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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
A6oroA6oro CBAdult (m)2,9576372
JiqEFJiqEF 3Adult (m)4,3986131
TeChHTeChH 4Adult (f)2,3095171
MKA85MKA85 CBAdult (f)3,9665482
xLqOPxLqOP CBAdult (m)5,1226273
CjjTPCjjTP O 2Adult (m)4,6736093
iH11JiH11J 3Adult (m)2,1285731
YeXoQYeXoQ SA 4Adult (f)5,3664841
pKaITpKaIT CBAdult (m)3,4996041
dqTjbdqTjb 4Adult (f)6,5746231
P0k19P0k19 CBAdult (f)5,4883771
rlxJFrlxJF SA 4Adult (m)5,7003802
S4zuxS4zux CBAdult (f)4,5076101
4hgWM4hgWM CBAdult (m)2,7435481
wvJRFwvJRF SA 3Adult (m)5,2173723
MXSlMMXSlM 3Adult (f)3,5515911
tiQCjtiQCj CBAdult (f)9,8986901
IhfmkIhfmk 3Adult (m)3,5275952
fB7xgfB7xg CB OAdult (f)2,2526173
ik00Iik00I CBAdult (m)6,7475780
D4b1nD4b1n CBAdult (f)6,4315601
Ao6VqAo6Vq CBAdult (m)4,9317382
LFbhJLFbhJ SA 3Adult (m)2,4417272
Y6BnNY6BnN CB OAdult (f)3,3599883
6HDyQ6HDyQ CB OAdult (m)2,8581,0025
Ri07XRi07X CBAdult (m)3,2614371
JoAqzJoAqz CBAdult (m)3,1844371
Bw4GwBw4Gw CBAdult (f)6,3495251
pgtiVpgtiV CBAdult (m)6,6985111
9wcQG9wcQG SA 3Adult (m)5,7164421
LeZuzLeZuz CBAdult (m)3,1056361
TPk7TTPk7T CBAdult (m)3,3809073
6Oi196Oi19 CB OAdult (f)6,9455161
d3PtQd3PtQ CB OAdult (m)7,0934881
3j8Li3j8Li CBAdult (f)6,5064581
VYnvoVYnvo CB OAdult (m)9,7406711
SWZxYSWZxY CB OAdult (m)7,1676501
5b2xG5b2xG CBAdult (f)6,4564482
U27z6U27z6 CB OAdult (m)7,4201,01413
Cb145Cb145 CBAdult (f)7,9165293
VneqkVneqk CB OAdult (f)4,1365301
RKumkRKumk SA 3Adult (f)4,2975393
znLbtznLbt 2Adult (m)4,4445700
VJiVRVJiVR 2Adult (m)4,6275882
L1blEL1blE CBAdult (f)6,6479092
Cj1oECj1oE CBAdult (m)3,9626670
soxfGsoxfG CBAdult (f)4,4436821
41aQ441aQ4 CBAdult (f)4,3876981
4tNpn4tNpn CBAdult (m)4,4316891
eNa16eNa16 CBAdult (f)4,5186751
kVkLQkVkLQ CBAdult (f)4,3937032
9L71Y9L71Y CBAdult (f)4,4756802
Doo0sDoo0s Moonstone 3Adult (f)5,5185653
gSVBwgSVBw CBAdult (f)3,8302951
XlnfrXlnfr CBAdult (m)4,8633401
k8mlfk8mlf CB OAdult (m)4,6004350
Flny2Flny2 CB OAdult (m)4,6144651
iud1Uiud1U CBAdult (f)5,2525332
51Ezo51Ezo CBAdult (f)4,9695263
mdWShmdWSh CBAdult (f)5,2355491
0nfsr0nfsr CBAdult (f)5,6045772
qCuGiqCuGi CBAdult (f)5,1284276
gJtNcgJtNc CBAdult (m)6,2025872
DWzdNDWzdN CB OAdult (f)6,7506441
