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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nmdsh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H0VKUH0VKU CBAdult (m)3,2855131
6JP6R6JP6R CBAdult (f)3,8126382
Oz811Oz811 CBAdult (f)4,1156572
dlOK9dlOK9 CBAdult (m)4,1936632
crJwDcrJwD CBAdult (m)6,8037133
93Fqp93Fqp CBAdult (m)3,3544471
ZECyYZECyY CBAdult (m)4,0105061
3S7Eq3S7Eq 3Adult (m)4,0566205
jARkWjARkW CBAdult (m)3,2445041
Dg1SqDg1Sq CBAdult (m)5,13987811
t2DAat2DAa CBAdult (f)2,8885151
3CwOs3CwOs CBAdult (m)3,1895251
RLdMiRLdMi CBAdult (f)3,2925612
q2Gscq2Gsc CBAdult (m)3,1595661
XULUbXULUb CBAdult (m)2,8565151
mFIaqmFIaq CBAdult (m)4,3724531
AmaSVAmaSV CBAdult (m)3,5494421
8rVsh8rVsh CBAdult (m)3,8564251
d5a19d5a19 CBAdult (m)3,8014601
HzRomHzRom CBAdult (f)3,0825862
0o3IP0o3IP CBAdult (f)2,9846001
Spk6bSpk6b CBAdult (f)3,4015292
ijPmFijPmF CBAdult (m)2,7306062
d7UI3d7UI3 CBAdult (m)2,1915192
LWcA3LWcA3 CBAdult (f)3,7365592
ZzqfQZzqfQ CBAdult (m)4,2924036
UJsGvUJsGv CBAdult (m)2,5846115
9baXj9baXj CBAdult (f)2,7166444
6KXqh6KXqh CBAdult (f)3,1824983
yRLPVyRLPV CBAdult (f)4,6617076
16QYG16QYG PB 3Adult (m)4,3854663
ztu4qztu4q PB 2Adult (m)4,3354593
800Qi800Qi PB 2Adult (f)4,4174883
y8vzjy8vzj CBAdult (f)4,1774183
uS6eVuS6eV CBAdult (f)4,1824453
FajpMFajpM CBAdult (f)2,8256612
gC3pUgC3pU CBAdult (f)3,2887241
4tB4T4tB4T CBAdult (f)3,9377352
9ZidL9ZidL CBAdult (m)4,8837003
7DyQx7DyQx CBAdult (m)3,5943714
PH9JJPH9JJ CBAdult (m)5,0785286
b5vONb5vON CBAdult (m)3,6885001
Xmv0WXmv0W CBAdult (f)5,7076437
4ZEPf4ZEPf CBAdult (f)2,4365322
eNWSyeNWSy CBAdult (f)4,3925524
WFrXOWFrXO CBAdult (f)3,5095503
MmfJCMmfJC CBAdult (f)3,8234353
ISJTMISJTM CBAdult (f)3,5694583
HmsddHmsdd PF 2Adult (f)2,8456134
FDbr3Jasmine FloretWyvern SA 2Adult (f)3,8674478
0k0rL0k0rL 2Adult (m)2,9624711
o4QyRo4QyR SA 4Adult (f)7,3989186
Lw3gILw3gI CBAdult (m)3,5045291
mkuwRmkuwR CBAdult (f)4,6226292
LWkHULWkHU CBAdult (m)6,0017292
shabhshabh CBAdult (m)5,2744211
ZIEw8ZIEw8 CBAdult (m)4,2954354
mqoZjmqoZj CBAdult (m)4,2855074
SGYK3SGYK3 CBAdult (m)3,8055442
pwpvFpwpvF 2Adult (m)3,8215194
ACMwRACMwR CBAdult (f)3,9375393
VvEUFVvEUF CBAdult (f)3,8145191
xNGgxxNGgx CBAdult (f)4,6204874
JVOahJVOah CBAdult (f)3,9694532
