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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nemilily,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ovjctwo2rutuAdult (f)3,49644127
01VP2O'maleAdult (m)1,61261239
NSqRSorelle musateAdult (f)1,81749714
1Jtrblue nailAdult (f)5,9271,40318
DCnBDaciAdult (f)2,1486017
rjl4Hat to you sirAdult (m)1,72048610
2LvcTrick two wingsHatchling (m, F)1,40442326
UdQ4IGrazie mille name is takenAdult (f)1,9706574
TJz1DUrban lookAdult (m)1,9116650
F6Cdx(F6Cdx)Adult (m)1,7766180
zxzkUpaPupaAdult (f)2,31733921
TuKaNemaStrujeAdult (f)2,40531116
Hh9GNo more reportsAdult (m)3,81990314
NIsOthe wine is drunkAdult (m)3,78889814
XhDjDraca gacaAdult (f)2,43658610
pHSQI laugh at your despairAdult (f)2,5123987
g3QDM(g3QDM)Adult (f)12,6291,2622
tFwn(tFwn)Adult (f)1,15847213
ND3H(ND3H)Adult (f)1,89998716
3NJq(3NJq)Adult (f)2,29642513
tioII'll eate thatAdult (m)1,86352226
awkQand that alsoAdult (m)5,6051,38840
QxtlFartastickAdult (m)1,92932622
ltXiWould you look at thatAdult (m)2,53094310
qbYZshiit is hardAdult (f)2,33834418
XJokSummon the fattyAdult (m)1,4953859
aINJAnd that is how it wentAdult (m)3,3451,57148
CTS4Koliko je satiAdult (f)2,3141,20519
t8hzLasagnijeAdult (f)2,4461,28848
9zYxArovicAdult (f)1,4647243
8hbgthime for napAdult (m)1,64646523
ompFMahBoyAdult (m)1,0753622
uIceBlack nomadAdult (m)8,1951,51316
CihdBGumball maratonAdult (f)2,4158387
TgqaSSoul of wildAdult (m)2,2207813
JNWiPrvoHatchling (m, F)1,9264866
ObMbDrugoHatchling (f, F)2,2777059
gh2WTrece cedoHatchling (m, F)85036717
VpFGZulu lordAdult (m)5,04697815
1CbgThat SpineAdult (f)5,2431,12512
61F1Third skull eaterAdult (m)1,6353506
lF9RMarshmelow cupcakeAdult (m)3,4732387
xnZm8Fat FabyAdult (f)1,7606002
JT7PHTom hiddlestone fatAdult (m)2,1158223
HYz72Tony got offline by forceAdult (f)2,1575897
XoVOPsmell of saltAdult (f)1,7296453
HyROADnight is dark andfullof terrorsAdult (m)3,9431,2949
uxv84Sadist in nutshellAdult (m)1,6786564
cwXclgrof RigoAdult (m)1,6996722
12C9qAll of this is realAdult (m)2,3557064
Omnji(Omnji)Adult (f)1,8636531
rNS91Fab is not fatAdult (f)1,8766990
0kmQpold school gym lockerAdult (f)1,9476482
3bEHAAll abaut meAdult (f)2,7588534
k8V4a(k8V4a)Adult (m)1,7926211
biDgDig upAdult (m)1,5414173
RMYfOrangutan blueAdult (f)4,7723537
oS4QShiny DencerAdult (m)2,60850919
UoeoRed chested BirmaAdult (f)2,50257117
Bf13jwanna be goldAdult (m)5,0471,37711
voHVI(voHVI)Adult (f)2,4609171
Sk8DK(Sk8DK)Adult (m)2,6329821
GKxcN(GKxcN)Adult (m)2,1659041
7UZW1(7UZW1)Adult (f)4,0529383
X4q5wSee I told youAdult (f)2,9589134
1KD7nCross on chestAdult (f)3,0057673
fOOTifOOTi why are you femaleAdult (f)2,4798603
TxuFP(TxuFP)Adult (f)1,4316202
csj1v(csj1v)Adult (m)1,5096353
6oFBReinbow flyAdult (m)1,31841112
hiLdDolores oldAdult (f)1,43041610
ut3rGregor matAdult (m)1,5264191
LkBfSirvinAdult (f)2,42252320
t5nae(t5nae)Adult (f)10,8481,1473
ekiXa(ekiXa)Adult (f)13,3081,3072
ZI1Fold MilkAdult4,75092019
ma1Unew MilkAdult3,5161,17319
Bki2Some special rare dragonAdult (m)1,38144218
YKBYGuldiaAdult (f)1,55346415
LW3FTirvaHatchling (f, F)1,3844059
PmOmHkvAdult (f)6,8011,18415
qdGoSlasher servantAdult (m)3,5884429
5sWoTEight Deserts aboveAdult (f)1,6726094
PqtKSasha GrimwildAdult (m)2,0191,09623
7gCVJessica GrimAdult (f)3,8061,07133
iZN2(iZN2)Adult (f)3,0671,13330
4OvuPete GrimwildAdult (m)1,5074423
HNYEGerard Jake GrimwildAdult (f)1,6243523
WegX0Milo GrimwildAdult (f)2,1225425
XieDpLook at internet dramaticklyAdult (m)2,3258284
IPUe(IPUe)Hatchling (f, F)2,1701,02210
LPQc(LPQc)Hatchling (m, F)1,78995610
dHNu(dHNu)Hatchling (f, F)1,4456917