pk2llpk2ll CB OAdult (f)6,0335384
Ye8g2Ye8g2 CBAdult (f)5,5325010
21d1s21d1s CBAdult (m)6,2604232
3Jfnf3Jfnf CBAdult (f)5,0445072
GnmLTGnmLT CBAdult (f)6,8925501
NScP1NScP1 CBAdult (m)5,1535041
9KLGH9KLGH CBAdult (m)4,5323921
fPxrGfPxrG CBAdult (m)4,0085113
btfT1btfT1 CBAdult (m)4,5967273
WGOdHWGOdH CBAdult (f)5,8905832
TMTcTTMTcT CBAdult (f)4,2444372
btACvbtACv 3Adult (f)7,3737744
MTRBfMTRBf 3Adult (f)9,2906334
IQMQkIQMQk O 2Adult (f)3,3104520
h1jMjh1jMj 2Adult (f)3,6884901
H3hjwH3hjw SA 3Adult (f)2,9414813
z7eWxz7eWx O 2Adult (f)2,8805385
in3b7in3b7 CBAdult (f)4,7234662
mADp3mADp3 CBAdult (f)7,1425571
ukhpOukhpO CB OAdult (m)5,0185962
JTfKrJTfKr CBAdult (f)5,3423692
VHmzBVHmzB CBAdult (f)5,6263884
iOLuqiOLuq CBAdult (m)6,9944802
eqiPSeqiPS CB OAdult (m)5,6624751
CjP5TCjP5T CB OAdult (m)5,5494821
59Wxd59Wxd CB OAdult (m)5,4974791
6sERf6sERf CBAdult (f)6,1325755
FrLYhFrLYh CBAdult (f)6,6524511
pKGZxpKGZx CBAdult (f)6,4684461
lRZHNlRZHN CBAdult (m)6,4554411
7iRC27iRC2 CBAdult (m)6,4754472
lm4Zslm4Zs CBAdult (m)6,6874491
j9CrLj9CrL CB OAdult (m)4,2434944
ZAPwcZAPwc CBAdult (m)2,8236873
AcYSrAcYSr 2Adult (f)5,1105562
9mNqK9mNqK 2Adult (f)5,1675594
IKZTjIKZTj CBAdult (f)4,4396744
pcaHRpcaHR CBAdult (m)5,1474491
SjmKdSjmKd CBAdult (m)5,1904521
FPy0QFPy0Q CBAdult (f)4,9718412
k8FzOk8FzO CBAdult (f)5,8725615
hUS9AhUS9A CBAdult (m)5,0215002
uC2mjuC2mj CB OAdult (m)3,8055673
rYeTvrYeTv CBAdult (f)6,5994673
gfPcagfPca CBAdult (f)5,2984711
HEfkLHEfkL CBAdult (f)5,1034982
LWYQMLWYQM 2Adult (f)5,4163754
bq8Eibq8Ei CBAdult (m)4,9265062
VdbpSVdbpS CBAdult (m)4,2275542
YfdnhYfdnh CB OAdult (f)3,0105578
BPtfVBPtfV CBAdult (m)6,2245692
PgE2pPgE2p CBAdult (m)6,6744711
IR6rJIR6rJ 2Adult (m)5,4515335
uKrZxuKrZx CBAdult (f)5,7845411
C9sAeC9sAe CB OAdult (m)5,7855644
NDYubNDYub CBAdult (m)4,7994154
a2JUJa2JUJ CBAdult (f)6,5374383
6p6696p669 CBAdult (m)5,4464452
9KsgC9KsgC CB OAdult (m)5,0576454
MvnVsMvnVs CBAdult (m)5,5195391
I56jaI56ja CBAdult (f)5,2164321
Pzvg7Pzvg7 SA 3Adult (f)5,7343962
ihAmpihAmp CB OAdult (m)5,5766017
0kOnS0kOnS SA 3Adult (m)7,2194944
b6Y9db6Y9d CBAdult (m)6,3244241
ilbAmilbAm CBAdult (m)4,6624076
X9FI7X9FI7 CBAdult (f)5,0223775
XLbw6XLbw6 CBAdult (m)5,9036572
