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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fUIWUfUIWU 3Adult (m)4,1045461
rKXSIrKXSI 4Adult (m)3,8865371
F5bnvF5bnv 4Adult (f)4,0365361
15Bl715Bl7 3Adult (m)3,5955656
n1lven1lve 3Adult (f)5,3933752
XY6imXY6im 3Adult (m)4,6316772
fjv1nfjv1n 5Adult (m)3,8737055
eRIvpeRIvp 4Adult (m)4,2556723
seTRNseTRN 4Adult (f)3,9436822
bFfQGbFfQG 3Adult (f)4,0086662
T2hhuT2hhu 2Adult (f)3,8467154
97ukW97ukW Alt O 3Adult (m)4,0937533
rNjRyYilia Soulstone CBAdult (f)5,5385812
lZMkk(lZMkk)Adult (f)5,6575615
6xUmZ6xUmZ O 3Adult (m)4,9175683
Xdr1wXdr1w Alt 5Adult (f)5,3365972
IHoMlIHoMl 3Adult (f)4,0838285
9CrwK9CrwK 4Adult (m)6,9324752
mOWmHmOWmH 4Adult (f)7,2965021
5LidZ5LidZ CB OAdult (m)3,3138121
Z561sZ561s O 3Adult (m)4,2516942
i5NPRi5NPR O 3Adult (f)5,1957393
M1RRRM1RRR O 3Adult (m)5,5557491
KAN64KAN64 O 3Adult (m)5,5337471
NuWVBNuWVB 3Adult (f)4,2314363
S9E0SS9E0S O 3Adult (f)6,1715372
tF0iXtF0iX O 3Adult (m)6,5335091
Zs5V8Zs5V8 O 3Adult (m)6,4164951
kH0OLkH0OL Alt 3Adult (f)5,4057023
ssBohssBoh O 4Adult (m)5,5687031
8ER788ER78 3Adult (m)5,4197012
8Db6K8Db6K Alt 5Adult (f)5,4027041
lTxEL(lTxEL)Adult (f)6,7115692
8DBCi(8DBCi)Adult (f)7,2557761
NOzU5(NOzU5)Adult (f)6,7347651
XJqOM(XJqOM)Adult (m)7,0477633
rzkNE(rzkNE)Adult (m)7,0677712
1IBUg(1IBUg)Adult (f)6,8287612
QiBfW(QiBfW)Adult (f)7,0547762
IV4x3(IV4x3)Adult (m)4,5853334
tQr0O(tQr0O)Adult (m)4,5053242
YCOgw(YCOgw)Adult (f)4,6223481
PeTbH(PeTbH)Adult (m)4,6293292
vSEjm(vSEjm)Adult (f)4,9503533
mF4LN(mF4LN)Adult (m)4,7263493
RawpM(RawpM)Adult (f)4,9283493
ml41c(ml41c)Adult (f)5,9794036
FfktO(FfktO)Adult (f)5,9424163
Cg9lz(Cg9lz)Adult (f)6,0824113
Gw5TZ(Gw5TZ)Adult (f)6,5685493
0qtA0(0qtA0)Adult (m)5,9114193
y6Qfr(y6Qfr)Adult (f)5,2956243
uPpR5(uPpR5)Adult (m)5,3105993
yq8IJ(yq8IJ)Adult (m)5,7376451
9rwQV(9rwQV)Adult (f)5,9836881
91vJS(91vJS)Adult (f)5,2186772
gNPP8(gNPP8)Adult (m)6,3156281
TYHIK(TYHIK)Adult (m)6,1425572
u7B8G(u7B8G)Adult (f)6,3834813
c8xED(c8xED)Adult (m)4,0465044
RA31f(RA31f)Adult (f)9,1076145
jTqef(jTqef)Adult (m)5,1573544
fWDy8(fWDy8)Adult (f)4,3093932
bjqsi(bjqsi)Adult (f)6,2234712
dOCst(dOCst)Adult (m)5,1754742