5HI8u5HI8u PB 3Adult (m)3,5664354
U5idgU5idg CBAdult (m)2,5666144
FWRdhFWRdh CBAdult (f)7,2605083
28UqY28UqY CBAdult (f)4,6951,0524
4sGyd4sGyd CBAdult (f)4,3775241
rouAyrouAy 2Adult (m)4,3826353
81AUE81AUE 2Adult (m)4,3386374
mFbwamFbwa 2Adult (m)4,3766425
Pl25oPl25o CBAdult (f)3,5225842
vejetvejet CBAdult (f)3,5637562
c1dSxc1dSx CBAdult (m)3,8995422
22f4T22f4T CBAdult (m)3,9365692
mx3Wcmx3Wc CBAdult (f)3,6755513
LJUr6LJUr6 CBAdult (m)3,3565312
8WYEE8WYEE CBAdult (f)3,1916205
b6PtNBanana Honey CakeAdult2,7666094
YZorvYZorv PF 2Adult (m)2,6825803
nyZHonyZHo CBAdult (f)4,4065321
8O3kT8O3kT CBAdult (f)2,3146745
3wZTc3wZTc CBAdult (m)8,1448786
ITW1IIrma Floret CBAdult (f)2,0706222
PyI1jPyI1j CBAdult (m)3,1795612
LKLXdLKLXd CBAdult (m)3,9015412
s9Cqws9Cqw CBAdult (f)1,9876452
tbfO3tbfO3 CBAdult (m)2,4666703
fHzCEfHzCE CBAdult (f)2,0256532
n6cwJn6cwJ CBAdult (m)3,2597622
6excr6excr CBAdult (f)3,3676514
lSXH5lSXH5 CBAdult (m)2,2876014
Sy0WDSy0WD CBAdult (m)2,9575512
d2ZPbd2ZPb CBAdult (f)4,1636924
d17oWd17oW PF 4Adult (f)4,1207666
exTPBexTPB 3Adult (f)4,4455663
HMYUAHMYUA CBAdult (f)3,6475403
yTIBPyTIBP CBAdult (f)4,2396631
sURlEsURlE CBAdult (f)2,7206633
uVHK8uVHK8 CBAdult (m)2,1875363
Hkn0bHkn0b CBAdult (f)3,8697804
DvkPhDvkPh CBAdult (m)2,5135224
AsKA9AsKA9 CBAdult (m)2,6805851
851O9851O9 CBAdult (m)2,9065962
rlltRrlltR CBAdult (f)3,8875433
kMvDukMvDu CBAdult (f)3,5075272
HEtGgHEtGg CBAdult (f)3,8475762
kMAcmkMAcm CBAdult (f)4,1625771
hgtLVhgtLV CBAdult (f)3,3645611
E2ulxE2ulx CBAdult (f)2,7625633
aUwLraUwLr CBAdult (m)2,8746014
I6YULI6YUL CBAdult (f)3,1166671
2Wy5C2Wy5C CBAdult (m)2,4126631
KkjMaKkjMa CBAdult (m)3,1345823
ewavqewavq CBAdult (f)3,2606002
MJtb2MJtb2 CBAdult (m)3,2855783
MxASvMxASv CBAdult (m)5,2565683
GT5bYGT5bY  3Adult (m)4,7156426
ScXJYScXJY CBAdult (f)8,6198105
ttJ8mttJ8m CBAdult (f)4,7195968
9IDKO9IDKO CBAdult (m)4,3205715
pAwQLSilverBranch SilverTinsel 3Adult (m)6,4608507
coJibcoJib CBAdult (f)2,6865543
bUiytbUiyt CBAdult (m)6,3831,0604
wlqojwlqoj CBAdult (f)2,6284533
4pEwM4pEwM CBAdult (m)3,1456023
7f1Ks7f1Ks CBAdult (f)2,8965701
IHsNdIHsNd CBAdult (m)3,1795912
ZB8DrZB8Dr CBAdult (f)3,5405762
MllfsMllfs CBAdult (m)3,4765891
qWWEwqWWEw CBAdult (f)3,2955702
mb3PNmb3PN CBAdult (m)3,1165851
