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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nightmousie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VGHMLIm pointless in da ScrollHatchling (F)7284364
cfxRrDiamond Dragon SoarsHatchling (F)2,0352453
MzHWKGreen love CBHatchling (F)2,0512405
sqbAgGold equals RainbowHatchling (f, F)2,6582395
ElJqANotYeetHatchling (F)1,2692858
gXrSFBut Im Electric Dont Touch MeHatchling (f, F)1,5133602
lrLbpColor TwinsHatchling (F)1,8773782
wnEo6Tropical roots of GreenAdult (m)2,5195019
9aV2sThe Mysterious StormAdult (f)2,1484393
gzXdiA Pink Cute FairyAdult (f)2,1176114
vGFpfThe Sunset patternAdult (f)3,9524083
eL24VThe tailing nightAdult (m)2,7878045
3DeXrThe Warrior CatAdult (m)5,7336312
7riW1A scary nonsenseAdult (m)3,9468933
kvWpqThe Autumn goodsAdult (f)3,8939025
CxWWSA Golden PteranodonAdult (m)5,2041,0253
fsueAThe Tree of greenAdult (f)7,6031,29210
Cm8ZhA Warrior of DragonsAdult (m)5,4341,0885
lBL8NThe Guradian Of All DragonsAdult (f)5,6068965
xIH2hDeep sea WreckAdult (f)5,4018713
wQuNTThis will hit youAdult (m)5,4639093
ev54DRoyal Two headsAdult (f)3,9865904
6Wh73The fruit loverAdult (f)2,8795013
B346SThe Jade JewelAdult (f)3,7375291
XE7YMThe Grey ThingAdult (f)3,2639323
6XWpBThe Cookie CutterAdult (f)4,7968126
LmjVPThe Deep AshesAdult (m)5,5649603
xpnxgReal diamondsAdult (m)2,5545781
TtxhxA purple little fire FemaleAdult (f)3,3647045
ELW5MDark TorandoAdult (f)3,9135912
yxFLhCamoflaugerAdult (m)4,7389533
U5zVCSliver With PearlAdult (m)4,90664914
yyNnNThe All Blue DragonAdult (f)4,3219182
FKuZD(FKuZD)Adult (m)3,4204743
Pesmu(Pesmu)Adult (f)2,2095245
mJHiVScary but coolAdult (m)6,9401,2885
TU7NRA purple little fire MaleAdult (m)3,4548204
PvEq4Glowing Gaia PatternAdult (m)3,4228286
nDDMgBlack Warrior CatAdult (f)1,6585033
T9VL5Bronze With PearlAdult (m)6,6059765
1KkueMe is snakeAdult (m)2,0618042
4nqHpGold With PearlAdult (f)5,7711,05010
nfZwARed StarssAdult (f)2,6065173
aPddSGustsieAdult (m)3,3347972
i1UUYWow another pieceAdult (m)5,5386323
UI18zA Piece of JewelsAdult (m)7,1891,1375
NJB7lIm Just A Piece Of DiamondsAdult (f)3,4994266
OODmhBig BellyhAdult (m)6,9901,3423
BcC7NRed And Black DragoAdult (f)4,7897017
LGQu9Spirit of codingAdult (m)6,1901,0824
LmKvJUm stapAdult (f)1,67564518
sBlVABlack Winged CatAdult (m)3,8959551
6h9SyAgain Another PieceAdult (m)4,1599512
n6sSpUm scaryAdult (f)7,4321,1972
ccEkwBlueytAdult (m)3,0434834
CeYuz(CeYuz)Adult (f)1,9274047
akELrAshy1Adult (m)2,8702732
2HBIMAshy2Adult (m)2,7192672
vwCvtOrange-X-Snake CB FIAdult (m)1,9807055
NAhdnBB-WyvernAdult (m)4,6409322
crHAO(crHAO)Adult (m)4,7079991
RhvA6Milky WayyAdult (f)3,5244023
7nNVHSpit SpitAdult (m)4,74031612
lvUMx(lvUMx)Adult (m)8,2906513
2gom2(2gom2)Adult (f)8,0676164
pSXbb(pSXbb)Adult (f)3,4372544
1q7k8No Wings DragoAdult (f)8,4598072
l2OpsGuradian Of The Changewings SisAdult (f)7,2839125
