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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1c7Uj1c7Uj CBAdult (m)2,8465524
THy46THy46 CBAdult (m)4,2935643
FVDmvFVDmv CBAdult (m)4,2605824
B1jWwB1jWw CBAdult (f)4,6657234
pkwiKpkwiK CBAdult (f)4,3286884
M0ovZM0ovZ CBAdult (f)3,4657467
1CnBx1CnBx CBAdult (m)4,5246732
qNdnCqNdnC CBAdult (m)4,2386492
mFcpzmFcpz CBAdult (f)2,6954082
axPAFaxPAF PB 2Adult (m)4,1704782
ux74cux74c CBAdult (f)4,0134841
glbqnglbqn CBAdult (m)2,7594712
aSjxZaSjxZ CBAdult (f)3,2504433
PRdeqPRdeq CBAdult (f)2,9304342
m3omgm3omg CBAdult (f)3,2255389
Ap8FYAp8FY CBAdult (m)3,9266333
PWP7ZPWP7Z CBAdult (f)4,1756492
X1O1IX1O1I CBAdult (m)4,2516553
fzcg4fzcg4 CBAdult (m)3,9146592
mFdjPmFdjP CBAdult (f)6,8256104
m8KVsm8KVs CBAdult (f)3,8724624
mNWgKmNWgK CBAdult (m)3,1324171
Kg3uZKg3uZ CBAdult (f)3,4624372
CvxCtCvxCt CBAdult (m)3,8038923
p2KGep2KGe CBAdult (f)4,1388653
aw1LPJames Gold CBAdult (m)6,5998785
5m4gc5m4gc CBAdult (m)4,4639001
yT5RayT5Ra CBAdult (m)4,6318771
LtL1hLtL1h CBAdult (f)4,8748981
zSsEczSsEc CBAdult (m)4,5838911
avJW6avJW6 CBAdult (f)4,7498701
NfxZNNfxZN CBAdult (m)7,6121,1792
VpOgPCorrine Gold CBAdult (f)7,86891110
Jn7ovJn7ov CBAdult (m)4,7698612
wLu3BwLu3B CBAdult (m)2,9746391
QksihQksih CBAdult (m)3,4516412
yP30PyP30P CBAdult (m)4,1096582
JyPFmJyPFm CBAdult (f)3,5904666
dDjwLdDjwL CBAdult (m)3,0366104
CACIpCAC NeglectedAdult (f)4,44868118
013Hp013Hp CBAdult (f)2,3356084
hV7N1hV7N1 CBAdult (m)3,4466733
nHUfwnHUfw CBAdult (m)3,5886452
endg9endg9 CBAdult (f)3,8156571
62FWo62FWo CBAdult (f)3,9816401
7JPvh7JPvh CBAdult (f)2,6136072
E8EVDAgnes GoldenWyvern CBAdult (f)2,4925174
S7khjS7khj CBAdult (f)2,0565227
n2O8vn2O8v CBAdult (m)2,7966127
J8knZJ8knZ 2Adult (f)3,0715302
sFSeEsFSeE 2Adult (m)2,7665362
LXLZaLXLZa CBAdult (m)3,2345824
dBwIVdBwIV CBAdult (f)2,3975526
32B8032 inch Cheese CakeAdult4,4533813
h9RVDh9RVD CBAdult (m)4,1075342
GN4ZtGN4Zt CBAdult (m)4,2583293
GZ6oaGZ6oa CBAdult (f)3,4056362
CmtBHCmtBH CBAdult (f)9,6688805
yYgsoyYgso CBAdult (f)4,2628373
PsymLPsymL CBAdult (m)3,7787229
jwsXqjwsXq CBAdult (m)3,5098481
4Aion4Aion CBAdult (f)3,6248381
bhzxybhzxy CBAdult (m)3,3188422
opjlPopjlP CBAdult (f)4,0358161
Pojk7Pojk7 CBAdult (m)3,3618502
