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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nikki_nebilim,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JAMIY(JAMIY)Hatchling (F)1,7733063
n0BLF(n0BLF)Adult (f)7,3501,1992
kVnGj(kVnGj)Adult (f)3,8348392
0nPre(0nPre)Adult (m)7,5541,1863
p5yEU(p5yEU)Adult (m)5,0991,0132
nz7Tw(nz7Tw)Hatchling (F)1,1083593
R13S2(R13S2)Adult (f)7,2721,0542
q3AGY(q3AGY)Adult (m)7,5181,0364
GyhA6(GyhA6)Adult (m)6,3341,0723
LkWdm(LkWdm)Adult (f)3,8878353
IFY0h(IFY0h)Adult (m)3,4035801
OVrAU(OVrAU)Adult (m)6,7921,1081
gQefM(gQefM)Adult (f)6,2681,0772
omwHA(omwHA)Adult (f)7,4451,2571
r4VJ5(r4VJ5)Adult (m)2,8235251
ER5KU(ER5KU)Adult (f)3,2295453
ft5Gn(ft5Gn)Adult (f)7,4481,0585
Xsktf(Xsktf)Adult (m)5,3071,0554
YZ4ma(YZ4ma)Hatchling (f, F)4,5668003
sgND3(sgND3)Adult (f)5,1209602
SUfht(SUfht)Adult (m)5,2159922
aBaJQ(aBaJQ)Adult (m)5,7521,1104
UPy2Y(UPy2Y)Adult (f)4,8289172
LcVme(LcVme)Hatchling (m, F)3,7798183
y2Pwb(y2Pwb)Hatchling (f, F)2,4807811
RKqp(RKqp)Hatchling (F)2,3786734
cusTW(cusTW)Adult (m)2,9904972
rWdhaGen 20 F SeraphimAdult (f)4,9391,0351
HmYKs(HmYKs)Adult (f)4,9041,0281
VXft0Gen 19 F SeraphimAdult (f)2,7447022
AFhcLGen 18 M SeraphimAdult (m)2,9685161
w1CdpGen 19 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)4,4777063
doVJ5Gen 17 M SeraphimAdult (m)4,4657443
U1XPTGen 16 F SeraphimAdult (f)5,3331,0691
MmmsHGen 16 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)8,0931,2241
AUoSjGen 15 F SeraphimAdult (f)6,6681,0641
TcSHFPhilifarAdult (m)5,4659401
8ENuQYahoealAdult (f)6,4751,2272
q7JcnSidqialAdult (m)6,4211,1842
gvCDWSariellAdult (f)6,4611,2032
2bVL4AnjelaaAdult (m)6,5201,2261
jbecdGen 15 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)4,9691,0031
qnAbiCharoumelAdult (m)5,6811,1023
12z7vGen 14 F SeraphimAdult (f)6,8191,1201
uJoKGGen 13 F SeraphimAdult (f)4,8009941
UfTUfLahattielAdult (f)5,1741,0151
kQSxcNurainAdult (m)5,9651,2021
oMehvGen 12 F SeraphimAdult (f)5,6641,1011
OL9rXGen 14 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)4,3208391
8Y8esKaraeliusAdult (f)4,7839022
pLQSvSareashosAdult (f)4,8678831
cmziyHayyeliusAdult (m)4,5878352
T7VfSTadhielusAdult (m)4,8388973
lWqQCGen 11 M SeraphimAdult (m)7,1711,2043
VNsrEGen 10 F SeraphimAdult (f)5,4449551
hegdiGen 11 F Mate SeraphimAdult (f)5,3869521
qGkCwAnaeliasAdult (f)2,7836152
hD9x9Gen 18 F Mate SeraphimAdult (f)6,1481,1971
Hsgj9SaeclomAdult (m)4,9289741
eXK8NAtmousAdult (m)4,7999281
aYDptDabrusAdult (m)4,5359462
s6kR6CerulleAdult (f)4,4189381
DnKXeVigosAdult (m)4,6659202
huFxbGen 17 F Mate SeraphimAdult (f)5,0769721
WAtz0CharmeineuAdult (f)4,9869833
pZpWdAmnayelsAdult (m)4,6778741
