FpzFy)Adult (m)2,4707023
lFuAz(lFuAz)Adult (f)3,4648003
mowYT(mowYT)Adult (m)3,4218035
iQbUi(iQbUi)Adult (f)3,5087982
wgtgm(wgtgm)Adult (m)3,3936711
WRHyE(WRHyE)Adult (m)3,6766382
s9dCy(s9dCy)Adult (m)3,1466742
M1NvJ(M1NvJ)Adult (m)3,6377412
sg7O2(sg7O2)Adult (m)3,5677791
WeesdWeesd Grave O 3Adult (f)3,5597462
pONYG(pONYG)Adult (m)4,0656761
flMCwflMCw Alt ICEHatchling (f, F)3,0406682
6ZzCp(6ZzCp)Adult (m)4,4306217
EUVTw(EUVTw)Adult (f)4,5227931
T1cCV(T1cCV)Adult (m)4,6717471
MApRl(MApRl)Adult (f)3,6078222
zAw7s(zAw7s)Adult (m)4,4536162
OBXZx(OBXZx)Adult (f)4,8346083
984ui(984ui)Adult (m)4,6976141
yKNmcyKNmc ShadowWalker Alt 3Adult (m)4,8026232
sY631(sY631)Adult (f)4,5936003
KRdPFKRdpPF ShadowWalker Alt 4Adult (f)5,3296352
zmcj7ICE ShadowWalker 4Hatchling (m, F)3,7116421
jNNpO(jNNpO)Adult (m)3,9387582
BhBmM(BhBmM)Adult (m)4,2547141
ido5p(ido5p)Adult (f)4,3117762
mK1Jd(mK1Jd)Adult (f)4,3187571
txRQX(txRQX)Adult (m)4,2697571
7VZ77(7VZ77)Adult (f)3,2716243
pimv6pimv6 Desipis Alt O 3Adult (f)3,9526593
bFg17(bFg17)Adult (f)4,8816603
pHLbY(pHLbY)Adult (m)5,2446263
6CyV8(6CyV8)Adult (f)5,5154933
eDXHF(eDXHF)Adult (f)5,5935674
kZGbW(kZGbW)Adult (f)5,4655809
LhS7R(LhS7R)Adult (m)6,2244791
lwkWn(lwkWn)Adult (m)6,1424972
4fvJW(4fvJW)Adult (m)4,3195172
xawbH(xawbH)Adult (m)4,6657053
oVo1O(oVo1O)Adult (m)8,9546042
Hdlq4(Hdlq4)Adult (f)6,0724272
Yenje(Yenje)Adult (m)6,3519553
FXgqi(FXgqi)Adult (f)6,3867222
QXT2f(QXT2f)Adult (f)5,1477232
NdQH6(NdQH6)Adult (m)5,1887261
BN0fh(BN0fh)Adult (f)4,5537004
3atz5(3atz5)Adult (f)4,6866224
hrhv7(hrhv7)Adult (f)5,5455292
IqUqN(IqUqN)Adult (m)5,3995040
scKgq(scKgq)Adult (f)5,5263781
kcEMv(kcEMv)Adult (f)8,8736052
qQknD(qQknD)Adult (f)5,7084722
GoHsl(GoHsl)Adult (f)5,8976314
pAzau(pAzau)Adult (m)5,0636724
qjx13(qjx13)Adult (f)4,4567673
WYUZMWYUZM 3Adult (m)6,3064502
mDu0MmDu0M CB OAdult (f)4,4988218
bWFv2(bWFv2)Adult (f)5,8614524
7Bucr7Bucr CB OAdult (m)5,8131,0762
KVpIh(KVpIh)Adult (m)5,3555461
Wwzx1(Wwzx1)Adult (m)5,3095371
MTFCo(MTFCo)Adult (m)5,1755562
JTBUo(JTBUo)Adult (f)4,7176273
Q4Q2U(Q4Q2U)Adult (f)4,3436103
SX26XSX26X O 2Adult (m)5,0186526
cZys7Elroy Silver CBAdult (m)5,9264272
wC0pMwC0pM O 5Adult (f)4,1066614
Dim8b(Dim8b)Adult (f)5,7813972
7oa4H(7oa4H)Adult (m)5,8843962
1gIpF1gIpF CB OAdult (m)5,4025042
hhnIo(hhnIo)Adult (f)5,0125222
JQ7Zp(JQ7Zp)Adult (f)4,9925345
1WIXP1WIXP ICE DorsalHatchling (f, F)4,0684142
Fmn2VFmn2V CBAdult (f)5,7864645
gr3Yv(gr3Yv)Adult (f)5,0365121
bVDAA(bVDAA)Adult (f)3,9917293
8rgHc8rgHc CB OAdult (m)4,9975023
AgGmzAgGmz CB OAdult (m)4,2296390
CZSQnCZSQn CB OAdult (f)4,2717374
3XBFR(3XBFR)Adult (f)5,1894924
Kqb9n(Kqb9n)Adult (m)4,7405492
MqRqsMqRqs CB OAdult (m)5,6374345
l2PgAl2PgA CB OAdult (m)5,7883974
9KWNy9KWNy CB OAdult (m)5,1815025
ohNsCoh NsC CBAdult (f)4,3524463
nmgFnnmgFn CB OAdult (f)4,3019673
okM65okM65 CB OAdult (f)4,0509454
WAjYcWAjYc CB OAdult (f)4,3789834
xDooOxDooO CBAdult (f)7,0114854
UBxHV(UBxHV)Adult (m)4,0656532
W0kXr(W0kXr)Adult (m)3,0846016
DyTQe(DyTQe)Adult (m)3,8306283
L3pRfL3pRf CB OAdult (m)5,8831,0754
exZLGexZLG CB OAdult (m)6,0071,04610
MLSRN(MLSRN)Adult (f)4,2596224
ofRoVofRoV CB OAdult (f)3,3077784
N79gyN79gy CB OAdult (f)6,3661,1684
5WXJZ(5WXJZ)Adult (m)5,5995953
g8YMT(g8YMT)Adult (m)5,5745884
okzD7(okzD7)Adult (m)4,0456556
DELRW(DELRW)Adult (m)4,9915716
kLphgkLphg ICE SwallowtailHatchling (f, F)3,2947566
y7spBy7spB CB OAdult (f)4,62254312
COVkhCOVkh Seasonal Alt 3Adult (m)5,5865845
0ahxi0ahxi O 2Adult (f)4,6696649
hHbAphHbAp CB OAdult (f)6,1695514
t07nFt07nF CB OAdult (m)6,5581,0086
Hc0PyHc0Py CB OAdult (f)5,0351,0219
ZjIFnZjIFn CB OAdult (m)4,2989134
zXWRSzXWRS CB OAdult (m)7,1721,2355
eWimbeWimb CB OAdult (f)6,02657010
mBlWmmBlWm CB OAdult (f)4,6034852
5VLGs5VLGs CB OAdult (f)5,5865233
hGpuc(hGpuc)Adult (m)6,0226642
1DwtS(1DwtS)Adult (m)6,2945252
8Wtn38Wtn3 Gold 2Adult (f)6,4675057
l7LRul7LRu Nebula CBAdult (m)5,6665883
A9DKA(A9DKA)Adult (m)5,5174954
ZrUB0(ZrUB0)Adult (f)5,8835725
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