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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k5M64(k5M64)Adult (f)4,8844372
DBTl5(DBTl5)Adult (m)5,3417326
lEZFXlEZFX CB OAdult (m)10,5487204
E7DIYE7DIY CBAdult (m)8,3816453
pWX4o(pWX4o)Adult (m)5,6616741
twNpotwNpo CBAdult (f)8,4396394
vQ98v(vQ98v)Adult (m)5,5516042
XR53eXR53e CB OAdult (f)6,4096642
LBCd9LBCd9 CB OAdult (f)9,4696343
uXottuXott CBAdult (m)6,9854805
FVpBd(FVpBd)Adult (f)7,3565233
Oi8tf(Oi8tf)Adult (f)4,6704652
C1W0JC1W0J CBAdult (m)9,2806455
rHoeYrHoeY CB OAdult (f)5,6856162
oAZmB(oAZmB)Adult (f)5,8821,01710
wc3bIwc3bI CB OAdult (f)6,5054555
sHY7BsHY7B CBAdult (f)6,4126263
Barv0Barv0 CB OAdult (f)5,8447523
7IryA7IryA CB OAdult (f)10,0947083
9SqGF(9SqGF)Adult (m)4,9705373
mnR4t(mnR4t)Adult (f)4,5954795
MOwFgMOwFg CBAdult (m)9,5796426
MQogIMQogI CB OAdult (m)9,2917187
VzMra(VzMra)Adult (m)4,3754812
BwRhWBwRhW CBAdult (m)10,1787723
wnav2wnav2 CBAdult (f)9,4507343
Ajz2aAjz2a CBAdult (f)8,3277593
T922D(T922D)Adult (m)5,8896741
inZlbinZlb CB OAdult (m)5,3887425
Atmh0Atmh0 CB OAdult (f)5,3244602
B1fevB1fev CB OAdult (f)5,3164613
CoBPR(CoBPR)Adult (f)4,2785072
uq1Pxuq1Px CB OAdult (m)4,1745823
efQBuefQBu CB OAdult (m)7,8597724
VzFsyVzFsy CB OAdult (f)8,4791,1073
iyPCEiyPCE CB OAdult (m)8,2851,1164
IVMe1IVMe1 CB OAdult (f)9,8386931
ltsDp(ltsDp)Adult (m)5,2096321
JOkG4(JOkG4)Adult (m)4,3555572
7SU1A(7SU1A)Adult (m)4,1075581
7Ykdd(7Ykdd)Adult (m)4,9845462
EleXC(EleXC)Adult (f)4,9625311
3CPEj(3CPEj)Adult (m)7,6707033
iSoJyiSoJy CB OAdult (f)8,3576731
ZtHqB(ZtHqB)Adult (m)4,8095704
KSPK2(KSPK2)Adult (f)4,7204734
XNLY5(XNLY5)Adult (m)4,4924483
BXyZW(BXyZW)Adult (m)4,7364752
iUlaPiUlaP CB OAdult (m)9,5587852
tXDE4(tXDE4)Adult (m)3,8993972
zG5nQ(zG5nQ)Adult (m)3,6364231
1cBj5(1cBj5)Adult (f)4,6214721
zjEGb(zjEGb)Adult (f)
FZq9T(FZq9T)Adult (f)7,7147654
X83QX(X83QX)Adult (f)7,2959365
qfORM(qfORM)Adult (f)4,7494832
8Bd8c(8Bd8c)Adult (m)5,2325041
qvYA2(qvYA2)Adult (m)4,4074711
Iks80(Iks80)Adult (m)4,9855241
fsbEB(fsbEB)Adult (f)4,9115601
cVTqK(cVTqK)Adult (f)6,9394772
6GQba(6GQba)Adult (f)6,9384762
d0KUQd0KUQ CBAdult (f)7,9627424
yOagfyOagf CBAdult (m)3,7784562
