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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7kHIL(7kHIL)Adult (m)6,4735932
2V3WS(2V3WS)Adult (m)6,4556182
Wb3dx(Wb3dx)Adult (f)6,8866902
poTte(poTte)Adult (f)7,6196373
CdP4t(CdP4t)Adult (f)7,3126384
IiVjX(IiVjX)Adult (m)6,9256113
gtSUY(gtSUY)Adult (m)7,5636664
cPzAa(cPzAa)Adult (f)5,4814181
2ytfF(2ytfF)Adult (f)5,4354262
jzOyj(jzOyj)Adult (m)5,4424212
jVYn8(jVYn8)Adult (m)6,7134561
KitUY(KitUY)Adult (f)7,4135223
EulzX(EulzX)Adult (f)5,9884113
lOXna(lOXna)Adult (f)5,0243761
QQRcm(QQRcm)Adult (m)5,1573912
a6gxM(a6gxM)Adult (m)5,2653992
U4qxX(U4qxX)Adult (m)5,0413852
KaM46(KaM46)Adult (m)4,3415901
58Mgb(58Mgb)Adult (f)4,7465342
W7ppT(W7ppT)Adult (f)4,6185822
ItpGGItpGG Alt 4Adult (f)4,40350910
EbDRR(EbDRR)Adult (f)6,0726152
XbjAMAudrey Moonstone CBAdult (f)5,9316533
WE0QL(WE0QL)Adult (m)4,9965333
7V18j(7V18j)Adult (f)4,8925641
doXzu(doXzu)Adult (f)5,1303801
jT369(jT369)Adult (m)6,0855141
pdvh1(pdvh1)Adult (f)3,4885002
zTE8c(zTE8c)Adult (f)3,8523613
K4H5J(K4H5J)Adult (m)7,8085335
g5CYK(g5CYK)Adult (m)6,5475172
LPTRQ(LPTRQ)Adult (m)6,0967172
p0cxAp0cxA ICEHatchling (m, F)4,0696062
bxAwy(bxAwy)Adult (m)5,4465941
B4BSD(B4BSD)Adult (m)6,0126092
Lx1yo(Lx1yo)Adult (f)5,3935753
Neqvt(Neqvt)Adult (m)5,2665922
ibavX(ibavX)Adult (f)5,3415841
4vS3B(4vS3B)Adult (m)4,5856773
BWIy1(BWIy1)Adult (m)5,3625722
u2jsD(u2jsD)Adult (m)6,9864763
tfa2x(tfa2x)Adult (m)6,9344751
EG49e(EG49e)Adult (f)6,5544693
rixae(rixae)Adult (m)6,6604552
RWWNl(RWWNl)Adult (f)6,4864472
ZiPzC(ZiPzC)Adult (m)6,9174722
WBplu(WBplu)Adult (m)6,9034712
Htvfi(Htvfi)Adult (f)6,8474723
OivDN(OivDN)Adult (f)6,5254612
fQzWX(fQzWX)Adult (f)4,4873991
K0iNO(K0iNO)Adult (f)4,4134002
JBGLl(JBGLl)Adult (m)4,1673942
T6hO4(T6hO4)Adult (f)4,5553921
J4QdN(J4QdN)Adult (m)4,8643972
6zYSp(6zYSp)Adult (f)4,2063871
K3IPB(K3IPB)Adult (f)4,4833981
NaCsd(NaCsd)Adult (m)4,6015641
fENoL(fENoL)Adult (f)4,2637294
fZLRM(fZLRM)Adult (f)4,4585631
WVbzj(WVbzj)Adult (f)5,1863522
dMGdl(dMGdl)Adult (f)4,6023261
FMtqW(FMtqW)Adult (f)5,2105093
oLnGT(oLnGT)Adult (m)5,8035511
rzcbb(rzcbb)Adult (m)3,6754241
rZv8q(rZv8q)Adult (m)5,9585641
Dum62(Dum62)Adult (m)4,4664471
