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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nepenthe.catharsis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wbWCiVat N'eAdult (m)8,0141,3232
fphMxHerald Jr N'eAdult (m)4,3078662
TCGRtrhetorical spray clubHatchling (F)1,9201282
jmZ5Miniscule workroomsHatchling (m, F)77448342
J9UWOberon N'eAdult (m)2,91239125
7J4GCassiel N'eAdult (m)1,41069325
aNTZTeiresias N'eAdult (m)2,98070227
UyCcCronus N'eAdult (m)2,50764917
LoP2Theseus N'eAdult (m)3,56490834
RYQFMenestheus N'eAdult (m)2,1431,16830
xjfSGabriel N'eAdult (m)2,4041,29135
pacBvImaa ChickenHatchling (F)1,5895092
JjnrBock BachHatchling (f, F)1,5982891
mVDUhaught chickaHatchling (f, F)2,2437157
VgD4chicken fil aHatchling (f, F)4662825
kuQ8dem chicksHatchling (f, F)1,81334717
RJBvPoppy CockHatchling (f, F)96157819
4joKChicken Litt1eHatchling (f, F)1,7601,26328
6jpGHenny PenneeAdult (f)1,62198823
rmzcfPermissible N'eAdult (f)6,7921,1853
0kARwCrazy Happy N'eAdult (f)6,45758810
QUfqgFallacious N'eAdult (f)4,4699632
b3sa4Avox N'eAdult (m)5,9419291
1fUAcreceptive upholsteryHatchling (f, F)4,2464743
1bE8lHob N'eAdult (f)2,7785841
GKgOtabashed apparatusHatchling (m, F)3,8036882
FvAdpTracker Jacker N'eAdult (m)4,16591224
mxO78Tessera N'eAdult (f)5,4951,2233
w8ytPPanem N'eAdult (f)5,9921,10616
2je8TSalty DJHatchling (F)1,6521276
mg7yjMuttation N'eAdult (m)4,01186419
jwRQQJabberjay N'eAdult (m)3,0111,0044
juJFU(juJFU)Adult (m)8,5351,2911
4uavdChimeDancer N'eAdult (m)6,7815782
8h6suWinterstide N'eAdult (m)6,8251,0585
h1lFHMoonsong N'eAdult (f)8,8451,4947
PGV16Snowflake N'eAdult (f)8,2651,1578
P7QhmDaliborka N'eAdult (f)5,6749133
g2QWjWenzley N'eAdult (m)5,4301,1144
5B3VUquestionable controlHatchling (m, F)3,6136551
LEB1solid zincHatchling (f, F)3,90464017
Ls8aMist N'eAdult (m)1,42573013
hDZJTipene N'eAdult (m)1,58572112
evFbWiremu N'eAdult (f)5,79670520
gNe3knowledge overwroughtHatchling (F)1,34222615
Ockncross rhythmHatchling (m, F)2,61226012
AMGNCervantes N'eAdult (m)4,7401,2899
BLxIVega N'eAdult (f)2,27392122
fcVFCervantes the SmallHatchling (F)9701277
w9KNqAngelic Host ProclaimHatchling (F)1,0262155
c86OHark the herald AngelsHatchling (f, F)2,03773914
P5HiGloria Excelsis N'eAdult (f)1,62380015
ibHznPugs Revenge N'eAdult (m)7,4631,1162
rcGb7Wynoid N'eAdult (m)6,2871,0302
vrbcaS N'eAdult (m)7,8101,3807
D5gLeTredecim N'eAdult (m)4,0253564
qsrO8Som Dark N'eAdult (m)6,7541,1659
PPPPILife of Pi N'eAdult (m)8,1961,27510
JT28QBerahthraban N'eAdult (m)4,8859002
KplZXSovereign Heartslayer N'eAdult (m)4,29995111
LuJr4Gareth Bucklebury N'eAdult (m)7,0021,0495
