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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “neoqwerty,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nZJle(nZJle)Adult (f)3,9241,0553
cupSa(cupSa)Adult (m)3,9591,0722
HMk4E(HMk4E)Adult (f)3,7291,0692
A73W5(A73W5)Adult (m)2,9696935
vJ6Xh(vJ6Xh)Adult (m)3,1247512
7oYqt(7oYqt)Adult (m)2,9666941
Kx2DI(Kx2DI)Hatchling (F)1,9461784
9pKpA(9pKpA)Hatchling (F)1,9481923
2Xm2R(2Xm2R)Adult (m)3,4986513
sgJV2(sgJV2)Adult (m)3,4437042
44OmI(44OmI)Adult (m)3,3216954
2mX2a(2mX2a)Adult (m)4,9507632
ReRUg(ReRUg)Adult (m)3,0166521
HKbao(HKbao)Adult (f)3,2196674
o0bSZ(o0bSZ)Adult (f)3,4616391
yCfKf(yCfKf)Adult (f)3,7567644
cX7M4(cX7M4)Adult (f)4,2177971
jiww1(jiww1)Adult (m)3,3486932
PZ4Xx(PZ4Xx)Adult (m)3,7528043
wThfE(wThfE)Adult (m)3,3855591
DvcwA(DvcwA)Adult (f)4,4857994
PTeom(PTeom)Adult (m)3,7377962
9sI35(9sI35)Adult (f)3,7547661
KNFnv(KNFnv)Adult (f)3,7557700
kklER(kklER)Adult (m)3,6127882
3uRUt(3uRUt)Adult (m)3,7306361
qKrz1(qKrz1)Adult (f)3,4076201
YgaBZ(YgaBZ)Adult (m)3,4506183
Rc2ux(Rc2ux)Adult (m)3,3676583
F36zL(F36zL)Adult (f)3,3076453
zRT7W(zRT7W)Adult (m)3,5936481
Em3Bs(Em3Bs)Adult (m)3,4807102
6djqJ(6djqJ)Adult (m)3,5627322
qgN52(qgN52)Adult (m)3,5216881
vobG3(vobG3)Adult (f)4,0357213
9GblN(9GblN)Adult (m)3,5186871
UwaZl(UwaZl)Adult (m)3,4196861
HE1zu(HE1zu)Adult (f)3,5016753
LSLLb(LSLLb)Adult (m)3,8846602
mUulo(mUulo)Adult (m)3,5186664
IlRXW(IlRXW)Adult (f)3,6346850
36XDS(36XDS)Adult (f)3,6406572
s1QrY(s1QrY)Adult (m)3,5896591
Q8uj5(Q8uj5)Adult (f)3,1848124
ZTR3s(ZTR3s)Adult (f)3,0168133
6pPMc(6pPMc)Adult (m)2,7618091
n2fCH(n2fCH)Adult (f)2,7968184
2Lird(2Lird)Adult (f)2,7328253
KDoH6(KDoH6)Adult (m)2,27583912
H5fdv(H5fdv)Adult (m)2,2508261
3J1Oa(3J1Oa)Adult (m)2,0258202
VYUkQ(VYUkQ)Adult (f)2,1628162
GllS9(GllS9)Adult (m)2,1308212
gi0Ib(gi0Ib)Adult (f)2,1138251
nBPDi(nBPDi)Adult (f)2,5287692
7Cdwe(7Cdwe)Adult (m)2,7198111
rNEbh(rNEbh)Adult (m)2,8537930
mL0Lt(mL0Lt)Adult (f)2,8868101
KaJmh(KaJmh)Adult (m)2,5847662
5hqv1(5hqv1)Adult (f)2,4922815
f0GJS(f0GJS)Adult (f)2,4323101
lAxMA(lAxMA)Adult (f)3,0892233
w9yuP(w9yuP)Adult (m)2,9842246
QGuY1(QGuY1)Hatchling (m, F)3,0492243
BT2kp(BT2kp)Hatchling (m, F)2,6642185
fva0q(fva0q)Adult (f)2,7922627
fSr4H(fSr4H)Adult (f)3,0132652
hb9L1(hb9L1)Adult (f)2,7482632
YV9lV(YV9lV)Adult (m)2,8052642
O4Y1A(O4Y1A)Adult (m)2,8332771
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