iv8LF(iv8LF)Adult (m)6,2116605
ReeI6(ReeI6)Adult (f)5,3475121
R99ui(R99ui)Adult (m)5,2405222
6ePzxSharon Moonstone CBAdult (f)5,2503502
rRGj8(rRGj8)Adult (f)6,1455022
Kg2uw(Kg2uw)Adult (m)6,3584911
uQNhF(uQNhF)Adult (f)6,0805322
Twg7f(Twg7f)Adult (m)6,4744332
cDzhN(cDzhN)Adult (f)6,4144423
b7KBX(b7KBX)Adult (f)6,7704682
Ll8Fa(Ll8Fa)Adult (f)6,6264633
NNh8B(NNh8B)Adult (m)2,9705191
T5fvx(T5fvx)Adult (m)6,3614452
Hcp0J(Hcp0J)Adult (f)6,4644381
D2KcA(D2KcA)Adult (m)4,9487341
sPz4T(sPz4T)Adult (f)5,7595642
EbA51(EbA51)Adult (f)5,6765572
HJqbRHJqbR CAVEAdult (f)7,2644972
poFZi(poFZi)Adult (m)5,2644021
uLcon(uLcon)Adult (f)6,3434361
qX4hx(qX4hx)Adult (m)6,3784462
UcSWx(UcSWx)Adult (m)5,0084453
YOTVW(YOTVW)Adult (m)5,3003981
sGVULsGVUL CAVEAdult (m)7,0504831
LFzDLLFzDL CAVEAdult (f)6,4174343
XIbP4(XIbP4)Adult (m)6,4144331
N9SuQ(N9SuQ)Adult (m)7,1445214
EXQJU(EXQJU)Adult (m)6,8644663
58CyD(58CyD)Adult (m)5,8624196
HBmXi(HBmXi)Adult (f)6,3304222
LsjfPLsjfP CB OAdult (f)6,0561,0692
LMEXS(LMEXS)Adult (f)5,4835071
wmajL(wmajL)Adult (m)5,0025091
3ECcz(3ECcz)Adult (m)5,3595141
Juvje(Juvje)Adult (m)4,7455152
VVuwe(VVuwe)Adult (f)6,4655742
2SYpG(2SYpG)Adult (m)6,7285144
zJU5L(zJU5L)Adult (f)5,0643701
Eqe7v(Eqe7v)Adult (m)5,9145631
RHuqx(RHuqx)Adult (f)6,0375651
oeFj6(oeFj6)Adult (f)6,5075571
QxjQLNelson DeepSea CBAdult (m)6,3675491
X2nSh(X2nSh)Adult (f)6,4125181
MxvgI(MxvgI)Adult (f)6,1535461
xe5Ro(xe5Ro)Adult (m)6,6214521
zWgBw(zWgBw)Adult (f)5,8395064
hOObV(hOObV)Adult (f)6,4584421
wgEwA(wgEwA)Adult (m)6,5504492
bl5vl(bl5vl)Adult (f)6,2474352
QxRDx(QxRDx)Adult (f)7,1125392
niec5(niec5)Adult (f)7,1135392
ZOJX7(ZOJX7)Adult (m)6,2518001
TJQklTJQkl CB OAdult (f)6,2305871
pZYNg(pZYNg)Adult (m)6,1417902
imzJ6(imzJ6)Adult (f)6,8767092
ZqUykZqUyk Fell CB OAdult (m)3,5805853
rZfHt(rZfHt)Adult (f)6,0106732
SGkwa(SGkwa)Adult (m)3,8634471
g62US(g62US)Adult (f)6,5315424
3CtbB(3CtbB)Adult (f)4,0124821
2M9vK(2M9vK)Adult (m)6,2557253
2s74qA blue-rainbowAdult (m)6,6975891
i6ONL(i6ONL)Adult (f)6,6315982
t1P33(t1P33)Adult (m)4,9786431
IfEju(IfEju)Adult (m)5,7006562
i98m1(i98m1)Adult (f)5,6606671
piqLE(piqLE)Adult (m)5,2606671
ElBmA(ElBmA)Adult (m)5,0656191
vCNHf(vCNHf)Adult (f)6,3864312
