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You pick up the scroll labeled “ninjasuikai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H8dN(H8dN)Adult (f)2,344634129
hhPm(hhPm)Adult (m)2,90525360
yNUH(yNUH)Adult (m)2,79032447
STEX(STEX)Adult (f)2,08331357
0Q7F(0Q7F)Adult (m)4,48434932
AQSu(AQSu)Adult (f)1,52233273
qZ6b(qZ6b)Adult (f)3,24149510
THS9(THS9)Adult (m)1,73929563
2exE(2exE)Adult (f)2,50530844
RcyM(RcyM)Adult (f)98346984
rrKU(rrKU)Hatchling (F)41814521
b7mg(b7mg)Adult (f)2,9251957
Q1VE(Q1VE)Adult (m)2,30128081
Wt97(Wt97)Adult (f)1,7534705
18Sb(18Sb)Adult (m)4,59037054
OrSg(OrSg)Adult (f)1,75626224
3qA8(3qA8)Adult (f)4,62237351
RjUX(RjUX)Adult (m)1,79227518
vrH5(vrH5)Adult (f)6,8054897
DvDp(DvDp)Adult (f)6,7714946
uUoN(uUoN)Adult (m)1,43224225
Dnao(Dnao)Adult (m)1,31838178
xEtr(xEtr)Adult (f)1,19670941
ZEMC(ZEMC)Adult (f)2,88228472
kxNN(kxNN)Adult (m)1,360403133
VEQR(VEQR)Adult (m)1,40537459
QNRN(QNRN)Adult (m)1,89226523
a2Hf(a2Hf)Adult (f)6,9264997
SYXt(SYXt)Adult (m)1,73127116
dHUp(dHUp)Adult (f)3,18521816
SiUS(SiUS)Adult (f)1,89126822
ZIZ3(ZIZ3)Adult (f)1,8277567
JqSg(JqSg)Adult (m)1,62828181
X6Gq(X6Gq)Adult (f)1,54434440
58eK(58eK)Adult (m)1,49231642
oawF(oawF)Adult (m)2,610369129
X4t6(X4t6)Adult (f)1,87239078
hgfH(hgfH)Hatchling (m, F)79929068
Rsun(Rsun)Adult (f)2,275650132
imLF(imLF)Adult (m)1,372410132
G0u6(G0u6)Adult (f)3,13729020
R3a7(R3a7)Adult (m)2,13327911
jsOh(jsOh)Adult (f)2,8384549
VMpp(VMpp)Adult (f)11,89180132
FDBu(FDBu)Adult (m)4,00054014
fAeG(fAeG)Adult (f)1,44232610
f1Zb(f1Zb)Adult (m)3,01520110
qYJS(qYJS)Adult (m)3,0152018
AiP7(AiP7)Adult (f)97848765
1su5(1su5)Adult (f)97848462
EhxI(EhxI)Adult (m)98052155
R467(R467)Adult (f)1,81326323
mhbd(mhbd)Adult (f)4,56737056
seqA(seqA)Adult (m)2,290655116
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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