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You pick up the scroll labeled “net.net,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7n8p(7n8p)Adult (m)2,08167537
A4hM(A4hM)Adult (f)5,1921,65980
k6QI(k6QI)Adult (f)3,79695166
6VQE(6VQE)Adult (m)3,14279333
nZ25(nZ25)Adult (m)2,9191,20638
RT4m(RT4m)Adult (m)3,8651,00641
IhzM(IhzM)Adult (m)4,5161,48979
SvFp(SvFp)Adult (f)6,1721,90699
nyuo(nyuo)Adult (f)4,4361,61575
Vix2(Vix2)Adult (m)3,8351,74980
3mnq(3mnq)Adult (f)3,9651,73162
qIRN(qIRN)Adult (f)4,5411,778123
5kob(5kob)Adult (m)3,8431,646124
sxuF(sxuF)Adult (f)3,4651,587133
hIRm(hIRm)Adult (f)4,2711,937138
XSqF(XSqF)Adult (m)3,7591,06198
s8ZZ(s8ZZ)Adult (f)4,41299676
V1JK(V1JK)Adult (m)3,6321,47490
njIh(njIh)Adult (m)3,6191,483100
jC1d(jC1d)Adult (f)2,06856013
3BQf(3BQf)Adult (m)2,02176417
p2JO(p2JO)Adult (m)2,4591,10815
bwiQ(bwiQ)Adult (m)2,2061,02318
eMM6(eMM6)Adult (m)2,0141,2626
UdCf(UdCf)Adult (f)3,2171,73823
gIlY(gIlY)Adult (f)89152513
tVSS(tVSS)Adult (f)2,2021,26312
VekA(VekA)Adult (f)2,1851,25115
qeTF(qeTF)Adult (f)2,8271,42225
qBJX(qBJX)Adult (m)2,68783323
Y2zj(Y2zj)Adult (f)2,0001,3809
etrx(etrx)Adult (m)1,4321,0036
GSnX(GSnX)Adult (m)1,19396812
EQSu(EQSu)Adult (f)7936648
RpyX(RpyX)Adult (m)9407676
AXGa(AXGa)Adult (f)2,60161014
69dh(69dh)Adult (m)7395754
4FoH(4FoH)Adult (f)1,0798065
tDXy(tDXy)Adult (f)1,2558714
MQ3X(MQ3X)Adult (f)1,0567995
XT9R(XT9R)Adult (f)5,2601,4159
oHoh(oHoh)Adult (f)3,6127657
3e3Q(3e3Q)Adult (f)2,10143812
VPnI(VPnI)Adult (f)9985194
BDRD(BDRD)Adult (m)1,48762824
s9u4(s9u4)Adult (m)1,0044836
r0Xn(r0Xn)Adult (m)1,5967757
1nGY(1nGY)Adult (f)1,0035767
RbX3(RbX3)Adult (m)6,0921,06954
kRYW(kRYW)Adult (f)3,8971,13715
3EHH(3EHH)Adult (m)1,1335049
oPPX(oPPX)Adult (f)1,77740610
XXPH(XXPH)Adult (m)1,3773695
klYm(klYm)Adult (m)1,7774144
u5V1(u5V1)Adult (f)7334965
pNNg(pNNg)Adult (m)7575104
f1A9(f1A9)Adult (f)1,2723578
NYYn(NYYn)Adult (f)1,7516212
8OHN(8OHN)Adult (f)1,2654882
esVW(esVW)Adult (f)1,5934048
J5W0(J5W0)Adult (m)1,40941913
sVBM(sVBM)Adult (m)9365618
Jgar(Jgar)Adult (f)1,66331011
lp2o(lp2o)Adult (m)1,2584407
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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