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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6jrXj6jrXj CBAdult (m)5,5895045
cbjSmcbjSm CBAdult (m)6,7264632
FrfnyFrfny CBAdult (m)6,9175085
cgRX2cgRX2 CBAdult (m)4,9463402
xAMBgxAMBg CBAdult (m)4,8824261
0GPTe0GPTe CBAdult (m)5,4545335
nVxlgnVxlg CBAdult (f)5,0443852
IURuIIURuI CBAdult (m)4,6403653
DWuCxDWuCx CB OAdult (f)5,9303971
gRQzxgRQzx CB OAdult (f)3,0786144
KSyF3KSyF3 CB OAdult (m)10,2097001
xSbI8xSbI8 CBAdult (m)10,7857385
DlDFrDlDFr O 3Adult (m)5,9924624
r12Xmr12Xm CB OAdult (f)8,2086947
VvarBVvarB CBAdult (m)5,7747031
Rjj1zRjj1z CBAdult (m)5,9336851
DkPZ0DkPZ0 CBAdult (m)5,1335901
PxMuhPxMuh CBAdult (m)4,8245931
wS4Q5wS4Q5 CBAdult (f)5,1855601
Q2l35Q2l35 CBAdult (m)4,6484521
0ArLS0ArLS CB OAdult (f)4,2715833
EtF8BEtF8B CBAdult (m)4,7304593
Uz2QxUz2Qx CBAdult (m)5,3835071
wj5zrwj5zr CBAdult (m)4,7014742
Nz75ONz75O CB OAdult (f)6,6035022
sgOTWsgOTW CB OAdult (f)7,7305302
JYpTPJYpTP CBAdult (f)9,6467512
ViB8UViB8U 3Adult (m)5,9345303
JdlNQJdlNQ CBAdult (m)4,9809019
b2I07b2I07 CBAdult (f)4,9604721
l5MWZl5MWZ CB OAdult (f)7,0618003
MCV6uMCV6u CBAdult (m)4,3627143
AwwxjAwwxj CB OAdult (f)2,5766033
usiKfusiKf CBAdult (f)1,4678011
CZsxMCZsxM CB OAdult (f)6,8931,1624
QIDQBQIDQB SA 4Adult (f)4,1615933
1BfD31BfD3 O 3Adult (m)4,7466303
XLDN7(XLDN7)Adult (f)6,4084461
hstkthstkt PB 2Adult (m)6,9984691
EnfM3EnfM3 CB OAdult (m)4,8716911
LApPg(LApPg)Adult (m)3,7494623
29wj9(29wj9)Adult (m)3,7554733
Jf6Bw(Jf6Bw)Adult (m)5,5886404
m795Mm795M PB 2Adult (m)3,9875202
wLbnIwLbnI PB 2Adult (m)4,1145263
ZKIw7(ZKIw7)Adult (f)4,6106701
Cr4auCr4au CB OAdult (f)10,3757095
RfYk9RfYk9 CB OAdult (m)7,7125222
aqu7v(aqu7v)Adult (f)5,7954041
adnSu(adnSu)Adult (m)5,8045561
JRE8WJRE8W PB 2Adult (m)3,9665482
Ehllm(Ehllm)Adult (m)3,9955463
zOySm(zOySm)Adult (m)6,3954411
IPW6P(IPW6P)Adult (m)5,5744511
IyDFj(IyDFj)Adult (f)6,4024431
KKsCx(KKsCx)Adult (f)6,6584501
zPPCM(zPPCM)Adult (f)6,6224471
gOexX(gOexX)Adult (m)6,3404361
NflfW(NflfW)Adult (f)5,4754511
XIYGj(XIYGj)Adult (f)6,0884191
wWnozwWnoz O 3Adult (m)3,5738948
rkh6c(rkh6c)Adult (f)4,0626142
6GvPX(6GvPX)Adult (m)4,3674931
DLYsm(DLYsm)Adult (m)4,9594622