c3NFBMydaielosAdult (f)4,5849021
5PW06Gen 13 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)4,4309261
wBbeAGen 9 F Mate SeraphimAdult (f)5,1551,0683
ucvAxGen 12 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)2,9716501
U9syDRabdaosAdult (m)3,1866612
Rufo9AdoelAdult (f)3,0106302
WOu3kGibbourimAdult (m)4,0177933
VbTnxSareashusAdult (m)4,3578131
BhyPUIaothurAdult (m)4,3208231
G3ko5Gen 9 M SeraphimAdult (m)5,5579452
iB2oYKarfzielAdult (m)2,5625540
0s3c7IshimasAdult (m)2,6965721
S6jrUGen 8 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)7,2051,1873
mI2CPGen 8 F SeraphimAdult (f)7,4001,2043
BIVjDGen 7 M SeraphimAdult (m)5,8701,0752
WTmcZBriathousAdult (m)4,6668923
072iUMelkyalAdult (m)4,7329242
T3xOiIthurielnaAdult (m)4,5939283
XFYy4Gen 7 F Mate SeraphimAdult (f)4,2528151
QGsYgGen 10 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)4,3458201
GXNLvNanaellAdult (m)4,1298151
Bqc8bGen 6 F SeraphimAdult (f)6,1471,2822
THGFFGen 5 M SeraphimAdult (m)4,3389392
bcm20AphrasaAdult (m)3,8648093
ecbX8Gen 4 F SeraphimAdult (f)8,5391,2501
bG5EFElenoasAdult (m)6,1609492
AAtMFEurosiAdult (m)6,1469681
bypmmArrynelAdult (m)6,8158924
jKewXAdilannaAdult (f)6,8348723
7XAqOGen 3 M SeraphimAdult (m)3,3507921
XZiOHGen 2 F SeraphimAdult (f)4,8929344
S46hmGen 2 M Mate SeraphimAdult (m)5,3141,1324
zLWSOGen 1 M SeraphimAdult (m)4,1729723
1TfMNGen 1 F SeraphimAdult (f)4,3089793
Z4aeNHealer of SightAdult (f)4,5779893
8VbcAOrenaiAdult (m)4,3879702
DpCgkLiolaiAdult (f)2,3929052
CDEZPhionasAdult (m)1,6638052
1fZrDaedric Princess MeridiaAdult (f)5,4071,7033
X5MUThe Old AndersAdult (m)4,6462,190130
p8TvD(p8TvD)Adult (f)2,9326904
LYCqb(LYCqb)Adult (m)2,5968783
vdBT(vdBT)Adult (m)2,8388929
6sAm(6sAm)Adult (f)4,2911,48834
Kbl8u(Kbl8u)Adult (f)2,8376815
LIE8h(LIE8h)Adult (m)2,5519241
L3GE(L3GE)Adult (f)3,1671,07417
vGdv(vGdv)Adult (m)4,3581,48634
jecsZ(jecsZ)Adult (m)3,1896866
9OkXo(9OkXo)Adult (f)2,4268231
Taoa(Taoa)Adult (f)4,1821,3826
akrn(akrn)Adult (m)4,5371,56644
pFqpp(pFqpp)Hatchling (F)2,1813282
DkLnOHalloween '08 Vampire Hatch M1Hatchling (m, F)2,2328002
llJCPHalloween '08 Vampire Hatch F1Hatchling (f, F)2,1567922
8rFwOHalloween '08 Vampire M5Adult (m)4,5668913
fMQLCHalloween '08 Vampire M4Adult (m)4,0505041
jZulqHalloween '08 Vampire M3Adult (m)2,7626581
4afFuHalloween '08 Vampire F4Adult (f)2,7126411
OcIGhHalloween '08 Vampire F5Adult (f)2,8656303
ZytQ1Halloween '08 Vampire M6Adult (m)3,1354931
ZY4maHalloween '08 Vampire F6Adult (f)2,8785593
pVI6dHalloween '08 Vampire M7Adult (m)2,7806692
yr1FCHalloween '08 Vampire F3Adult (f)3,2375691
YEKUHalloween '08 Vampire M2Adult (m)4,2261,02312
0A6cHalloween '08 Vampire F2Adult (f)1,8015656
