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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
c6QXtc6QXt CBAdult (f)4,1104891
r2Qn7r2Qn7 CB OAdult (f)3,9845562
JvqnzJvqnz PB O 2Adult (m)4,8065301
nKkNdnKkNd PB 2Adult (f)4,8915411
HX2PfHX2Pf PB O 2Adult (f)4,6925501
Wq2AgWq2Ag CB OAdult (f)3,9535494
E9AgSE9AgS CB OAdult (f)4,8305172
CxvUpCxvUp CBAdult (m)2,8675772
Dt7ocDt7oc CB OAdult (f)5,3935851
vQpwzvQpwz CB OAdult (f)5,3695861
jGBhIjGBhI CB OAdult (m)5,6875752
Al8n1Al8n1 CB OAdult (m)6,1015734
RAzrkRAzrk CBAdult (f)5,8694512
ivp7civp7c CB OAdult (m)5,0643453
uLuC1uLuC1 CB OAdult (f)6,5224841
DSSNQDSSNQ CB OAdult (m)5,7695600
7NKl17NKl1 CB OAdult (f)5,8775420
3EwWC3EwWC CB OAdult (m)6,1485301
QmgTqQmgTq CB OAdult (f)6,1555201
yCe7YyCe7Y CB OAdult (m)3,7294543
IXOitIXOit PB O 2Adult (m)6,1544765
UjO7CUjO7C CBAdult (f)5,0433503
HZMrTHZMrT CB OAdult (f)4,2376861
DmqTRDmqTR CB OAdult (m)3,9857461
DFU5nDFU5n CBAdult (f)4,5594873
mj79Vmj79V CBAdult (m)4,3184711
6R1cW6R1cW CBAdult (f)3,8824245
dJOhndJOhn CBAdult (m)9,9367054
2jZgW2jZgW CBAdult (m)5,0055213
vFXowvFXow CB OAdult (f)6,9794905
HV51ZHV51Z CB OAdult (f)5,9135444
EummvEummv CB OAdult (f)5,6635436
GsvUuGsvUu CB OAdult (f)2,3217096
M3hfGM3hfG CBAdult (f)6,0474153
eSvzUeSvzU O 2Adult (f)5,1353434
XNkdAXNkdA CB OAdult (m)2,9786664
IDGsbIDGsb CBAdult (m)4,7834622
zAfowzAfow CBAdult (f)6,1164154
zwqUZzwqUZ CBAdult (f)5,2044841
IaRWPIaRWP CBAdult (f)4,4604371
GugG5GugG5 CBAdult (f)4,5164332
bp5Jabp5Ja CB OAdult (f)9,4126465
gqnobgqnob CB OAdult (f)8,9635984
Rxp4TRxp4T CB OAdult (m)9,2416174
LFFUiLFFUi CB OAdult (m)8,7126077
LMNjwLMNjw CBAdult (m)5,2103592
6cOId6cOId CBAdult (m)5,3123562
2vrT2Iris Thalassa CB OAdult (f)5,3203943
JC8hQJC8hQ CB OAdult (m)3,2487485
HhLVJHhLVJ O 6Adult (m)5,8004145
AOiqbAOiqb CB OAdult (f)8,5446883
tM8dLtM8dL CB OAdult (f)5,1553685
LVkl8LVkl8 CB OAdult (m)5,3778513
fdl7ifdl7i CB OAdult (m)4,1167955
JSWHJJSWHJ CB OAdult (f)8,6657131
wHDBSwHDBS CB OAdult (m)6,9806583
Cdr8bCdr8b CBAdult (f)4,4944227
onXCfonXCf CB OAdult (f)5,0823722
bSOjQbSOjQ CB OAdult (f)5,5803728
eHfONeHfON CB OAdult (f)6,2914271
IMxdxIMxdx CB OAdult (m)4,6746933
0DtmW0DtmW CB OAdult (f)6,8966857
F7TGAF7TGA CB OAdult (f)5,3986555
k4Q6Bk4Q6B CB OAdult (f)5,5767934