rQq5A(rQq5A)Adult (m)3,5505511
RfD6b(RfD6b)Adult (m)4,0594261
xgdkd(xgdkd)Adult (f)4,8746273
0PSfR(0PSfR)Adult (f)3,7154173
fObLD(fObLD)Adult (f)4,3184443
9xydQ(9xydQ)Adult (f)3,5664041
u8D0Au8D0A CBAdult (m)5,1044911
zp2ez(zp2ez)Adult (f)5,6803911
z8AAi(z8AAi)Adult (f)5,4963701
qJQFp(qJQFp)Adult (m)5,3143671
V0zyd(V0zyd)Adult (m)5,9045221
fpRW1(fpRW1)Adult (f)5,9975422
z3D9E(z3D9E)Adult (m)6,1504931
Kezmu(Kezmu)Adult (f)5,9145162
bxEkA(bxEkA)Adult (f)6,3204873
7sjtU(7sjtU)Adult (m)8,7906281
rcBYI(rcBYI)Adult (m)7,0834922
w7lLOw7lLO 2Adult (m)7,5305110
f89Gt(f89Gt)Adult (f)6,1084171
zHMAr(zHMAr)Adult (f)5,4716021
glNWE(glNWE)Adult (m)5,5805911
3gi55(3gi55)Adult (f)5,4796031
k9Ail(k9Ail)Adult (m)6,0965802
IRfTE(IRfTE)Adult (f)5,5336071
gpNYwBoris Terrae CBAdult (m)5,3756281
5o7Hk5o7Hk CB OAdult (m)5,7103923
DA3l2DA3l2 CB OAdult (m)4,2945924
yN4lYyN4lY CB OAdult (m)4,1976026
JYU6VJYU6V O 2Adult (m)6,1014283
K3U6AK3U6A O 2Adult (f)5,8294191
ZGWNm(ZGWNm)Adult (f)6,1234313
qostp(qostp)Adult (m)6,0444182
fEzmF(fEzmF)Adult (f)6,2244282
gxerc(gxerc)Adult (m)6,5854391
v8ZyNv8ZyN CB OAdult (f)4,0924916
JL5Yf(JL5Yf)Adult (m)5,9276085
OCEOHOCEOH O 3Adult (f)9,9887214
MM9wj(MM9wj)Adult (f)5,1857971
mn1xt(mn1xt)Adult (f)4,0327923
iow6t(iow6t)Adult (f)3,7714161
w5tMv(w5tMv)Adult (f)5,5164841
YTcS7(YTcS7)Adult (f)6,3824821
o2A6t(o2A6t)Adult (m)6,3184921
vBKla(vBKla)Adult (m)5,3975313
HC9Pl(HC9Pl)Adult (m)6,2514643
WcXZi(WcXZi)Adult (m)4,0864871
MJawy(MJawy)Adult (f)3,0935122
PGXFr(PGXFr)Adult (m)6,6928455
HXPmv(HXPmv)Adult (f)6,2674821
LWePULWePU O 3Adult (m)6,6964601
jSfsN(jSfsN)Adult (m)6,0524081
Hg9LS(Hg9LS)Adult (f)6,6475201
QwngMQwngM O 3Adult (f)4,1405932
WmKkoWmKko PB 2Adult (f)5,0987602
Xn1gY(Xn1gY)Adult (m)7,3495501
yoa7eyoa7e PB 2Adult (f)4,1265351
8p6pZ(8p6pZ)Adult (f)4,4195081
DS66N(DS66N)Adult (m)4,7155131
NHOeUFelix Celestial CBAdult (m)4,6335041
mRWgB(mRWgB)Adult (m)7,0894961
xQPYexQPYe CB OAdult (f)6,5104344
ag3pp(ag3pp)Adult (f)7,0744761
yMCXs(yMCXs)Adult (m)6,8194671
EAejJEAejJ CBAdult (m)10,1796902
MsRXKMsRXK CBAdult (f)7,8977082
Y3XkX(Y3XkX)Adult (f)6,9154611
aUb1paUb1p CB OAdult (m)9,3077532
utAeV(utAeV)Adult (m)6,2794571
J7LQ7J7LQ7 ICEHatchling (f, F)3,4497567