3tWHC(3tWHC)Adult (m)2,8007171
eqs3F(eqs3F)Adult (f)2,8717062
5EW2C(5EW2C)Adult (f)5,3086181
IA0QR(IA0QR)Adult (m)5,3525961
2ouxZ2ouxZ CB OAdult (f)5,7619667
5MoC2(5MoC2)Adult (f)6,0546101
rrA9F(rrA9F)Adult (m)5,7155961
HpuvU(HpuvU)Adult (f)6,3404351
r5E8z(r5E8z)Adult (f)5,4086291
wM8qC(wM8qC)Adult (f)4,6794432
mIGpl(mIGpl)Adult (m)4,6364361
IoTC9(IoTC9)Adult (f)7,9017381
mV9Qu(mV9Qu)Adult (m)10,0507874
EWdzQ(EWdzQ)Adult (m)9,5757242
sgt7X(sgt7X)Adult (m)9,9067982
pSSXC(pSSXC)Adult (m)8,1057132
l6PA0(l6PA0)Adult (m)8,2936880
4Yyn5(4Yyn5)Adult (m)9,9826772
ZXgUhYilia Moonstone CBAdult (f)5,2014361
7t5Db(7t5Db)Adult (m)5,0233811
8ZQKV(8ZQKV)Adult (f)5,1634362
GalmW(GalmW)Adult (f)4,1544112
l8bUz(l8bUz)Adult (m)7,3804921
PqofR(PqofR)Adult (f)4,4183755
06PX2(06PX2)Adult (f)7,5935181
PCduh(PCduh)Adult (m)4,2233712
iK4gu(iK4gu)Adult (f)3,5603593
pC3mE(pC3mE)Adult (f)3,6955241
w5nXW(w5nXW)Adult (f)4,5744001
5udEX(5udEX)Adult (f)4,4103671
1s7hQ(1s7hQ)Adult (m)7,2474971
o8y51(o8y51)Adult (m)4,6583641
SHg8u(SHg8u)Adult (f)5,0744112
HzMCI(HzMCI)Adult (f)5,0163362
kIwNM(kIwNM)Adult (f)5,3373991
lfJ2l(lfJ2l)Adult (f)5,3504001
4cjxX(4cjxX)Adult (m)5,3673971
WPDnW(WPDnW)Adult (f)5,3444022
TsFwe(TsFwe)Adult (m)5,3983992
mfJBJ(mfJBJ)Adult (f)5,4534031
jA3S9(jA3S9)Adult (f)4,6943232
DOqQu(DOqQu)Adult (f)5,4153611
prtKU(prtKU)Adult (f)4,3563091
MlQXY(MlQXY)Adult (f)4,5814601
F04Hl(F04Hl)Adult (m)4,4904591
lKLJO(lKLJO)Adult (f)4,7944742
OZemT(OZemT)Adult (f)4,9024771
S4tOy(S4tOy)Adult (m)4,2263892
26D7J(26D7J)Adult (m)4,6203083
g4Ufd(g4Ufd)Adult (m)5,8444712
B5sXq(B5sXq)Adult (m)5,8574751
41gzD(41gzD)Adult (m)5,6494812
3awSl(3awSl)Adult (f)5,8494761
GrUVQ(GrUVQ)Adult (m)5,6844913
jJq1a(jJq1a)Adult (m)4,6563121
mwcne(mwcne)Adult (m)4,1113132
BWWbG(BWWbG)Adult (m)4,5303081
U9qmE(U9qmE)Adult (f)4,0003091
I1ufG(I1ufG)Adult (f)5,0083412
dUE56(dUE56)Adult (f)4,8474383
K4CSN(K4CSN)Adult (f)4,5723121
b5Yge(b5Yge)Adult (f)4,3127374
SHUmN(SHUmN)Adult (f)4,2117532
hnojh(hnojh)Adult (m)6,2876481
k2ijN(k2ijN)Adult (m)6,2596581
LpkFy(LpkFy)Adult (f)6,1366601
CRacF(CRacF)Adult (f)6,3626601
oCo4z(oCo4z)Adult (f)5,6315272
jzNYp(jzNYp)Adult (f)4,7045192
