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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “natalief,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DaJ6(DaJ6)Adult (m)1,9956378
VSwn(VSwn)Adult (f)74835210
7Lo2(7Lo2)Adult (m)7354159
CACO(CACO)Adult (f)7864568
2YbC(2YbC)Adult (m)1,10376511
0mPt(0mPt)Adult (m)1,08075811
4G4R(4G4R)Adult (m)1,9301,34018
6xzX(6xzX)Adult (f)1,9751,3558
Ry9U(Ry9U)Adult (f)1,6099415
PnGD(PnGD)Adult (f)1,5219167
Ln1G(Ln1G)Adult (f)1,3077437
i3Jy(i3Jy)Adult (m)1,6829706
d1Mb(d1Mb)Adult (f)1,7039744
ZHDM(ZHDM)Adult (m)1,4708855
dCuJ(dCuJ)Adult (f)1,6208836
2lNq(2lNq)Adult (m)1,1495303
Xmrs(Xmrs)Adult (m)1,0915435
nBL9(nBL9)Adult (m)1,1285184
Pjwi(Pjwi)Adult (m)1,1575274
ZPrI(ZPrI)Adult (f)1,1465215
02pm(02pm)Adult (m)2,8251,6556
00HY(00HY)Adult (f)2,3871,4246
fYJD(fYJD)Adult (f)2,5321,5148
0qms(0qms)Adult (m)2,3171,3755
MMbc(MMbc)Adult (m)1,2018837
Aar5(Aar5)Adult (m)1,9111,3124
6jzZ(6jzZ)Adult (m)8316882
9CDy(9CDy)Adult (m)7696162
p7wy(p7wy)Adult (f)7546053
a2DD(a2DD)Adult (m)7946353
C2V2(C2V2)Adult (m)2,4281,0242
48my(48my)Adult (m)8604402
pv8m(pv8m)Adult (f)1,7501,29512
0t9d(0t9d)Adult (m)1,7741,3007
WVQq(WVQq)Adult (m)5854942
5BP6(5BP6)Adult (f)1,2137682
1g1a(1g1a)Adult (f)1,3718851
ozXk(ozXk)Adult (f)1,1508703
dx2p(dx2p)Adult (f)2,3751,57719
5nQM(5nQM)Adult (m)1,0337764
nfKj(nfKj)Adult (f)9587152
A1VG(A1VG)Adult (m)9587151
fiOM(fiOM)Adult (f)1,2388314
zj6Q(zj6Q)Adult (m)1,3138603
rNiL(rNiL)Adult (f)1,3128624
pzp5(pzp5)Adult (f)1,3338612
iC1Z(iC1Z)Adult (m)1,5831,05620
Ut2r(Ut2r)Adult (m)1,9621,31542
Pkn3(Pkn3)Adult (f)1,7761,22221
cDJr(cDJr)Adult (m)2,5781,45716
sgPs(sgPs)Adult (f)1,6761,05621
vik3(vik3)Adult (m)2,1911,40551
iykq(iykq)Adult (f)2,2431,42043
5WCL(5WCL)Adult (f)2,2661,41245
VVPg(VVPg)Adult (m)2,1481,32046
4KD3(4KD3)Adult (m)81453649
HG5Y(HG5Y)Adult (m)87862952
lRnQ(lRnQ)Adult (m)89763046
gYWY(gYWY)Adult (f)1,00367749
WltB(WltB)Adult (f)1,10662054
eYht(eYht)Adult (m)1,54085884
6fCx(6fCx)Adult (m)2,6731,435109
5WA4(5WA4)Adult (m)2,2861,38466
3dLH(3dLH)Adult (f)1,5941,04151
Ji1x(Ji1x)Adult (f)1,13468258
z4Yi(z4Yi)Adult (m)1,21570258
8WCM(8WCM)Adult (m)1,22271471
WQI7(WQI7)Adult (f)79942791
pR7O(pR7O)Adult (f)72437298
bRRL(bRRL)Adult (f)1,17024795
Jv1N(Jv1N)Adult (f)813210116
3VeC(3VeC)Adult (f)554224136
BYLA(BYLA)Adult (f)1,666406134
fCU1(fCU1)Adult (m)1,814404134
Mowb(Mowb)Adult (f)731285136
aN5y(aN5y)Adult (m)919305125
H46P(H46P)Adult (m)80642091
Y9I4(Y9I4)Adult (f)80842390
t5oU(t5oU)Adult (f)93246595
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