AnRyrAnRyr CBAdult (m)3,9198501
hydUNhydUN CBAdult (m)4,6925364
5Ejyi5Ejyi CBAdult (f)4,3528926
Suu9XSuu9X CBAdult (f)5,2079839
URv4XURv4X CBAdult (m)4,4024593
1gsEO1gsEO CBAdult (f)2,4225604
BNBcQBNBcQ CBAdult (m)2,4755583
qryY7qryY7 CBAdult (m)6,2407047
Vr7LaVr7La CBAdult (f)4,8186822
dcFcvdcFcv CBAdult (m)2,3485733
GVLvOGVLvO CBAdult (m)2,6245702
7z0k67z0k6 CBAdult (f)2,7695912
TXQsrTXQsr CBAdult (m)6,7797033
u75hmu75hm CBAdult (f)9,2759963
FsDxxFsDxx CBAdult (m)6,5771,0494
m5Qejm5Qej CBAdult (f)6,6427576
A6s70A6s70 5Adult (f)4,3664771
oJjVKoJjVK 4Adult (m)3,5704601
JsYSvJsYSv 4Adult (m)3,9894632
CmaJlCmaJl 6Adult (f)1,9616632
PlIpjPlIpj 4Adult (f)1,8347081
iNIZDiNIZD 3Adult (m)3,5094013
UKJyNUKJyN 3Adult (m)3,9384352
3gDYk3gDYk 3Adult (f)4,4584551
JVrbcJVrbc 3Adult (m)3,4663912
0V5mj0V5mj 3Adult (f)4,4074472
HIigRHIigR 5Adult (m)4,5623651
kLC3lkLC3l SA 5Adult (m)3,8645153
kyUSNkyUSN SA 4Adult (m)3,8974971
VfkjlVfkjl 4Adult (m)3,7515112
xLhaCxLhaC CBAdult (m)4,2166064
imMuKimMuK CBAdult (m)3,7565633
IVxdMIVxdM CBAdult (f)3,6955431
OhNfPOhNfP CBAdult (m)2,7794871
cBLticBLti CBAdult (f)3,0634833
QHwWRMeroy CrimsonFlarePygmy CBAdult (f)3,4515282
ErOFkArsani SA ICE 3Hatchling (f, F)3,4725492
AHH8GAHH8G 3Adult (f)3,9064645
4GXSU4GXSU 2Adult (m)4,4134723
NhWpCNhWpC 2Adult (m)2,8945632
AypPaAypPa 3Adult (f)5,1066441
HB1X8HB1X8 CBAdult (f)3,5534844
ib4Xsib4Xs 3Adult (f)3,8197491
JWDNbJWDNb 3Adult (m)4,1607741
WbeBCWbeBC 3Adult (m)3,5627881
j6xheHeartseeker SA ICE 3Hatchling (m, F)3,7948003
HFrZmHFrZm 4Adult (f)3,7178092
7E1I27E1I2 3Adult (f)4,1338482
YTMtaYTMta 5Adult (m)3,6238552
D8jzND8jzN SA 3Adult (m)4,3268573
T3v5IT3v5I 4Adult (m)4,1345243
R1FrHR1FrH 4Adult (f)2,4636352
Wq6tzWq6tz 2Adult (f)2,5906582
r3SJ3r3SJ3 CBAdult (m)5,0791,1291
QdUWhQdUWh SA 3Adult (f)2,5055084
86gZ586gZ5 CBAdult (m)3,8065402
c6APfc6APf CBAdult (f)1,8566622
6wtpA6wtpA CBAdult (f)2,2236252
edD6TedD6T 5Adult (f)3,6666092
zLipgzLipg CBAdult (f)2,4346344
Fd43sFd43s CBAdult (m)2,6576652
yXrr6yXrr6 PF 3Adult (f)4,3165195
vcXKsvcXKs 4Adult (f)2,9005251
SqomuSqomu CBAdult (f)3,5997192
1TcxD1TcxD CBAdult (m)2,3365822
L5nsBGladys Heartstealing CBAdult (f)2,3695742
SMg2oSMg2o CBAdult (m)2,3245852
IJMhwIJMhw CBAdult (m)2,3355791