JfKsD(JfKsD)Adult (f)4,7535074
N2h8c(N2h8c)Adult (f)6,5325895
0gbAT(0gbAT)Adult (m)4,7924421
d85tx(d85tx)Adult (f)4,4664188
Im8Om(Im8Om)Adult (m)4,5194272
c0tv7(c0tv7)Adult (m)4,3824231
SDHjG(SDHjG)Adult (f)4,4024321
aT011(aT011)Adult (m)4,2114222
azamz(azamz)Adult (f)4,0082871
JCtVc(JCtVc)Adult (m)4,8513351
KpH3i(KpH3i)Adult (f)5,2483512
6ELDo(6ELDo)Adult (m)5,1083542
4bPFR(4bPFR)Adult (f)4,7363642
p54yr(p54yr)Adult (f)4,5953302
CrV5o(CrV5o)Adult (f)4,6133211
wUeJeCeleste Moonstone 2Adult (f)4,2033761
4Uhw9(4Uhw9)Adult (m)6,5004871
xQhsj(xQhsj)Adult (f)5,0123403
GbuGu(GbuGu)Adult (m)5,7093954
l8mBL(l8mBL)Adult (f)6,3174393
HleDs(HleDs)Adult (f)5,9124113
JUfJ4(JUfJ4)Adult (f)4,2624884
fNtEl(fNtEl)Adult (f)6,4938217
Lhg4I(Lhg4I)Adult (f)5,8661,0036
bi9ex(bi9ex)Adult (f)5,8419904
2IjYR(2IjYR)Adult (m)5,6933861
qnqgy(qnqgy)Adult (f)5,6243801
5uXpm5uXpm CB OAdult (f)5,4256014
wFmgP(wFmgP)Adult (f)6,1954132
9If13(9If13)Adult (m)5,7413921
brZJ6(brZJ6)Adult (f)5,8113942
Ey38A(Ey38A)Adult (m)5,9944051
CrXRv(CrXRv)Adult (m)5,9394021
fr9u5(fr9u5)Adult (f)5,9474011
Yh3kr(Yh3kr)Adult (m)5,9734041
AJ9ul(AJ9ul)Adult (f)5,0583512
YzEkT(YzEkT)Adult (m)5,2763581
1jZSX(1jZSX)Adult (m)5,4393631
sOM9C(sOM9C)Adult (f)5,1283521
GamEr(GamEr)Adult (f)5,2803521
KIeno(KIeno)Adult (m)6,8154603
PRSDF(PRSDF)Adult (f)5,9854021
g6K3n(g6K3n)Adult (f)6,0104011
VRcWb(VRcWb)Adult (m)5,8084021
Tgep6(Tgep6)Adult (m)5,8684071
l4ciR(l4ciR)Adult (m)6,5734491
xzwXz(xzwXz)Adult (m)7,8765271
8ycgc(8ycgc)Adult (m)6,6344432
9NERo(9NERo)Adult (f)6,8724591
ecton(ecton)Adult (f)4,8173331
gbOKp(gbOKp)Adult (m)4,0803391
UN8Fw(UN8Fw)Adult (m)4,3783461
aVYZZ(aVYZZ)Adult (f)5,7383941
Vxiq6(Vxiq6)Adult (f)5,1494835
HLWfo(HLWfo)Adult (f)7,7345382
Ca3wE(Ca3wE)Adult (m)3,4504282
kfi56(kfi56)Adult (m)5,8328432
VqFci(VqFci)Adult (f)3,6034421
endz0(endz0)Adult (f)5,9688361
7kHIL(7kHIL)Adult (m)6,4735932
2V3WS(2V3WS)Adult (m)6,4556182
Wb3dx(Wb3dx)Adult (f)6,8866902
poTte(poTte)Adult (f)7,6196373
CdP4t(CdP4t)Adult (f)7,3126384
IiVjX(IiVjX)Adult (m)6,9256113
gtSUY(gtSUY)Adult (m)7,5636664
cPzAa(cPzAa)Adult (f)5,4814181
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