YuOJAYuOJA CBAdult (m)4,5053864
cf6QYcf6QY CBAdult (f)6,9385212
hBgDohBgDo CBAdult (f)7,3674980
EPdWoEPdWo CBAdult (m)7,1294911
2L3L22L3L2 PB 2Adult (f)5,7753851
IQGGyIQGGy CBAdult (m)4,1695972
LB0voLB0vo CBAdult (m)6,3864401
8aNF28aNF2 CB OAdult (m)5,5656757
lCldPlCldP CB OAdult (f)4,1806052
WLRN9WLRN9 CB OAdult (f)2,2416231
HVQ02HVQ02 CB OAdult (m)3,2907243
kMXgHkMXgH CB OAdult (m)4,4637931
EQgFgEQgFg CB OAdult (f)4,5377991
VUgM0VUgM0 CB OAdult (m)2,6485122
RzzlMRzzlM CBAdult (f)3,9585291
TVNElTVNEl CBAdult (m)3,7615622
PaK9sPaK9s CBAdult (m)3,5175972
eGUtxeGUtx CB OAdult (m)11,0147354
Y4yEMY4yEM CBAdult (f)6,2134941
rI7nkrI7nk CBAdult (f)4,3924402
8Rt3x8Rt3x CBAdult (m)5,8134601
HKBS3HKBS3 CBAdult (f)6,6425112
Ltkd9Ltkd9 CBAdult (f)6,0804992
s1VLVs1VLV CBAdult (m)4,5774851
R4l0qR4l0q CBAdult (m)7,1365031
tz1oPtz1oP CBAdult (m)6,6604922
xDQ7ExDQ7E CBAdult (m)7,1914849
SyBh1SyBh1 CBAdult (m)5,3134753
0qnXY0qnXY CBAdult (f)4,9894392
Ki68NKi68N CBAdult (f)6,5854394
h280xh280x CBAdult (m)6,6604445
S6SRqS6SRq CB OAdult (m)5,4126716
XiPs4XiPs4 CB OAdult (m)9,0366754
Gi2jjGi2jj CBAdult (m)4,4754282
UMCmuUMCmu CBAdult (m)9,9337503
Z9eUDEstelle Zyu CBAdult (f)7,9309519
qkExAqkExA CB OAdult (f)3,6563771
PHWe3PHWe3 3Adult (m)9,8626727
8nc8N8nc8N CBAdult (f)8,9075972
vRXF9vRXF9 CB OAdult (f)2,7115094
N2CXjN2CXj CB OAdult (m)2,7385104
PnWfvPnWfv 3Adult (m)9,9117013
cYPGqcYPGq CB OAdult (f)3,8615162
8KBTu8KBTu CBAdult (f)5,4463646
joYSejoYSe 3Adult (m)10,0056769
WKe0LWKe0L CBAdult (m)6,0874244
OjQOxOjQOx CB OAdult (m)6,3494313
pgHcepgHce CB OAdult (m)6,5354406
uRYcZuRYcZ CBAdult (f)4,3386131
wWgPBwWgPB CB OAdult (m)10,3597024
73b3P73b3P CBAdult (m)5,0604772
ZcPPxZcPPx PF 3Adult (f)4,8644744
IG7JjIG7Jj CBAdult (m)10,1846816
0gOZr0gOZr O 3Adult (f)6,8485243
7LXoP7LXoP O 3Adult (f)6,5855326
Sx0YSSx0YS O 3Adult (m)5,9594067
BPiv8BPiv8 O 3Adult (f)6,8835324
uk4mwuk4mw O 2Adult (m)5,9494114
R7omPR7omP CB OAdult (m)4,0105525
yEls3yEls3 CB OAdult (f)4,1295629
OlTD0OlTD0 CBAdult (f)4,9825083
xVE4KxVE4K CBAdult (f)10,8117296
nA1QKnA1QK O 3Adult (f)5,6885944
5wmjK5wmjK CB OAdult (f)8,7147085
fP317(fP317)Adult (m)
V1hSs(V1hSs)Adult (m)
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