Sykik(Sykik)Adult (f)2,6604266
hk9IgFlaming gokAdult (m)9,8529491
lP7vmBronze MedaAdult (m)10,8361,0037
Ncgrw(Ncgrw)Adult (m)3,7352496
qXIXt(qXIXt)Adult (m)3,8295104
iaN4Z(iaN4Z)Adult (m)5,4068042
wzc4r(wzc4r)Adult (f)6,3391,1725
pDNWoPurple StarssAdult (m)2,7904697
NxYyN(NxYyN)Adult (f)3,5115317
6zfkLBlue StarssAdult (f)6,0291,3273
fnFyV(fnFyV)Adult (f)5,1453439
S1FEu(S1FEu)Adult (m)4,5903066
BbQLw(BbQLw)Adult (f)6,9728171
drByO(drByO)Adult (m)3,3994092
APbdM(APbdM)Adult (f)3,3873992
kCbrB(kCbrB)Adult (m)3,77181418
qKLg6(qKLg6)Adult (f)5,7768555
BQsF6(BQsF6)Adult (f)7,6289067
tFZia(tFZia)Adult (m)2,4944855
OE3uV(OE3uV)Adult (m)5,0387684
XCA3D(XCA3D)Adult (m)3,2228105
ewXSG(ewXSG)Adult (m)2,9697102
wDOOP(wDOOP)Adult (f)2,7628276
eR6U7(eR6U7)Adult (f)4,8191,2428
7ifAcThe dark flaming wyrm cousinAdult (m)2,1425444
2ijgl(2ijgl)Adult (f)3,7285362
2iHA5(2iHA5)Adult (f)3,5907016
V1y9v(V1y9v)Adult (f)3,4748236
argko(argko)Adult (m)4,7177944
4ndqy(4ndqy)Adult (m)3,5832404
RAKe1(RAKe1)Adult (m)3,8807939
1yM6v(1yM6v)Adult (m)6,3691,05511
9h2IC(9h2IC)Adult (m)8,3211,3033
Hnchl(Hnchl)Adult (m)9,1791,3522
IzZPRGod of whiteAdult (f)9,2271,3394
FKK8p(FKK8p)Adult (m)6,4501,0604
qliHx(qliHx)Adult (m)6,3191,0298
wxNZSThunder In a BayAdult (m)2,89526510
q75Gr(q75Gr)Adult (f)5,0018944
TjQD7(TjQD7)Adult (m)7,66862314
uh7XC(uh7XC)Adult (f)3,7235513
N7i4k(N7i4k)Adult (f)4,2044346
He2aa(He2aa)Adult (m)6,1919585
9Daxk(9Daxk)Adult (f)2,6468057
ctiVx(ctiVx)Adult (f)3,7824683
7fmq6(7fmq6)Adult (m)6,8971,2646
g8aOq(g8aOq)Adult (f)7,5066854
zlCLj(zlCLj)Adult (f)3,8357765
R1ivl(R1ivl)Adult (m)3,4869664
8EO5MNot 4 tradeAdult (m)5,8809105
BhFOF(BhFOF)Adult (m)5,5349657
ZZjdU(ZZjdU)Adult (f)2,5165842
CCOJn(CCOJn)Adult (f)2,4045451
8mLxm(8mLxm)Adult (m)4,4589283
DNKdI(DNKdI)Adult (m)8,2257502
sORUq(sORUq)Adult (f)3,7517955
9OyRC(9OyRC)Adult (m)3,5718568
KWbGd(KWbGd)Adult (m)4,5231,2177
eTaib(eTaib)Adult (m)3,7178089
kqnyV(kqnyV)Adult (m)5,1436325
p8fP2(p8fP2)Adult (m)3,70029012
TfRqTNaN HatchieAdult (m)3,5394814
UMmnYNaN hatchie 3Adult (m)3,2724554
pMYILNaN hatchie 5Adult (f)2,9085923
tuOj1NaN hatchie 6Adult (f)3,1944714
0xHTdNaN hatchie 0Adult (f)2,3565894
dLuRaNaN hatchie 2Adult (f)4,0505944
AOfRrNaN hatchie 4Adult (f)2,3225642
OCdCdNaN hatchie 7Adult (m)2,4866783
AAhFLNaN hatchie 8Adult (f)2,3265872
F0OxHNaN hatchie 9Adult (f)2,2515781
W7ofMNightlight dragonAdult (f)2,9015641
ow8bS(ow8bS)Adult (f)1,7604027
PW7MR(PW7MR)Adult (m)2,0444134
02XzI(02XzI)Adult (m)5,3228785
I2e39(I2e39)Adult (f)2,9075736
KFD0j(KFD0j)Adult (m)3,2806680
2VG7V(2VG7V)Adult (f)2,4793322
FWr9G(FWr9G)Adult (m)4,9469476
KLND3(KLND3)Adult (m)3,9698643
uwvo3(uwvo3)Adult (m)4,1938652
RRpQc(RRpQc)Adult (m)4,1529481
33LsW(33LsW)Adult (m)3,4324722
PBDHD(PBDHD)Adult (m)3,8798343
jXE6Y(jXE6Y)Adult (m)4,0389234
6tdr2(6tdr2)Adult (m)3,73587611
j7Oyx(j7Oyx)Adult (f)2,9596224
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