ltG5oYish N'eAdult (m)5,8448068
BbzhdCold Hearted N'eAdult (m)2,4499524
lXSI2Ferdinand N'eAdult (m)3,7546696
ed2UMHeartthrob N'eAdult (m)2,96955612
Oi04RShovedtbh N'eAdult (m)5,6579305
p0Gu9Lian N'eAdult (m)2,77850219
OumgdTabal N'eAdult (m)10,5961,1328
WA8nWaylin N'eAdult (m)6,5521,0089
meaT(meaT)Adult (m)3,03480513
ZR03Argyris N'eAdult (m)2,27896835
FQsECute ClothoHatchling (m, F)1,86168834
NrO6Apollo N'eAdult (m)1,57091035
PLT7Clotho N'eAdult (m)1,61088926
828QSophocles N'eAdult (m)2,2501,29239
CA6mLaertes N'eAdult (m)1,6041,11733
KD8TS(KD8TS)Adult (f)10,8851,4076
DBhH1(DBhH1)Adult (f)8,0831,0724
opROIRoi N'eAdult (f)6,2981,1614
NGiCZIzumi N'eAdult (f)9,2991,58021
HB9jWHiris N'eAdult (f)8,0851,1705
g4DVKLoved N'eAdult (f)7,9571,5199
lzqo2Affirmations N'eAdult (f)8,7471,58617
DdtFeHeartache N'eAdult (f)2,8457405
5IRstHardened Heart N'eAdult (f)6,3827704
QXv30Bleeding Heart N'eAdult (f)5,6711,00210
y4EJ2Ninon N'eAdult (f)7,2166118
gaU8kNepenthe's Silver SlipAdult (f)5,6771,1363
Hk3mbGirl's not Grey N'eAdult (f)3,87688810
unCGeLovely Lia N'eAdult (f)2,8566654
H7bssAurora Pearl N'eAdult (f)4,7649876
c2zSfKiramu 5thgen dont breed with NaAdult (f)5,6271,3908
JngbPerfect PetuniaHatchling (f, F)3,09878371
j9nrStar PetuniaHatchling (F)1,0351208
F6LV3 rd gen evenAdult (f)2,69869622
S66AMedea N'eAdult (f)3,4321,13566
EPSKSylvettia N'eAdult (f)3,3541,11454
41BEAglaia N'eAdult (f)2,14997724
tSpUHermione N'eAdult (f)2,2691,04122
24gk0(24gk0)Adult (m)4,7615571
EE71n(EE71n)Adult (m)4,4115660
sKqJ2(sKqJ2)Adult (m)2,9917300
45GFV(45GFV)Adult (m)8,7261,3164
5mYkJ(5mYkJ)Hatchling (F)1,0761931
lU8Vs(lU8Vs)Hatchling (f, F)4,8339871
SmqMA(SmqMA)Adult (f)3,6157950
X7tCy(X7tCy)Adult (f)3,1157370
Ncete(Ncete)Adult (m)9,3811,2945
Qo1GQ(Qo1GQ)Adult (f)9,9961,4744
vnVEn(vnVEn)Adult (m)5,0496487
khOimYen and Yan N'eAdult (m)2,3037683
fEE86ralkin ratsHatchling (m, F)2,2287083
WNLjxKai and Kee N'eAdult (m)2,6219572
taF41Ser and Sym N'eAdult (f)2,4458211
CEpIGLuo and Lim N'eAdult (f)6,5201,5086
3N1C8teeny itchy and scratchyHatchling (f, F)3,1198745
TGx4vcute and confusedHatchling (F)2,4222591
UP0aWRal and Ryn N'eAdult (f)2,6059660
VuUN9(VuUN9)Adult (f)3,7818861
fYIuE(fYIuE)Adult (f)3,2838621
R6G81(R6G81)Adult (f)3,2258750
85Zza(85Zza)Adult (f)3,3058613
ivrL8(ivrL8)Adult (f)4,8607391
UFxAy(UFxAy)Adult (m)11,5371,3356
ilIQe(ilIQe)Adult (m)7,0049003
uQdVPSnarlyth N'eAdult (f)6,2911,0066
w5Do3(w5Do3)Adult (m)5,2571,0673
REH7YEarth Element N'eAdult (m)6,0241,0825
D81rNUnret N'eAdult (m)2,0316042
UzB0vUnga N'eAdult (f)3,4379483
snR6LSnarith N'eAdult (m)2,8348044
ySIsHHelena N'eAdult (f)2,5877243