5haqb5haqb PB O 2Adult (m)5,9253985
1bmsl1bmsl CB OAdult (f)4,3234464
ZXkXjZXkXj CB OAdult (m)9,4196483
xTs00xTs00 CB OAdult (f)10,8077363
0SF1P0SF1P CBAdult (m)5,6873812
SBfG2SBfG2 CBAdult (f)5,1303424
ulqE1ulqE1 CBAdult (f)6,0004001
U8FEpU8FEp CB OAdult (m)10,4147063
m9p9pm9p9p ICEHatchling (f, F)4,4998502
siRjxCaspar Silver CBAdult (m)5,8914082
h9xpXh9xpX CBAdult (m)5,0893611
Au5BrAu5Br CBAdult (f)9,2636217
NqrYFNqrYF CBAdult (f)5,2653971
l7QyXl7QyX CB OAdult (m)3,9497374
TXHw1TXHw1 CBAdult (f)5,3623975
DJUECDJUEC CBAdult (f)5,1063655
J1DcsJ1Dcs CBAdult (m)5,3333986
nCGX2nCGX2 CB OAdult (f)10,5117134
TRXy3TRXy3 2Adult (m)5,2804823
84yJ384yJ3 CB OAdult (m)7,0771,0605
zpAREzpARE CB OAdult (m)10,7947212
dtg2adtg2a CBAdult (f)5,0863521
R14snR14sn CBAdult (f)9,4196396
aw7Tvaw7Tv CB OAdult (f)4,4584327
ZR2aUZR2aU CB OAdult (f)4,1297402
PM2bHPM2bH CB OAdult (f)3,5387092
mqJommqJom CB OAdult (f)3,6126911
TFUcoTFUco CB OAdult (f)3,7227332
4SVWe4SVWe CB OAdult (f)4,4605844
UtJ7lUtJ7l CBAdult (f)9,6326528
A32hiA32hi CBAdult (m)5,8143922
EeKUDEeKUD CB OAdult (m)3,1695754
G2LqBG2LqB CB OAdult (m)6,1544211
HcLfCHcLfC CBAdult (m)4,3143462
MChWGMChWG CB OAdult (m)5,9306784
a2oQ0a2oQ0 CBAdult (f)5,6753826
61QrQ61QrQ CB OAdult (f)2,6075993
77hB177hB1 3Adult (m)8,7005924
lfgaalfgaa CB OAdult (f)7,0937543
1UAeS1UAeS CB OAdult (m)7,1198713
wDN6bwDN6b O 2Adult (m)5,4453756
OA0eDOA0eD CB OAdult (f)3,9676843
PYS0EPYS0E CB OAdult (f)6,0615212
CjwdFCjwdF CB OAdult (f)5,3415621
mdRUImdRUI CB OAdult (f)4,1744766
GhASUGhASU CB OAdult (m)5,0375455
n1bnUn1bnU CB OAdult (m)10,3106886
gmHengmHen CB OAdult (m)6,5414413
EzpoREzpoR CB OAdult (m)2,6265367
JcAj7JcAj7 CB OAdult (f)7,5815084
dLJyPdLJyP CB OAdult (m)2,8655344
PlGTnPlGTn CBAdult (m)7,1216993
x0JDlx0JDl CB OAdult (m)3,6996691
zyxpBzyxpB CBAdult (m)10,8657404
aGV8aaGV8a CBAdult (m)4,6543873
zjGtszjGts CB OAdult (m)4,5113554
jz57Ejz57E CB OAdult (m)3,6016772
6wuKY6wuKY CB OAdult (f)4,1417632
ugDO4ugDO4 CBAdult (m)7,1184943
6FbfL6FbfL CBAdult (f)4,2813222
QTXNSQTXNS CB OAdult (m)4,8253772
J2VAFJ2VAF CB OAdult (f)4,0667623
V6w6kV6w6k Zyu CBAdult (m)7,6047503
ltWz7ltWz7 CB OAdult (m)5,0988603
KJ2OaKJ2Oa CB OAdult (m)4,6523343
rMsjUrMsjU CBAdult (f)7,7666661
73tAY73tAY CB OAdult (f)8,5859363
2RrOO2RrOO CB OAdult (m)3,4433544