KhjKD(KhjKD)Adult (f)6,4944413
Dhq33(Dhq33)Adult (f)6,2074263
39pK4(39pK4)Adult (f)5,8093942
ndmxq(ndmxq)Adult (f)6,0604221
y4m5C(y4m5C)Adult (m)5,8564011
3Zyop(3Zyop)Adult (m)5,6703781
dW19e(dW19e)Adult (f)6,5384491
8gcnr8gcnr CB OAdult (f)6,0824555
H0G8Z(H0G8Z)Adult (m)5,9764131
0gu7D(0gu7D)Adult (f)5,9884111
5S4Hn(5S4Hn)Adult (m)5,9794111
wJN2K(wJN2K)Adult (m)6,3664351
X9E0e(X9E0e)Adult (f)7,8255252
prIfu(prIfu)Adult (f)7,2564975
7AOs5(7AOs5)Adult (m)5,9534081
e14Ioe14Io CBAdult (f)6,1874952
YSF18(YSF18)Adult (f)6,9024742
wpYFj(wpYFj)Adult (f)6,4964553
tb8gk(tb8gk)Adult (f)6,6414541
sG8kx(sG8kx)Adult (f)6,5894641
z8BnJ(z8BnJ)Adult (m)5,7875481
oLqim(oLqim)Adult (m)6,0355032
MetgP(MetgP)Adult (f)6,2197265
rtYjr(rtYjr)Adult (f)6,5204361
278oL(278oL)Adult (m)6,7764734
nqz6XBeatrice Kingcrowne CBAdult (f)5,0853771
B7f4p(B7f4p)Adult (f)4,0934612
1zTIg(1zTIg)Adult (m)4,9103461
eQsvK(eQsvK)Adult (m)4,9633464
UCi0y(UCi0y)Adult (f)4,7293431
VWuVN(VWuVN)Adult (m)6,8524592
CSyRB(CSyRB)Adult (m)5,3176251
kpBQs(kpBQs)Adult (f)5,4286341
ia8w6ia8w6 3Adult (m)3,8664604
upF5r(upF5r)Adult (f)4,8145133
aD94Z(aD94Z)Adult (m)4,4934242
AlFDc(AlFDc)Adult (f)4,8544053
m1BvX(m1BvX)Adult (m)4,6644093
4dMlg(4dMlg)Adult (f)4,7924152
7X9Yt7X9Yt 3Adult (m)4,2344262
zJJl3(zJJl3)Adult (f)5,1843813
Gyqzv(Gyqzv)Adult (f)5,8363973
qp53k(qp53k)Adult (m)6,0044143
E2FzK(E2FzK)Adult (m)5,9534093
UzISl(UzISl)Adult (f)7,3665065
S49hj(S49hj)Adult (m)4,8913463
fjrXd(fjrXd)Adult (m)5,3744503
wreh0(wreh0)Adult (m)5,0385464
a5Y1K(a5Y1K)Adult (m)6,9594951
B56qC(B56qC)Adult (m)6,0904641
jaPpN(jaPpN)Adult (m)6,5264572
azaJQIrene XenoGaia CB OAdult (f)6,5914514
T73Gi(T73Gi)Adult (m)5,9645764
XLDGD(XLDGD)Adult (f)4,5314282
eM9Da(eM9Da)Adult (m)4,1854014
4s75N4s75N O 2Adult (m)6,3194353
2FMFU(2FMFU)Adult (f)6,9235345
0bxaS0bxaS O 2Adult (m)3,5123851
AVm6G(AVm6G)Adult (m)7,6955382
xz6tr(xz6tr)Adult (f)7,5255064
0l3Fg(0l3Fg)Adult (f)5,3073561
yUFARyUFAR CB OAdult (m)4,9728643
vxY2s(vxY2s)Adult (f)6,0385041
0HTPy0HTPy CB OAdult (m)5,3298834
4rW1h4rW1h CB OAdult (m)5,0806634
2DAZ82DAZ8 Nebula 4Adult (m)5,0963851
aL1tB(aL1tB)Adult (f)5,5645754
Jkgcj(Jkgcj)Adult (f)5,2173932
Irxet(Irxet)Adult (f)3,6496382