sRXzcSnaritha N'eAdult (f)2,8288022
PbFExDemocritus N'eAdult (m)3,2995331
8Q0C6Cyrus N'eAdult (m)2,8334893
vUWiUZennith N'eAdult (m)2,6394504
wel8cPyne N'eAdult (m)4,1004853
pfEO3Regerist N'eAdult (m)1,8304823
xBsfLChandler N'eAdult (m)2,1724596
ZpomLZeniby N'eAdult (f)2,8054096
65P5GHarmonia N'eAdult (f)2,3885076
PiW0hPyness N'eAdult (f)3,00857510
XPGALChancee N'eAdult (f)2,8376516
kAfZ9Regina N'eAdult (f)2,6946481
4wwQ3Wayland N'eAdult (m)2,6325694
LjNztSeiter N'eAdult (m)3,0168492
u1TgwCamper N'eAdult (m)5,9881,1876
SMM3MSeeme N'eAdult (f)5,0155625
t7AOHWayo N'eAdult (f)4,6834882
hVFsDerelict getawayHatchling (F)2,1082154
TCSsAlarming FingertipsHatchling (m, F)1,3496758
CKmDMilky ForrestHatchling (f, F)4,97341714
CuX4Campe N'eAdult (f)4,24289220
7YrQThanatos N'eAdult (m)3,73383536
R7mHYalena N'eAdult (f)2,33769030
j1rpMbrakfaceHatchling (m, F)3,4831,0105
ogdcNBrika and Brak N'eAdult (m)3,4851,0854
ZFzVk(ZFzVk)Adult (m)3,0277380
Nxdop(Nxdop)Hatchling (F)2,1282822
coEph(coEph)Adult (m)4,2249632
OPnxK(OPnxK)Adult (m)6,1567243
CuYwl(CuYwl)Adult (f)6,0006962
tHV2uHaywire HandoutHatchling (f, F)3,0769713
ALsegMeep and MEAPP N'eAdult (f)2,2725223
YIVX4Grunt and Ugg N'eAdult (f)4,8661,3275
JXqWt(JXqWt)Hatchling (f, F)2,1425262
MTUOPenelope N'eAdult (f)2,3802898
JgY0Undersized UlyssesHatchling (F)90614910
v5oZYJevrem N'eAdult (m)6,1039212
7l0C(7l0C)Hatchling (m, F)1,69965018
KxGvUlysses N'eAdult (m)2,87041919
SOl0J(SOl0J)Adult (f)5,3399033
D3EW4(D3EW4)Adult (f)9,7671,3641
o52mIApocalypse N'eAdult (f)4,3769191
4oD5Z(4oD5Z)Adult (f)4,0881,1973
2w7rjFaerie N'eAdult (f)6,9031,4172
q0WNjThe Headful HorsemanHatchling (F)3,1898735
qDJ5sElana of TarrytownHatchling (f, F)5,2581,18915
TW94DMary Van Tassel N'eAdult (f)2,3666264
cfJ4nKatrina VanTassel N'eAdult (f)2,3786674
Ptobb(Ptobb)Adult (f)6,4841,4521
twRep(twRep)Adult (m)4,0838920
3xRWh(3xRWh)Adult (m)4,2298560
cFZ1I(cFZ1I)Adult (m)6,6091,4602
oxwCC(oxwCC)Adult (m)4,3811,1842
jZr3yKing Mayhem N'eAdult (m)3,6711,15610
Vi0G6Victor Van Dort N'eAdult (m)3,43146311
OvPLThe Hangman's DaughterHatchling (F)1,0501953
nqq1For whom the  Bell TollsHatchling (m, F)2,5365687
qpniJack Skellington N'eAdult (m)2,6436105
mqy4m(mqy4m)Adult (f)4,2851,1872
z3oviSabrim Supreme N'eAdult (f)3,8041,1179
ZFzxz(ZFzxz)Adult (f)1,6125523
x8T5zFuneral of  HeartsHatchling (f, F)3,6581,11114
rADoCorpse Bride N'eAdult (f)2,6175936
dlm62(dlm62)Adult (f)4,2588553
qIOfM(qIOfM)Hatchling (F)2,3512436
bFWi(bFWi)Hatchling (m, F)2,9126475
96nDJaroslava nepentheAdult (f)4,9714244
WchWJadran NepentheAdult (m)4,3191,1419
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