hCbRJCute Chicken CakeAdult (f)3,4536915
vs5cxvs5cx CBAdult (m)5,65989716
u09jku09jk CBAdult (f)4,5325262
GNdaBGNdaB CBAdult (m)4,4344442
WWL52WWL52 CBAdult (m)3,0655163
nRCMtnRCMt CBAdult (m)3,6495093
BZFdjBZFdj CBAdult (m)3,9165033
g8x9Wg8x9W CBAdult (f)3,4264503
9UKJj9UKJj CBAdult (m)4,1384632
SVDGMSVDGM CBAdult (m)3,7424195
Nv71AGoldenCrown Gold CBAdult (m)5,5775316
L0ZyvL0Zyv CBAdult (f)5,2653745
1YaUF1YaUF CBAdult (m)5,3083704
eCq29eCq29 CBAdult (f)7,0638868
1o4Xx1o4Xx CBAdult (f)7,3476733
SYps5SYps5 CBAdult (f)6,6176245
UixM2UixM2 CBAdult (m)5,0559624
etpoTetpoT CBAdult (f)4,8208174
fWxfIfWxfI CBAdult (f)4,8617923
z9MN7z9MN7 CBAdult (m)4,8937822
aqJMraqJMr CBAdult (m)7,3871,0043
BoT4BBoT4B CBAdult (m)7,2439542
CT5R4CT5R4 CBAdult (m)2,5485355
5HPF95HPF9 CBAdult (m)2,7685953
xwoXsxwoXs CBAdult (m)2,5845382
Nalv5Nalv5 CBAdult (m)2,6935795
mXpMBmXpMB CBAdult (f)3,0196013
cdD1scdD1s CBAdult (m)8,1196755
3NNv83NNv8 CBAdult (m)3,6074974
9Hdix9Hdix CBAdult (f)3,5814592
ADw7DADw7D CBAdult (m)3,6414821
N4gHWN4gHW CBAdult (m)4,5485261
PheVMPheVM CBAdult (m)3,4704533
Qf3fCQf3fC CBAdult (f)6,0869974
BoFCuBoFCu CBAdult (f)3,2955334
AeB6xAeB6x CBAdult (m)4,2135082
YGLB5YGLB5 CBAdult (f)3,5515092
2MC8P2MC8P CBAdult (f)3,8364382
VUxi0VUxi0 CBAdult (m)2,8485621
rB9MDrB9MD CBAdult (m)3,2135872
jp8Xajp8Xa CBAdult (f)3,3105802
b03vOb03vO CBAdult (m)2,6234973
i8iWii8iWi CBAdult (f)3,2795572
pqEUypqEUy CBAdult (f)6,4696761
CDTUZCDTUZ CBAdult (f)3,4845703
1vPK31vPK3 CBAdult (m)3,4755312
v8RzKv8RzK CBAdult (f)2,0532605
axwmJaxwmJ CBAdult (m)3,0886192
zJtOrzJtOr CBAdult (m)2,3435722
CkpVwCkpVw CBAdult (f)2,3185491
5sgQB5sgQB CBAdult (f)3,6355433
AWzWyAWzWy CBAdult (m)2,5096572
ByifGByifG CBAdult (m)2,9786613
bhGL5bhGL5 CBAdult (m)3,7834716
I9dC5I9dC5 CBAdult (m)4,1914693
sdeQvsdeQv CBAdult (m)2,8895105
RYVFVRYVFV CBAdult (m)5,9631,0002
MLOfEMLOfE CBAdult (f)7,4111,1153
u57Y2u57Y2 2Adult (f)6,6861,0262
ieSyPieSyP 2Adult (f)6,4821,0253
zqrnizqrni 2Adult (f)6,8561,0382
1c7Uj1c7Uj CBAdult (m)2,8465524
THy46THy46 CBAdult (m)4,2935643
FVDmvFVDmv CBAdult (m)4,2605824
B1jWwB1jWw CBAdult (f)4,6657234
pkwiKpkwiK CBAdult (f)4,3286884
M0ovZM0ovZ CBAdult (f)3,4657467
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