xQ2b2xQ2b2 CB OAdult (m)3,5403432
rZtLzrZtLz CB OAdult (m)7,8738756
DsbnFDsbnF CB OAdult (f)10,5687363
XFfMqXFfMq 3Adult (f)8,3076205
dUdiydUdiy 3Adult (m)10,0216693
raZuPraZuP CB OAdult (f)6,1841,0163
3fcc43fcc4 CB OAdult (m)7,82896311
BmkwZBmkwZ CB OAdult (m)3,5735551
aCC2EaCC2E CB OAdult (f)3,1665282
2SyUC2SyUC O 2Adult (f)4,7933483
xEogexEoge CBAdult (f)6,5345776
Ua5bwUa5bw 3Adult (f)7,9336295
VJoXaVJoXa CBAdult (f)4,3263371
SdIm7SdIm7 O 2Adult (f)5,4644853
HGZExHGZEx CBAdult (m)4,5694492
06SPE06SPE CBAdult (f)4,6675361
lgwCDSilver CD 4Adult (m)10,3897264
v8B5pv8B5p CBAdult (f)5,6704563
6TFbz6TFbz CB OAdult (m)5,2058732
CVEDOCVEDO CB OAdult (m)4,3501,0492
sdSrBsdSrB CBAdult (m)4,8275563
uFk9cuFk9c CB OAdult (m)4,1154254
AB40eAB40e CB OAdult (f)5,5847293
vQSeivQSei CB OAdult (f)8,0468403
6Fx7e6Fx7e CB OAdult (f)3,8595083
usBb8usBb8 CBAdult (m)9,0146225
sy7aNInteresting Thuwed ICEHatchling (F)3,7552631
ePZ9t(ePZ9t)Adult (f)
zginX(zginX)Adult (m)
i2g0T(i2g0T)Adult (m)
oFUn8oFUn8 CBAdult (f)3,9345121
psufjpsufj CBAdult (m)3,6084843
y1Cu0y1Cu0 CBAdult (f)4,0145251
S58HrS58Hr CB OAdult (f)4,1354683
kuko0kuko0 O 3Adult (m)6,6734592
31NJ231NJ2 CB OAdult (f)4,2994723
rTJ1mrTJ1m CBAdult (m)4,3835112
m1vhXm1vhX CBAdult (m)4,3194723
Wyk4ZWyk4Z CB OAdult (f)4,3958463
01bcH01bcH CB OAdult (m)4,2948412
okOaookOao CBAdult (f)3,8474503
oN7H0oN7H0 CBAdult (f)5,4054532
6vKfY6vKfY CB OAdult (m)3,6305633
AYADqAYADq PB 2Adult (m)4,2295394
UplApUplAp CBAdult (m)2,7056112
m3JJ4m3JJ4 2Adult (m)3,9034852
OiSoOOiSoO CBAdult (m)4,4025103
s0iYts0iYt CBAdult (m)4,2814952
ts1JOts1JO CBAdult (f)3,7185301
ALOOzALOOz CBAdult (m)4,4404811
2lUYb2lUYb CBAdult (f)3,7625273
B0y6yB0y6y CBAdult (m)5,2123761
5AiCX5AiCX CBAdult (m)4,3655081
hbzWahbzWa CBAdult (f)3,9335343
99oeS99oeS CBAdult (m)3,9585163
2mCVF2mCVF CB OAdult (m)5,4084674
fmgBGfmgBG CBAdult (f)5,5203682
rtEAKrtEAK CBAdult (f)5,1615153
gt4dfgt4df CBAdult (m)6,1984693
2caI22caI2 CBAdult (f)4,1704633
kT4Z0kT4Z0 CBAdult (m)4,8715504
u1XtDu1XtD CBAdult (f)4,5165364
bGo4rbGo4r PB O 2Adult (f)6,7724633
pe412pe412 CBAdult (m)6,7974682
w3yyAw3yyA CBAdult (m)6,8815291
2Cwuy2Cwuy CBAdult (f)8,1317474
WY8E4WY8E4 CBAdult (m)4,0674533
xQj3SxQj3S CBAdult (f)4,4034763
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