UGBLN(UGBLN)Adult (m)7,1634912
ipJfO(ipJfO)Adult (f)6,5426193
Chcrh(Chcrh)Adult (m)5,7237603
N48aF(N48aF)Adult (m)6,0358051
aD46I(aD46I)Adult (m)4,9385363
SNlMa(SNlMa)Adult (f)6,6426111
C8LGCC8LGC CB OAdult (f)5,1138082
2TJhx2TJhx CB OAdult (m)5,2118182
sITzFsITzF O 4Adult (f)4,6095403
advXuadvXu CB OAdult (m)4,0186916
FCHZLJulius Nebula CBAdult (m)4,7536463
rRZQg(rRZQg)Adult (m)5,2486552
tq0tB(tq0tB)Adult (m)4,2868692
st3QI(st3QI)Adult (m)4,5666702
1gDkr(1gDkr)Adult (m)5,0808814
ZB8Fs(ZB8Fs)Adult (f)4,6948072
gRNZE(gRNZE)Adult (f)5,3368141
U7phE(U7phE)Adult (m)7,4675803
oDdDQ(oDdDQ)Adult (f)7,2125762
RYhpw(RYhpw)Adult (m)8,1655512
X2jc2(X2jc2)Adult (m)8,2665614
YPnNR(YPnNR)Adult (m)4,3036591
8QGlU(8QGlU)Adult (f)3,8447251
EFP6H(EFP6H)Adult (f)4,2946711
AT1wwAT1ww Nebula 2Adult (m)7,1044771
M3IXv(M3IXv)Adult (f)6,3384295
W5Gsm(W5Gsm)Adult (m)6,9874684
t49Smt49Sm CB OAdult (m)5,9946502
9s3BA9s3BA CB OAdult (m)5,8716362
pJ87dpJ87d CB OAdult (f)5,9665472
KlA3aGodfrey Nebula CBAdult (m)6,6826421
CKQqq(CKQqq)Adult (f)6,2046421
XRnyQ(XRnyQ)Adult (f)6,4485261
fqRZY(fqRZY)Adult (f)6,6995635
ogZa3ogZa3 ICEHatchling (m, F)5,1006872
yyEH1yyEH1 Prize O 4Adult (f)8,7228174
nXu2O(nXu2O)Adult (f)6,6647792
CIpQ5CIpQ5 Alt O 3Adult (m)6,7097721
6QvAg(6QvAg)Adult (m)7,4218043
WqNJR(WqNJR)Adult (m)6,3087221
rB9qC(rB9qC)Adult (m)6,3964491
Eyt27Eyt27 CB OAdult (m)7,4217071
ChYikChYik CB OAdult (f)7,0657372
xBtbDxBtbD CB OAdult (m)6,2641,0531
JUcYUJUcYU CB OAdult (f)6,0931,0742
CTfHlBeata Silver CBAdult (f)4,8193882
UQOOy(UQOOy)Adult (f)6,8134822
ShGRQ(ShGRQ)Adult (m)7,1305181
vVAUNvVAUN Undine CB OAdult (m)4,5615672
0WJAs(0WJAs)Adult (m)4,8703381
P8npc(P8npc)Adult (f)5,1183823
upDrk(upDrk)Adult (m)5,1373522
9uirQ(9uirQ)Adult (f)4,7487012
3WRSu(3WRSu)Adult (m)6,9107943
Yjj0N(Yjj0N)Adult (m)6,7394733
V9az9(V9az9)Adult (m)4,6973771
O62Tv(O62Tv)Adult (m)5,3433861
r5Yjr(r5Yjr)Adult (m)5,1063841
Tb4U4(Tb4U4)Adult (f)5,0943861
gDSsvgDSsv Blusang 2Adult (m)6,3524755
WvcIKPurpleNebula ICEHatchling (m, F)4,5824634
Fo2qrCarlos Nebula 4Adult (m)6,3865645
CXS6i(CXS6i)Adult (f)6,9224731
NYSYD(NYSYD)Adult (f)5,0955542
vHzn3(vHzn3)Adult (f)5,0895633
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