BUtFG(BUtFG)Adult (m)3,6766662
EsEQq(EsEQq)Adult (f)5,2223913
Erlrv(Erlrv)Adult (m)5,1733924
0du8s0du8s Moonstone 3Adult (f)5,1863934
DftU7(DftU7)Adult (m)5,7573972
fEdRB(fEdRB)Adult (m)5,9944082
l586F(l586F)Adult (f)5,9654062
aYrHa(aYrHa)Adult (f)5,9784151
CDxTi(CDxTi)Adult (f)5,8053980
dAxZc(dAxZc)Adult (m)6,3004243
R1u5E(R1u5E)Adult (m)6,1034112
hyop1(hyop1)Adult (m)6,0324140
yQCBtyQCBt Prize 4Adult (m)10,4627064
a7Wi5(a7Wi5)Adult (m)4,0244201
qhkCf(qhkCf)Adult (m)2,6625102
PwKke(PwKke)Adult (f)4,0663382
JI0me(JI0me)Adult (f)4,5333714
njhU7(njhU7)Adult (m)3,7997122
JTezK(JTezK)Adult (m)6,4094592
wKHAf(wKHAf)Adult (f)3,1113182
I1i9e(I1i9e)Adult (f)3,4913273
EsNCu(EsNCu)Adult (m)4,1983221
wmzm9(wmzm9)Adult (m)3,6323431
gfwYD(gfwYD)Adult (m)3,3023161
Ol3mX(Ol3mX)Adult (m)7,0434831
wXLxEwXLxE O 3Adult (m)7,0648354
NaEoA(NaEoA)Adult (f)3,8795522
yy9QgCyril Snow CBAdult (m)4,3845152
GxHCR(GxHCR)Adult (f)3,6335282
lLAxj(lLAxj)Adult (f)3,5425402
jsvv4jsvv4 O 3Adult (f)4,4264822
8RGJO8RGJO O 3Adult (m)4,7924644
EZaYG(EZaYG)Adult (m)4,2714593
FHzQx(FHzQx)Adult (m)4,9034453
f9tqu(f9tqu)Adult (m)4,1765871
0rj4J0rj4J O 3Adult (m)3,8635864
pssKYpssKY O 3Adult (m)4,1295474
qd8Oyqd8Oy O 3Adult (m)3,9855874
WFKOW(WFKOW)Adult (m)5,3104714
V2QwCVogt Snow CBAdult (m)5,4034715
8yD6e8yD6e O 3Adult (f)4,7357065
paPx3paPx3 O 3Adult (f)4,0728182
0qPN6(0qPN6)Adult (m)4,0888722
20TlZ(20TlZ)Adult (f)4,5948114
0uE8B(0uE8B)Adult (m)5,0327974
tfv9h(tfv9h)Adult (f)4,7618187
GSTxr(GSTxr)Adult (f)4,1234262
0Fj9Y0Fj9Y Alt  O 3Adult (f)4,4176445
Ca9vxCa9vx O 2Adult (f)3,4185544
O1fjE(O1fjE)Adult (m)3,0306201
KAtxp(KAtxp)Adult (f)4,1765381
CwWMmCwWMm Alt 5Adult (f)3,5616077
YuvXp(YuvXp)Adult (f)3,7686942
tcMvitcMvi 4Adult (f)3,1435623
tyfgK(tyfgK)Adult (f)4,4417781
YVPdhYVPdh Alt 3Adult (f)4,9777665
ouFPS(ouFPS)Adult (m)5,4557852
f9l6af9l6a 2Adult (f)4,9537763
mDxE4(mDxE4)Adult (f)4,2645922
Hy3fuHy3fu O 3Adult (m)5,9244946
80clW(80clW)Adult (f)4,7387671
rrilf(rrilf)Adult (f)5,0163453
fGIr6(fGIr6)Adult (m)4,7876101
lzcSH(lzcSH)Adult (m)5,5883872
E2Y7E(E2Y7E)Adult (m)4,7966525
pFoEt(pFoEt)Adult (f)4,9123812
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