NSoCINSoCI CB OAdult (f)6,72979111
O3hCg(O3hCg)Adult (m)3,2704232
64qF0(64qF0)Adult (f)5,5436034
fXDRPfXDRP 4Adult (m)9,1617503
YEUFvYEUFv CBAdult (f)3,7275432
d9PTJ(d9PTJ)Adult (m)7,5395301
wGybA(wGybA)Adult (f)6,9165001
LvMzk(LvMzk)Adult (f)6,3574981
lvMtK(lvMtK)Adult (f)5,7255272
AP14I(AP14I)Adult (m)5,7495752
dm0B2dm0B2 ICEHatchling (F)2,4242012
87TOM87TOM 3Adult (m)6,4714394
GnaXLGnaXL CBAdult (f)9,9246704
m7sAtm7sAt O 3Adult (f)4,7604314
MxSV3MxSV3 CB OAdult (m)3,07658510
41SAA41SAA CBAdult (m)9,5586872
juiIOjuiIO CB OAdult (m)6,1591,1323
kCdLFkCdLF CB OAdult (m)6,6011,1433
ZQTjqZQTjq CB OAdult (f)6,1821,1153
EcW2oEcW2o CB OAdult (f)3,0986143
PMa46PMa46 ICEHatchling (f, F)4,2296933
6CQ9v6CQ9v CBAdult (f)6,3004201
hgHF0(hgHF0)Adult (f)5,6276642
u5PCO(u5PCO)Adult (m)5,5456732
mz4wx(mz4wx)Adult (f)5,7456632
tHIU6(tHIU6)Adult (f)5,6126882
8Q8dh(8Q8dh)Adult (m)6,7324893
kZfCJkZfCJ O 3Adult (m)8,8056912
AT13aAT13a CB OAdult (f)4,6958523
qlneo(qlneo)Adult (m)4,8983742
85qHmElvis Thalassa CB OAdult (m)6,3015253
wTRYowTRYo O 3Adult (m)8,7326342
GPFGP(GPFGP)Adult (f)5,9334101
7Xt5g(7Xt5g)Adult (f)5,2876673
Wi55zWi55z O 3Adult (m)7,5267198
wvRfD(wvRfD)Adult (m)5,9934751
ypZjO(ypZjO)Adult (f)4,2434262
2xodc(2xodc)Adult (f)5,2595469
vINQevINQe CBAdult (m)9,5348493
K9zBL(K9zBL)Adult (m)4,0165571
yIxQG(yIxQG)Adult (m)4,4364838
LxSVm(LxSVm)Adult (f)6,4194452
Yy8xp(Yy8xp)Adult (m)4,8625284
YxsjL(YxsjL)Adult (f)
EqlUx(EqlUx)Adult (f)5,5454591
6ngDt6ngDt OAdult3,4052342
NqtWw(NqtWw)Adult (m)5,5126685
g90wk(g90wk)Adult (m)6,7794575
9wRKX9wRKX O 2Adult (f)5,93356817
ab54y(ab54y)Adult (f)5,4835203
spncf(spncf)Adult (m)5,2976737
mtcc6(mtcc6)Adult (m)7,2874964
FRlg3(FRlg3)Adult (f)6,9304723
J3trF(J3trF)Adult (f)7,0314755
9PVHJ(9PVHJ)Adult (m)7,2525014
30Vee(30Vee)Adult (f)6,8505283
Tdki7(Tdki7)Adult (f)6,8325203
5gt1F(5gt1F)Adult (f)6,8695304
rpHYI(rpHYI)Adult (f)5,6874934
uPqwk(uPqwk)Adult (m)7,1675112
6HbEJ(6HbEJ)Adult (m)7,2155072
Da805Da805 O 3Adult (f)5,3103592
EagEJ(EagEJ)Adult (f)4,9824803
FcZCN(FcZCN)Adult (m)
oj7Sm(oj7Sm)Adult (f)5,8836543
Ed28qEd28q CB OAdult (m)4,5644252
JJFs2JJFs2 CBAdult (m)6,3585982
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