mYMclmYMcl CBAdult (f)3,4415893
0d27X0d27X CBAdult (f)3,1475542
kFFBqkFFBq CBAdult (f)3,1725812
GszsbGszsb 3Adult (m)8,62081912
cyeOdcyeOd CBAdult (m)3,6076353
94uJG94uJG CBAdult (m)2,7316682
67Ehc67Ehc CBAdult (f)2,5706691
5TH7N5TH7N CBAdult (f)2,8276882
KZIyKKZIyK CBAdult (f)3,5736503
prcJMprcJM CBAdult (f)3,2055644
EDpOqEDpOq CBAdult (m)3,4885503
skocaskoca CBAdult (f)6,2165469
WVQtuPaper dragon KiteAdult4,7484466
WDrs8WDrs8 3Adult (m)7,5527385
w1onIw1onI CBAdult (m)2,6635136
ATc8NATc8N CBAdult (f)7,6951,0333
ztlvLztlvL CBAdult (m)3,0986595
Xajw9Xajw9 CBAdult (m)3,2094252
NsaelNsael CBAdult (f)4,6664023
JIIhwJIIhw 2Adult (f)4,4985861
0UCX60UCX6 2Adult (m)4,1595792
TKX5ETKX5E CBAdult (f)4,3325457
4hwUT4hwUT CBAdult (f)6,0196453
YNFr8YNFr8 CBAdult (f)3,2685552
AndlYAndly ChickenAdult (f)1,9934613
LylsMLylsM CBAdult (f)3,9285864
Gzt4bGzt4b CBAdult (m)3,8125732
V377AV377A CBAdult (f)4,9385614
B9LfEB9LfE CBAdult (f)4,4294080
7yFHv7yFHv CBAdult (m)4,5364105
PrCKyPrCKy CBAdult (m)3,3705092
wMYI6Gruyere Chese CakeAdult3,3254911
jKBqcjKBqc CBAdult (f)3,6865192
XP3TGXP3TG CBAdult (f)6,4646982
0P0Ms0P0Ms CBAdult (m)3,5395345
HRfoEHRfoE CBAdult (m)6,0995924
rtyAUrtyAU 2Adult (m)3,8047153
YP9hEYP9hE 2Adult (m)3,6027193
PDmDcPDmDc CBAdult (m)4,8806363
TCrGhMozzarella Cheese CakeAdult4,3194328
b19Efb19Ef CBAdult (m)4,1045423
pT4aspT4as CBAdult (m)4,0674215
3h5ed3h5ed CBAdult (m)4,7534242
jQjdTjQjdT CBAdult (m)4,6754304
LHgOkLHgOk CBAdult (f)3,4114362
r28vBr28vB CBAdult (m)4,9175444
N5fEiN5fEi CBAdult (m)3,2804753
osFoqosFoq CBAdult (f)3,1834902
nrh9Mnrh9M CBAdult (m)3,5205112
I7DLXSweet Cheese CakeAdult7,1898514
Yr6MZYr6MZ CBAdult (f)9,7408497
uXN3duXN3d CBAdult (f)9,8478776
OgO5LOgO5L CBAdult (m)4,2154092
nY9AJnY9AJ CBAdult (m)4,3834133
nyTHlnyTHl CBAdult (f)3,5794727
DPyPADPyPA CBAdult (f)6,2547381
00bcH00bcH CBAdult (m)6,2517521
ft31Kft31K CBAdult (m)4,4034622
0eg7l0eg7l CBAdult (m)10,0791,0183
aQ4WnaQ4Wn CBAdult (f)4,0874652
bgot9bgot9 CBAdult (f)9,5651,0272
vpVPgvpVPg CBAdult (m)3,3825376
YFR0JYFR0J CBAdult (f)4,2754781
SDQj2SDQj2 CBAdult (f)3,4404061
AHrAJAHrAJ CBAdult (f)3,3554111
zsNuxzsNux CBAdult (m)3,6284421
iRjl3iRjl3 CBAdult (m)4,1164952
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