VM31(VM31)Hatchling (f, F)2,2445828
cGRv(cGRv)Hatchling (f, F)2,30155912
gttW(gttW)Hatchling (m, F)2,0313652
1qCYJK8Hatchling (F)54228011
BmPY(BmPY)Hatchling (f, F)83636217
Qixy(Qixy)Adult (m)1,49960439
s1RG(s1RG)Adult (f)4,5051,09116
ONZ3(ONZ3)Adult (f)3,4457409
GMgl(GMgl)Adult (f)1,5274459
amOp(amOp)Adult (m)1,5295597
tjM8(tjM8)Adult (m)2,17754113
BSf1AlkazAdult (m)1,07347831
V4KhSoul chanterAdult (m)1,4904767
s9idHeat seeker MillaAdult (f)2,40630432
Aa2SAlfa soulAdult (m)1,92658026
Bdcri52 guardienAdult (f)3,2861,1629
TU2L(TU2L)Adult (f)1,9465534
uarY(uarY)Adult (m)95348633
A9Bb(A9Bb)Adult (m)1,5323918
jjLk(jjLk)Adult (f)1,40130714
Xrja(Xrja)Adult (m)2,64756616
4cXI(4cXI)Adult (m)1,57546218
jOgU(jOgU)Adult (f)5,3821,01415
OY7B7ChantankAdult (f)2,9657805
NGFTpAssburgersAdult (f)2,5948166
4ltCm(4ltCm)Adult (f)2,5627083
XSWe1oh the gloryAdult (m)2,4057132
LckaThor the storm wispererAdult (m)1,4404407
9sKd(9sKd)Adult (f)1,5104131
AOHP(AOHP)Adult (f)1,5564233
8GbV(8GbV)Adult (f)4,62697119
q12HFLava lake fallAdult (f)2,0527682
J5LKWI'm on the other sideAdult (m)2,0807024
kxvZc(kxvZc)Adult (m)2,0447313
92Fyh(92Fyh)Adult (f)1,7806461
TXadOHulk hurny and naked barbyAdult (m)2,0066502
ZrIjoZvrljoAdult (m)1,6776184
6ONho(6ONho)Adult (m)1,5036333
vI5R(vI5R)Adult (f)2,6511,4586
opPY(opPY)Adult (f)4,2832896
79eK(79eK)Adult (f)4,1292756
A1WwSPimpTircAdult (m)4,6851,6518
XEpRN(XEpRN)Adult (f)1,6736473
j95fg(j95fg)Adult (f)1,6036071
t8jsDFrozen vegetables for soupAdult (f)1,9686934
ljZXkSining in the rainAdult (m)1,9937622
GCn5DGroceris storeAdult (f)2,5279003
gzzi4(gzzi4)Adult (f)1,8496720
xoo4(xoo4)Adult (f)1,93778957
2Lue(2Lue)Adult (f)863632114
0r7g(0r7g)Adult (m)98259227
7RII2(7RII2)Adult (f)13,1601,3002
oMtW(oMtW)Adult (m)2,53568547
xOeA(xOeA)Adult (f)3,79735029
oaQc(oaQc)Adult (f)3,37394014
VcDr(VcDr)Adult (m)1,84931631
1tpa(1tpa)Adult (m)1,7004804
hYFC(hYFC)Adult (m)2,28264510
3vqWiHandsom ItalyanAdult (m)1,9707821
yTb6gHersamAdult (m)1,9677991
wBohh(wBohh)Adult (m)2,1598011
D7jW(D7jW)Adult (f)71340118
XBDK(XBDK)Adult (m)4,10027710
lvtM(lvtM)Adult (m)4,29292816
7QGZ(7QGZ)Adult (f)2,54570663
lPft(lPft)Adult (f)2,11059522
dxJu(dxJu)Adult (f)1,98645511
AdmCLord Loki of earthAdult (m)1,67951022
BUAG(BUAG)Adult (f)2,57335627
L0iD(L0iD)Adult (f)1,84052411
eZm3hThor Odinson protector of realmAdult (m)2,34579610
rsKo(rsKo)Adult (f)6,3961,12222
ba9nMagicarp use SplashAdult (m)7,4071,4087
sis9(sis9)Adult (m)3,1312526
4AV4(4AV4)Adult (m)79843115
K5f3(K5f3)Adult (f)2,22540324
8ZUV(8ZUV)Adult (m)2,89961210
r2Z5nGray eggsAdult (f)4,2361,4077
3kPK(3kPK)Hatchling (f, F)1,99152946
BsMA(BsMA)Adult (f)2,07076524
Ndpj(Ndpj)Adult (f)3,09180755
CcSz(CcSz)Adult (m)1,09752313
ExEN(ExEN)Adult (f)1,74844420
qeGq(qeGq)Adult (m)4,75790116
uW61(uW61)Adult (f)1,5735421
tXZo(tXZo)Adult (f)4,5093414
h9x8OTirquizzeAdult (m)2,8831,1264
uGLi7Astma attackAdult (m)2,3166495
vcl0d(vcl0d)Adult (m)1,8476350
7noet(7noet)Adult (m)2,6038630
GDSh(GDSh)Adult (m)1,44949414
Ukaj(Ukaj)Adult (f)2,30536817
TmU5(TmU5)Adult (m)4,67683811
Ovgr(Ovgr)Adult (f)1,7825116
RPPg(RPPg)Adult (m)1,5155362
00Ju(00Ju)Adult (f)1,5615344
FcuN(FcuN)Adult (m)2,3845128
ogCIvsmal golden nuggetAdult (m)1,7626613
RegEKWorst it can getAdult (f)1,7996383
CpGTKCiparAdult (f)2,0477004
pXmOWRockchaildAdult (m)2,5988594
TFlcpWhat those a fox sayAdult (m)1,7387962
hvEVK(hvEVK)Adult (m)1,7676352
Z23Gu(Z23Gu)Adult (m)5,9091,00815
W5q3(W5q3)Adult (m)4,65498917
IUq8(IUq8)Adult (m)6,2461,32315
iWSI(iWSI)Adult (m)8,1281,4717
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