kWbqHalloween '08 Vampire F1Adult (f)2,9758977
q1CZHalloween '08 Vampire M1Adult (m)2,8518617
lJcdPValentine's Day '16 Mutamore M2Adult (m)4,5419291
tMfxPValentine's Day '16 Mutamore M1Adult (m)4,4098924
aYe9PValentine's Day '15 HeartSt F1Adult (f)6,1251,2444
S2gSCValentine's Day '14 RadiantA M1Adult (m)6,6971,2522
LkNhtValentine's Day '13 Arsani F2Adult (f)4,8391,1011
r6rJhValentine's Day '13 Arsani F1Adult (f)5,8321,2163
Cn6C2Valentine's Day '12 HeartSeek M2Adult (m)4,8741,0832
e40JEValentine's Day '12 HeartSeek M1Adult (m)6,5511,2413
7S7IXValentine's Day '11 RoseHatch F1Hatchling (f, F)5,6731,2081
IButpValentine's Day '11 Rosebud F2Adult (f)4,8531,0371
DJCXValentine's Day '11 Rosebud F1Adult (f)2,4971,0904
QC0kuValentine's Day '10 SweetHatchM1Hatchling (m, F)3,3708901
7f3GgValentine's Day '10 Sweetling M1Adult (m)2,3541,0152
FlO4Valentine's Day '10 Sweetling M2Adult (m)3,7261,4773
S4ks7Valentine's Day '09 Val Hatch F1Hatchling (f, F)5,8791,2891
QB5ZfValentine's Day '09 Valentine F2Adult (f)4,7411,1151
p7bWcValentine's Day '09 Valentine F1Adult (f)5,9951,2233
XObFH(XObFH)Adult (f)6,4331,0793
kHoIu(kHoIu)Adult (m)6,4681,2771
VtVih(VtVih)Adult (f)4,4269304
KWkn2(KWkn2)Adult (m)7,6681,1014
jUN3D(jUN3D)Adult (f)2,1147712
4VnEA(4VnEA)Adult (f)3,2236935
YlrA6(YlrA6)Adult (m)2,9856915
oDmm8ShadelightAdult (m)2,6007692
Ag6Aw(Ag6Aw)Adult (f)3,8861,2280
0dd0K(0dd0K)Adult (m)5,1196562
j1IeX(j1IeX)Adult (f)6,4201,2362
dZNyx(dZNyx)Adult (m)5,6661,01510
9mjoU(9mjoU)Adult (m)4,2608066
afTLJ(afTLJ)Adult (f)3,5419862
Qfstw(Qfstw)Adult (f)2,8429001
5C7u1Mercer FeyAdult (m)3,7831,0186
WjdKm(WjdKm)Adult (f)4,0631,0471
fu6be(fu6be)Adult (m)2,4738786
9GIjQ(9GIjQ)Adult (f)3,6441,3034
64ZY7(64ZY7)Adult (m)3,5521,2292
A7jNT(A7jNT)Adult (f)4,2127915
zG5pl(zG5pl)Adult (m)4,2368025
rZ16H(rZ16H)Adult (m)2,9217373
fhunD(fhunD)Adult (f)3,0789491
gpFrD(gpFrD)Adult (f)4,99195511
3drlA(3drlA)Adult (m)4,75294418
VkcHaLovely IsabelaAdult (f)4,86170218
BYKLN(BYKLN)Adult (m)3,27163515
oz8vO(oz8vO)Adult (m)6,9811,2851
aj3GL(aj3GL)Adult (m)6,7651,2271
HZbQw(HZbQw)Adult (f)5,4611,1753
fEQWQ(fEQWQ)Adult (f)5,7211,2161
Zts8P(Zts8P)Adult (m)7,5901,1621
jaWi(jaWi)Adult (f)1,4278125
K191M(K191M)Adult (f)2,8249732
303b(303b)Adult (m)1,4127388
mduft(mduft)Adult (m)3,9481,2122
2zfg2(2zfg2)Adult (m)3,9941,2191
kKN16(kKN16)Adult (f)4,2966242
uFEXd(uFEXd)Adult (f)2,9766611
YGqwD(YGqwD)Hatchling (f, F)4,5701,0461
43MfU(43MfU)Adult (m)3,1861,0901
Y6F9H(Y6F9H)Adult (f)2,6909962
qkA4l(qkA4l)Adult (m)4,2419172
oM5ve(oM5ve)Adult (f)3,5729582
KRJOG(KRJOG)Hatchling (m, F)2,8989744
IU6Kb(IU6Kb)Adult (f)2,8921,0152
uFTSc(uFTSc)Adult (m)7,3219921
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