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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “new_hope,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MJTE(MJTE)Adult (m)2,1046282
CjsQ(CjsQ)Adult (f)1,8137174
mYdv(mYdv)Adult (m)4,3101,4926
l1Tx(l1Tx)Adult (f)2,6981,1166
Vp1G(Vp1G)Adult (m)4,39760611
bjrG(bjrG)Adult (m)1,2825087
CA8W(CA8W)Adult (f)1,9836232
B2SJ(B2SJ)Adult (f)1,55948411
AaUq(AaUq)Adult (f)3,2711,29211
JGPt(JGPt)Adult (f)1,0954771
4dlM(4dlM)Adult (f)4,6601,6719
2rtc(2rtc)Adult (m)2,8411,1375
M1TU(M1TU)Adult (f)2,4721,1197
tLZA(tLZA)Adult (m)1,87864815
BUuA(BUuA)Adult (f)4,3805938
DskQ(DskQ)Adult (m)2,1681,0163
nn8B(nn8B)Adult (m)1,8515754
hOGG(hOGG)Adult (f)2,5801,1933
BGPj(BGPj)Adult (m)2,8915227
lG7i(lG7i)Adult (m)2,2636354
4DF9(4DF9)Adult (f)4,7561,7848
gnhN(gnhN)Adult (f)3,5181,4648
ZXuI(ZXuI)Adult (f)1,9857106
vXik(vXik)Adult (f)1,9557403
r6xa(r6xa)Adult (m)1,2767183
g2B2(g2B2)Adult (f)1,3325741
DrvY(DrvY)Adult (f)2,2384308
pO6H(pO6H)Adult (f)2,2554316
JL29(JL29)Adult (m)2,87262712
584t(584t)Adult (m)2,1264045
HJqB(HJqB)Adult (f)3,4511,4144
WoLp(WoLp)Adult (m)9574191
QVac(QVac)Adult (f)1,0684348
D4XD(D4XD)Adult (m)1,2845441
At1K(At1K)Adult (f)1,4035452
LFUZ(LFUZ)Adult (f)2,1879741
bERk(bERk)Adult (m)1,6298262
6Cx3(6Cx3)Adult (m)1,5244789
O1G8(O1G8)Adult (f)1,1414920
lrQU(lrQU)Adult (f)3,6401,51911
4MDh(4MDh)Adult (m)1,5655665
hqvp(hqvp)Adult (m)2,80263518
fE8c(fE8c)Adult (f)2,1194004
LACB(LACB)Adult (f)1,1464617
Pktv(Pktv)Adult (m)1,2105210
5OHC(5OHC)Adult (f)1,9647015
0bTJ(0bTJ)Adult (f)1,8756685
jYFo(jYFo)Adult (f)3,6001,27612
KkmF(KkmF)Adult (f)2,2059695
Nmca(Nmca)Adult (m)2,0289373
NFhU(NFhU)Adult (f)9544181
iEVJ(iEVJ)Adult (f)1,3265193
UZf7(UZf7)Adult (m)1,8926352
KDJi(KDJi)Adult (f)2,87263110
FsVd(FsVd)Adult (f)1,4534829
popE(popE)Adult (f)3,2981,29510
hrkh(hrkh)Adult (m)2,2259872
LCqO(LCqO)Adult (f)2,85563212
dGoB(dGoB)Adult (m)2,7439739
LtV9(LtV9)Adult (f)1,2765007
Beqw(Beqw)Adult (f)1,54847910
MQWJ(MQWJ)Adult (m)1,3525302
h2g4(h2g4)Adult (m)1,5966279
LmoD(LmoD)Adult (f)2,5531,2041
PZjm(PZjm)Adult (m)1,4224344
vVW3(vVW3)Adult (m)2,2596324
NcC4(NcC4)Adult (m)1,8766745
2p6V(2p6V)Adult (m)3,5101,4318
Y7v7(Y7v7)Adult (f)1,6708333
oN4h(oN4h)Adult (f)1,8656725
ZG67(ZG67)Adult (m)1,5255963
QlKf(QlKf)Adult (m)3,2525939
uEDC(uEDC)Adult (m)1,1544542
5ZvL(5ZvL)Adult (m)1,59248410
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